Khamzat Chimaev reacts to Israel Adesanya calling him a 'RAT LIP',Paulo Costa,Mike Perry,UFC 253

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Michael Bisping on Khamzat Chimaev,
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Markus Perez calls out Chimaev,

Israel Adesanya on media hypocrisy,

Darren Till on Colby Covington,

Paulo Costa LEANED OUT!,

Gilbert Burns not impressed by UFC rankings,

Mike Perry teases BIG NEWS,

Diego Sanchez with Nogueira,

RDA gunning for 155lb title,

Conor McGregor with his YACHT,

Israel Adesanya still hasn't watched RAT LIP Chimaev's UFC bouts,

Khamzat Chiamev on Adesanya calling him RAT LIP,
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David Fearon
David Fearon Пре 5 сати
Darren Till is nothing but a dumb ex school bully, so glad he got humbled by Woodley and I am looking forward for khamzat to humble this fool again.
kieran Пре 11 сати
I can't wait Chimaev smoke Izzy. Hope this fight happens sooner.
BAZRASHID Пре 17 сати
Next match Israel v hamza
David England
David England Пре дан
I agree with Gilbert to be fair, those rankings are bollox... C-Usman, 1-Gilbert, 2-Cuntington, 3- Masvidal, 4-Edwards.... I mean how the fuck is Leon Edwards above masvidal and Covington above Gilbert?!?!?! Uncle Dana's fake stats and fake rankings to fill his pockets... this is number 1 bullshit! 🇬🇧👊🏻🇬🇧
Ashem leibakngambamoirangcha.
Ashem leibakngambamoirangcha. Пре дан
Khamzat is the new Saitama
Shahroz Khan
Shahroz Khan Пре дан
Can't wait to see Israel carried to his corner by Khamzat! 😂
Mr Magnificent
Mr Magnificent Пре дан
Ibraham lincoln : government of the people, by the pepole, for the pepole. Khamzat chimaev : knock out the people, submit the pepole, smesh the pepole 😅😅😅
Nassim - نسيم
Nassim - نسيم Пре 2 дана
I think khamzat needs to teach adesanya a lesson
Deo B. Santoso
Deo B. Santoso Пре 2 дана
Khamzat will be the next superstar in ufc.
HB 77
HB 77 Пре 2 дана
Yeah Paulo alot of good those shredded muscles did you.
Nelson King
Nelson King Пре 2 дана
Izzy has not fought a wrestler on Khamzat's level. I'd place $100,000 on Khamzat right now over Izzy without even blinking. This is why I believe Khabib is pound for pound number 1 in the UFC. If Khabib were welterweight, I believe he walks right through the top 5 guys, if he were a middle weight, the biggest threat would be Khamzat. If Khamzat vs Adesanya happened, Khamzat would beat Adesanya and make it look very very easy.
amin Пре 2 дана
Khamzat would erase israel
fernando morales
fernando morales Пре 2 дана
easy figths for khamza he is gonna smash all, he born to destroy people in cage
Hundred beast Kaido
Hundred beast Kaido Пре 3 дана
Khamzat will fucking eat perez any day
Sean Gentri
Sean Gentri Пре 3 дана
Israel has no class
Steve Canterbury
Steve Canterbury Пре 4 дана
Israel, come on bro have some manners and be respectful. Khamzat didn't start talking trash to U, why do that. You the champion act like it.
TECHNO DZ Пре 4 дана
khamzat he can stop adasanya
Elom Steve Awoudor
Elom Steve Awoudor Пре 5 дана
Look guys, everyone is bound to err. It wasn't right for Izzy to call him "rat lip". I apologize to Khamzat and to everyone on his behalf.
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels Пре 5 дана
Sorry Izzy I love you but insulting someone isn’t the same as making fun of a terrorist event that killed 3,000 people. I firmly believe you can say whatever you want but don’t bitch about the reaction.
Jeffrey Napisa
Jeffrey Napisa Пре 6 дана
Chimaev fights Israel, there will be a new champion...he just needs a couple more as warm ups...hes definitely a rare one...definition of a phenomenon.
DoublEE Пре 8 дана
This whole thing is a part of the game,there’s always going to be disrespect,I’ve seen Adesanya take a diss and give one back and win in the ring,this isn’t a sport for emotional little boys the girls smash skulls in this sport! COVIDTON is relatable to those that like to insult non Americans or black people but gay he looks like Johnny at the bar so that’s all good!
simply facts
simply facts Пре 9 дана
That’s the MacGregor I like to see!
OITeezy #
OITeezy # Пре 10 дана
I think izzy is trying to say is. “We all talk shit so fuck up” and then roast you to lead by example.
Levi Dragon
Levi Dragon Пре 10 дана
8:51 Most comments are about this "rat lip" joke ---- Rational speaking, this is NOT a real evidence of Izzy that said those word in offensive way. Yahoo written this post, not direct-source from izzy twitter or video, so it "may" taken out of context. For example: - Have you seen him fight? - Manager: who, can't remember him. - Izzy describing him: he has a rat lip. - Manager: oh him. Yea "he might have fought lower level of competition"
Levi Dragon
Levi Dragon Пре 10 дана
6:26 IKR, ranking is just for show. It's inaccurate as f*
Asif Riaz
Asif Riaz Пре 10 дана
9:23 lads
John Doe
John Doe Пре 12 дана
I think sanya would suck one
Alex Bell
Alex Bell Пре 13 дана
You know who should fight Chimaev? Yoel Romero.
Seifer Пре 13 дана
stop talking about mc gregor he has nothing to do in top rank mma news now ( unless u give him a close to retirement donarld cerone who lost he's last 3 fights just to get some easy money ofc...)
James Derwalt
James Derwalt Пре 13 дана
2.22 Who Da Fook is dat Guy??? Khamzat Mcgregor voice
Brian Bayer
Brian Bayer Пре 13 дана
as a fan of Israel I'm disappointed in him for saying this
SHIDOxx Пре 14 дана
Conor is a mad dog 🐶
Jake Cox
Jake Cox Пре 16 дана
Costa is defo a closet case 🤣
dimspacha Пре 16 дана
EVERY guy who tweet or IG about becoming the next lightweight champ (khabib category) I just can't take them seriously, might as well dream of becoming an astronaut.
Teremoana Aratangi
Teremoana Aratangi Пре 18 дана
Kamazat ran his mouth first that’s way Izzy reacted,, if he wants to fight Izzy have to beat Whittacker,Romero,Paola costa,,if not he’s just another hipe train,, Izzy will destroy him completely
Pash Mackintosh
Pash Mackintosh Пре 19 дана
i used to like the dude, but he got so freaking cocky and annoying that i just wish that someone will bash the Genderbenders face in.
Marty Smith
Marty Smith Пре 20 дана
If Izzy cant see the difference between what he said and what Colby's said, he's just stupid. For one, Colby has never "insulted his culture". 2, Colby gets TONS of shit for just making fun of "woke" idiots. Izzys culture seems to be pissing on everyone else while claiming to be the victim.
rolliseventeen Пре 21 дан
Israel is a disgusting person and a good fighter.
Alexandre Dufour
Alexandre Dufour Пре 23 дана
Khamzat will definitely take your belt, its already done and you dont know it
Swaggy Swaggy
Swaggy Swaggy Пре 21 дан
Satria Baja hitam
Satria Baja hitam Пре 23 дана
Adesanya the next transgender🤣
Andrew Birch
Andrew Birch Пре 23 дана
Izzy's accent is so fake, it's as if he was raised by Television.
Kritikal H
Kritikal H Пре 24 дана
All these white guys r hella racist and hating on lebron. Lol
juldup11 Пре 25 дана
i hate that hypocrite, idk wtf happened with costa should have tought him a lesson
fahd khali
fahd khali Пре 25 дана
Israel “mirror” adesenya
Theodor Herzl
Theodor Herzl Пре 25 дана
khamzat the rat lip 🐭🐭🐭🖕🏿
Beau Benal
Beau Benal Пре 25 дана
Khamzat he is going to smash adesanya 1000000% just look at the fight Kamaru Usman vs Demian Maia he was like amateur Dana White should give Adesanya instead Damian. Khamzat is like a crocodile in the water territory no one can escape
stivvle brains
stivvle brains Пре 26 дана
I hate when athletes try to tell us how to think. When their not that smart.
Emmanuelle Kus
Emmanuelle Kus Пре 26 дана
Israel is definitely a talented fighter but what an unbearable piece of shit he is, my God, is literally impossible to like the guy. Most people just watch his fights for the hope to see his annoying mouth getting smashed in.
Nailed It
Nailed It Пре 26 дана
Khamzat is no joke 😐.. just give him some time and we might have a new champion..
Michael Delanimati
Michael Delanimati Пре 26 дана
I have a daughter with a cleft terrible struggles some of these kids go through and for him to call someone rat lip because of it is slack....i hope adesanya gets his someday and I hope it's from the guy he insulted.
PH Si Penangkap Setan
PH Si Penangkap Setan Пре 26 дана
adesanya and costa their quality is far below Jon Jones. I make sure adesanya will not dare to fight with Jon Jones..
sn0wb00ts Пре 26 дана
I don't know who needs to hear this but, Izzy will be the one to show Khazmat that there's "levels to this" if Khazmat is gifted the chance.
Kenneth Andersen
Kenneth Andersen Пре 26 дана
You can all say what you want to, but in the end, Adesanya will destroy this guy. No doubt at all...
Chad Chad
Chad Chad Пре 27 дана
Conor can't afford a yacht. And Colby would definitely be licking the dirt against LeBron. LeBron is 6"8" ish and can move. Just because he doesn't fight professionally doesn't mean he hasn't got power. Till needs to be knocked out again to sort his brain out.
iminyomomsbed Пре 27 дана
man MMA fans are disgusting, never seen such bipolar people in my life.
Kiko San
Kiko San Пре 27 дана
Chimaev will beat the shit out that Israel !
Jonny Bro
Jonny Bro Пре 27 дана
Costas confused someone tell him he was supposed to do that before not after the fight
Jonny Bro
Jonny Bro Пре 27 дана
Idk man israel adesanya outta pocket for that one, like what khamzat to him?
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson Пре 28 дана
Adesanya will be on top for a while and if colby values his mma career he will stay miles away from any fight with Adesanya cuz he’s a bum
Nicks Conan
Nicks Conan Пре 28 дана
The whole middle east and Muslim nation are against Adesanya because he hurt Hazbibi's feelings 🤣 shiiiiii
Kurt Yumul
Kurt Yumul Пре 28 дана
Atleast khamzat doesnt have a gyno on his tits unlike israel adelasagna
Nicks Conan
Nicks Conan Пре 28 дана
Has over 100 fights and gets gyno 🤣 Adesanya : who the f#k is this guy
Project Remo
Project Remo Пре 28 дана
Izzy "The fucking champ" Adesanya..
Tentacles45 Пре 29 дана
Israel’s making himself really unlikeable rn
combatjj forlife
combatjj forlife Пре 29 дана
Im white and i dont like colby just for his antics
Notorious Frog
Notorious Frog Пре 29 дана
Israel “they can’t criticize me or joke about my people bc I’m black dats racist sheeeeeeit” Adesanya “This rat lip guy” -Israel
LungsOsteel 710
LungsOsteel 710 Пре 29 дана
I think maybe making fun of someone's cleft lip/palet is kinda a scummy thing to do. That's like making fun mentally handicap people man. He can't control that shit. Post fights the hump further proves my comment. Scummy and I kinda hate em now despite really starting to like em and his nerdiness
Lawrence Holst
Lawrence Holst Пре 29 дана
I.A. P.C.J.J. C.C. Talk, will be a lesson for everyone who chose to be arrogant
LC Devon
LC Devon Пре 29 дана
Ufc fans are corny and lame as wwe fans and delusional lebron would beat the shit out of colby covington and Izzy made paulo costa look like a ametuer
Stuart Mckenzie
Stuart Mckenzie Пре 29 дана
Listen guys, the race baiting propaganda shit needs to stop. Now please watch this video that Proves that the Feorge Gloyd "murder" was staged. One thing the narrator misses, concentrate on the bicycle behind the police car at approx 5.33s, it changes from red to yellow, proving there is video manipulation going on. This video was banned by RSpost before it could go viral, so I had to upload it to Bitchute. People need to wake up, and fast. There's an obvious agenda to start a race war, be wise enough not to fall for it. 🎯
Siyawash Nishat
Siyawash Nishat Пре месец
Hamza will defeat that impolite man Insha Allah.
Qasim Choudhery
Qasim Choudhery Пре месец
A black man making fun of a white guy's lips. Yep, 2020.
Qasim Choudhery
Qasim Choudhery Пре месец
Izzy 'Genderbender' Adesanya
Sumer Sandhu
Sumer Sandhu Пре месец
@Qasim Choudhery 🙏🏽👍🏾
Qasim Choudhery
Qasim Choudhery Пре месец
@Sumer Sandhu he is good and i respect him as a fighter
Sumer Sandhu
Sumer Sandhu Пре месец
Izzy "undefeated" adesanya
Vaka Vave
Vaka Vave Пре месец
Skin guy smashed your face. Hhhh
Vaka Vave
Vaka Vave Пре месец
What was happened now. Costa i think he my learning something..izzy all the way.
Mourad Abbassi
Mourad Abbassi Пре месец
Come on hamza kick shit out that count lasagne
Damien Stark
Damien Stark Пре месец
Izzy your a damn fool
Matri XXX
Matri XXX Пре месец
A lot of people In the comment section call out Izzy for calling Khazmat a rat lip. Hey, If he can back up It with his performance, then who cares? I know I don't. And right now he does. The more he talks, the more Dana will try to give him better opponents.
Ryan Mac
Ryan Mac Пре месец
Didn't age well these comments
MARVEL Fans Пре месец
Izzy, I never seen this guy and called rat lip bulshit
Karlee Marie
Karlee Marie Пре месец
american seoul
american seoul Пре месец
Izzy the last half titty milk bender! Lol
Tussinette Пре месец
Adesanya should have a boob surgery before hitting on other people's appearence.
Tussinette Пре месец
Adesanya is the new John Jones. Incredible talent that you can't help hating...
Olive Jolie
Olive Jolie Пре месец
This, said by a guy who just said he was bullied and to stand up to them. A day later he’s an ignorant name caller. 🤯
J C Пре месец
1 Earing & 1 Tiddy
J C Пре месец
Ugly Earing Adesanya
Demographic Renaissance
Demographic Renaissance Пре месец
Adesanya has a victim complex. He doesn't see a difference between making a joke about a tragedy where almost 3000 people were murdered and about 6000 more were injured, many severely, with peoples lives changed forever- and someone saying BLM is a bunch of criminals, etc? He constantly talks shit about people, is an admitted troll, and has no problems dishing out insults or jokes at the expense of others, but claims to have been bullied by Costa, and his crew and cries foul when anyone says anything about him. The bullied has become the bully and he truly doesn't see it because he's a perpetual victim. PLENTY of people, media included, give Colby Covington shit about everything he says. In don't read many good articles about him. But of course......Adsanya insinuates "raysissm' on the part of the media because he mistakenly believes Covington catches no heat for his comments. Lets ignore the fact that Masvidal caught a;; kinds of shit for his actions towards Ben Askren after his KO, but nobody's saying jack shit about Adasanya's classless behavior after Costa fight. Or they find it funny because Costa "was talking shit" if Adesanya wasn't talking shit to Costa? Or as if most fighters don't say shit to each other before a fight?
wayne rowlands
wayne rowlands Пре месец
I'm guessing Costa dollar those abs didn't do shit for you on Saturday lmfao
I am the Fox
I am the Fox Пре месец
Who cares what he said. Everyone needs to relax in the comments section. This is the fight game. It's brutal. Fighters are gonna get nasty with one another sometimes. It makes it exciting. If it offends you go watch baseball.
Overvault Пре месец
The point of adesanya on media and trumptards hipocresy is lit
irfan anvar
irfan anvar Пре месец
He declined cuz u nobody
AA A Пре месец
There is only one wolf - - TRADEMARK LONDON JUNGLE !! khamzat Chimeav/Usman/Khabib..many more ...Muslim MMA, we ware here to stay, dominate-you cant beat us -join us - Allhamdulillah!
Sherzod Artikov
Sherzod Artikov Пре месец
Israel "The Hypocrite" Adesanya 👎 Khamzat will humble your ass soon!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Пре месец
Rat Lip!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
bosnjak81 Пре месец
izrael is a douche
Subspicion Пре месец
Seeing the fact Adesanya and Costa were sending basically naked photos of themselves to eachother before the fight no wonder Adesanya started humping him after the fight, probably got the wrong impression.
frenchtoast 9000
frenchtoast 9000 Пре месец
Making fun of lips,? Izzy always sucking on his bottom lip weirdo.
Zubair Anwar
Zubair Anwar Пре месец
Reporter : “What do you think of those people who make fun of your lip ?” Khamzat : “I smesh everybody”
J Cwell
J Cwell Пре месец
Kamaru broke his jaw and he still didnt give you izzy took steroid against cost he has gynecomastia in his nipples
J Cwell
J Cwell Пре месец
Islzzy used steroids to fight costa his team didnt lean him off them right you can see in his nipples gynecomastia.
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