We're working on some FUN STUFF for Conor McGregor's UFC return at the beginning of next year,Tyron

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Tyron Woodley says Covington still remembers taking the L while training with him,
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Donald Cerrone isn't worried about his age or chin,
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Dana White says Cerrone badly needs a win,
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Gerald Meerschaert on Khamzat Chimaev,
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Chandler signs with The UFC,
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Rumble back in USADA testing pool,
John Kavanagh on Mayweather vs Logan Paul,
Dana White working on fun stuuf for Conor McGregor's return,
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Beau Benal
Beau Benal Пре 24 дана
Yeahh is looking on comfort zone since the last fight with Khabib and now there is khamzat on the corner waiting for him Mcgregor he turned to boxing it doesn't hurt and he can make the same amount or maybe more money than UFC that smart move
Kevin Kharthangmaw
Kevin Kharthangmaw Пре месец
with out connor ufc is use less that the fact guys
Kevin Kharthangmaw
Kevin Kharthangmaw Пре месец
dana get angry of connor be coz with out connor his income is nothing if he really want the income get khabib with the king
SharpXII Пре месец
i'd rather listen to tyron woodley talk in his car than dana hyping up conor's return
Rage Machine
Rage Machine Пре месец
Conor has to do fun stuff now because everyone in the ufc and his weight division are goats he has no chance against them khamzat, last air bender, masvidal. . Khabib. . The dude has no chance against them.
David Fullagar
David Fullagar Пре месец
Another return for Connor it's getting old now. either fight or fuck off and let someone who is hungry and actually wants to fight and make money. And I am actually a Connor fan.
David Fullagar
David Fullagar Пре месец
@SharpXII iam not even sure if he is actually a good fighter tbh. But it is entertaining.
SharpXII Пре месец
same man but seeing what khabib did to him and with the hype surrounding conor and the trash talk, it's hard to like him. great fighter but i cant relate with him
Emanuel G
Emanuel G Пре месец
Conor mcchicken gona beat up some more women n old men or wut Dana?
greg welsh
greg welsh Пре месец
Cowboys prediction about his chin > woodly prediction about not getting the fuck beaten out of him by Colby
todd casey
todd casey Пре месец
D D Пре месец
is Dana gonna let Conor fight Khamzat at 170 lbs?
Mick Funz
Mick Funz Пре месец
Ugh . . . now we'll have how many years of Conor being some MMA "celebrity/mascot" who will host some reality show or something similar . . . so it'll be overkill or he'll do something that will actually make him likeable again. I didn't click on a single video talking about his latest "scandal". This guy's become a bore.
phreddy87 Пре месец
Hell retire in a week again...and then again...and then hell fight in feb
killa kalli
killa kalli Пре месец
Any time you hear about Conor having legal issues you can expect Dana to promote Conor for his next fight.
Uchiha Пре месец
I’m at the point where I could care less about mcgregor fights. He got straight beat up by my mans khabib and now it’s kinda a joke. He can lose 2 in arrow badly, beat cow boy and now can take the rest of the year off 😂😂😂😂😂 that’s a joke buddy. Dana’s really sucking off that dude big time
Company Owner
Company Owner Пре месец
What’s next for Conor: 10 years in the Penn, Taking it up the Culo !!!!
Mack Parker
Mack Parker Пре месец
We want Jon Bones Jones
Tweakin Trax
Tweakin Trax Пре месец
Tyrone is almost as cringe worthy as Cejudo aka Chump Chump Chump
Jay MMA Пре месец
Hate to say it, but can see whats happening from a mile off, diaz mcgregor 3, masvidal covington
Joege Pately
Joege Pately Пре месец
John Kavanagh jus made himself look like a fool
Joege Pately
Joege Pately Пре месец
DaaaaaaMn.... They sure lining these Killerz up for Khabib USADA approved or not! 28-0
RedMo46 Пре месец
Conors gonna fight again, well that didnt take long did it
The Spray Tan Man
The Spray Tan Man Пре месец
3:25 - baby on the way....ok, great. You still got rocked lately. Stop "fighting" for BLM'S sake. your life kinda matters. sometimes. on a wednesday. happy halloween bitches.
Harry Walker1
Harry Walker1 Пре месец
Cowboy is a real no shit bring it fighter I wish him the best
Hazza Brown
Hazza Brown Пре месец
Dana a proper G. Conor sex allegation.... dana we working on stuff lol. If dana dies conor will be nothing without him
andoslot Пре месец
It's just so hard to watch when you want Tyrone and Colby to both lose!
The Weed King
The Weed King Пре месец
I doubt tyquil gangster in flip flops Woodley will steam roll Colby Covington
Shiv2424 Пре месец
8:25 Logal Paul Lol I don’t know how spellcheck missed that one
Steven Alexander Taylor
Steven Alexander Taylor Пре месец
Conors become irrelevant and nobody is excited to watch him do anything lol ...facts....
Beats By Jayy
Beats By Jayy Пре месец
every UFC card ever: THE MOST STACKED CARD IN UFC HISTORY! we get it all cards are stacked 😂
R C Пре месец
Tyrone is a sad man .he shud b happy in life .but him its always ."woe me"...blm is anti usa .get real
David V
David V Пре месец
People taking dives until rematch with Khabib, or until Khabib looses and instant championship fight.
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews Пре месец
Y’all hate on the diaz brothers for weed but this smuck beats up old men and does some bad things to women and you say ok let’s book him I don’t fucking like this shit Shows the youngsters that doing wrong gets you places
Darren Huntington
Darren Huntington Пре месец
Lining up mediocre fighters Mctapper has a chance of winning or a bunch who are willing to take a fall for Mctapper money like Cowboy just did, that fight was a joke
Bes_ Bas_
Bes_ Bas_ Пре месец
So message to UFC fighters, NEVER fight a newly signed fighter.
ASH Пре месец
look I was a huge conor fan but this whole come back take an easy fight win leave for a year repeat is getting old do you wanna fight or not ffs
Will Page
Will Page Пре месец
Can someone please work out how to pay DP & El Cucuy what they damn well deserve please. I think it's fair to say they have earned. How could you rob us of this fight?
Will Page
Will Page Пре месец
T-Wood gonna get f'ing annihilated by Colby.
Will Page
Will Page Пре месец
You're a legend cowboy! Any fighter in the top 10 could lose to Ferguson, Gaethje and Conor back to back. No shame bro and you had moments in all but the Conor fight. I wish I was one of the toughest 10 lightweight fighters in the whole world. Thanks for all you have done!
Arne Timmer
Arne Timmer Пре месец
Hannah Cifers has more fights than Conor, and within a few weeks! And yeah, she lost both, but still.
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell Пре месец
Just saying but...Ariel Helwani is an important thread of information to all that is modern day MMA! From a life long MMA fan👊
Daniel Wilde
Daniel Wilde Пре месец
Really think Dana white should move on from Connor, there are so many other fighters out there
Chrono Пре месец
Uncle Daney Poo is working on some fun stuff for his little connie poo.
Kaspar0v1 Пре месец
"dustin doesnt want to fight" ...didnt dana say that about jorge?...ya he did...STFU dana...PAY THEM !!!...he had to pay jorge so PAY DUSTION PORIER !!!
Pual Cruz
Pual Cruz Пре месец
So UFC condones sucker punching, elder abuse and rapist as long as it pays....
Lukas MacAulay
Lukas MacAulay Пре месец
Michael chandler about to get fucked up if one of these fellas drops out
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Пре месец
8:49 is what you came for.
DaLeadBull Пре месец
If that story about Poirier and Tony is true, big ups to both of them man. That kind of respect and loyalty is very rare nowadays especially when they are supposed to be fighting each other.
DaLeadBull Пре месец
I have a feeling Gerald Meerkat is going to get steamrolled!
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson Пре месец
... I thought Conor already returned? When he fought cowboy he talked about his new upcoming "season".
Adrian Numb
Adrian Numb Пре месец
If you don`t know , now you know
Adrian Numb
Adrian Numb Пре месец
I still want to see cowboy fight , even if he loses this one !
Leo Leo
Leo Leo Пре месец
they should pay Poirier properly this time, the fight against McGregor was a dodgy one everybody knows that
The Noblenators
The Noblenators Пре месец
tyron woodley is gonna be retired by colby .. he was never the same after his till win
Leo Leo
Leo Leo Пре месец
Cowboy vs Macgregor was a joke !!!!
LawyerServiceDirect dotCOM
LawyerServiceDirect dotCOM Пре месец
The king is back. Back to pay my legal fees
JSM 26
JSM 26 Пре месец
Another cherry pick fight coming for conor.
Billy godd
Billy godd Пре месец
who gives a sh** about a Tyron Woodley fight? the only reason anyone watched any of his fights was to see him lose the belt. its been over. and Cowboy should have been forced to retire three fights ago
Anthony Steventon
Anthony Steventon Пре месец
still playing the conor card , anyone falling for this, Gotta wait for the well to go dry before you see anything out of him, sounds like that may be a long long time, like Mike tyson returning long time,
The 82s
The 82s Пре месец
Cowboy going to take a dive for him again?
Alexander Пре месец
No fights and fun stuff for Conor? Is he gonna be the official clown for UFC?
Ceff ref
Ceff ref Пре месец
Some fun stuff that doesn’t include him fighting anyone of the top 5 and getting mauled again
drew jenn
drew jenn Пре месец
I would put money on Logan to stop Conor.
Pancho Villa on peyote
Pancho Villa on peyote Пре месец
Geralds crazy if he thinks khabibs evil cousin can't stand and bang
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Пре месец
the fans want to see mcgregor vs ferguson
T.C.J B Пре месец
yeahSOwhat Пре месец
Yeah as if covid stopped Connie from fighting.... Btw get your cash ready Connor fighting Bob Sapp followed by Mike Tyson vs Roy...all schmucks are very welcome !!! It's gonna be fun !!
That MF Dude Bro
That MF Dude Bro Пре месец
Khazmat chimaev is the next big thing I’m telling y’all right now
Pawan Thakur
Pawan Thakur Пре месец
Dana planning some fun stuff for Conor but the most exciting thing for Conor lately is to get into controversies to stay relevant.
Raq Пре месец
Conor barely ever fights, ever since Khabib it’s like he just hides in the shadows and beats up old dudes.
Dread Man
Dread Man Пре месец
Tony Ferguson always crazy impressive with his workouts. Anybody who trys to make jokes about it are the same people who can't even come close to doing it like Tony. That goes to all the fighters out there who try to crack jokes about it as well.
Grace&Danger Пре месец
Fun stuff = gimme fight
colin willoughby
colin willoughby Пре месец
Cerrone has done epic for the real everyman who has to fight the savages - and he's still in there - the grind must be insane
K P Пре месец
Khabib vs GSP for the lw title in a ladder match with mcgreggor as the special guest referee🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ted Bunder
Ted Bunder Пре месец
Jessica eye is the Meg Griffin of MMA lol
respirando Пре месец
Less text dude or at least you could read them out loud
Jabuznik Пре месец
Uh Logan Paul already has his boxing license. He has a pro fight already...... not that it was against a real opponent.
Kane Hammack
Kane Hammack Пре месец
Lol Tyrone Woodley your part of the problem in America buddy.
Jixxy Trix
Jixxy Trix Пре месец
Dustin and Tony are awesome. Stand up..
251Trioxin Пре месец
Fun stuff?? Like courtroom stuff?
Rico Z
Rico Z Пре месец
where are the 2 other fights huh , what season only has 1 match in it??????????????
Slađan Vukajlović
Slađan Vukajlović Пре месец
I think ufc is waiting how garbrandt fight Will play out and then if be wins I think grudge match between conor and cody is gonna happen. They can Use footage from TUF to hype the fight and also conor can get that third belt. At least that is how I see it play out.
There is nothing "FUN" about conor, he is irrelevant.
Charles Morris
Charles Morris Пре месец
Who else thinks tyron is delusional?
Taha's Wrath
Taha's Wrath Пре месец
It's disgusting that every time Conor gets into trouble he does something else to distract the people and people fall for it.
Saifur Saber
Saifur Saber Пре месец
Dustin is a real guy! he could have fought Michel Chandler, but he insisted on fighting Tony! He is loyal and humble and should receive super star treatment like Khabib or Conor..
Bryan Pinto
Bryan Pinto Пре месец
Nobody cares
kevin anderson
kevin anderson Пре месец
what:khazat vs nate and nick when:whenever they see him
follow my Instagram john_daverson1652
follow my Instagram john_daverson1652 Пре месец
Conor McGregor vs jorge masvidal
Maple Predator
Maple Predator Пре месец
The ending had me in tears
kevin anderson
kevin anderson Пре месец
when twoodley knows nothing about politics 2:07 lmao what chum
Sikder Smurf
Sikder Smurf Пре месец
Mom, I want Khabib vs Gaethje Mom: we have khabib vs gaethje at home Khabib vs gaethje at home @ 1:04
Jay Mercer
Jay Mercer Пре месец
Cowboy said newfound love. He talking bout his new baby or he got a new girl?
Khan ktg
Khan ktg Пре месец
My god the ending 🤣
Goenie Пре месец
Woodley's been talking, but losing. Now again talking. I'm not buying into it. Secondly, regardless if Covington is a racist or not, I'm starting to believe Woodley surely is one. If not, quit your whining 'I've been done wrong' attitude already and start enjoying life, instead of bitching about others.
Andy McNab
Andy McNab Пре месец
Working on fun stuff, such as, bowling for Conor, except the skittles are geriatrics and the balls are assorted parking lot items
rafiki 27
rafiki 27 Пре месец
Humbled Walker will be dangerous 😤
Brian Bowers
Brian Bowers Пре месец
I thought rumble was coming back to fight at heavyweight and that is one of the reasons he took time off and started body building
4-UP Пре месец
8:05 Money doesn't just fall out of the sky, i know dana is missing his ufc fans and all of the live events with that revenue raking in right now👉🏿 Dana:dont look at me, BLAME 🇨🇳 for infecting the world with this COVID-19💩 If anything we just rode off from that ferguson/gathje championship, YOURE FUCKING WELCOME 👀 🚪💨
Pedro Mateus
Pedro Mateus Пре месец
Nick Diaz vs Conor Mcgregor 170
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