MMA Community Reacts to 17 Seconds INSANE KO by Khamzat Chimaev against Meerschaert,Colby Covington

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Muhammad Rafiq
Muhammad Rafiq Пре дан
Khamzat is coming for Colby Usman and everybody just wait on it
Covington still to this day has bruises from Usman fight
Mike Пре 3 дана
Khamzat will smash them all😀
Slack Пре 5 дана
be nice if someone wired Colby's jaw shut
HML Пре 6 дана
Kolby is such a pos woodly has lots of miles on him he’s an old fighter he got the worst version of woodly
ekachai laoya
ekachai laoya Пре 7 дана
Am so tired of Colby s talk.blaming everything and everybody.
xxPistolero 420xx
xxPistolero 420xx Пре 7 дана
covington vs. LBJ make it happen dana
Zuzana Sukova
Zuzana Sukova Пре 7 дана
Islam vs khamzat v 77kg.
Maseer Ghorab
Maseer Ghorab Пре 7 дана
I can’t wait till khamzat lays out covingtons bitch ass
Miranda Orr
Miranda Orr Пре 8 дана
Then UfC should drop colby, what a pos.
Gabriel Terronez
Gabriel Terronez Пре 8 дана
Covington will kill masvidal dominate him
saxamophone76 Пре 9 дана
Sure Colby generates hype, but there's a difference between fame and infamy. Once he's no longer relevant, he'll find out the hard way.
K A Пре 11 дана
Colby chats too much bs
craig robb
craig robb Пре 11 дана
colby can fight, he's just such a big phoney. his shtick is over the top and just obvious trolling (and maybe trying to get support from weird right wing culture warriors)
Kenneth Le
Kenneth Le Пре 11 дана
Andrew Birch
Andrew Birch Пре 18 дана
Jon v Izzy & Colby v Jorge on the same card would be awesome
M ZC Пре 18 дана
lebron james?
Antonio Junqueira
Antonio Junqueira Пре 19 дана
Lebron would beat the shit out of Colby Covington IDC what anybody says
Beau Benal
Beau Benal Пре 19 дана
Khamzat he is going to smash adesanya 1000000% just look at the fight Kamaru Usman vs Demian Maia he was like amateur Dana White should give Adesanya instead Damian. Khamzat is like a crocodile in the water territory no one can escape
dab15 Пре 20 дана
I cant wait his next fight
RED_PILLED Пре 20 дана
Pros - didnt even need his take down defense skillls in this fight . Cons- got knocked the F**** out .
Nailed It
Nailed It Пре 21 дан
Usman: if you are reading this comment Please break Colby's jaw one more time..
Bhavik Shankar
Bhavik Shankar Пре 21 дан
What's Lebron James got to do with it?
Hasib YouTube
Hasib YouTube Пре 21 дан
1:37 did he just say Lebron James ???
Megan Delgado
Megan Delgado Пре 22 дана
NOO I will cheer and watch Cowboy fight as long as he wants to. always exiting.
Xavier Mehrez
Xavier Mehrez Пре 22 дана
Why Does Colby Sound Like Donald Trump ?
Shimaev borz
Shimaev borz Пре 24 дана
I smash sheeple
just send me location
just send me location Пре 24 дана
Usman vs Gilbert Main event Winner Vs Edwards fight winner Co main event Jorge vs Colby Then Jorge or Colby get title shot Then khazmat smeshes them all
Richard Santiago
Richard Santiago Пре 24 дана
Colby net worth 2 million and Lebron James 250 million worth net. James will crush with his Wallet.
AA A Пре 25 дана
There is only one wolf - - TRADEMARK LONDON JUNGLE !! khamzat Chimaev/Usman/Khabib..many more ...Muslim MMA, we ware here to stay, dominate-you cant beat us -join us - Allhamdulillah!
Saber Haidary
Saber Haidary Пре 25 дана
I really wish to see Khamzat training with team Khabib at AKA, who else wants it? Give me a reply if u r looking forward to the same thing!
Haayn 92
Haayn 92 Пре 25 дана
Feeed Mikey perry to khamzat 🤣🤣 wanna see him get slept as well
Kalle Pikku
Kalle Pikku Пре 27 дана
When you worry about Khamzat's wrestling, you'll get a standing smesh.
Ryan Пре 29 дана
Julian “Hungrybox” Marquez
S.W.S Ministries
S.W.S Ministries Пре 29 дана
#UFC rigging hard for Khamzat dude hasn't even fought a ranked fighter yet! Making a rock look like a diamond is Dana whites #1 JOB!!! Come back and we'll talk when he holds a belt or khabib nurmagomedov record!!! I hold 119 wins 1 lose in street fights and amateur MMA out of Kingsport TN it's easy to be the best nobody!!!
Elliott Fulker
Elliott Fulker Пре месец
Colby I only shoot fish in barrel
Alexander -AlterEgo-
Alexander -AlterEgo- Пре месец
*skips the colby trash*
Captain Atheist
Captain Atheist Пре месец
Colby Covington 2024. America would kick so much ass if he was president.
Captain Atheist
Captain Atheist Пре 26 дана
@wig thplitter Yes im 12. What are you a commie? GTFOH.
wig thplitter
wig thplitter Пре 28 дана
What are you 12?
Dovakin EScrolls
Dovakin EScrolls Пре месец
Halla we want prenup, we want prebup. Not bad fighting and heel talk, out of Colby.
D'vel Smith
D'vel Smith Пре месец
Wtf does he mean Tyron Woodley was a spineless coward just like LeBron James? LeBron James isn't a MMA UFC fighter ...
Sean Raufi
Sean Raufi Пре месец
Colby doesn’t have the attitude, face and manners of a champion.
lots andlots
lots andlots Пре месец
Smesh people
Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia Пре месец
So Colby can beat masvidal but not burns or kamaru And honestly masvidal cant beat any of them.
Marc S
Marc S Пре месец
Most likely this is just another stage fight, I would love to see this guy fight somebody that heard of, and wonder boy looks horrible his last fight.
joseph bickerton
joseph bickerton Пре месец
Never underestimate maia he is hard to knockout and a anaconda on the ground
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Пре месец
Mark Ayers
Mark Ayers Пре месец
That rib didn't break itself!
MoeLarryCurly Пре месец
Usman wore Colby out . , then finished it. Although the foot stomping is by Usman is pathetic.
AndrewLifts Пре месец
Baby Bank
Baby Bank Пре месец
Imagine damien maia knocks out chimaev with one punch
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson Пре месец
Colby can turn the act off now. Hes proved his value based on hard work and ability. The endless blatantly scripted, boring, respectless trash talk goes too far
wig thplitter
wig thplitter Пре 28 дана
It gets him attention
Aaaayy Vib
Aaaayy Vib Пре месец
The ending 💀 😭 😂🤣😂🤣
Antonio Sabattini
Antonio Sabattini Пре месец
Bearded chap just proved he's on higher level than his previous opponents, so I'd say he should fight someone on his level not some nobody, slow-starter or a pensioner next.
David Duarte
David Duarte Пре месец
Damn they make the Spanish announcers sit way in the back?! I thought this was "Hispanic Heritage Month" LMAO
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Is Damien now to old to really test Hazmat????I say yes to old and less bold.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Test for hazmat
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Hazmat meets gatekeeper who
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Couch potatoe Spectacular record event🧐
Marco Mondragon
Marco Mondragon Пре месец
BLM woke poster boy gets destroyed- I love it.
40 Grit
40 Grit Пре месец
Gerald was talking a bunch of shit before fight too🤣
Horse In The Field
Horse In The Field Пре месец
If Mario Yamasaki was the referee , Gerald would have gone the distance.
Trimmy TkO
Trimmy TkO Пре месец
tyron exposed HIMSELF dude aint got that lion in him right now and colby melted him and made him crack his ribs... usman destroyed colby... he dont want that smoke he just trynna talk his way to another title fight
Hamza Пре месец
When Gerald told on Ariel Helwani interview hes a UFC "veteran" with lots of experience, it was that moment i knew hes just a journeyman who will get steamrolled. Never heard of him🤷‍♂️
Mat G
Mat G Пре месец
Colby; LBJ has real championships, and you got smoked on the main stage! Keep LBJ's name out of your mouth, bum!
Um Shush
Um Shush Пре месец
I never understood why woodley was considered that good. I never saw a really good fight with him. most were terrible. he is boring, he doesnt really fight. all he got is ko power, thats it, nothing else is very good. he should go. niko price didnt really fight cerrone as hard as he could, thats why it was a draw, because niko likes cerrone too much. obvious when u watch the fight. colby is an asshole but he is a fucking good fighter. tognoni should also consider stopping his career. he stacks up on bad decisions lately.
Brett Smith
Brett Smith Пре месец
My new favorite fighter Khamzat!
Aurelio Tower
Aurelio Tower Пре месец
2020: The Year of the Sore Winner
Carter USA
Carter USA Пре месец
Even if you hate Colby how could you not bet your life savings on him vs Masvidal. I was a big Masvidal fan until he turned into this wanna be reality tv star. Him and Colby trained together for almost a decade and Colby has got the best of him every time for all those years. Masvidal doesn't stand a chance against Colby
Peepo Пре месец
Team Colby! Expose the Judas
Conor Niggregor
Conor Niggregor Пре месец
If you’ve been watching boxing for a long time, you know this was a fixed fight.
vegastjg Пре месец
Khamzat trying to have 12 fights this year?
Tenho Lindeman
Tenho Lindeman Пре месец
Khamzat Chimaev is another Fixed fighter in ufc so SAD :(
Sports Fan
Sports Fan Пре месец
Holy shit, the sound of that punch😂
Stefan Brisebois
Stefan Brisebois Пре месец
Like or hate colby, he’s an ever improving fighter with a wide variety of skills
marcis Zamosskis
marcis Zamosskis Пре месец
I don't doubt cobyb is a good fighter But I hate his personality
Christopher Thurman
Christopher Thurman Пре месец
17 sec juiced?
Daniel Ppa
Daniel Ppa Пре месец
cow boy wasting a spot man, he needs retire. Let other true fighters fight
Kenneth Martinez
Kenneth Martinez Пре месец
Legends say James Vick wrote his tweet the day after because he got ko’ed with that punch too.
F. Exprt
F. Exprt Пре месец
Khamzat is one fucking scary dude. This is a born and bread killer. They come from a different world. They don't get participation trophies, they are literally denied their 3rd meal of the day if they don't win their daily wrestling matchup.These are Khabib type of fighters that come from these little mountain towns where 2000-3000 people live, but each generation produces several world champions in SOMBO or Wrestling and now we are seeing them come to UFC. They haven't even transitioned at all. When they start training for MMA (instead just wrestling) since they are kids, we will see the next level of human fighting competition. They improve so fast as we saw with the 1 Dimensional Khabib who had a few tough fights at his beginning, and is now untouched by the best in the world. I would worry for Usman or Colby or anyone of the top 3 fighters in both weight divisions..
RoQ Tell-it
RoQ Tell-it Пре месец
Covington is a disrespectful ass. Woodley may not be what used to be but there's not need to be disrespectful. Someone is going to hand you you has but honestly I don't care for Lebron and I wish he never would have gone to the Lakers. I have been a Laker fan for many, many years!! From Elgin Baylor and Jerry West to Kareem, Shaq and of course The Momba!!!!✊✊👍✌
D Summer
D Summer Пре месец
Another mma superstar.
Alex Mulugeta
Alex Mulugeta Пре месец
I just want to know what was Maia thinking in his head 😂😂
MrJobofo Пре месец
I hope cowboy retires he’s a warrior but he’s done and the paydays aren’t worth the head trauma! He should of retired after till he was done way back then. Legend and Warrior!!
TheSilenc3 Пре месец
Sheldon Evans
Sheldon Evans Пре месец
Cerrone should go back to lightweight
Sheldon Evans
Sheldon Evans Пре месец
Cerrone beat Pettis in my opinion
samAesthetix Пре месец
Woodley is the adrien broner of mma
sheldon white
sheldon white Пре месец
Mike Perry's a scrub
Appalachian Red Fox
Appalachian Red Fox Пре месец
Gerald talked all that shit... smmfh
World Eater
World Eater Пре месец
Dominic Cruz: Great strategy by Gerald to get knocked out by Chimaev. If he can’t see Chimaev, Chimaev can’t see him.
Global Progressive House
Global Progressive House Пре месец
Smesh. "You happy with the early stoppage?". "yes ez fight ez money". Im happy. I meet people, I smesh people. He called Kevin Holland his cleaner )))) This guy is hilarious
Miguel Rojas
Miguel Rojas Пре месец
I didn’t realize James Vick was still alive
roy cribbs
roy cribbs Пре месец
Im lost....cowboy lost 5 in a row...twood 3....dana says to cowboy....we need to talk about the R word but twood he said...he needs that R word....yeah dana a Trump baby ol riight...notice how he treats BLACK white stars...sad hes like that but hes a employee. His bosses look like him. It will never change
Nathan Harrison
Nathan Harrison Пре месец
When Francis Ngannou comments on your striking power that says something.....
Forrest Пре месец
George don't want that smoke! Colby wins the BMF by default. Leon Edwards: Colby's taking everything I worked for.
bdpchamp Пре месец
Damn colby with the unnecessary lebron slander
Brian Fire
Brian Fire Пре месец
Looking for an easy way out...and dude had a broken rib??? This guy is a clown.
idantfearbro Пре месец
Colby "A Spinless coward" Convington. As he runs out the ring on a loss and doesn't say shit for months on end LOL
Gregory Scott
Gregory Scott Пре месец
i don't care what they said on twitter stop just filling out the videos with shit
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