Khamzat Chimaev is out of his mind to say he'll fight again in a month after our bout-Gerald, Tyron

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Tyron Woodley teases FALLING IN AND OUT OF LOVE ft. Matt Serra,
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Donald Cerrone still gets scared,
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Mike Perry doubts whether Cerrone will show up against Price,

Garbrandt confident he will make 125lbs,

Sijara Eubanks signs a new contract,

Daniel Cormier doesn't want to see Poirier vs Ferguson,
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Gerald Meerschaert on Khmazat Chimaev,
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Kris Fleischer
Kris Fleischer Пре 11 дана
I told everyone he would rack the competition and sink them all!People are afraid to fight him.He will be champ.Not cause he is Caucasian and Chechen he is a great fighter
Beau Benal
Beau Benal Пре 21 дан
Khamzat he is going to smash adesanya 1000000% just look at the fight Kamaru Usman vs Demian Maia he was like amateur Dana White should give Adesanya instead Damian. Khamzat is like a crocodile in the water territory no one can escape
Kalle Pikku
Kalle Pikku Пре 28 дана
Gerald choked himself out with his bjj black belt
emile ndive
emile ndive Пре 29 дана
17secs it took him . Funny listening to Gerald talking now .
Sean Heisey
Sean Heisey Пре месец
This aged well
Si Grant
Si Grant Пре месец
Fallin in and out of consciousness
Anthony Hewitt
Anthony Hewitt Пре месец
Bro that falling in and out of love with you part needs to be on beat and in key to technically be a song. Thats just noise bra
Anthony Hewitt
Anthony Hewitt Пре месец
DANA WHITE LOVES GUYS WHO WILL FIGHT FOR PENUTS. Dana who are you trying to kid? Like really
40 Grit
40 Grit Пре месец
CCC XYZ Пре месец
well, it turned out that he can fight again in a month after bout
king james
king james Пре месец
Tyquill does a good "Bob" ground & pound dummy but a horrible singer/tapper rapper?
Chow Gaff
Chow Gaff Пре месец
Why would khamzat be "out of his mind"? He trained for months for a "fight" and his opponents pussy ass couldn't even take one punch the man had to deliver of course he wants to have a quick turnaround he trained hard and didn't get to use it, it would be a waste if he doesn't fight again soon.
O'uile Jemi Martin
O'uile Jemi Martin Пре месец
what happens when you get one punched in the face
Florida Man
Florida Man Пре месец
Gerald had a lot of "what happens when..." type questions here, but he forgot to ask "what happens when..." he goes in scared shit less and gets one punch ko'd. Ouch.🤐
Adam Alasadi
Adam Alasadi Пре месец
1 punch ko biiiiiiitch
M M Пре месец
Listening to Gerald after today's fight is funny
Francisco Santiago
Francisco Santiago Пре месец
What happens when he knocks you out in 17 seconds..... Meerschaert how does that crow taste?
Sunny Kay
Sunny Kay Пре месец
He couldve fought another guy on same card. Geralds a bum
Ben Layers
Ben Layers Пре месец
bro he could have fight an other guy directly after this fight.
Dino Nuggets
Dino Nuggets Пре месец
If khamzats fight only last 17 seconds then yeah he can do two fights in 10 days
Tamim Ibrahim
Tamim Ibrahim Пре месец
17 seconds boy
Zeezo Пре месец
Well I guess he's still in a "Like New" state after that 17 second fight. I'm going out on a limb and saying he's ready to fight again.
Umar El-Hashmi
Umar El-Hashmi Пре месец
who's here after the 17 second win
Saman Ghanavi
Saman Ghanavi Пре месец
185 pounds of raw american horse power just got stomped
Dresnio 13
Dresnio 13 Пре месец
maximo fernandez
maximo fernandez Пре месец
Who’s here after that knock out?
Naz Zan
Naz Zan Пре месец
Dose Gerald still think Khamzat is outta his mind after HE GOT KNOCKED THE F OUT 😂
JUSTICE 4ALL Пре месец
Is Khamzat still out of his mind for wanting yo fight in a month?
optimus prime
optimus prime Пре месец
I think not..😂😂😂
Reesey Trapgod2018
Reesey Trapgod2018 Пре месец
Id say hes fighting again after putting gerald to sleep in 17 seconds
Andres Eraso
Andres Eraso Пре месец
That comment on chimaev didn't age well
findmeOnMaps Пре месец
Khamzat Chimaev just proof himself up.
Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C
Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C Пре месец
All I can think of is Mojahed's cartoons. "Falling in and out of love with you." 👨🏿‍🎤And, his cartoon Dana, "Everybody's like, 'I want more money too! I want more money'!" 🤣🤣😃😃
Miguel Anselmo
Miguel Anselmo Пре месец
😂😂🤣🤣can someone tell T woodly that he can’t rap fo shit??🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂
david jimenez
david jimenez Пре месец
Colby Covington should walk out to that bullshit song !!!
TheTruth Пре месец
Tyron please don’t drop it in us, have mercy!!! Black lives matter!
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Пре месец
Tyron please NO. We don’t want the final draft of your shitty ass song lmao! For the love of God, please just focus on fighting, not rapping/singing.
Redd Man
Redd Man Пре месец
Cerrone is a fuckin legend
Leona And Lee Button
Leona And Lee Button Пре месец
Damm i feel like punching tyron woodley, what a spud.
Nagrenol Пре месец
UFC really trying to force Chimaev. 8 fight win streak, 6 outside UFC and 2 in the ufc and won both with pretty much zero damage. Total time spent in the ring is left than 4.5 mins. John Phillips had lost 3 out of his last 4 fights since joining the UFC Don't even think he's in the top 100 rankings Rhys doing his first ufc figh rank 70th atm He's now fighting a guy who's a got a lot of fights under his belt but hasn't kept a win streak over 2 wins in the UFC since 2017. Sorry but to quote GSP, 'im not impressed by your performance'. This guy thinkgs he should be getting title shots already when he has done nothing impressive AT ALL. Just talking shit using the Khabib 'smesh' line and some BS about going to Ireland for McGregor. They'll bump him up rankings to top 20/10 shortly after a few more random wins. Then again they have been allowing McGregor to hand out in the rankings for ages now so not like the rankings mean sweet fuck all anyway.
Badge Badge
Badge Badge Пре месец
Goddam, please, put up a warning BEFORE you put up a Woodley rap. Where is my therapists number
wesley vanderveen
wesley vanderveen Пре месец
When I saw woodley singing I thought this was going to be funny. That was horrible. Watch the song end up sounding great with all the overproducing they do nowadays. Doesn’t take a voice to sing anymore.
Shiv2424 Пре месец
Why does Tyrone Woodley keep singing, not even singing, but thinking it’s a rap? It’s horrible
Jm Dromanah
Jm Dromanah Пре месец
Dana: Khamzat is The Real Deal Dana after Khamzat Lose He Was Never My Friend
Prasanth Kumar
Prasanth Kumar Пре месец
Now I got the reference of woodley song in mojahed videos. Hilarious.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Пре месец
Khamzat is becoming huge, that mentality has made him really famous really quick
Ceasar Rustilio
Ceasar Rustilio Пре месец
Uuuhhhhhh....someone tell tyron he’s tone deaf
Nathan J
Nathan J Пре месец
Woodley is fuckin DONE.
ken ken
ken ken Пре месец
Serra its LUB not love !!!
Genghis Tamang
Genghis Tamang Пре месец
I believe khamzat will fall in his face
Genghis Tamang
Genghis Tamang Пре месец
@optimus prime i accept it,i was wrong.
optimus prime
optimus prime Пре месец
I think not..😂😂😂
Karim Пре месец
When trash talks
Mustseenow!!! Пре месец
Woodley trying to win the song writer of the year...
Mustseenow!!! Пре месец
Woodley just needs to stop fookin singing for fook sake
B2D 327
B2D 327 Пре месец
DJ Premier couldn’t save woodley’s rapping
Matt Brown
Matt Brown Пре месец
God damn Matt Serra cracked me up with that one
joe fuller
joe fuller Пре месец
I like Gerald.......but he's about to get his a$$ kicked
joe fuller
joe fuller Пре месец
tyron's singing matches his personality
Cliff Gibbs
Cliff Gibbs Пре месец
Tyron gotta be talking about his fight Career
Twin 294
Twin 294 Пре месец
Surprisingly t-bone knocks out Colby controversial in the second round, then the mix tape drops and t-bone never fights again. Heard it hear first
miguel roman
miguel roman Пре месец
Damn it that song sucks big camel ball's! Even as a joke it's terrible!
Humble Pie
Humble Pie Пре месец
Tyron "The Frozen One" Dudley. Shout out to Half the battle 😂
Titiana Rasputin
Titiana Rasputin Пре месец
put some autotune on tyron and he's the next post malone.
Titiana Rasputin
Titiana Rasputin Пре месец
this is brilliant marketing by dana white: give chimaev's opponent a reason to brutalize him, other than a paycheck.
Chandler Sosner
Chandler Sosner Пре месец
Friends don’t let friends fight Tony Ferguson
Raiden Пре месец
Woodley is going to take down Covington and rap in his ears until he pass out..
greg E
greg E Пре месец
F Tyrone Woodley! He's too ignorant to understand that BLM is nothing more than a Marxists hate group that couldn't care less about the black community!
Pure Woori Taekwondo & Hapkido
Pure Woori Taekwondo & Hapkido Пре месец
Tyron you better not get knock out or out paces with all that shit you talking and singing
Luis Ruiz
Luis Ruiz Пре месец
I truly think Woodley needs professional help and I'm not talking his music I'm talking about his mental stage to even consider calling that crap music
Jr Dawson
Jr Dawson Пре месец
“Fallin in and out of love in and out of love with you” that always gets me😂
j h
j h Пре месец
really like cody's solid gold rolex sky dweller
kevin anderson
kevin anderson Пре месец
woodly gun get knocked tf out
Lee Dang
Lee Dang Пре месец
185pounds amercian power is nothing compared to Chimaevs CHECHEN POWER!
Tyler Crowley
Tyler Crowley Пре месец
Wait till juice head dillishaw to come back and whoop Cody again lol
Kenneth dougherty
Kenneth dougherty Пре месец
Even the poster for the fight has Gerald already looking beat up, I know he doesn't want people looking past him but hes lose to some not so great fighters before
Tyler Crowley
Tyler Crowley Пре месец
Cowgirl cerrone going to fight like a pussy Saturday
Alec Gyuricza
Alec Gyuricza Пре месец
Tony is a savage. There will be blood.
Alec Gyuricza
Alec Gyuricza Пре месец
Donald your a legend brother, don't ever doubt yourself. You've done more in and for this sport than most people could dream.
Maru Пре месец
1:10 stooooop please
Scooch Pascucci
Scooch Pascucci Пре месец
Tyron Woodley is an idiot! That is all
male person
male person Пре месец
Everytime I see Eubanks I remember her being set to headline msg against Valentina😂😂
Dipendra Chettry
Dipendra Chettry Пре месец
Cody is 125lb Guy already and the champ overweights sometime....A GOOD Advantage for No Love Cody 💯🔥
p0kerviK1N67 Пре месец
Gerald is about to be a bigger meme than Woodley. The things he was saying to Matt and Jim is going to be there in the next 10 years.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez Пре месец
"Are we pretending?" Let's not ignore the fact that DC (company man) is backing up Dana's false statement. We the fans and Dustin want that fight but uncle Dana doesn't wanna pay the man...shm
gonenative survival
gonenative survival Пре месец
Stop rapping you are trash should have called it falling in and out of consciousness against Covington
gonenative survival
gonenative survival Пре месец
I just want to see zabit magomedsharipov vs khamzat chimaev
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Пре месец
Gerald must've never watched any of his fights back 😂
rubchaky Пре месец
The day when Woodley started singing, I stopped taking him for serious 😕
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson Пре месец
Tyron is getting slept because he’s too focused on his wack raps instead of fighting 🤦🏾‍♂️
Dub Uzell
Dub Uzell Пре месец
This khamzat is another hype shit hope Gerald submits him and I hate his attitude and he can't speak English it's so anoying
XZAAVER Ro'JaMo'Trell Пре месец
Top10 song these days!! Fell out of love wit rap after the 90s! Lil past my prime. Locksmith! Nipsey! Dey aight!!!
paul andrew Martin
paul andrew Martin Пре месец
Nah Cody, Davidson is gonna k.o you.
Gun Play Gaming
Gun Play Gaming Пре месец
Reneau still fighting good for her.... She has to be mid 40s or close.
Gun Play Gaming
Gun Play Gaming Пре месец
Fukkin cody.... Why didn't you do this when mighty mouse was around.
Rob G
Rob G Пре месец
D most fucking annoying tryout rapping? Ever made, just cant believe it.
Josh White
Josh White Пре месец
Not to be rude but tyron is an awful rapper..
Alec Gyuricza
Alec Gyuricza Пре месец
And im going for Woodley but i like Donald Trump.
Test Username
Test Username Пре месец
Tyron needs to get out of the booth, out of his car, and into the gym
Alec Gyuricza
Alec Gyuricza Пре месец
I ❤ Meerschaert attitude. Go out there and fuck his day up
Zulle Uzeiri
Zulle Uzeiri Пре месец
Khamzat gonna smash him believe you me 👊
A Gough
A Gough Пре месец
UFC is starting 2 suck
Leo jarecki
Leo jarecki Пре месец
Colby is a rapper as much as Brendan schaub is a fighter!
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