Conor McGregor gets arrested in Corsica for 'Attempted Sexual Assault',Ben Askren on Poirier,Vera

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Michael Bisping on Poirier vs Ferguson not happeening,
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Conor McGregor arrested again! this time in France,
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KALI BABA Пре 29 дана
Let me guess: Proper twelve years in jail?
Ry Пре месец
Ben has nothing nothing but time to talj
Pops Cola
Pops Cola Пре месец
Peewees playhouse
Flopsje Flopsje
Flopsje Flopsje Пре месец
Ben’s face always reminds me of my bedroom
Keshav Kumar
Keshav Kumar Пре месец
What a jerk king he is? Shameless Conor 👎👎👎👎
Christos iosifidis
Christos iosifidis Пре месец
We did enjoyed the good times of Conor. He gave up his career before the khabib fight so God bless in whatever he is up to its he's personal life after all and we don't give a f...... About it. Please RSpost or who ever post about this man stop it.
mikhail2400 Пре месец
I can see Conor stalking some chick with his Johnson hanging out, him pointing to it hollering "Who the fook is that guy!!" P.S. Does anyone really give a shit what Ben Askren has to say anymore or for that matter did they ever?
William Fan
William Fan Пре месец
Ireland is shamed because of this one ASSSSSSSSSSSS
William Fan
William Fan Пре месец
Leprichan got drunk and did some stupid shit
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo Пре месец
When you say “ Band Ovar to yar fooking King”!!!!!! To the wrong Person
T G Пре месец
Aaah Jim fixed it for mctappy
steven nero
steven nero Пре месец
Mc Gregor in the goat race .......?u nuts
scooby doo
scooby doo Пре месец
conor the sex afender he should never fight again for u f c not that he can fight
detriMENTAL Пре 24 дана
Not that you can spell, either.
phyllis brady
phyllis brady Пре месец
It's a bad day for the Irish. Could we give him a British passport. I knew it was a matter of time.
The White RickJames
The White RickJames Пре месец
Arrested for indecent exposure... get your news right.
DontDoItSean DontDoIt
DontDoItSean DontDoIt Пре месец
I honestly think Khabib broke him so hard, he still isnt over that loss. And serious... who counts that win over Cerrone ? My god that dude is old and stiff like a tree. This was no challenge for a pro like Conor. But he needs it to feel better.
M77GP Пре месец
Conor has more mugshots than fights!
TheDb2450 Пре месец
All conor has to do is take off his face mask to show a prick
Knacky Knack
Knacky Knack Пре месец
A lot of people don't seem to understand the judicial system. The accusations on Connor are under investigation. You cannot just hold a suspect indefinitely. The police are currently looking at footage and trying to find possible mobile footage. The bar was apparently full. Once they have everything, they can decide whether to arrest and charge him.
Hershin Marcello
Hershin Marcello Пре месец
"I see stiffness in this sexual assault division"
Oreo oerO
Oreo oerO Пре месец
Should have knew something was wrong with Conor once we saw the "touch butt" stuff going on.
SausosiosIsrugos Пре месец
Is it sexual assault or indecent exposure?
Sscorp 06
Sscorp 06 Пре месец
Mcgregor really livin up to his nickname.
Estoy Gringo
Estoy Gringo Пре месец
If there was video this would have been sold to a news source. First he is accused of sexual assault then its exposing himself. Why did the woman wait 5 days to report it. She can’t claim fear she was with her husband. They could have hit him up the next day and said settle out of court or we will prosecute. This sounds like a money grab. Why would he show his cock when he can ring up the finest escorts in Monaco who are 10++ Victoria secrets type models if he want pussy. With his money a model would let him blow a load in her ass.
M77GP Пре месец
lol, yeah, of thousands of athletes who make big $ they always go for Conor, right? I wonder why we never hear this from say... gsp?
Hill Grant
Hill Grant Пре месец
Mctapper getting old and annoying. Bad roll model
Enkhuchral The Erased
Enkhuchral The Erased Пре месец
Ah shit here we go again at 8:10
Wes Oss
Wes Oss Пре месец
Do you mean the Race to Get More Charges.
The Jess
The Jess Пре месец
I wonder if he is now going to change the name of his whiskey to Improper 12?
awful truth
awful truth Пре месец
Predicted Conor's downfall years ago. (glaringly obvious) To all his supporters, I ask , how far does your loyalty go? (probably as far as Trump supporters) P.S: You all need to find better role models!
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa Пре месец
Joe Rogan says Conner is overrated which he is,but joe like the rest of them rode his dick ....Conner this and Conner that but once he came across an actual accomplished athlete in this sport...hes really little better than average...simply put.
Chris DCD
Chris DCD Пре месец
Omg their had to be something to make the baddest man on the planet feel bullied Connor mcgregger u the champ and noone is walking around talking about these rumors Ireland are behind you all the way Connor mc gregger
Tony Stidham
Tony Stidham Пре месец
Mcgregors going broke like ab
Ahsn Пре месец
Conor is a dirtbag. But because he is "special" everyone going to ignore it. Define special.
Inti A
Inti A Пре месец
It's what happens when a bumm gets money, he thinks he can do whatever he likes! Poor mentality!!
zputz Пре месец
Little McChickens renteless eh? Haha. Too much third shelf Propel trash 😂
Bloodhound Пре месец
“The double champ does whatever the fook he wants!”
Walid Ismael vs Renzo Gracie on fight island🥊🥊
R Paz
R Paz Пре месец
Nothing to see here, run along. Just a case of mistaking identity for a dick...whatever who cares! Leprechaun shouldn’t even be ranked just like his whiskey!
weri jui
weri jui Пре месец උඩු රැවුල ඔහු තම කෙස් කපා නමුත් සමග 9
Kai z
Kai z Пре месец
The tag line is an assault
rae Пре месец
McRapist has a history of sexual assault. Get that P4ddy-wagon!
Sadnan Rashid
Sadnan Rashid Пре месец
Khabib should have humbled him harder
Ahmed Mehmood
Ahmed Mehmood Пре месец
If you came for the title you came for 7:18
John Wilson
John Wilson Пре месец
Money buys a big broom, this Conor stuff will be swept under the carpet.
Azhar Mahmood
Azhar Mahmood Пре месец
I thought he had his wife with on holiday aswell is not pleasing him enough big man 🦴 have a bone darling
My guess cause “girls that want attention “ from rich people probably was 100% into it but used it as an opportunity to bring it to court to make a whole lotta money.
4-UP Пре месец
What the UFC isnt telling us is that Connor has to do some actual HARD TIME on Seychelles👀but please keep bullshitting us💁 Fuck connor's PR Manager THATS REALITY 💵🔌🔫
Joe King
Joe King Пре месец
forcing beats flirting, exposing yourself beats small talk,
100% Пре месец
I want to apologise to absolutely nobody- the double champ does whatever the fook he wants! “(Even sexual assault)” but I didn’t do it. 🤣 this guys a joke.
Videl Flores
Videl Flores Пре месец
You guys are all stupid asf Connor is married and has Been with that woman sense before his mma career he wouldn’t go and cheat on his wife and kid and open your eyes it’s Connor the double belt king face of ufc and the richest and most famous ufc fighter of course some petty bitch would wanna call rape on him
SnoopCat Пре месец
Mojahed already cashed in on this hahaha
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast Пре месец
Thanks for the support! You guys have the best MMA news show out there!
John Doe
John Doe Пре месец
7:18 the Conor story to spare you the pain.
Ikwil datjejeomdraait
Ikwil datjejeomdraait Пре месец
“You’re not here to take part, you’re here to roll over”
Rahim Floki
Rahim Floki Пре месец
Peter Пре месец
Conor WhoGregor
Billibob Пре месец
Even if you put an expensive suit on him, a bum will always be a bum
MadMolly IsMyEmoLoli
MadMolly IsMyEmoLoli Пре месец
Yes like your dad
Rahim Floki
Rahim Floki Пре месец
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Пре месец
T G Пре месец
Mcgregor fans 'he's a Saint' Yeah right.
CM Derp
CM Derp Пре месец
Lt H
Lt H Пре месец
It's odd that one man has been accused of the same crime on multiple occasions now . Once is shocking. When it keeps being rumoured then people begin to question his innocence.
Nikolov Kostadin
Nikolov Kostadin Пре месец
Since the world exists, this has been the easiest way for gold digging lazy bitches to get their hands on some cash. With this kind of behaviour, good luck with resolving equality issues between men and women.
Bloody Elbow MMA
Bloody Elbow MMA Пре месец
Aashish Adhikari
Aashish Adhikari Пре месец
Tony vs dustin would be great
Arecks Taune
Arecks Taune Пре месец
Conor's creepy ass has no game
mammakamel Пре месец
Why is ben askren relevant again?
spendaringan Пре месец
I can see mcgreggor becoming Muslim..
Main Theme
Main Theme Пре месец
Conor McGregor: Mars Aeternum
j buta
j buta Пре месец
Everyone wants to rip Rich people off with libel claims. Conor did nothing wrong here...
Lightning Hobby
Lightning Hobby Пре месец
This is like the 4th time. He needs to be locked up for life.
DannynoloveXx11xX Пре месец
No charges so I think we can let this one slid can’t believe everything you see
Roger Green
Roger Green Пре месец
Keith Shingleton Jr
Keith Shingleton Jr Пре месец
I can’t stop thinking Vince Vaughn...
Bricktop001 Пре месец
Im not sure whats more shocking, Conor assaulted another defenseless person or the fact that despite all that money and fake he still cant get pussy
Justin R.
Justin R. Пре месец
Brock will never pass a drug test. Lets be real here ok?
The Lesser Key Of Solomon
The Lesser Key Of Solomon Пре месец
Conor: I'm not here to take part, I'm here to show boner!
Jay Scott
Jay Scott Пре месец
We know Connor is a bad boy but sounds like some BS. Indecent exposure? What he flashed a girl and she's all mad? GTFOH.
ReverendXero Пре месец
Wait a sec here. Mac Gregor is scottish, are they sure they are talking about the right person? Or did someone see the name come over the news wire and freak out?
anonymous Пре месец
Why haven't I heard about RENZO VS WALLID FIGHT??????!!!
Brown Peanuts
Brown Peanuts Пре месец
Funny how conor is always innocent....
Homeslicehero Пре месец
Such bs
davidringle7 Пре месец
Connor's girl is a banging little thing
THE TRUTH Пре месец
Look at these piece of sh!t of the world joking about rape🤮
Astro Rockets
Astro Rockets Пре месец
Let me ask a stupid question. Why does Conor get so many chances?
MadMolly IsMyEmoLoli
MadMolly IsMyEmoLoli Пре месец
@E K jon jones used crack,steriods and almost killed a pregant women
E K Пре месец
Because he’s 1) Rich 2) White If he wasn’t both there’s no way in hell he’d get this many chances. Jon Jones hasn’t done half the shit McG has done (sexual assault, being involved with the Irish Mafia, assaulting old men) but he’s hated by basically all MMA fans.
Dark Star King
Dark Star King Пре месец
Great to know when you are rich and famous you can just get 8 sexual assault allegations in 2 years and use your money to make it disappear.
doucey1992 Пре месец
Top Intro
Top Intro Пре месец
Guess conor wasnt kidding when he said he fights at all weight divisons
Two Natal Yods
Two Natal Yods Пре месец
Tchong Lee
Tchong Lee Пре месец
when its conor everybody is laughing and when its jones everybody gets serious and they still dont believe they are racist ...
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen Пре месец
Ha, McNoob in the spotlight of scandal again.
John Пре месец
I think it was the ginger pubes that forced her to complain to the police.
Stringy-bark creek
Stringy-bark creek Пре месец
He probably just pissed on the sidewalk now some feminist thinks she got raped because she seen it
Valium & Flowers
Valium & Flowers Пре месец
When they get found lying they should be hung from a tree
Valium & Flowers
Valium & Flowers Пре месец
How many times he been convicted though?? It's gonna happen when a man has a 100 mill in his bank, just the world we live in
Valium & Flowers
Valium & Flowers Пре месец
Why poirier crying abt money if he won he would be fighting for the belt again, bitched out
Kimberley Asselin
Kimberley Asselin Пре месец
Connor has the POS syndrome like Johnny Bonehead Jones.
Phm Hernandez
Phm Hernandez Пре месец
I think he was set up just like Mike Tyson ,Jon Jones when your rich you just can’t party with just anyone but hey who knows
Living Room Pickers Club
Living Room Pickers Club Пре месец
For all you ignorant fact deficiant keyboard warriors Mcgregor was released and no charges filed.
comedychannels Пре месец
McGregor is a vile depraved sexual predator
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali Пре месец
Conor is an idiot
jeremy r
jeremy r Пре месец
Renzo still a bad ass.
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