Dana White Reacts to Nick Diaz planning to make a comeback to the UFC after 4 years,Khamzat Chimaev

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Bisping wants Cruz vs Edgar,
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Ray Longo on Overeem,
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Khamzat Chimaev wants 3 bouts in one night,
Matt Serra says Jon Jones deserves an immediate HW ttile shot,
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Miocic on Ngannou rematch,
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Gerald Meerschaert UFC's double booking Khamzat Chimaev,
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Luke Rockhold doesn't believe DC will ever come out of retirement,
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Tyron Woodley on Covington,
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Dana White on Nick Diaz's possible return to UFC,
Conor McGregor open to face both the Diaz brothers,
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Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Пре месец
Woodly should keep his mouth shut n just fight. His shit talk ha no game. I think Woodley gets ko'd for real.
Mr Spankington
Mr Spankington Пре месец
CAn Woodley talk without fucking complaining all the time?
Darren Na
Darren Na Пре месец
Nick diaz has been out for 4 year's should stay away the bitch already has double digit in the L department.
Time to make a movie about the Diaz brothers already! It will be called Stockton slap!👋🎥🎬👋
Professor Moriarty
Professor Moriarty Пре месец
It’s a shame. Khamzat is definitely entertaining to watch, but I actually hope he loses now. As others have said, he really has an inflated ego for someone who’s not fought any top competition.
str8nurworld Пре месец
Nick Diaz is a overhyped bum
just Arunachalee
just Arunachalee Пре месец
Everyone calling Diaz bros to fight lol, win or lose they will make tone of money either way if they fight with Diaz Bros
Fascino93 Пре месец
JJ should fight Overeem
Stone Sage
Stone Sage Пре месец
Honestly Jon does deserve the shot more , Francis needs to chill back cuz stipe is just gonna do the same shit tp him ahain
DBZD Пре месец
Aldo, and Conor were not massive cheaters. Jones on the other hand...
Wang Minn
Wang Minn Пре месец
This dude khamzat is interesting 🤣
Your Favorite Sociologist
Your Favorite Sociologist Пре месец
Stipe: Francis is "A lot more better?" If he said it that way I can see an (sic), but, on page title, deliberately?
Taylor Blakely
Taylor Blakely Пре месец
4:47 Where the hell you going?
Necronaut Пре месец
OVEREEM LOOKS WAY MORE BUFF than his last 3 fights...almost looks like he has gh gut, im curious what he is doing different?
Goodfella Productions
Goodfella Productions Пре месец
No cunts unbeatable..end of story
my-tbeats Пре месец
once upon a time matt serra was a cool dude now hes stupid asf
Antonio Villalobos
Antonio Villalobos Пре месец
He won't loose against Gerard. Gerard is one that has been built up by Dana White. The difference is that Khamzate was built by Dagastan wrestling and Dana White sees dollar signs when he looks at khamzate, because of his skills. The problem with fighters and fans is that they believe what Dana White says about a mediocre fighter. The fighter himself and the fans will think that a fighter is much more than what he is, just because Dana White says so. Step foot outside of Dana White's video game world and you'll see that there's a reality world were there are real fighters with real skills that will kill someone.
My First name My Last name
My First name My Last name Пре месец
Jon Jones vs stipe !!!!
aeg g
aeg g Пре месец
I love when guys are talking about hype derailment. You guys are talking like omalley got belted. His skills are better than his opponent. Sucks for him his built fragile like a straw. Its not like he got outskilled. His literally injured. He wont get anywhere with that leg. This dude with the lip doesn't look fragile in anyway. Nor does he have a past injury from what we know? He is gonna mash his opponent and maia and he would probably smash the Diaz brothers. Not that thats anything new. Has nate won a fight in the last decade. His dogshit free money.
Angelccyn King
Angelccyn King Пре месец
Last time I seen nick looking that lean was before his ufc debut,
Dipendra Chettry
Dipendra Chettry Пре месец
If Cruz vs Edgar Happens, I'd still watch that fight because of them we are watching MMA,take my Money 💯🔥
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
Trevor Пре месец
At the end of the day.
Roy Stephens
Roy Stephens Пре месец
Where are the subtitles for Stipe?
5AMURA1 Пре месец
Stipe is taking Francis to school..... again.
Kno Name777
Kno Name777 Пре месец
Woodley sounding like a salty ex.
a coop
a coop Пре месец
To Matt seria yes jo es record is correct, dom was robbed but it makes Jones record correct, he is not undefeated
Anthony Scud
Anthony Scud Пре месец
Alistair Overeem impressive👍
Mike Eps
Mike Eps Пре месец
Woodly talks and doesn’t back it up
Cody Hall
Cody Hall Пре месец
I hate the thought, but partially feel Jon Jones may be on the decline... He didn't look too good at all against Dominick. Ya know?
Reaper Peeper
Reaper Peeper Пре месец
I don't think it's about Jones earning a title fight, it's that Ngannou HAS earned a title fight
Reesey Trapgod2018
Reesey Trapgod2018 Пре месец
Reyes beat jones..idc what anyone says i saw jon get beat 3 out of 2 rounds..so since when are championship rounds so important? I guess it only counts for jon jones fights lol
Chris Grieve
Chris Grieve Пре месец
Gerard is +400 that line is disrespectful on so many levels
Ken Healy
Ken Healy Пре месец
Somebody just tell Rockhold the next time he’s in the cage , he’s actually in a fight and not taking a stroll in the park
Ken Healy
Ken Healy Пре месец
Give him Nick Diaz.
Rafał Duber
Rafał Duber Пре месец
Woodley feels disturbia when Colby doesn't talk shit
Daryl Waldron
Daryl Waldron Пре месец
Cruz would bait edgar
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Пре месец
Hope twatzmat beats both these guys then goes up against nick diaz. Try’s to ground and pound him and taps out like a bitch to a no hand triangle
Boogie Thug Rose
Boogie Thug Rose Пре месец
Im not on the Chimaev hype train yet walk the walk before you talk the talk
Andrei M
Andrei M Пре месец
Has tyroon done anything different than his step back overhand right?
Westy Пре месец
Tyron: “he’s not talking as much as he normally is, well if he is I haven’t heard it I’m not listening idk” C’mon twood, are you listening or not?
Remy Martin
Remy Martin Пре месец
man that chamaev guy is annoying af now, just fight and stfu
Big Energy
Big Energy Пре месец
4 years? Nick Diaz never thought in 2016
Licorice Пре месец
If Cody stayed at 135 then Cruz vs. Garbrandt II would be a nice fight to make
Dovakin EScrolls
Dovakin EScrolls Пре месец
It's pump the breaks time
John Gotti
John Gotti Пре месец
Tyron one foot out of the octagon Woodley
Muhammad Kaabouchi
Muhammad Kaabouchi Пре месец
Why you have to make Woodly part so long, look I will speak on behalf of the MMA community don't put Woodly news from now on in your videos, We don't fucking care, He either bitching or talking bad about someone and good about himself, We've had enough.
Anibal Puerto Rico
Anibal Puerto Rico Пре месец
Woodly I think you baleave your gonna kick Colby cause he's White but your gonna have a rude awakening and get your ass retired by a white boy.cause it's abvious you can't be no black guy or brazilian
Salvador Palma
Salvador Palma Пре месец
Tyron is going to lose I think. He isn't focused.
Jack John
Jack John Пре месец
Connor thinks he’s the shit yet he only wants to fight people outside the top 10 now apparently, cowboy now going after nick that’s some pussy shit
fulaan1 Пре месец
Khamzat is getting a bit arrogant
kiezer sosay
kiezer sosay Пре месец
JJ has earned a title shot at HW based on his actions in the age, but he doesn't deservs a god damn thing based on his actions outside of the cage. The man is lucky he's still fighting...
how many subcriber you have now sirrsss?? plizzz tell us,,, if u dont want just tell us about
OG Gorilla
OG Gorilla Пре месец
Stipe speaks without spaces
Benson Davis
Benson Davis Пре месец
Khazmat would surpass Conor if he beat BOTH DIAZ brothers on the same night. He would become the instant world wide fan favorite.
Anam Shah
Anam Shah Пре месец
Chito Vera certainly spolied Malley plan. Yeah there is no O cause he lost. Now Geralt has a chance to spoil Khamzat plans. I wish this was a 5 round fight
Aex Tb
Aex Tb Пре месец
Tyron he isn't scared... He is training and not talking like you on the last years... Talk less, don't rap and train like when you are at the top because Colby is going rip your head it you aren't on shape...
Benja Franklin
Benja Franklin Пре месец
Its been like 5 years and 9 months since Nicks last UFC fight. Not 4
Amaan 26
Amaan 26 Пре месец
Its so funny when i see the diaz decided to fight or make a comeback becoz they get immediate reactions and offers to fight
Flankster177 Пре месец
Its no surprise that Tyron is still annoying. Dana needs to make a belt for these two and call it "The Annoying MF'R" title. I dont care who wins in that fight i just want them both to shut up
IPokeEyesOut Пре месец
Borat is just annoying at this point
JARED 23 Пре месец
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Пре месец
Alistair wins one all of a sudden he’s a beast again? He’s lost it already
Patrick Пре месец
8:52 sounds like Woodley is talking about himself rather than Colby
Carl Furdge Jr
Carl Furdge Jr Пре месец
Every time I look up Woolley is talking while Covington is in the gym until it’s time to promote
Carl Furdge Jr
Carl Furdge Jr Пре месец
Khamzit hype will get derail if he loses because he’s talking way too much He’s getting really Annoying already
Chubbz Reyes
Chubbz Reyes Пре месец
Lol a lil ebony and ivory trip luke is a trip himself
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift Пре месец
cruz v edgar? why? because bispig thinks ccruz will win...company man bias . nobody wants to see that fight
When you realize the only person that is going to beat usman is unranked #khamzat
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh Пре месец
Man Chimaev is now full exagerating
Philip McAuley
Philip McAuley Пре месец
Why do people even care about the Diaz brothers so much? They're mediocre at the high level at best... I never got the hype behind the Diaz brothers at all.
Nathan Hodgson
Nathan Hodgson Пре месец
Do we all see colby dominating woodley like usman and Gilbert did? 😂
k_5ouf Пре месец
I thought Conor was retired? Line them up lol 🤔
D' House
D' House Пре месец
Judging by how both Colby and Tyron handled Usman, I'm not so sure if Woodley will win. Guess we'll see.
StarDroGeN Пре месец
Tyrons boring. Both as a fighter (currently) and a personality. But you cant deny what the man has done in the octagon despite losing his recent edge. But idk I just have a feeling he is going full steam ahead against Colby. They have their beef, colby talked a lot of trash past, present and probably future. And this could be his hail mary fight. If he loses this, then thats him essentially done and retired. If he wins, he probably gets another shot against usman in all fairness. And I can see him being the guy to dethrone usman, probably the only one atm. But yeah, idk I dont see him just standing around against usman. Especially with the way colby fights, I might just pop some money on woodley, especially since odds are probably going to be decent on him. Colby will push the pace and will probably try to stand with woodley. I dont see him beating woodley on the ground due to natural size and strength disadvantage. And a fighter who pushes the pace, means even if woodley doesnt push the fight back, he should get plenty of chances to land that right hand. So you bet your ass im putting money on woodley here. Colby is great, but so was Woodley.
Eagle Flies
Eagle Flies Пре месец
That ending was hilarious 😂😂
Shadyxxx Пре месец
The more Tyron speaks the more I think Colby does exactly Usman did to him 🙈
StarDroGeN Пре месец
so many people talking about if khamzat loses, this being the biggest hype train derailment. What if he wins against Meer? Not trying to look past him at all, but how do people see him faring against a damien maia? and where do you think he goes if he does beat maia? Straight to a title shot or do you think he should beat an actual contender before that like maybe a woodley. Of course, he has to get past Gerrard first, and thats a big if. Fingers crossed he does, too many hype trains been derailed recently :_(
stillwrong Пре месец
Did anyone else read the dana white text with dana‘s voice?
Flawn Scorpion
Flawn Scorpion Пре месец
Michael "the Slurp" Bisping Hahaha Love you Mike!!! Don't hurt me.....
All About Sports
All About Sports Пре месец
I want to see José Aldo Vs Frankie Edgar I mean former lightweight and featherweight champions fighting in a bantamweight division.
Dan JC BMX Пре месец
If fighters lined up for Conor they'd be inactive for years, Twitter season looking strong though
Ryan Norman
Ryan Norman Пре месец
Mike shwik is doing very well with hus channel, lots of very good guests. Hes got some pull in this sport imo.
iL Gommista
iL Gommista Пре месец
Fullmetal Пре месец
Dominick is delusional you were a great champ many years ago you didn't deserve the title shot with Henry to begin go win some fights
Richard Пре месец
Man say what you want but a Conor v Nick fight would be unreal
boop snooze
boop snooze Пре месец
i get gerald wants to sell the fight but... maybe not too smart to get a crazy Chechen gangster mad
Josh Clade
Josh Clade Пре месец
I love ya tyron....bt ...im on crazy gas tank covington.
iron mann
iron mann Пре месец
Gsp: greetings nerds and virgins
Darock Iscooking
Darock Iscooking Пре месец
Nick stay retired you'll get smashed if you return.
Jeff G
Jeff G Пре месец
Alright!! Fighting both Diaz brothers in1 night! You better have Forest Gump cardio bro!! And a chin made of titanium!
Colin Zwiebel
Colin Zwiebel Пре месец
DC got an immediate title shot at HW. Jones should too.
Remi Freeman
Remi Freeman Пре месец
When did Stipe say "gotten a lot more better"?
rushsc Пре месец
i'd be ok with cruz losing every fight for the rest of his career.
DUxMORTEM Пре месец
Colby calls brazil a dump, people are like "well that was harsh" Colby says people need to stop idolizing the nba boycott, seeing as they are still getting paid btw, and honour the US police, who arent racist, as its the hardest job on the planet, and people are like "so you have chosen... death?" For once colby makes a true statement and NOW people really want to see him burn... im starting to think the most fucked up thing about 2020 is the people at this point.
King SRKY Пре месец
Cruz dosent deserve 3 title fights in a row after loosing 🤔
Arran McEvoy
Arran McEvoy Пре месец
If Meerschaert wins he better get that maia fight! Big Khamzat fan but anything can happen in the fight game so its only fair that the one who beats him would get the second fight of the double book right??
laodicea777 Пре месец
that boy woodley sure talks a lot, hope colby whoops his loquacious ass
JollyJoth Пре месец
Woodley vs Covington has got to be the most unlikeable fight ever. Both fighters are easily hated.
YoutubeUserFrank Пре месец
Conor McBlaBla
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