Dana White reacts to Oscar De La Hoya gearing up for a return to BOXING 12yrs after retirement,Lewis

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X thee Kamy z arT xX
X thee Kamy z arT xX Пре месец
i love the savages meme so much
Jo Blow
Jo Blow Пре месец
@1:47 that is how my neighbor holds in his (LAST) crack hit..
Sean P
Sean P Пре месец
Crossin the arms, baphomet symbolism, satanic
Sean P
Sean P Пре месец
Remember how slow oscar was in his last fights haha 1 big payday he is lookin for
Geronimo agarraspito
Geronimo agarraspito Пре месец
Dana killed de la hoya w that 😂😂😂
Bsnmma Пре месец
Dana White should stop talking shit through social media and shit like that. Say all that shit to De La Hoya’s face. I bet Dana won’t be as cocky. Dana isn’t a fighter and should start giving more respect to other fighters. It takes one fighter to lose it on him, then what?
blair Riame
blair Riame Пре месец
Has black belt in prana breathing and Israel stomping . Smash him Costa .
Michael O’donnell
Michael O’donnell Пре месец
That coming from uncle fester WoW shut your mouth...
Lester Nugent
Lester Nugent Пре месец
Oscar De La Hoya Vs. Dana White would be a GREAT FIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miles S
Miles S Пре месец
Stipe already schooled francis. He deserves a big payday fight with lesnar or fury.
twonetflix flix
twonetflix flix Пре месец
Mario Guzman
Mario Guzman Пре месец
Dana white just has a big mouth and no balls just like the fake president that he endorses.
undying ghoul
undying ghoul Пре месец
cocaine isnt cheap it's expensive gotta make money. thanks dana.
Home Kitchen
Home Kitchen Пре месец
His outfit will be thigh-highs, g-strings, and lipstick.
Carlos Mondragon
Carlos Mondragon Пре месец
Bro it would suck to be Dana’s ‘friend’cause either way he’s gonna talk shit
Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld
Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld Пре месец
*"cocaine is a hell of a drug"*
Mystery Hombre
Mystery Hombre Пре месец
Stipe is indeed the GOAT at heavyweight but DC is not far off: 1st fight he won comprehensively, 2nd arguably won every round untill the stoppage and 3rd he fought the last 2 round blind in 1 eye and still wasn't stopped. Hell I would defintely watch a 4th fight and a 5th too, every time thoose two fight it's fire.
TallahassZ Remington
TallahassZ Remington Пре месец
"Cocaine isn't cheap..." Dana White
Greg Falco
Greg Falco Пре месец
I seen the kinds of call girls Dana uses....those women don't work for cheap either.
Ryder Omega
Ryder Omega Пре месец
9:22 Is what you came for.
Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux
Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux Пре месец
That's what's up Derrick Lewes ! You earning it sure ! Most ufc fighters are thrown the black so dam fast by there trainers , I see here your earning it strip by strip brother !!
McBain Пре месец
Cocaine and hookers are not cheap and I still manage to afford them and I’m a nobody.
deanodebo Пре месец
Oscar is a true master of boxing. He was Awesome to watch. And I’m a former boxer so I understand the sport. He has a great style
BIGGYLUV Пре месец
50-45 for Stipe. This time it would be 50-46 ok. Give Jones the match he's the LHW GOAT
AmericanHinoki Пре месец
Dana stating facts.
Eddie Dunne
Eddie Dunne Пре месец
Frances claiming that he under estimated the goat is laughable. You were out classed, smoked and it’s going to happen again. No one trick pony is taking out Stipe.
samoan SAIYAN
samoan SAIYAN Пре месец
#DanavsOscarFight! Let's petition to get this happening. PPV numbers would be huge!
El Iron Wolf
El Iron Wolf Пре месец
De la Hoya and Dana White should box.
Kimberley Asselin
Kimberley Asselin Пре месец
Rankings, we don't need no stinking rankings - Dana White
Richard Vowler
Richard Vowler Пре месец
Miocic just fought the same gym 3 times I a row which has never been done before now he has to fight the guy he beat just before those fights.... 5 fights 2 opponents... I think Miocic deserves to fight someone exciting. Get a knock out then do a other boring fight
Michael Mcc
Michael Mcc Пре месец
Costa doing that gracie breathing technique
Brian Lawson
Brian Lawson Пре месец
Dana White never spoke truer words! ROFLMAO!
A Z Пре месец
meanwhile dana is scared of any man on the planet
Teivan Resquer-Yorkman
Teivan Resquer-Yorkman Пре месец
Miocic beat him already tho 🤣
たちきゆあ Пре месец
J1NX1337 Пре месец
Adesanya's head will bounce off the canvas.
Cranjis McBasketball
Cranjis McBasketball Пре месец
Dana white is with the quick thinking to pop that line out.....Mic drop.....he's prob done coke too....but the timing of the barb was perfect though
Gandalfdawytenigga Пре месец
Patrricho pitchbull 😅😅😅😅😅
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Пре месец
The golden boy looked terrible in his last few fights pac-man made him look bad sweet pea made him look again like shit he doesn’t need the money so I hope he gets beat down bad
Phil Prevost
Phil Prevost Пре месец
Dana thought the reporters where going to laugh at his "cocaine isn't cheap" joke but the room stayed silent so he had to continue with its expensive. He wasn't wrong 😂
Joey Smith
Joey Smith Пре месец
Bruh, I laughed so hard when Yoel said "Savijas" 😂😂
Callum Coyne
Callum Coyne Пре месец
Francis will run through stipe this time trust me his boxing is on a hole new level
YED Пре месец
I’ve missed this beef? What’s wrong between Dana and Oscar
Crystal B
Crystal B Пре месец
Cocaine: Oscar De La Hoya's one hell of a drug
Rahaman oneal
Rahaman oneal Пре месец
You know what, he look like right now because he's aging well!! He can get in this age fighting game and hold some shit down now!! Not many will be able to fuck with him now, nope, I will love to see him back not you know not fighting for real, but 4 maybe 5 rounds of what you calll that? What tyson and roy is doing, I forgot the name😁would be great for the game right now, big ups to them all, safety first✌🏽
Mike Пре месец
I didn't think Derrick knew any jujitsu, when he get on the ground he looks lost sometimes. Lol
Mike Vick
Mike Vick Пре месец
Oh oh Ohio all the way....
Ernest Aguilar
Ernest Aguilar Пре месец
Dana: cocaine isn't cheap... Me:😃😄😁😆😅🤣😂💀☠
RASHERS Пре месец
Dana saying cocaine isn’t cheap the only true thing he’s said in a while 😂 I’d a good 3 days on booze and cocaine came home welago hell of a drug ✅🥳❄️🎱
MuthaPhuka jones
MuthaPhuka jones Пре месец
They cant spoil mma with politics that’s why it’s running strong 💪🏼
Manny Manolo
Manny Manolo Пре месец
Omalley be acting way too gaaaaaaayyyyy
Ronn Asher
Ronn Asher Пре месец
I was almost a Adesanya fan, but after this last month he himself has me rooting for Costa...
Victor Пре месец
Oscar would still whoop the shit out of Dana. No matter how many steroids Dana tries to take.
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Пре месец
DemiGodWill03 Пре месец
Dana is a savage lmao
JEFFREY M Пре месец
Oscar de la Hoya, already broke, from promoter to figther, again?
Sean Mullins
Sean Mullins Пре месец
I’m telling my barber from here on out I want a six pack like Stipe with each haircut
greebuh Пре месец
Ngannou still sounds like he is denying the skill of Stipe. And yes, Stipe is WAY more cut than he was in their first fight.
Sean Harris
Sean Harris Пре месец
Some rematches take the work and dedication some fighters put in their craft and give fighters who should’ve been dropped in the rankings lower get a chance to be greater than what they really are bc they have something special about them to make the ifc more money and better promos, just saying
Jose Malave
Jose Malave Пре месец
Hey Dana white talk crazy about Oscar Dela hoya but Dana drink he's ass off look at he's big as belly .he got a big beer belly .long island ice tea not cheap
ReikoX7 Пре месец
Man that vacuum pose of Costa
Ian Van Der Merwe
Ian Van Der Merwe Пре месец
Future crazy bout.. Costa Vs Vettori
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Пре месец
That Pitbull pick hahah looking like Oscar the grouch. Dana knows the coke prices went way up. lol
Paul Flores
Paul Flores Пре месец
I rather see frances vs lewis and jones vs miocic😁🤷💯
William Beltran
William Beltran Пре месец
Dana white vs Oscar de la Hoya boxing match
G J Пре месец
Dana White does all this talking why don't you fight Oscar Dela Hoya for the charity match I would love to see that getting punched in the eye it hurts
Cloyd Miller
Cloyd Miller Пре месец
Derek Lewis!! 💪🏿🥋
Dude Manbro
Dude Manbro Пре месец
9/10 ending LOL Dana is savage as shit
Geo Leo
Geo Leo Пре месец
In a very short amount of time he is going bald very fast. Can anyone explain why. On Costa's behalf. Im clueless b🤣
GRAND SLAM Пре месец
Yoel looked at Joe like "Did I say it right...?"
Raymond Covey
Raymond Covey Пре месец
Dana should know coke is expensive! DS
Juai nott?
Juai nott? Пре месец
You notice how dana said "cocaine isn't cheap" and in a split second he kinda sniff a little? Hahaha my man did it too.
dave Пре месец
Costa wins this easy
D B Пре месец
Francis just doesn't have a story that people can get behind.
D B Пре месец
Leaving a third world country, being homeless, and becoming a world-class fighter and potential heavyweight champion is a very very common thing 😕😒
Little Timmy
Little Timmy Пре месец
Oscar copying everyone. Bum.
Pedro Vaz
Pedro Vaz Пре месец
Costa is even better on the ground than on his feet it's just that his fights never went that way.
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor Пре месец
nagano has the hardest punch ever recorded, Much higher than average
OgDabbz 420
OgDabbz 420 Пре месец
What’s the name of the breathing technique costa is doing?
chaostheory2219 Пре месец
De la Hoya would beat the shit out of steroid infused Dana.
jim ross
jim ross Пре месец
Derrick spits on people's food
Alun Morgan
Alun Morgan Пре месец
I've been going wrong. No need for gym anymore. All I need is a haircut
Brian Kruse
Brian Kruse Пре месец
"Cocaine isn't cheap"🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
Treats and Threads youtube
Treats and Threads youtube Пре месец
areb youn guys seriuos or justb keeping bthe fights interesting?
Treats and Threads youtube
Treats and Threads youtube Пре месец
that was not english. That was Stipe..... he will win. Check stats
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali Пре месец
Coke is not cheap...let's sue Dana for his ill comment
Deangelo Dillon
Deangelo Dillon Пре месец
Mayweather vs oscar 🤷🏿‍♂️
Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter
Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter Пре месец
Izzy Resume is Whittaker. Thats it. That Romero fight didnt prove a thing. This is Izzy's next big test.
Wolfgang Herrmann
Wolfgang Herrmann Пре месец
Stipe, would like to see him dance again......
mouse man
mouse man Пре месец
Dana White VS. Oscar De La Hoya....... Book it!
Business Scalers
Business Scalers Пре месец
Marvin, a very dangerous, one of the best-kept-secrets in the division, not good for a ranked opponent. You got my vote.
pete bear
pete bear Пре месец
Adeysana copies Jones style lol even if goes to decision ...
Cliff Simpson
Cliff Simpson Пре месец
Dana knows all about coke
Mortaqai 2.0
Mortaqai 2.0 Пре месец
8:24 Hahahaaa... thats hilarious. Nice dig.
Wayne Friedman
Wayne Friedman Пре месец
Bisbing is just the worst.. Makes me wanna put MY eye out watching him..
jaycee monares
jaycee monares Пре месец
dana: coco aint cheap jones: tell me aboutit
kalsang youdon
kalsang youdon Пре месец
If sugar Sean didn’t had beard , I swear to god I would think it’s billie Ellish dancing in bath robe .....
Evan Hall
Evan Hall Пре месец
He gets rich and fighters get brain damage.
Evan Hall
Evan Hall Пре месец
Look everyone it’s the white Don King!
Cesar Punski
Cesar Punski Пре месец
Oscar De la Hoya's niece, Daisy, stole music from me and got caught. I'm am surprised those thieves are even attempting to work 😂🤷‍♂️
Gun Puntuhong
Gun Puntuhong Пре месец
Jesus Christ the fucking size of costa 🤣🤣🤣
Thomas Edgington
Thomas Edgington Пре месец
For a guy who drops bombs that sink ships Francis is pretty laid back
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