Floyd Mayweather fighting Khabib in UFC won't be a fair fight Khabib wil maul him-Ali,Conor McGregor

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Tyron Woodley on Covington,
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Michael Bisping on BIONIC Ben Askren,
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Overeem on crap talking Derrick Lews,

Ortega wants Max Holloway rematch,

Stipe Miocic interested in boxing bouts,
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Conor McGregor enjoying his vacation,

Kenflo on Robbie Lawler,
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Ali Abdelaziz onKhabib vs Mayweather,
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Dave Lee
Dave Lee Пре 16 дана
There's no way a Khabib vs Mayweather fight happens in the UFC. It's silly to think that it would even be close. Mayweather only fought Connor in boxing for the money, level of notoriety of each of them, and it ensured he would stay undefeated in boxing. Floyd isn't dumb, and wouldn't ever fight Connor in MMA. So why would anyone think he'd then take on Khabib? Just a publicity stunt, or someone's joke.
J M Пре 29 дана
Mr.Freedom 850
Mr.Freedom 850 Пре месец
Omg Floyd vs Khabib really? Yeah Khabib would maul him. Conor would have too. Floyd isn't a real contact fighter he plays touch touch hug.
Jose Dia
Jose Dia Пре месец
Khabib would destroy him. Pound for Pound there's none that even come close. Floyd I love you and learned from you, but this will be your first L.
Marco Pantisano
Marco Pantisano Пре месец
Is more easy money for kabib in mma or for floyd in boxing?
Drone Crash Channel
Drone Crash Channel Пре месец
Legend has it Conor still gargles his mouth every morning with the Khabib ballsweat mouth wash ....
MicP - Scientific Mystic
MicP - Scientific Mystic Пре месец
That's the most common sense video title ever!
Patriots Nation 4 life
Patriots Nation 4 life Пре месец
If anyone actually thought floyd and khabib would fight they are retarded
Sub for Trump 2020
Sub for Trump 2020 Пре месец
Floyd would get killed by anyone in the division in an MMA fight.
DaLeadBull Пре месец
Floyd has 0% chance of beating Khabib in MMA and Khabib has 0% chance of beating Floyd in boxing. There is no need to see either of those fights!
mm Пре месец
anything regarding mayweather and the ufc is just garbage news for the ultimate casuals
Trojan Sasori
Trojan Sasori Пре месец
AJ and Fury? He couldn't outboxed DC and he thinks he haves a chance😂 They would destroy Stipe 😂
jimmy white
jimmy white Пре месец
Stick to the boxing ring where you can hide behind your shoulder, and run around the ring!!
jimmy white
jimmy white Пре месец
Floyd will get mauled by anyone in the UFC, even the lowest ranking fighter!
Gus Grau
Gus Grau Пре месец
For Robbie Lawler: Is he finically set? Is he able to maintain a positive life style for himself & his family? MMA is still young. Looking at Boxers as the age, the medical bills, difficulty getting work / in-come post retirement. Hopefully the future is better for MMA fighters.
Gus Grau
Gus Grau Пре месец
It would be awesome for Khabib, he’d make so much $, he could improve his community. Pac-Man style ~ Regardless of how dumb it is. Putting Khabib vs Floyd. It may bring more boxing fans or casuals, resulting in more $ for the fighters.
Zachariah Rieger
Zachariah Rieger Пре месец
Woodley sounds like a jealous school girl
zach janior
zach janior Пре месец
Apparently it is working twood you are talking about him can't get him out of your mouth
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips Пре месец
I wouldnt say its a decline, its more like he has been in crazy wars, and fighters arent machines, those wars take time off of your career.
Connor is juicing HARD!! No doubt!!
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Пре месец
Ben just seems so salty and bitter. I’m still not exactly sure what his beef with Usman is.
Current King
Current King Пре месец
Khabib vs Mayweather the money would be too easy to get that it seems haram to take it 😂😂😂
Ryan Rodriguez
Ryan Rodriguez Пре месец
FINALLY someone said something about bitch Ben Askren!! Thank you mike!
Justin jambo
Justin jambo Пре месец
Oh my God I can't wait till Covington puts his fist in woodleys face an shuts him up !! this is MMA not politics just stick to fighting who cares who voted for who !!!
luke g
luke g Пре месец
Trump over biden any day of the week.
M Пре месец
Connors tattooed really faded in colours .. I thought people with that much money would get work done in a higher quality
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Пре месец
McGregor still on your radar even when he just ouchea on holiday.. Lol, Hey Conor, I heard Nick Diaz making a comeback, when you announcing to the world you're back.. you're clearly not out of shape.. Could be a nice little money grab.
CoachVee 24
CoachVee 24 Пре месец
Brian Ortega slapping Jay Park below rspost.info/first/3pvbbHyqe5LIapo/video.html
ConBurgundy Пре месец
I used to think I was mad that Conor retired. Until I seen his little boy. The dude should absolutely retire and enjoy his life.
Mark Davis Jr
Mark Davis Jr Пре месец
Trump2020#1 Let's go!!!!
We Are Silly
We Are Silly Пре месец
Them darn drug test spoil it for us MMA fans. I would love watching Overeem just Donkey Kong fighters
Anthony Mitrushi
Anthony Mitrushi Пре месец
Why is Tyrone talking?
Anderleiyotochuck St-Emelcrocormier
Anderleiyotochuck St-Emelcrocormier Пре месец
A piece of me dies everytime top mma fighters wastes prime mma time on boxing matches. Sure get that money but it really slows down the divisions. We just want stipe n khabib to keep being active in mma. We wait so much already.
jacobo salazar jr
jacobo salazar jr Пре месец
Personally C.M. is just ok in my book, but you know it's nice to see him just relax, and not surrounded by a bunch of his goons hanging on to his coattail.
Julian Papin
Julian Papin Пре месец
Stipe, are you a pro boxer now? 5:34 -I would love to see Stipe boxing in firemen championships maybe, but fighting Fury or Joshua is ridiculous. If pro boxing then Vitali or Lennox maybe.
Julian Papin
Julian Papin Пре месец
Asscreme lol Bisp 1:58
tai Contreras
tai Contreras Пре месец
Nobody in the UFC LW and WW Divisions could beat Floyd in a Stand up Fight.and THATS A FACT!!! If you dont know this THEN STOP WATCHING MMA XD XD XD... but if the fight goes to the ground its game over 4 him.
tai Contreras
tai Contreras Пре месец
A Professional Boxer migrating to Mma. 1 year intensive grappling defense training and he will be able to murder people in the octagon. Adesanya was a professional kickboxer with no grappling background. Imagine what Mayweather could acomplish.
Dr Xand
Dr Xand Пре месец
Nope. It takes more than 1 year to master every technique and then you need experience. Floyd wouldnt stand a chance in the ufc
Magical Frijoles
Magical Frijoles Пре месец
Why do people still talk about stupid shit like Stipe vs Fury in a ring or Floyd vs Khabib in an octagon? Die hard and casual fans all know how it ends. Please, if they make that stupid shit happen then don't buy it. You just perpetuate this bullshit.
Nick Jafarli
Nick Jafarli Пре месец
something quite odd and cringey seeing a grown ass man talk about his twitter fake beef
John Пре месец
MMA has a better chance in the ring than a Boxer in the Octagon. Khabib, would totally destroy Floyd in one round... Think about it, Mayweather being mauled for one, 5 minute round and I am a Mayweather fan. No one in there right mind would ever permit this fight.
Taylor Carney
Taylor Carney Пре месец
John in boxing match or a MMA match boxing Floyd and in MMA Khabib
Gierige Hans
Gierige Hans Пре месец
ali looks like a human ninja turtle
evolunchbox Пре месец
Ortega talking about retiring and hasn't fought in 2 years!
Vyse500 Пре месец
"In my mind I beat him" - Allister O'malley
Vyse500 Пре месец
Kind of surprised colby has as many followers as he does
Marcel Van Driel
Marcel Van Driel Пре месец
Classy of Overeem to show confidence in his teammate, who beat him by the way, for his next fight.
Justa Bill
Justa Bill Пре месец
Conor's looking fat. Sucking in that gut! LOL
RealTalkOttawa Пре месец
I love Mayweather as a boxer and I’m sure he has the money for some good wrestling training but there’s no way in hell he would be an elite grappler like khabib
Mateo Mercado
Mateo Mercado Пре месец
Mayweather would not have a chance what so ever
Moe Moe
Moe Moe Пре месец
Ali needs to get checked. That head ain’t right
Sïôro Пре месец
Bisping is so sensitive
Zochhuanawma Zote
Zochhuanawma Zote Пре месец
Mayweather never wrestle khabib
Zochhuanawma Zote
Zochhuanawma Zote Пре месец
Tyron what are u saying.. For sure colby voted for trump.. Choose another trash word for colbg.. This is like kids thing
AJ Пре месец
i felt the tap
Red pilling
Red pilling Пре месец
Mayweather will live in a lot of mma fans and fighters heads forever
Neospartan Пре месец
Imagine IQ of people talking about potential MMA fight between Khabib and Floyd 🤭
Lavesh Rajpurohit
Lavesh Rajpurohit Пре месец
He wont ever in his life fight floyd in a boxing match, he know he will lose. Ali and khabib dont have balls to do that
Rip Пре месец
Ken flo gonna sound stupid when 5 years from now lawler is somehow champ again.
Dr Xand
Dr Xand Пре месец
Khabib would actually kill floyd if they fought in mma
Justa Bill
Justa Bill Пре месец
Askren did not have hip replacement. The procedure he had was hip resurfacing.
Dar Mon
Dar Mon Пре месец
Any fighter beats mayweather in an mma fight some of the women beat him in an mma fight
Apexpredator84 apex
Apexpredator84 apex Пре месец
As if floyd will ever fight khabib in MMA rules! Why are we even discussing it apart from filling the void with pointless news
DuckLover30000 Пре месец
Abhishek Baggar
Abhishek Baggar Пре месец
rspost.info/first/vJPbgnLcfZvBZbc/video.html Conor vs khabib again scheduled on 10th December
Muddi Buñni
Muddi Buñni Пре месец
bloody humans! still supporting mcplebber. grow up.
ManGoesRunning Пре месец
Nah we'll never see it, But GSP Vs. Khabib I bet we'll see it next year!
Version 7.0
Version 7.0 Пре месец
You have earn my respect Overeem, you're the legend of the sports. I remember him going into K1 and KO Badr Hari, and he (being the only MMA fighter) challenged every KickBoxer sitting at the press conference to meet him inside MMA ring and promised them they wouldn't last a second haha....#Respect 👍🏿👍🏿😁😁👍🏿👍🏿
XPWorldTeam Пре месец
Let's keep it real, we all know who would win if Khabib and Floyd fought in the octagon but let's keep it real again...We would all pay to see that! 😂
Dr Xand
Dr Xand Пре месец
Yh I would pay to see floyd get his ass beat
Joseph Stanley
Joseph Stanley Пре месец
Woodley is lame, wish that dude would go away
Reyes Bravo
Reyes Bravo Пре месец
Ya'l are fukin stupid. Hell no it wouldn't be a fair fight! Floyd will knock khabib before khabib has the chance to shoot for the takedown
Dr Xand
Dr Xand Пре месец
@Reyes Bravo rspost.info/first/16uylXGqoJjJprs/video.html
Dr Xand
Dr Xand Пре месец
@Reyes Bravo you're actually stupid. Floyd has never experienced a kick in his life. Working your legs out wont do shit when it comes to taking a leg kick, you have to experience kicks first. 1 hard leg kick and floyd would be finished. And you sure dont want khabib to take your boy floyd down, coz he would suffocate him to death. Floyd only knows how to punch and how to read and defend punches, but he doesnt know how to defend takedowns and kicks. Khabib would kill floyd in a real fight and if you dont know that then you need help.
Reyes Bravo
Reyes Bravo Пре месец
@Dr Xand mmmmm have you ever heard of slipping punches and reading kicks? Not to mention Khabib conditioning is nowhere near Floyd's. And trust me brother just because boxers don't throw leg kicks they hella work their legs out and can take a leg kick.
Dr Xand
Dr Xand Пре месец
@Reyes Bravo ummm have you heard of kicks, elbows, knees? Literally 1 leg kick from khabib or any mma fighter and floyd would be on the floor crying like a baby. You dont know mma. Floyd's an amazing boxer, but he only knows how to punch. He doesnt know how to kick, grapple, how to defend takedowns and kicks. Khabib would kill him. Boxing fans are delusional 🤦🏽‍♂️
Reyes Bravo
Reyes Bravo Пре месец
@Dr Xand no im not ya'l really don't realize how bad ass boxing is a real boxer won't hit the ground unless facing a better boxer
BlueBar 55
BlueBar 55 Пре месец
🤣 @4:45 Max is like: 😠he made me do it!
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
El Cid
El Cid Пре месец
Ben Askren, retired but extremely active on Twitter, what a twatter...
SHA NU Пре месец
So bisping talking about being mean.
Whitney Allen
Whitney Allen Пре месец
I love how the headline of “Khabib would MAUL Floyd” is presented as if it’s some type of a controversialist, debatable opinion. Is there really anyone who thinks otherwise? 😂😂😂
R Paz
R Paz Пре месец
1. Ass-kren was UFCs bastard child. Gtfoh! 2. Women’s lightest division is best to fight $MW 3. WTF did Stipe just say? Someone???
Liberty Airbrushing
Liberty Airbrushing Пре месец
Nick Diaz supposedly coming back.. Lawler vs Diaz 2
sam93931 Пре месец
any women in the UFC would destroy Mayweather in a MMA fight.
brandon holt
brandon holt Пре месец
Politics have everything to do with cheaters, invading another country, your not gonna blindside them like they would you
8timesScpz 9999
8timesScpz 9999 Пре месец
Ali sounds like my drunk Dominican uncle
freckdgaf Пре месец
The only thing ali has ever said that actually makes sense
Nicole Kilburn
Nicole Kilburn Пре месец
The Eagle vs Money ? Come on man we all know Money would Win! hahahaha NOT Even Close!
The New New
The New New Пре месец
The end of this video is the funniest thing ever period!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henk Henkos
Henk Henkos Пре месец
Why would floyd even wanna fight this crotch sniffing dog.... Zero to gain from it 🤷
Son Пре месец
So would Khabib, why would he fight an old man that fought a different sport? Floyd just misses the attention, he has everything to gain
J-Schnull Пре месец
Khabib v Floyd shouldn’t even be a conversation
Ibrahim Izanagi
Ibrahim Izanagi Пре месец
if twood just stay focus on fighting and not on talking, people might like him better
K K Пре месец
Mcgregor with da kikoman shoyu 😆
crtlALTdAlete Trips
crtlALTdAlete Trips Пре месец
When Woodley beat Till i loved rooting for him but since that last real win he has tunred to a flake. Focus on rap career was mistake no future in that now he is screwed.
Luke Casio
Luke Casio Пре месец
Make it a ufc fight but Khabib only gets 1 takedown attempt per round
Kasey Hughes
Kasey Hughes Пре месец
That's BS lawler fd askren up bs ref call n benny desperate to get back from retirement already run it
Justin Conaway
Justin Conaway Пре месец
If anyone is bionic its bionic bisping. The cyclops with two terminator knees.
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Пре месец
I think tyron got hit in the head a few too many times...
NexisFilms Пре месец
How pathetic that Connie needs to film himself ... Jesus Christ !
H Con
H Con Пре месец
Bisping is going to get stipe killed if he think he could compete against Wilder, joshua, Ortiz, Ruiz, Dubois, Povektin etc! He’ll get beat by any guy in the top 50 honestly easily! Just like a boxer would get choked out by any decent mma guy!
VictoryOfThePeople Пре месец
Floyd doesn’t have the balls to have a real fight.
Captain Buzzkill
Captain Buzzkill Пре месец
Don’t do it Floyd! You’ll be like gorge Floyd when khabib takes u down: “I can’t breev”
gn0015 Пре месец
Stipe "Mumble Machine" Miocic.
Kidane Tower
Kidane Tower Пре месец
Floyd doesn’t wrestle and neither does Conor lol
God Пре месец
Lol conor is in mma fighter he does train wrestling brah
D S Пре месец
Boxing Foyd wins 10/10. MMA kabib 10/10.. Obviously ugh
Trevor Пре месец
Tyron Woodley says, "At the end of the day" in every single interview.
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