Mike Perry reacts to Nick Diaz wanting to make a comeback to the UFC after 4 years,Conor McGregor

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Mike Perry calls out Nick Diaz,

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1 1
1 1 Пре 5 дана
Perry trying hard to stay relevant
Steven Dobbs
Steven Dobbs Пре 13 дана
Mike perry is a woman old man beater who should not be in the UFC he's trash he couldn't carry Nicks jock strap
vedant iyer
vedant iyer Пре 17 дана
billie eilish lyrics
James Walker
James Walker Пре 28 дана
6:38 Yoel Romero is like, "I luh you Luke Rockhold!" Smh, the last mma video I watched was showing Costa and Adesanya showing off their physiques in bed and in the shower...now we got this. 🤢 8:00 you beat Mickey and some randoms at a bar now you the realest ever, Mike? Whatever. I like that you like to fight but make a notable return against a fighter who has more clout than CM Punk on his resume. Looking forward to you and Till at 185 because that was your last legit call out. In the meantime rep yourself. You got too much going for you to lose focus on some fake beef chasing names to ride their glory. They don't benefit fighting you...you benefit fighting them. Till vs Perry equals mutual benefit, so make it happen. Although I get you got bills to pay dealing with the tax man. 8:46 "Clout Chasing?" Seriously Mike? They got bank from paying dues...I'm gonna stop though because you are so obvious it's sad 😔. 9:49 😂
Rob R
Rob R Пре месец
Perry is begging.
D. MacFarthur
D. MacFarthur Пре месец
Gerald's quote is still true.
Pepe Pateatraseros
Pepe Pateatraseros Пре месец
yo that end, this channel is the best
Dan Matz
Dan Matz Пре месец
I think this will be Woodley's last fight in the promotion I feel like he's in a very bad place in his head I just hope he don't do something stupid, he needs to get better people around him. With that being said though it's hard to find a better person then Din Thomas so I don't know what the hell is going on.
Jimmy France
Jimmy France Пре месец
Woodley hungry now...
Sharrieff Vincent
Sharrieff Vincent Пре месец
Luke Rockhold looked so uncomfortable lmao
youronly friend
youronly friend Пре месец
tyrons steroid pimples are outa control!
SoYou Know
SoYou Know Пре месец
Mike vs Nick would be a fun match tho.
Kevin Seyforth
Kevin Seyforth Пре месец
Bahahahahaha the ending
Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris Пре месец
Mike Perry on the good stuff again
MDYT Пре месец
I always forget Mike Perry exists.
BMARK Пре месец
Perry is still a bum, pay your taxes bro!!!
Jumping Jackjeebs
Jumping Jackjeebs Пре месец
Perry asking for a beating...
B. RIZZY Пре месец
Marlon vera looked horrible sparring and no comment on the ice bath
forever Пре месец
perry vs nic lets do it ufc
forever Пре месец
perry only beats up old guys and spring break kids ..
Mitch Maddock
Mitch Maddock Пре месец
Too bad Perry fight wont pay Nick enough for him to take that fight. It would be hilarious. Nick would be slapping the shit out of him calling him bitch then KO or submit him by the second round.
Moses Sole
Moses Sole Пре месец
Perry will Knock him out easyy
B C Пре месец
mike perry is an idiot
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Пре месец
Mike 'all up in my feelings' Perry does it again..
E Пре месец
Mike beggin
Kamoflash619 Пре месец
Lmao didn’t nick always tko guys like perry back in the day.
Dr Mcfagface
Dr Mcfagface Пре месец
Mike perry is an authentic idiot, a 1 of 1 moron
Wojo Пре месец
I know what he's saying
supermoon lalith
supermoon lalith Пре месец
NICK DIZA will destroy Mike perry. Because mike perry SUCKS..
Craig Thomas
Craig Thomas Пре месец
Mike Perry is gay. He struggles daily with his homosexuality and his suffering comes across as a real east coast street wigga.
juplhdk38id Пре месец
pretty vs diaz. Would pay 99 dollars for that
phil shirazi
phil shirazi Пре месец
Knowing Nick hes like I'll beat his ass In the streets and get a big paycheck in the cagem
on some real west coast shit i wish to God mike perrys bitch ass would show up to the 209 not even STOCKTONE just the 209... us westcoast vatos dont take talkin lightly.. Some peeps gotta learn the hard way
A J Пре месец
Nick would walk in after years away school mike perry pick him apart and smoke a joint with him in the changing rooms after.
About time someone makes a movie about the Diaz brothers... and it should be called Stockton slap...🎥👋🎬👋
Andres Serna
Andres Serna Пре месец
He says skinny weakling but he’s a drunk bitch lol
Leland Matt
Leland Matt Пре месец
Mike Perry mad NIck is about to jump right past him and fight a contender somehting MIke Perry has yet to do
MB1 BUMPER Пре месец
Mike perry just wants a headline again that’s it ! Nate would tire mike out by round 3 .Mike is doing this for a big check.
Danielle Le'mond
Danielle Le'mond Пре месец
Perry will get fuked up against Diaz. Nick will bitch slap him till his girl doesn't recognize him. I bet Nick & Nate laughing so hard at Perry. I'm hoping they don't start a tweet war. That's what Perry is trying to do to build a fight with him.
sai borg39
sai borg39 Пре месец
Nick would whoop perry!
NaCl Sigma
NaCl Sigma Пре месец
Perry starting to get wiser in terms of branding and creating possible fights
patrick mulligan
patrick mulligan Пре месец
perry's trying to get a big fight??????
Drew John
Drew John Пре месец
Although MMA fighters aren't scared to fight. I believe they scared that his little skinny ass is going to take over
Stephen maharaj
Stephen maharaj Пре месец
Mike perry: talking shit Nick diaz: who the fook is that guy?
Stephen maharaj
Stephen maharaj Пре месец
Conor is so great, usada going halfway around the world to test him.
Brent Пре месец
The ending with Rockhold was super gayyyy
YIsRael ISsACaR Пре месец
Perry would get smacked all over the ring with nick diaz fucks perry got his girl thats it ? He ain't killing shit
Minh Ngoc
Minh Ngoc Пре месец
Perry get off your phone and talk to your girl gosh :D
Justin Ejimah
Justin Ejimah Пре месец
although im an izzy fan, costa knocking him out and going for 205 belt would be exciting. maybe im a moron though
papigunchulo Пре месец
Mike Perry talking shit about clout chasing... as he clout chases. I'm down to see him fight either Diaz though.
Pual Cruz
Pual Cruz Пре месец
Nothing good comes out of someone returning after retirement...
Nick Kara
Nick Kara Пре месец
Perry the Homer Simpson of the MMA 😆
C S Пре месец
Nick Diaz is a legend of this sport for what he has already accomplished, Mike Perry needs to learn some respect and stfu
Bill Vandergriff
Bill Vandergriff Пре месец
Mike I am one of your biggest fans but: DONT TALK SMACK to or about Nick. I’ve been out of the game for a bit, but I’ll say it LOUD!!!!!! IM 5’7” 165 and I’ll SMACK AND CRUSH YOU!!!!!! You said before anyone who wants it can get these pro hands too. WELL I WANT THEM NOW!!!!! Come talk that to me. Better yet name the place and time I’ll take your hopes and dreams away!!!!! Don’t get smart and remember your place!!!!! Name it!!!!!
AbanG GedanG
AbanG GedanG Пре месец
Come on man give perry the fight he needs to pay those tax
Joseph Tenezaca
Joseph Tenezaca Пре месец
Vera and luke are super super gay..
MidKnighToker -Steve-
MidKnighToker -Steve- Пре месец
Wait, So Wink John Choose this Fn Dbag Over Cowboy? lmao Sweet Record, how is he even Employed still? 7-5 in the UFC. last 3 wins Decision, ur trash bro. Take ur face tattoo and leave lol
Xavi Palacious
Xavi Palacious Пре месец
Mike Perry you going to end up in jail you are just crazy violent idiot, you should be trowing out the UFC bad news you are bad news
Young Goodman Brown
Young Goodman Brown Пре месец
Is Perry trying to get some rappers shot?
badherbaltea Пре месец
imagine being Mike Perry's girlfriend and having to listen to his rambling bullshit in real time in person tragic
Jean-francois Duval
Jean-francois Duval Пре месец
Perry look like a kid trying to get the attention of adults talking.
Young Goodman Brown
Young Goodman Brown Пре месец
Sounds like T Wood is going to "fight" like normal...
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez Пре месец
a nick who hasnt fought in 4 years would still fuck up perry imo
J A Пре месец
*The fight I never knew I wanted.* *Diaz vs. Perry*
Tyler Donnelly
Tyler Donnelly Пре месец
Nick and his bro is a legend respect😎
Tyler Donnelly
Tyler Donnelly Пре месец
Mike Perry never heard of him till now let's see what happens Cuz anyone can run that mouth till it gets popped🤣😂
Marc Rover
Marc Rover Пре месец
It amazes me how fast some of these clowns will sell their integrity to make their fight pay-checks a little bit bigger. McGregor might be the worlds BIGGEST TOOL, but at least he got PAID from the Floyd fight. 100,000,000$ goes a long way. However, lots of these dudes selling their soul, in PUBLIC, for a pitiful 10,000$. Can't even buy a decent ef'n car w/ that.
UrbanOutlawsSk8Co Пре месец
No one cares about Perry. He threw his career away and will never be back. He isn't Jones
Doubleoh Spartan
Doubleoh Spartan Пре месец
The guy who beats up on women and beats up on old man and beats up on regular Joe's is going to try to call someone a skinny whip that's funny
Olliepants Пре месец
Lol. Mike Perry talking about the Diaz’s Btothers. Someone needs to remind him that children are not allowed in some adult conversations.
Marcus Fredriksson
Marcus Fredriksson Пре месец
I doubt Nick even knows he has a Twitter account. He smoked tons of weed since he created that shit and then sat out competition for 4 years.
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith Пре месец
I swear, ya’ll just put “Conor McGregor” in the title for clicks lol
the Complex
the Complex Пре месец
Ppl say nick has no power bc he's an intelligent striker who can hide power until an opening. Super hard for basic strikers to understand sorry not sorry
Julio Elizondo
Julio Elizondo Пре месец
Ima be honest i think. The competition of today is too much for nick
B Пре месец
Perry is getting slapped for that hope its on film 🖐👋👊
SliicK RiicK
SliicK RiicK Пре месец
Perry begging for that fight!!
Mike Baker
Mike Baker Пре месец
Watch France will have the best judges
Mike Baker
Mike Baker Пре месец
Woodley trying to get out of the fight
Eimily Santiago
Eimily Santiago Пре месец
Mike Perry is a fkn savage ! East coast all day son 👌
el jefe
el jefe Пре месец
Mike perry saying nicks shots wont hurt him , thats the same shit Paul Daley said and he was a way better striker then bum ass perry
el jefe
el jefe Пре месец
Woodley is going to get his ass beat by Colby, you'll can hate colby but he's a good fighter and Woodley is garbage now
Martial Arts Junkie台灣囝波萬
Martial Arts Junkie台灣囝波萬 Пре месец
Javier Mendez is the biggest troll in Aka,That’s why their are no yes men in that gym
Steven Walls
Steven Walls Пре месец
Funny how comfortable luke looked with another man between his legs
Ringo Пре месец
More people calling out Nick Diaz rather than a title shot🤔
jedi run
jedi run Пре месец
Perry needs a Stockon Slap, maybe that will snap him out of SIMP mode
Reece Potts
Reece Potts Пре месец
Perry would win 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥
Ken Carson
Ken Carson Пре месец
What has mike perry been smoking 😂
Siddhant Misra
Siddhant Misra Пре месец
Yeah all the muscles really helped Ngannou against Stipe.
mr illis
mr illis Пре месец
It wasn't usada McGregor, it was the police taking samples from your latest assault complaint.
Wingman Пре месец
Man I forgot all about perry
Righteous Shadows Dojo
Righteous Shadows Dojo Пре месец
That bathtub moment was gay on both sides. Smh
Cain Bradley
Cain Bradley Пре месец
Dude perry out there responding to his own tweets
James East
James East Пре месец
Perry is 100% BUM
JB Пре месец
Mike Perry is clearly the one clout chasing trying to pick a fight with Nick Diaz lmao
GPERRYX420X Пре месец
the ending that one was gold
redskngod EL
redskngod EL Пре месец
What mike didn't say, was that this call-out is sponsored by "Proper-12."
100% Proud American
100% Proud American Пре месец
Perry will get boxed up then tapped out
Theyoung Carpenter
Theyoung Carpenter Пре месец
I think perry could take Nate but nick is better at welterweight than Nate is I think nick would beat perry
Dallas Chance
Dallas Chance Пре месец
I think Mike Perry the clout chaser
thoms jordan
thoms jordan Пре месец
devito anonymo
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