Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya is 100% the fight to make It'll be massive,Dana White,Mike Perry-Till

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Пре 23 дана

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Matt Serra on McGregor vs Poirier,
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Paulo Costa wants Adesanya to sign the contract,

Daniel Cormier on Paulo Costa wanting a rematch,
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Derek Burnson calls out Paulo Costa,

Mike Perry offers fans a chance to corner him for his next bout,

Khamzat Chimaev calls out Welterweights and Middleweights,

Michael Bisping on Chimaev,
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Kamaru Usman VS Gilber Burns off,

Dana White on Adesanya vs Jon Jones,
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Emil Oprisa
Emil Oprisa Пре 11 дана
Stop showing us that cringe job, Paulo Costa! Just admit you got whooped and move on
joni kauppila
joni kauppila Пре 12 дана
michael page vs israel adesanya??? HOW BOUT THAT?
D. Pinkston
D. Pinkston Пре 14 дана
Jons will destroy izzy. I love them both but izzy should wait to make this fight. Jons is an absolute killer in the ring.
Donald Hillesheim
Donald Hillesheim Пре 15 дана
The Art of War says to postpone the fight until it is in your favor. Izzy will be a better fighter than Jones one day. Than he will defeat his enemy
james Sawyer
james Sawyer Пре 18 дана
Seems he wants to wait till Jones has no fight left and is washed up. Like Silva. He knew silva couldn’t fight hard n he took it smh. Scary
Guyath Faiz
Guyath Faiz Пре 18 дана
I wanna see costa vs the loser of wittiker vs canonier
waynag 05
waynag 05 Пре 18 дана
Hahaha nice he really is a jealous kid
busymountain Пре 18 дана
Jaylyn Sacrez
Jaylyn Sacrez Пре 18 дана
So what will happen to khamzat now? That no one will want to fight him in welterweight and middleweight? Maybe straight to a title shot? For sure they can't refuse.
Max Moore
Max Moore Пре 19 дана
Ok now Brunson needs to sit down. Costa let's his hands go for guys like you. Also people need to stay as far away from Perry as they can. There are issues there. Also Leon Edwards is stupid. No one wants to fight you but the one person who called you out...You turn down. The think Burns is stepping down for you...Bahahahahahah Dude keep not fighting. We will keep ignoring your boring ass. I literally forget he exists.
Max Moore
Max Moore Пре 19 дана
I agree with that the Conor shit ain't gonna happen. Dustin is a different beast now and so is Conor except his isn't in the best way. Conor is just a lot of talk. He likes to hype shit when convo is about other guys. I iust dont care. My head doesn't turn at his every.word. Honestly never has
Ray Пре 19 дана
the ufc commentary and analysts are crap this week.
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt
All_lives_matter, reject fabricated racism by govt Пре 19 дана
Conor : I wanna fight Diego Sanchez. Also Conor: Somwhere down the road. Wtf Diego is shot right now, do you just want people to pay you millions to induce CTE on a defenseless human? A better match up coner keeps ducking would be to fight that old guy who ate his famous left and never flinched. Man continued his drink like a boss thinking 'damn flies all o'er the place'. No joke that man's chin alone would gas conor, then the guy just needs to hit him once so conor reveals his neck as he does when tired or rocked.
tommy fasthorse
tommy fasthorse Пре 19 дана
Psssh Steven seagal would kick jones and adesanya asses simultaneously, then wipe his sweat away with chuck norris....then later wipe his ass with van damm
Shane Harris
Shane Harris Пре 20 дана
Costa wants another fight with The Champ....BOY!! Stop "NEXT LIKE THE BARBERSHOP"
George Пре 20 дана
I 100% disapprove!!!
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Пре 20 дана
Your endings are the best! Why I follow you!
Илья Sagittarius A
Илья Sagittarius A Пре 20 дана
I am very excite
ZUFFER 167 Пре 20 дана
Costa is fanito..
Shashank Sharma
Shashank Sharma Пре 20 дана
Will Conor fight Tony???
Pizzacrust99 Пре 20 дана
DC saying the corpse is talking back is a bit pot calling the kettle black right?
The Jigstar
The Jigstar Пре 20 дана
Yeah Danny A, Costa is hilarious... Despised him before the Izzy fight but every since he has been making the funniest comments and now I'm actually warming to him. Laughing my nuts off!
ken84 Пре 21 дан
Jones would destroy that fool
joregan Пре 21 дан
Sometimes Matt Sera is too speculative, will never forget him beating GSP tho :D Conor fights who he wants now, would be nice to see some momentum from him if he's to challenge again. Costa is too vein to be successful and bs's on socials, regardless of how obvious it is - deserved the dry humping. Brunson is forgettable. Lawler out classes Perry, like mike but he needs real coaches now more than ever, maybe even a role model haha. Khamzat will eventually meet stiff competition, hes a beast tho. Usman beats Gilbert, eventually - believe Leon smokes them both. I want to see wonderboys dark, blood thristy alter ego appear and compete, nice guy tho :) Adesanya picks Jones apart for five rounds, wiggle wiggle or not :D Mike def needs a role model, maybe a cuddle even.
TripDarlin Пре 21 дан
mma pride #rickymartin gets smeshed by #brunson..
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Пре 21 дан
Costa was not 100 percent?......with that weird pec, neither was Izzy.
2jz Fox
2jz Fox Пре 21 дан
Clay vs Connor would be awesome
Wasup Fool
Wasup Fool Пре 21 дан
Adesonya talks a lot but when push comes to shoe he won’t sign to fight Jones
Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides
Jah Music Mansion #WhereRealReggaeResides Пре 21 дан
Ok that was a great call out by Edwards. What say ye now haters. That’s a fight that should’ve happened b4 Burns/Usman anyway
Live Boy Dead Girl
Live Boy Dead Girl Пре 21 дан
Does Costa still have a brain damage? He stood there like he was doing a complicated math problem. No one is interested in that rematch. 😂
Henk de leeuw
Henk de leeuw Пре 21 дан
I dont see adesayna beating jones
TyBo L33T G4M3R
TyBo L33T G4M3R Пре 21 дан
5:46 lmao Yooo Leon Edwards sounds scared than a mfr! Bahahahaha
TyBo L33T G4M3R
TyBo L33T G4M3R Пре 21 дан
Hello my name is Paulo Costa and I like to chop my videos up because I can’t think for myself and need someone to keep reminding me. And I like to cut the video off as I’m still saying the last word... Because I’m a big dumb punch drunk meat head 😁
Pay Ily
Pay Ily Пре 21 дан
I’d buy a ppv just to see till in Perry’s corner
Michael Plemel
Michael Plemel Пре 21 дан
5 rounder with coata would be a good warmup 4 a title fight 4 hamzat
Gordon Morris
Gordon Morris Пре 21 дан
Why should Israel fight Jones for no title? I would think Blachovich offers more for Adesanya than a Jones fight, and if Israel beats Jan, THEN a big money fight against Jones would afford both Adesanya and Jones with incentives, Jon to reclaim his title, and Israel to prove he's the GOAT compared to Jon. How can Dana not see that? As for Costa, his calves had visible cupping marks all over them, so obviously he had been taking kicks to his calves in preparation for the fight but hadn't healed up. I'm not surprised he was flat footed and immobile, and didn't attack in his usual berzerker style. Just sayin' was kind of a repeat of the Yoel Romero 'stand and don't deliver' performance against Adesanya. It was again mere target practice for Israel, not proof of invincibility.
Bruce Finneran
Bruce Finneran Пре 21 дан
Costa what happen the first time I thought you were ready, why should we beleive you this time, you let alot of people down who had confidence in you now all that's down the tubes. Where not disappointed we are mad at you for not doing what you said you were going to do the first time you said you where ready but you just stood there and got beat up. You should retire bro cause you looked like izzy was fighting a 50 yr old man in there.
Ett R
Ett R Пре 21 дан
Serra kissing some ass
Tshepo Kgwele
Tshepo Kgwele Пре 21 дан
Lol, Brunson vs Costa??? So Izzys ghosts wanna fight each other 😂😂😂
Stop the Censorship
Stop the Censorship Пре 21 дан
Two steroid taking athletes. perfect!
mia center
mia center Пре 21 дан
jones would smash stylebender
mario llamas
mario llamas Пре 21 дан
If the juice jones wants to fight Izzy he should drop weight to middle weight. If not shut the fock up wash out Jones ive tested dirty bones.
Amarpreet Singh
Amarpreet Singh Пре 21 дан
This is the fight!!
Steven Wedemeyer
Steven Wedemeyer Пре 21 дан
Everybody knows why this fight is so interesting but don’t want to say it
Izzy vs jones is the fight to make that has potential to eclipse mcgregor mayweather. Maybe only.
Man u guys. Izzy is a younger version of jon jones. The thing that makes izzy better than jon jones is he can box. Tell me the last time u saw jon jones throw a boxers hard right or hard left straight down the middle knocking out someone. NEVER. jon jones cant punch if his life depended on it. Izzy will outclass the goat to become the goat! Jones will have a busted up face by end of it
Super Saiyan John
Super Saiyan John Пре 21 дан
Well it’s the fight to make if you want to see your biggest rising star in the UFC get absolutely destroyed , Izzy would get demolished
motmus mom
motmus mom Пре 21 дан
LOL I love how during Matt’s commentary there’s a clip of Conor getting makeup on and then a video of Dustin after his recent fight
Carl Stokes
Carl Stokes Пре 21 дан
Til is a d-bag. Shows you he has quit trying to be relevant @ 185. Seems like he wants to come back down to 170 and be content with missing weight because he's too lazy.
Jared Russell
Jared Russell Пре 21 дан
Khamzat needs to pump his breaks and fight someone real.
Charles Blanton
Charles Blanton Пре 21 дан
How is Matt Serra and his opinion relevant, that vertically challenged dude has almost as many losses as wins
I’ll pay $500 to see style bender fight mvp. I know it will probably never happen but I will drop them $500 ASAP.
Mckever Lewis
Mckever Lewis Пре 21 дан
Here comes the fight build- up BS we don't need just get these two in the cage now.
HighAFoldman Пре 21 дан
Jones will embarrass him
Heli Chishi
Heli Chishi Пре 21 дан
Jones will destroy anything that comes his way.
MP WMU Пре 21 дан
Sera sucks so bad.
s2perman Пре 21 дан
Yes. That’s the fight. Bones vs. style bender.
Ben Ellard
Ben Ellard Пре 21 дан
Till goes to corner Perry. Robbie drops out and it ends up being Till vs Perry at 185. Brilliant chess move.
Bryan Ganz
Bryan Ganz Пре 21 дан
Jones beats him up bad I think
Dmitry Yashin
Dmitry Yashin Пре 21 дан
that bit is wack already switch it
Dman Пре 21 дан
I don’t no Jones just seems so much bigger isit jus me. I don’t want Stylebender to take that fight
Youssef Hegazy
Youssef Hegazy Пре 21 дан
Darren Till tweeted :"How much would someone pay me to throw the towel." 😂😂😂 he's trolling on another level.
Ade Ona
Ade Ona Пре 21 дан
Jones Vs Adesanya already!! That'll be the first UFC fight I pay for.. Gotta catch the live action of it. It'll be legendary..
Liban Bock
Liban Bock Пре 21 дан
Khabib says give me location Khamzat says give me name
Sirch Enolid
Sirch Enolid Пре 21 дан
costa turning into woodley real fast LOL, take the brunson fight!
rolliseventeen Пре 22 дана
Costa is some type of joung talent, but in what? i think he got a hard hit on hi head
Peter Colless
Peter Colless Пре 22 дана
Conor has a completely different perspective on fighting these days. He wants to fight the guys who deserve to be paid. Which is the complete opposite view of the UFC "promotion"
Chris Watson
Chris Watson Пре 22 дана
Is Mike Swick a statue? Dude never moves
Chris Watson
Chris Watson Пре 22 дана
*SIGN THE CONTRACT* Izzy ducking this man!!
Basement Dweller Opinions
Basement Dweller Opinions Пре 22 дана
If Paulo can beat Darren till, then I’d possibly consider he might be able to give Izzy trouble
Jeffery Reed
Jeffery Reed Пре 22 дана
In my opinion Jones would destroy Izzy plz make it happen lol
Bricktop001 Пре 22 дана
Paulo looksveryfreshfor someone whos been running under the sun lol not a drop of sweat on him
ckwing 82
ckwing 82 Пре 22 дана
Jones and Israeli sounds good. Thy both have baby girl bodies from steroids. Let them needle it out. Lol.
Kendrick Johnson
Kendrick Johnson Пре 22 дана
What does he gain?
RobXbalboa Пре 22 дана
Mike Perry vs Darrin Till?? my initial thought was "thats a lopsided Fight" Mike is to predictable (boxing only ) he doesnt use many feints or kicks and Till has a bigger tool box. in football Referee mic voice,: After review of the fighters.........................My call is overturned
MELA-D GOAT Пре 22 дана
izzy wants no part of jones, it's all talk. agree to the fight and prove us wrong izzy
TheRomanZero Пре 22 дана
10:30, you are welcome
great humbled
great humbled Пре 22 дана
Ufc is lit af
great humbled
great humbled Пре 22 дана
Costa had his chance he needs to build himself back up and stop coming for Izzy he got smacked
Josh drex
Josh drex Пре 22 дана
Costa ,hop you know January is another year or did Izzy knockout your sense
krodie Пре 22 дана
Would not consider paulo and adesayna a ass whooping ive seen th3 style bender beat the fuck.outta.people he was hesitant still one but he shoulda annihilated costa
krodie Пре 22 дана
Only ufc fighter i only believed after a loss.was nate diaz
Marquis Blakemore
Marquis Blakemore Пре 22 дана
Why Jon Jones didn’t try to fight Silva cause he know he would lose but trying to fight a fan of his because he’s jealous another black man is undefeated smh.
le jefe
le jefe Пре 22 дана
1:52 Costa - Running 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews Пре 22 дана
If Lawler loses to Perry he should just retire.
harvester Пре 22 дана
Good bye, Costa. You fucked up your chance. And your performance against Romero wasn't impressive.
El Gumbo
El Gumbo Пре 22 дана
McGregor versus Edson Barbosa. Let Cm taste that LEG KICK
El Gumbo
El Gumbo Пре 22 дана
Conor versus Rey Mysterio..Mcnuts is a used Douche water bottle..
John Gregorio
John Gregorio Пре 22 дана
This is a total money Grab isreal would get terribly banged out imo and there both nasty" but Jones is a natural Hunter and its gona take more than a fast flurry of punches from isreal to beat Jones period
Christian Пре 22 дана
Same bad music in all videos.
musicas de teclado
musicas de teclado Пре 22 дана
Piotr Stepniak
Piotr Stepniak Пре 22 дана
Cormier talking shit, while he cried after losing two fight to Jones...sit your crying ass down.
Slim_GoodE Пре 22 дана
Jon and Izzy's fight needs to wait. Give it 2 yrs. Let travel open back up and full stadiums. No need to rush this..
Dan Potman
Dan Potman Пре 22 дана
Please if there is a god, please please please let Darren Till corner Mike Perry
kate mountain
kate mountain Пре 22 дана
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Tempestni02 Пре 22 дана
Im placing my bets on Israel beating Jones...possiibly easily. No disrespect to Jones I just see Israel being too sharp on defense and to quick for jones with his hands.
Church Пре 22 дана
Im excite, guys, to come back. I deezaproove, hundreadperssent.
Lioa Manu
Lioa Manu Пре 22 дана
Will Jon Jones won that fight
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