Jon Jones trashes Israel Adesanya for saying he is JEALOUS of him,Fighters react to Trump vs Biden

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Пре 24 дана

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Reactions to Donald Trump vs Joe Biden debate,

DC on Adesanys vs Costa,,
Checkout DC and

Anthony Johnson says he's coming back as a LightHeavyweight,
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Jon Jones fires back at Israel Adesnaya for saying he's jealous,
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MMA WORLD Пре 23 дана
Trump vs Biden and Jones vs Adesanya Who wins?
Ben Rivera
Ben Rivera Пре 21 дан
Trump Jones 2020
PARAM Пре 21 дан
Sjef Hurkmans
Sjef Hurkmans Пре 21 дан
Trump and Adesanya (Adesanya will display the same as against Costa but now against Jones).. #Champ
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Пре 21 дан
Potential XP
Potential XP Пре 22 дана
@TeamAllGamers 6969 ??
vishal singh
vishal singh Пре 12 дана
I cant wait to see john trash israel .... He keeps ranting as if hes god ..i knw this i knw that... Asshole has been fighting for so long yet he cant bring himself to believe hes ready 😂... Keeps saying ill get better let me get better ..yet he keeps taking jons name just to get attention. If u knw ur not gud enough to fight him stay quiet no. John didnt call u out u did, its u whos feeding off his popularity n not vice versa
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Пре 13 дана
Im Canadian. I come here to watch MMA related content. Not this staged political bs.
Max Moore
Max Moore Пре 14 дана
It's funny to hear Izzy say Jon is jealous cuz he wishes he would've done the things he has done. That makes no sense bro. Does he actually know who Jon Jones all...or his record. Love him or hate him but he honest. This young FRESHMAN has a long way to go to get where Jon has been and currently is. Izzy runs his mouth a lot and it's annoying but bro speak facts. Stop
Jae Jae
Jae Jae Пре 15 дана
Facts Fear!!!..
Jae Jae
Jae Jae Пре 15 дана
Adesanya is sweet 😂
Silenced Rage
Silenced Rage Пре 15 дана
WTF. They let him into a rally. Didn't Ali get caught with several passports on 911 and then snitch on his terrorist friends.
Silenced Rage
Silenced Rage Пре 15 дана
I know their testing for Covid but with Colby there they need to test for herpes.
Nishas Alott
Nishas Alott Пре 16 дана
Is there a reason why Jon and Issy don't like each other. I mean they would be just as dope if they got along. Like damn lol
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins Пре 18 дана
I want a nick diaz update damn it.
THE VISIONAR Пре 18 дана
Lot of irrelevant fighters opinions!!!
Helt Fläng
Helt Fläng Пре 19 дана
Colby is a beast why do people even care if he sits in the front row?
Helt Fläng
Helt Fläng Пре 19 дана
Why is even politics on this channel?
Parts Z
Parts Z Пре 19 дана
Why keep calling out jones to duck him? Izzy has over 100 fights, he ain’t green. 10 steps ahead right? Jones is only two years older, but he looks much older from all the drugs. Izzy just waiting until jones falls off due to age and more drug use. Izzy will definitely call jones out after ngannou shadow realms him.
HammerTime racing
HammerTime racing Пре 19 дана
Can we just get to the actual content?
BIT COIN Пре 19 дана
seriously Ben you really think your opinion counts??
youronly friend
youronly friend Пре 19 дана
in all of the world those two clowns are our choice? rigged game! president is more rigged than ufc!
youronly friend
youronly friend Пре 19 дана
i think the gay dude izzy would beat jones ass
My Husky Tyson
My Husky Tyson Пре 19 дана
I'm a big fan of Israel Adesanya but he is saying that Jones is jealous of him🙄.. Come on man... What he achieved in MMA u can't even dream of.. It will still take u years to get just near there if u still fighting REMEMBER when u see mirror it shows u ur own face... It means YOU are Jealous of Jones that's y u say that.
leo cardistry
leo cardistry Пре 20 дана
Izzy is a real cool dude. But he is really cringe when it comes to trash talk. So bad omg
jose clemente Gonzales
jose clemente Gonzales Пре 20 дана
hahaha...Adesanya is talking shit again...can't wait to see this A hole get humbled by the GOATEST of all time.
Francisco Marquez
Francisco Marquez Пре 20 дана
If you think Trump won that debate your delusional stop kissing ass
John Letuce
John Letuce Пре 20 дана
Joe rogan you need some pinapple expres
John Letuce
John Letuce Пре 20 дана
C cup breast lol
Paul Osicne
Paul Osicne Пре 20 дана
trump and biden are both stooges for zionist israel. U.S. presidents are selected, not elected. Either of these idiotic puppets get in, the results remain the same. The U.S. sends to Israel every year 3.3 Billion American dollars, and they control the Federal Reserve. People need to understand that any dual citizenship Js should never be allowed into any political offices. trump is worshipped in Israel as a hero. "Keep Israel Great" should be the slogan.
manuel mendoza
manuel mendoza Пре 20 дана
Colby a sucker
Shiv2424 Пре 20 дана
I want to see a presidential MMA fight! Like Celebrity Death Match used to be! 😂 Swinging for the fences 🤛
The Black Knight
The Black Knight Пре 20 дана
It ain't much better over the pond my USA cousins, it's almost as though the central banks that really run the world put two dumb clowns up for shits and giggles.
jermaine dawkins
jermaine dawkins Пре 20 дана
Which year isn't Jones on drugs
Pupper Faust
Pupper Faust Пре 20 дана
Israel “broken natty” adesanya
salamisahuddin salami
salamisahuddin salami Пре 20 дана
Launch the nuclear already
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker Пре 20 дана
Abdelaziz is being moronic..."Trump is humble" Colby : "Trump, greatest president ever"...😵🤮
Marten Dekker
Marten Dekker Пре 20 дана
Both the Repubs & the Dems works for the billionaires & corporations. They're both a bunch of crooks.
Orion Pavlos
Orion Pavlos Пре 21 дан
Aljo had me rofl 😭 I mentally imagined Trump and Biden throwing down 😂
Ben Rivera
Ben Rivera Пре 21 дан
I didn't expect Ali Abdelaziz to endorse Trump. Smart open minded man!
Goldion Пре 21 дан
Damn is izzy really still not ready for Jones at 31 years old and over 100 fights your only getting older...pretty sus..
xingyimaster1987 Пре 21 дан
From a medical paper on unilateral gynaecomastia (one sided breast enlargement) "The main pathophysiology of gynecomastia is alteration in the balance between the stimulatory effect of estrogen and the inhibitory effects of androgens on the development of the breast [4]. There are some studies on sports-related unilateral gynecomastia due to anabolic steroids in body builders, which can also lead to a hormonal imbalance [5]."
Naz Zan
Naz Zan Пре 21 дан
Man nothing is bigger than Adesanya ego
Rob Swanson
Rob Swanson Пре 21 дан
Derek Brunson STFU u crazy af! Kanye would turn us all into black face
tubeguiller007 Пре 21 дан
10:23 way to go man, train harder you got the spirit...
Richard Gardiner
Richard Gardiner Пре 21 дан
TRUMP 2020
Darien Duranza
Darien Duranza Пре 21 дан
That’s bullshit he wants to get better and wants jones to gets older bullshit a man how’s not even belong to that weight division with 6 ft 4 inches tall
Martin Edasi
Martin Edasi Пре 21 дан
5:27 Cormier: "They're playing ketchup, they're playing ketchup". My man can't stop thinking about food.
Darien Duranza
Darien Duranza Пре 21 дан
Adesanya needs the mouth shut jones jones will be beat him easy the skills of jones jones de durability is being put up to the limit multiple times
discoverytube Пре 21 дан
Sahil Pednekar
Sahil Pednekar Пре 21 дан
I have seen jones destroying fighters, like no other fighter in the world & I don't know why Izzy needs Jones, He got Silva already but picking up Jones would be a disaster for him.
Mason McIntyre
Mason McIntyre Пре 21 дан
Izzy isnt jealous. Jon has been a hater since Izzy got compaired to him. Jon has never really been liked because hes fake as shit. hes an amazing fighter but hes a dickhead. Izzy is a nerd and i love him for it. hes open about what he likes and hes got the skills to back up his swagger. i fuckin love Izzy
Michael Dyer
Michael Dyer Пре 21 дан
Ali called Trump Humble. What he smoking.?
Michael Dyer
Michael Dyer Пре 21 дан
The system is f..ked.
Honest Observer
Honest Observer Пре 21 дан
These meatheads calling a man who's a billionaire and the potus, a clown and dumb, is pretty rich. All these bums don't amount to anything COMBINED.
JORGE LOERA Пре 21 дан
Starting this video off politically 👎🏽 made me turn off the video right away. Who cares what fighters think about politics. Everyone has different views we know that.
Red Mann
Red Mann Пре 21 дан
Izzy will be humbled .
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 Пре 21 дан
It's funny DC saying that when Jones did the same to him.
car wilks
car wilks Пре 21 дан
No Izzy the problem started when you said you was going goat hunting for Jon jones. And jones responded then you called him a bully. That's not jealousy Izzy. Stand up on your own words my boy
Gabe Lopez
Gabe Lopez Пре 21 дан
Adesanya is being just delusional thinking he’s just at the same level. Adesanya is a great fighter but not a GOAT is too early for that.
DeQuincy Alexander
DeQuincy Alexander Пре 21 дан
Costa got his ass whipped lol I loved it stop running your mouth and fight
DeQuincy Alexander
DeQuincy Alexander Пре 21 дан
I Don't like that fight at all Jon Jones is coming off like a hater honestly instead of embracing another young black champion and give him advice he wants to down talk him smh
Stretch 215
Stretch 215 Пре 21 дан
4:57 for actual MMA content. Keep the politics out of it wtf!! I see this shit everywhere else, I don't want to see it on my mma news
Inner tuition
Inner tuition Пре 21 дан
people need to real eyes that the left and right wing belong to the same Vatican Jesuit eagle...keep an eye out for the cardinals turning up..
C ST Пре 21 дан
I just lost "ALL" respect for Abdelazi?
Mik Пре 21 дан
Wtf the hole video is about that fucking election.. Mma world is getting even more bad then it was..
Osama BinBallin
Osama BinBallin Пре 21 дан
Wow his political beliefs might not be an act! He had no way of knowing he'd be on camera!
Nonny Eze
Nonny Eze Пре 21 дан
MMA World is getting sloppy and lazy with the endings these days. They used to be very creative and hilarious. Not anymore. Step your game up!
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸 Пре 21 дан
Israel “The USADA Rule Bender” Adasanya.?.?.? I wonder how often USADA tests these fighters in far off countries? Do they know they have all camp to juice b4 they get to fight week or something?
Colin notyou0k
Colin notyou0k Пре 21 дан
Omg, that "debate" ! Trump, so unprofessional, disrespectful, and rude! He is all about himself. Give him a microphone and an audience and off he goes. He should quit business and politics and go on the road as an entertainer. He is a massive joke!
Anton Timofeev
Anton Timofeev Пре 21 дан
what thats songs name when tweets are going
creep life
creep life Пре 21 дан
7:25 "young black guy" They're literally almost the same age. And Jon Jones was also a world champ years ago. No reason to be jealous, they called him the goat years ago
Sauce 88
Sauce 88 Пре 21 дан
They're only 2 years of age apart... Adesanya " he's jealous of the young guy getting all the shine "
Brandon Poindexter
Brandon Poindexter Пре 22 дана
Trump has done a great job in his first term and he would have done better if they would leave home alone and let him do his job. Trump 2020
demz nice
demz nice Пре 22 дана
Jones got the nerve to speak on ped's?... I mean, everyone knows he's an expert but REALLY?? the boomer champ is gone anyway, no belt=no champ. Adesanya killin the social media game and still undefeated!!
x2727 Пре 22 дана
He jealous of your right tata..
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez Пре 22 дана
10:10 I see smoke 😌
Stephen Last name
Stephen Last name Пре 22 дана
shut up luke
Tony Furz
Tony Furz Пре 22 дана
Israel is 2 years younger than him 😂 really??!
Bes_ Bas_
Bes_ Bas_ Пре 22 дана
Adesanya on about people missing weight...Not everybody can afford steroids like you fkn wanker.
They seriously need to add this baccground music in the UFC 4 game 🔥
HawkHardstylez Пре 22 дана
No please no politics in MMA !
John Sim
John Sim Пре 22 дана
Lol Colby
Pablo Mendez
Pablo Mendez Пре 22 дана
why Jones would be jealous? his MMA career is way richer, has defended his belt multiple times to guys who were coming from wins and guys who were previous champs.... youngest champ ever... bring Conor back and take Izzy out at least conor was funny...
rdsmp Пре 22 дана
Costa fought head to head against Romero. Romero WON the fight against Adesanya. Adesanya TKO Costa. It's a mistery.
rdsmp Пре 22 дана
The world respects Trump but america's midia make americans believe we don't. Trump made America stronger and we see it from outside.
Just Beingmyself
Just Beingmyself Пре 22 дана
Love how the debates exposes all the racists that support the racist in chief...we see you👓🕶👀👁
Via Con Dios
Via Con Dios Пре 22 дана
Customer Service
Customer Service Пре 22 дана
Lance O'Doherty
Lance O'Doherty Пре 22 дана
Im fan of Izzy, but I don’t think jones is jealous of him at all lol. He says he’s this Young black freshman excelling in the sport. He is excelling, he’s also 31 Jones is 33 😂 also when he was 23 he was champion. He needs to chill for a bit
Australian Fool
Australian Fool Пре 22 дана
Colby just picked out straight up hahahahahahahaha
Anaya Rules
Anaya Rules Пре 22 дана
Presidential debate starred a bunch of senseless cowards and buffoons!
Ez Harkonnus
Ez Harkonnus Пре 22 дана
the two fights i look forward to the most ... trump wrecking bidens shit ....and no izzy shitting all over bones and making him look like a journeyman.
Mario Paul
Mario Paul Пре 22 дана
Izzy is living rent free in Jones' head. Guy can't stop talking about the GOAT.
Andrea Farrugia
Andrea Farrugia Пре 22 дана
Israel....ssshhhh. Jon jones is also.. undefeated
Solis Пре 22 дана
It's always cringe when a foreigner endorses someone.
King K
King K Пре 22 дана
Adesanya needs to throw them hands with Jones already
Alexander Hoover
Alexander Hoover Пре 22 дана
Look, Jones lost his last fight at 205. He did. Full stop. It's hard to spin that fight in his favor. Jan just beat the breaks off of the guy Jones lost to (respect to Reyes though, he'll be back) and here Jon is now feeling butt hurt about a guy that fights two weight classes down from him (heavyweight to middle weight). Jon has always had a fake chip on his shoulder and it's absolutely smothering what he has done in the sport. He's a door knob now, and it kinda makes me sad. Just a little. Honestly, I hope he eats some humble pie with his next bout. Jan beat Dom in two rounds, clean; Jones, he couldnt beat Dom decisively in five.
Jay Zondi
Jay Zondi Пре 22 дана
Just shows this colby clown got his head bashed much too much
DopeRAPHitz Пре 22 дана
Jones can drop to 185 and beat israel
Jumping Jackjeebs
Jumping Jackjeebs Пре 22 дана
"SMART" all you trump guys better take your UV light and disinfectant injections like the rotten orange instructs👉🎃
Al Myers
Al Myers Пре 22 дана
As Sonya will loss his next fight, and he will be making excuses.
Al Myers
Al Myers Пре 22 дана
The comments from the MMA community demonstrate their lack of intelligence. Fighters enter a fight with a game plan. Time will tell whch candidate has the better plan.
Sebastian Hernández
Sebastian Hernández Пре 22 дана
Brooooo I didn’t even get gyno like that when I was on the sauce 😹😹😹😹
Henock Lema
Henock Lema Пре 22 дана
when ufc standoff more civil than the president debate! I thought i saw it all! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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