Daniel Cormier on if he thinks Stipe Miocic intentionally poked him in the eyes at UFC 252,Bisping

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Michael Bisping slams Vitor Belfort,
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Jon Anik Loh's Michael Bisping,

Kenflo on Adesanya vs Costa,

Sijara Eubanks on facing Julia Alvia,

Henry Cejudo enjoying his retirement,

Ray Longo believes 205lb title will change a lot of hands,

Stipe Miocic doesn't pick and choose his opponents,
Checkout Bisping's Podcast-Believe You Me-itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/believe-you-me/id1212985132?mt=2
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DC on Miocic's eye poke,
Checkout DC and Helwani-www.espn.com/espnradio/podcast/archive/_/id/16787314

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Jay Rider
Jay Rider Пре месец
Cejudo seems like an awesome guy outside of his antiques. 👍
Jim Hernandez
Jim Hernandez Пре месец
In all reality STIPE GOT THE BEST OF CORMIER ! Eye for an eye 😉
Jim Hernandez
Jim Hernandez Пре месец
Player Roku
Player Roku Пре месец
If you watch the replay you can literally see dcs hands going for stripes eyes and stipe got to him first. Wah wah wah.
JakeGotAteByASnake Пре месец
At least Cormier wasn’t a hypocrite about the eye poking... 😅
Marko Lumovic
Marko Lumovic Пре месец
It was not a a mistake it was pure revenge.And DC deserve it there would never be trilogy without that flying eye poke in first fight.
you cant really blame bisping for hating vitor with a passion, vitor changed his life by taking out one eye, when bisping has to tell his grandchildren how he lost his one eye, he would have to talk about vitor, smh
Ubong Udoh
Ubong Udoh Пре месец
Bisbing has a sore sour asshole for Victor Belfort taking one of his eye #EnglishOdinChronicles
Kong Meng Yang
Kong Meng Yang Пре месец
IF DC said yeah I think he poked my eye intentional, the response from every logical person in the world (except DC fans): what about all the previous fights where you poked him in the eye? You realize Stipe had eye surgery after your 2nd fight right? It's a little of everything.
Sheamus Cherubntug
Sheamus Cherubntug Пре месец
Ro Geer
Ro Geer Пре месец
Do tell how you really feel about Vitor, Bisping, please do...... hahahaha
Matthew Neufer
Matthew Neufer Пре месец
DC is a optometrist
Aleksander Keca
Aleksander Keca Пре месец
Bisping just mad cause vitor kicked his eye off his head
PB Пре месец
Tony P
Tony P Пре месец
Cheeseburger is one of the DIRTIEST Fighters.
Will Sk
Will Sk Пре месец
We are never gonna hear the end of DC crying about being poked even if he says otherwise. Gonna hear it forever on every UFC event or media program. And in time people will buy into it and believe it.
Nathan Dust
Nathan Dust Пре месец
Even if it was intentional that’s what DC gets. That little bitch.
__ Пре месец
Vitor doesnt really think Brocks a fraud, its just a plug to bait a fight.
Zach Dietrich
Zach Dietrich Пре месец
usually when one says a fighter has been untested, it means one thing. with Costa it means a whole other thing.
MuMu124 Пре месец
Lmao Bisping hates vitor so much
leonfalco Пре месец
sijara looks like one ugly dude
Johnathen Sapien
Johnathen Sapien Пре месец
It looked like that eye poke was on purpose but Daniel did the same thing
Vilhelmo De Okcidento
Vilhelmo De Okcidento Пре месец
@6:30 Top athletes make too much money. Our society is messed up. The most important jobs get paid squat while we pay athletes millions to play games. Talk about having our priorities upside down.
Phong Dang
Phong Dang Пре месец
Blame the eye pokes on the UFC. Pretty much every one agrees the gloves aren't doing any favors. UFC needs to stop being cheap and shell out to whatever rights for new gloves.
HurtfulJade 907
HurtfulJade 907 Пре месец
How can Cejudo enjoy his private life if he shows us all the time
Minh Ngoc
Minh Ngoc Пре месец
The ufc needs new gloves that’s the only thing that sure in this pandemic
Storm Brendan
Storm Brendan Пре месец
If Stipe did it on purpose then that was because Daniel REPEATEDLY eye poked Stipe in their 2 previous fights. End Of. Saying that, an eye for an eye is not good, but DC had it coming and DCs Reaction here proves that I reckon.
Jason King
Jason King Пре месец
Trolln 420
Trolln 420 Пре месец
Triple c is the fakest champ champ ever to be labeled a double champ the only reason i referred to him as triple c is because i can’t remember his name 🤪🤣
Trolln 420
Trolln 420 Пре месец
Bisping has the perfect vitor bellfort impersonation!!!!
Sizzle Wrap
Sizzle Wrap Пре месец
Either way Daniel looks like he ate to many cheeseburgers before the fight, so that did hurt his chances.
Derek Bonin
Derek Bonin Пре месец
What is a snake oil salesman?
Ving Italia
Ving Italia Пре месец
Stop twinkie kid you lost get over it he poked you on purpose you poked him so even steven homie @DanielCormier
Htx457 Пре месец
I'm not gonna lie that shite looked like he was going in with a purpose to his eye. Looked like he was going in for a stab
Richard Pinto
Richard Pinto Пре месец
Why can't MMA have full gloves with no fingers exposed!? Also, fighting bare feet in MMA is not a good idea! It can lead to destructive eyepokes as well as cause the toes to break! Not to mention fighters can also slip in the fightl!!!
Micah Majestic
Micah Majestic Пре месец
Costa is going to get picked apart, if Israel loses please feel free to roast me
Keenan Lewis
Keenan Lewis Пре месец
Take the L already
john cormier
john cormier Пре месец
M afraid that adesanya going to be killed by costa
Mark C.
Mark C. Пре месец
I miss Max Holloway’s head. It is what it is.
Baby's Reaction
Baby's Reaction Пре месец
bispinh will cry for lofe what vitor did with him 🤣🤣
Archil Zhvania
Archil Zhvania Пре месец
Watching this video I realized how much I miss Bisping's trash-talk xD
PatroTurcu Пре месец
I'm sick and tired of listening to people bringing Stipe's eyepoke during his third fight in the trilogy. May I remind that Stipe had to take some time off after the first two fights because of Daniel eyepoking him multiple times. If it did not bother you then, it should not bother you now that Stipe won the trilogy.
starkley spaniard
starkley spaniard Пре месец
Nah that shit was on purpose dawg lol stipe was tired of yo ass
Banijeza Пре месец
Too many mtf people in Ufc
won ton super noodles
won ton super noodles Пре месец
An eye for an eye Daniel 👁 👀
Tim Teasley
Tim Teasley Пре месец
Cormier is class
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne Пре месец
Good Lord, Vitor looks horrible. 20+ years of steroids will do that to you
Wang Minn
Wang Minn Пре месец
Brock would maul Vitor
My First name My Last name
My First name My Last name Пре месец
Crejudo try’s to flex with conor about the jet life then gets picked up in a van LOL
Marc Leon
Marc Leon Пре месец
Of course Stipe poked you in the eyes on purpose. He said , “if this mf pokes me in the eye I’m going to get him back”. DC poked him and he poked him better.
Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley
Jeffrey SmokeyBones O'Malley Пре месец
Lmao at CCC. McGregor laughs at the private plain you had to rent while he cruises in the plain that he owns lol. Thats the difference lol.
Robert Elmo
Robert Elmo Пре месец
Vitor ought to post back with him holding up a fake eyeball. He doesn't even have to try to get under Bisping's skin. He is living rent free in his head right now.
Azmonarth Пре месец
5:00 is this the guy from menace 2 society?
Derek Lopez
Derek Lopez Пре месец
Rays totally right.
Shocker 187
Shocker 187 Пре месец
Wow poor Henry ..got money and hot instant family ...get out henry
Jameson Cross
Jameson Cross Пре месец
DC is a dirty fighter.
Hornet Phone Gaming
Hornet Phone Gaming Пре месец
Yes the eye poke was on purpose daniel did it so it was done back...end of trilogy
Garrincha Пре месец
I think bisping still has a problem with vitor for taking his eye in their fight
Kevin Hunt
Kevin Hunt Пре месец
Lol Brock can’t punch Tell that to Frank Mir!!! Oh and Bisping get over the fact that trt Victor was a killer!!!!
torch357 Пре месец
always 10/10 outro's. love it
RudeBOY Пре месец
Stipe doesn’t want Jones
RudeBOY Пре месец
This is why Triple C is trying to fight again. He’s setting himself back like he got that type of money lol
RudeBOY Пре месец
Still talking about that eye poke huh?
timephire Пре месец
Michael "British Stipe Miocic" Bisping talking to Stipe "American Michael Bisping" Miocic, I love MMA! ;o)
jovanie ortiz
jovanie ortiz Пре месец
What happened to Johnny Walker
jess d
jess d Пре месец
Triple cringe.
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor Пре месец
I truly believe it was a mistake and stipe had no idea, it was straight up karma
Okie Mick
Okie Mick Пре месец
Damn, Smith is still ranked in the Top Ten after his last couple of performances? LHW is a mess now, let's get this shit cleaned up a.s.a.p.
Ed D
Ed D Пре месец
Thats the dumbest accent I have ever heard. Wtf was that exactly?
Stretch 215
Stretch 215 Пре месец
Triple cringe is at it again🤮🤮
Mark Orcutt
Mark Orcutt Пре месец
The riods went to vitors brain
الأسود العنسي
الأسود العنسي Пре месец
Orozco Family
Orozco Family Пре месец
Sijara lookn like kevin lee 😂
Fat Tyson Fury
Fat Tyson Fury Пре месец
Is Cejudo using one of Jeffrey Epsteins planes?
Of course Cormier can't be upset with Stipe for the eye poke. Cormier eye poked him a lot before.
The New New
The New New Пре месец
Henry cejudo is the next jeffery epstein and thats why he has all these kids bending the knee. Sick f
str8nurworld Пре месец
Your retired quit your damn crying DC. And your what if bs
Matthew Rodriguez
Matthew Rodriguez Пре месец
did you watch the video? he literally said "it is what it is" and that he didnt think stipe did it on purpose, he wasnt complaining at all, or are you just to stupid to understand that?
Brad Thomson
Brad Thomson Пре месец
Cormier is a liar, and the king of the eye pokes. And of course Stipe got even deliberately.
Marcos Arboleda
Marcos Arboleda Пре месец
That eye hurt him for life lol lol lol 😂 🤣 the hate invade his life
Gábhán De Brun
Gábhán De Brun Пре месец
Bisping is funny asf
Reverse Пре месец
"How do you do fellow kids?!" - Henry Cejudo
eatu4tea Пре месец
Literally zero people on planet earth give a shit about what bisping has to say lmao. Please stop.
Dragon Man
Dragon Man Пре месец
DC Fking cheater like jon
Dragon Man
Dragon Man Пре месец
Francis Pichardo
Francis Pichardo Пре месец
Crying babe Daniel!
Pizza Baratheon
Pizza Baratheon Пре месец
viToR belforT
Johnny Gonzales Jr
Johnny Gonzales Jr Пре месец
Man how is cejudo still on here the ufc dropped his ass as soon as he retired, that says alot.
manuel lopez
manuel lopez Пре месец
Damn now Cejudo showing our future how to be douchebags
TyBo L33T G4M3R
TyBo L33T G4M3R Пре месец
Why is Kevin Lee dressing as a woman and calling himself Sijara Eubanks?? 😂😂
Rory Lyons
Rory Lyons Пре месец
Nothing is more satisfying than the kick machida landed on that pure cheat vitors chin 🤣
stlmikie Пре месец
And what’s Bispings gripe with Vitor?
stlmikie Пре месец
I have to say, I’m glad Daniel doesn’t hold anything against Stipe. And he honestly thinks it was a mistake.
IPokeEyesOut Пре месец
I can see it being a mistake in the 3rd fight but in the 1st fight it was clearly a flick to the eye.
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
STiPE ain't got NO character
danzig159 Пре месец
I want Costa to win real bad, but I don't think he will. I hate Adesanya but I don't think Costa will land very much on him, he's too quick and accurate and he'll probably knock Costa out.
Deuce Spades
Deuce Spades Пре месец
Jon anik must not be getting paid putting dollar tree cookies, in a walmart box
Stridah's Angels
Stridah's Angels Пре месец
Dc is king of eye poke 😂 he better not cry about it...he near blinded stipe in fight he won
tho bur
tho bur Пре месец
Kudos to Dc for putting a fucking rest to this drama. Shit happens , get over it and fight. Well done DC.
Chris Dupuis
Chris Dupuis Пре месец
Jones deadlifted 6 plates and a 25 on each side if my math is correct that is 635lbs. 🤯 Toothpick legs are seriously strong. Jones is a freak. Stipe will get ragdolled by HW Jones. He knows Francis is better for him in terms of styles.
K Easter
K Easter Пре месец
Man I like DC he’s a nice guy
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