Fight between Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa will like Bull vs Matador,Rockhold,Khamzat meets Dana

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Gerald Meerschaert on bout with Khamzat Chimaev,
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Khamzat Chimaev finally meets Dana White,
Matt Serra on Edwards vs Masvidal,
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Alan Jouban waitng for the call from the UFC,
Askren feels MMA is boring right now,
Askren gives a health update,
Overeem says he has 1-2 fight left in him,
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Jessica Eye wannts to strat training again,
Darren Till on loss to Whittaker,
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Luke Rockhold on Adesanya vs Costa,
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fosterpainter Пре месец
Can Till speak english?
LazPinkGun 75
LazPinkGun 75 Пре месец
Joe Rogan is ''HIGHLY'' very high.🌲✌️responsible for hiping up " benaskren '' who sounds high every time he talks naturally
Clint Clay
Clint Clay Пре месец
Will be boring izzy will be too scared to engage will be the same as romero fight.
Andres Jimenez
Andres Jimenez Пре месец
I like Chimaev but idk, maybe he's chewing more than he can swallow.
Keith Riter
Keith Riter Пре месец
Why do they even give Jessica Eye a second of air time.bla bla wine wine.
Aleksa Davidovic
Aleksa Davidovic Пре месец
i am trying to calculate that 5 pucnhes more like he is not even close come on only in the second rount he could add 3 more punches and those 2 more punches wouldnt mean shit..he lost to the former champion its ok chill bro
Ricky Webb
Ricky Webb Пре месец
Overall, Leon is cringe. He'll be in the hall of fame as the biggest noname in the UFC
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte Пре месец
Even if ur 100 %confident outside the cage, it can went down dramatically to 40 to 50% inside the octagon 😅
R Пре месец
How the hell is Ben Askren still relevant? Can you even consider his an expert opinion?
Vascão Canal
Vascão Canal Пре месец
Paulo Costa vai atropelar.
BEN STFU... mma is fun to watch...
Gerald M. sounds like a FOCUSED MAN.... watch out
Aisha Пре месец
Ben Askren IS RETIRED, why the updates on his life?
TheLastStan Пре месец
ERASE big mouth IZZY!!! Cant wait to watch
Nick Mac
Nick Mac Пре месец
A lot of matador’s get gored.
Extraordinary Variety Channel !!!
Extraordinary Variety Channel !!! Пре месец
The White Paulo Costa
Matthew Charlton
Matthew Charlton Пре месец
When allistaer said I don’t get hit often 😂😂🤣 ngannou is lolling rn
Gregory Kavivya
Gregory Kavivya Пре месец
Lol wtf is Till talking about?
Grimshaw Grummage
Grimshaw Grummage Пре месец
askren burn was hilarious
champion3433 Пре месец
Wow Ben askren is still alive? Thought he might've been in a coma all this time after masvidal
Licht AmSchluusseln
Licht AmSchluusseln Пре месец
You mean Coyote vs Roadrunner. 😆😆😆😂😂
Nathan Murdock
Nathan Murdock Пре месец
Till: If i had thrown maybe 5 more punches it probably would have won me the fight. Meanwhile: Whittaker outstruck till 108-48 ......... i dont think 5 more punches would have closed that gap
Michael Garza
Michael Garza Пре месец
Please oh please stop with whatever Ben Askren has to say hes retired and basically wants to give an opinion on anything and everything
G M B Пре месец
Imagine if Overeem rematches and beats Ngannou for the belt and then retires. That's crazier than any movie or story someone could come up with
Majid Hay
Majid Hay Пре месец
Motivated Mac Gregor ain’t shit as long as killer khabib in the ufc
Maru Пре месец
Gerald Meerschaert is definitely setting himself up for some major ridicule
Xx NASH xX Пре месец
So tired of hearing about Jessica eye lol
jokrj Пре месец
Meeting Jon Jones isn't something to brag about.
King T’Challa
King T’Challa Пре месец
Jon makes Kamzat look like a small guy
Robert Liberty
Robert Liberty Пре месец
I think overeem should retire on a win just like lamas did
John Sim
John Sim Пре месец
Stop showing Ben Askren, no one cares about him
John Sim
John Sim Пре месец
Alan Jouban is boring
Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell Пре месец
Really it’s a one piece. Only the first punch lands.
Cesar Punski
Cesar Punski Пре месец
Nice try at attempting to create a back story for Leon Edwards. 👏 . 👏 . 👏 .
Dj h
Dj h Пре месец
Whst are the pads on paulo 's back
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Пре месец
bond james
bond james Пре месец
Love Leon would be a perfect champ
bond james
bond james Пре месец
Gerald first round ko
Curtis Hill
Curtis Hill Пре месец
25 years of fighting is phenomenal!!! Who does that? The Reem is still so dangerous as he just proved!
TheOnly Truth23
TheOnly Truth23 Пре месец
Jessica eye.. My god.. Just retire woman...
Gawani Whitecrow
Gawani Whitecrow Пре месец
We see Mr Rockhold in most other people's KO highlight reel. Nice to see he's still able to talk (kinda)
junior cigano
junior cigano Пре месец
The bull is stronger but matador is smarter
Ted Пре месец
gonna put a lil’ something on Gerald
Courtland kobragang
Courtland kobragang Пре месец
lmfao that ending so damn epic
Micheal Carrera
Micheal Carrera Пре месец
I’m really gonna put a hurting on that guy🙄 sound soft asf
Hyperion808 Gaming
Hyperion808 Gaming Пре месец
ben askrens opinion is just about as good as his ufc career.
Bubba Gump
Bubba Gump Пре месец
This matador talk means Isreal plans on running just like he did with Romero. Hopefully Costa can catch him and erase him.
Hiz Tripp
Hiz Tripp Пре месец
Once he touches his chin, G O O D N I G H T ✨
Alex Ribeiro
Alex Ribeiro Пре месец
Why the fock are we still giving Ben Ass-kren attention??
AH Winds
AH Winds Пре месец
Leon Edwards vs Jorge Masvidal!!! Make it happens Dana
Darrell Williams
Darrell Williams Пре месец
Leon a real hood dude... screaming assault for a confrontation he started.. lol
B MO Пре месец
No one wants to see alan jouban fight
Mike Vick
Mike Vick Пре месец
Till you need to quit you suck mate what's your record? 2-19? Smh
Norm Swygert
Norm Swygert Пре месец
Ha! Ben Askren saying MMA is kinda boring right now. Totally agree, we need more sub-3-second knockouts! The fights these days are so drawn-out and protracted!
Supa CG
Supa CG Пре месец
Sorry overreem but cte gonna be tough for you. You’ve taken some of the hardest knockout punches I’ve ever seen. When you have as much fight time as you do at heavyweight you are gonna catch some bombs. No hate just saying. I’ll pray for you
t small
t small Пре месец
Nobody cares about Ben
Jamie Sehdev
Jamie Sehdev Пре месец
Can't wait fir someone to "smash " this new kahbib wannabe lmao ..about smash this smash that.. lack of vocabulary .either that or he thinks he's the Hulk lol
Jamie Sehdev
Jamie Sehdev Пре месец
Bull Vs matador?? Mmm?🤔that sounds like another way of saying I'm gonna run from him lmao 😁
Derrick Terry
Derrick Terry Пре месец
Who da phuck is this Leon Edwards dude people keep talking about? Never heard of him? Is he in the UFC?
Gabriel Orso
Gabriel Orso Пре месец
oh ben, the sport is having nearly 3 events every week, not the time to pull this one.
Lance Barre
Lance Barre Пре месец
1:39 Khamzat wearing a beautiful yellow Christian crucifix on his chest right next to his heart. He is a true Swede!
Bully Madison
Bully Madison Пре месец
Jon bones is skinny as fuck
Cody James
Cody James Пре месец
Gerald "Chael Sonnen" Meerschaert
David Пре месец
Chimaev started practicing wrestling at a very young age (i think he said 4 or 5). Fighters who start early in a family with fighting background tend to be VERY hard to beat (ej. Khabib, Mayweather, Fury, Roy Gracie...) Now let's see what happens.
Ben Lauria
Ben Lauria Пре месец
The Paulocost is coming for the concentration camp victim
Hayden Haug
Hayden Haug Пре месец
3:42 weird looking beard.
Alejandro Cervantes
Alejandro Cervantes Пре месец
No one cares about leon 😂
Dzivarking Пре месец
Comon man how many times yall going to show us jessica eye gallblader. I dont wanna see nor hear that shit recover well and bye bye
albw9 Пре месец
I can sense Adesanya being triggered day by day. First and only case in history where the roid rage is coming from the skinny guy and not from the bodybuilder.
Roms Rose
Roms Rose Пре месец
Who came here just for Jessica Eye? Yeah none.
Sonny Dortmund
Sonny Dortmund Пре месец
dcox5555 Пре месец
Alistair is pure Gladiator! Nothing but respect for that man!
denniswltrs Пре месец
Man I like Till but 5 more punches and he would have won? No bro..
suus19871 Пре месец
That ending tho....i feel exactly like dc 🤯🤯
Cayman George
Cayman George Пре месец
Yeah well lots of Matadors die every year
Cody Wood
Cody Wood Пре месец
Gilbert Burns sure loves twitter
indo Пре месец
Who else would like to see askren back in the cage?
Nathan Hodgson
Nathan Hodgson Пре месец
I’d rather see masvidal vs Nick Diaz and mcgregor vs nate 3 on the same card then Leon vs masvidal
Damian A
Damian A Пре месец
Ben asscreame needs to chill, he was boring as a fighter and as a non fighter
SoYou Know
SoYou Know Пре месец
After Costa get's the belt he should move up in weight tho. Would be better for his health and to get that second belt.
imaknexus Пре месец
Gerald is the new G.O.A.T
imaknexus Пре месец
Gerald don't kid yourself
Mo Пре месец
0:27 moving like George Bush
mastershake42019 Пре месец
Why is Jessica so unlikable? I can't put my finger on it but i can't stand her.
lhizunyi Пре месец
My day was going well and you had to give me an update on Jessica Eye seriously?
2017 BMW X3 R Spec
2017 BMW X3 R Spec Пре месец
5:40 I don’t get hit often - Been Koed 17 times
HEED_ 93
HEED_ 93 Пре месец
You know what else isn’t “correct” Luke..... getting koed stuff inside the cage live on tv brah...
a b
a b Пре месец
The more Gilbert Burns tweets, the less I like him.
2017 BMW X3 R Spec
2017 BMW X3 R Spec Пре месец
Costa was just 210lbs today - my source
Superbike Discovery
Superbike Discovery Пре месец
I just booked a flight and realized ill be flying when Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costaroids fight. I dont know what to do, and money is gone. Im done. xDDDD
Boogie Thug Rose
Boogie Thug Rose Пре месец
I have cancer and covid My girlfriend is cheating on me with my best friend I lost my job and Im homeless My dog died just now But I hope Jessica Eye is alright
John Doe
John Doe Пре месец
And Jessica Eye ruined this video too
Gets Lifted
Gets Lifted Пре месец
The way Gerald Meetschaert is talking I’m expecting a Flying Knee on Khamzat 🤣
Rauul Пре месец
Hamzat opponent has been subbed 8 times and put on his back more times than a prostitute
Osama Bin Kush
Osama Bin Kush Пре месец
Meerschaert should stop acting hard We all know he was born and raised in a normal family in a normal country Believe me brother by us is different you will see Chamzat will dominate EASY FIGHT
Nameless King
Nameless King Пре месец
Damn I was hoping Jessica Eye had cancer
Ardent Ares
Ardent Ares Пре месец
What happens if the bull runs diwn and trampled the matador what the what???
Nameless King
Nameless King Пре месец
Khamzat getting knocked out horribly would be great to see
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