Jon Jones explains why he vacated his UFC Lightheavyweight belt,Anderson Silva on Conor McGregor

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Anderson Silva on potential bout with Conor McGregor,
Source ESPN

Bobby Green on UFC's new testing protocol,

Henry Cejudo on Sean O'Malley,

Frankie Edgar on bout Urijah Faber/Dominick Cruz,
Source Bruce Buffer's It's Time

Aljo ins't impressed with Colby Covington,

Colby Covington on 'Soy Jones Jr.' Tyron Woodley,

Michael Bisping on Woodley vs Covington,
Checkout Bisping's Podcast-Believe You
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Michael Bisping gives an update following surgery,

Jon Jones on why he vacated his 205lb title,

Werdum on Jon Jones as a heavyweight,
Source ESPN
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RotaryBro Пре месец
Jon Bum Jones, ran from the top 2 contenders.
Ron Forman
Ron Forman Пре месец
This is simply about John Jones getting new higher paying contract!
Bugz Пре месец
Soy Jones Jr is pretty weak. Should've stuck with Tyquil Woodley.
Bugz Пре месец
Man, idk why really, but I like Aljo. Hope he finds a way to win against Yan.
Steven Walls
Steven Walls Пре месец
Bispigin is just like weedly they both suck and need to be far far from the ufc for ever
Stephen Pipkin
Stephen Pipkin Пре месец
Jones knew Reyes was gonna win 2nd fight and wants to save his 1st loss for heavyweight so he can say is division change
Real Earl
Real Earl Пре месец
Prefetic . Bisbing shut up. Go watch ya career again soy boy
Fernando Mendoza
Fernando Mendoza Пре месец
Keep racial stuff out of sports please.
MyThoughtsBelow Пре месец
"He thought of Soy Jones Jr. probably a month and a half ago" Yep that sounds about right.
neil k.
neil k. Пре месец
Not even close Anderson. Conor is a loser
T-Block Пре месец
First is the fake eye, now its the leg.
T-Block Пре месец
B.F. Skinner
B.F. Skinner Пре месец
Say you what you want about Colby, Soy Jones Jr is hilarious
JRPRNYC Пре месец
Colby is pathetic.
Rift Salty
Rift Salty Пре месец
makes me laugh so much I can’t take it seriously
Nenad ИС XC Shuput
Nenad ИС XC Shuput Пре месец
Soy Roy hahahahaha
B2D 327
B2D 327 Пре месец
Jesus, Mike You brits just don’t get our slang in the states.
Brooklyn Jongkind
Brooklyn Jongkind Пре месец
Conor literally has zero chance against Silva, even at Silvas age. But why are we talking about a retired fighter? That is like Jones calling out Brock. So dumb. Also, no one cares about Jessica Eye. No one. Can we stop having updates on her, please?
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage Пре месец
Bisping would forsure vote for joe Biden if he was a US citizen
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage Пре месец
Anderson man you’re a bit too big for Conor
Cody Greenly
Cody Greenly Пре месец
Soy Jones is Jon Jones ... and soy Jones jr is woodley who is Jon Jones son in what colbys saying
Alexander Rojas
Alexander Rojas Пре месец
Unless she got a porn vid or some leaked photos, i dont think anyone wanna keep hearing about jessica eye
El Cid
El Cid Пре месец
Who gives a shit about Bispings knee surgery? He is retired already!
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Пре месец
8:54 cause ur scared of Reyes
Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford
Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford Пре месец
Anyone else just skips to the end for the most important news? Fuck all that BS, tweets, all that Aljamain Sterling, Jessica Eye, Tyron Colby and many other fighters I’ve never heard of. And what the commentators, coaches and managers got to say in their interviews, fuck all that bullshit 😂 Just tell me the most important news in the beginning and lets get some fights rolling!
Myles Scott
Myles Scott Пре месец
Colby will win
Mr. Birdman
Mr. Birdman Пре месец
Roy Jones and Woodley are both fighters that tried to be rappers that's the comparison Colby's making...
Kunal Purohit
Kunal Purohit Пре месец
When i heard Silva talking about Conor, i knew its Khabib time at the end of the video
James Horton
James Horton Пре месец
Colby has everyone triggered again
Jazzbuh Пре месец
LMAO... I love Bisping, but he doesn’t get Soy Jones... man Colby is going to light Woodley up.
Idontknow Iforget
Idontknow Iforget Пре месец
Starting to like colby more and more.
King of Sparta
King of Sparta Пре месец
I dont care who knows it, but Colby is one of my favs!!!!!
AmericanHinoki Пре месец
Covington need to stick with "Tyquil" Woodley, much better fit.
Ghetto President
Ghetto President Пре месец
Michael Bisping is a real gangster! Taking everything like a man.
Dan Tbay
Dan Tbay Пре месец
Bisping always keeping it 💯
lennox283329 Пре месец
TheLimanfkv Пре месец
Is there a video somewhere to watch your training? I'd love to see it...
Eamonn M
Eamonn M Пре месец
This channel is trash now, said it 2 years ago and will say it again.........Bisping news means nothing!!!!!!!!! Leave out the biases regarding Conor and Khabib and keep if fresh with real content not just whatever appears on an average day on instagram, will take another 3 month break from this channel to see if it picks up. It's a shame this channel used to be the best for MMA news
Stephen Last name
Stephen Last name Пре месец
soy jones jr = roy jones jr they look alike bisping woww
patagonia Пре месец
Conor can beat everyone in 155 except khabib. IMO.
duelinthis Пре месец
Aljamain was agreeing with Colby for the most part...
Max leigh grace 88
Max leigh grace 88 Пре месец
Covington is an absolute prick. There is only one soy boy in MMA and it is him. Takes one to know one, as they say
MegaSkilla Пре месец
Then when Jessica Eye dies all of the haters in the comments will be right back here, posting pics and sweet condolences...
Sïôro Пре месец
Being a cop IS a difficult job. So why don't they have CONTINUED TRAINING?? Also..... defund the police!
bakedbean 75
bakedbean 75 Пре месец
Khabib ain't a striker and he best Connor up on feet
Bart Bocklandt
Bart Bocklandt Пре месец
stop putting Cejudo in the vids , even Trump's comments on MMA are better suited for an MMA vid then his .. BTW Cloby is so right STFU Aljo
12Khiry Пре месец
Bisbing is wrong, Soy Jones jr. is pretty accurate lol both are rappers and got a high fade, British people don’t know funny lol
Cody Monko
Cody Monko Пре месец
We all know why Jones left. D.R.
kim lee
kim lee Пре месец
why do i find this lame. testing your punch power really. not every one in the world born with a great mental stats in their head. even a weak punch can knock a person out. you dont need to the power puncher it also depending on the other person to. you can born and be the powerful puncher but your mental can be weak so.........whats the point in testing punch. seem like a waste of money to built that testing machine. oh and most people dont know this but. did you know that some day you are strong and some day you are weak. its the same thing with life. some day your happy and some day you feel sad and some day you feel bored like bored bored. even if you try to find some thing to do. you still couldnt shake off that boredom thought. people you must know. this is very important. like i said before. its not always every day your strong or feeling strong. this is why some famous fighter getting in the ring thought that they got this but end up losing the fight. you have to know your self or you be losing the fight. if you feel that its not your day. these kind of feeling no one can know because people cant predict the future we cant predict our selfs. you mite think that to day your self your body feel strong you think you got this but you dont and your wrong thats how people lose thats how famous boxer lose. our body have its days it have its up and down so. you see people arent always strong all the time not always unbeatable all the time.
mrsuri33 Пре месец
anderson just wants a bag he is way too big for connor. i still would watch the fight though
John Koch
John Koch Пре месец
A 45 year old Silva is gonna get wiped out
Happy Monday
Happy Monday Пре месец
Lol Soy Jones Jr,ask any comedian, funnyest shit to them is this cind of brainfarts that makes no sense😂😂🤣, u cring at first than u have to laugh it off
melvin from 9
melvin from 9 Пре месец
Bruh wtf jessica eye doing on here
wazup Пре месец
@mmaworld Both Roy Jones Jr and Woodley are rappers hence the nickname Soy Jones Jr
cipherP9 Пре месец
Bisping is falling apart, at first I was pissed off he retired before him and Romero could settle things. Now after seeing how badly his body held up, I wish he retired sooner.
set back
set back Пре месец
Romero would have retired him a lot sooner haha
cipherP9 Пре месец
If you put Stipe around Jessica Eye he’ll poke her. You saw how bad he damaged DC’s eye, gave him a lazy eye.
CFH Пре месец
@cipherP9 Dude, I found 4 articles stating he did have to have surgery, what the fuck are you looking up? It's not that hard. Also DC's eye was already fucked up before the eye poke, watch at the end of the 2nd when Stipe had him rocked and almost finished, he is rubbing that same left eye that Stipe poked later. Look at DC's left eye before the start of the 3rd round, it's already swelling and closing. None of their 3 fights should have been a NC because of eye pokes. Also did you find that DC doesn't need surgery, didn't see you reply to that. It's all easily available information kid.
cipherP9 Пре месец
@CFH ... the only thing I find is Stipe himself saying he had surgery with no proof and nothing saying his eye was that bad to begin with. DC’s eye swelled shut during the fight and had a ton of redness, clearly that fight should have been a NC. Stipe got pauses in the action and opted to not use the full 5 minutes he had to recover, if Stipe didn’t start complaining about eyepokes until his Twitter fanbase put it in his head.
CFH Пре месец
@cipherP9 Dude, just google it. Stipe had surgery for his retina injury. DC is the one that said he won't need surgery. It'll take 2 minutes, just look into it.
cipherP9 Пре месец
@CFH ... actually they are waiting to see how DC heals before resorting to surgery. Stipe’s lying ass didn’t get eye surgery, he never wore a patch which is required after eye surgery.
CFH Пре месец
Too bad DC doesn't need surgery like Stipe did.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Пре месец
Why Conor don’t want to fight with Usman,masvidal,khamzat,tony etc why he want to fight with those fighters who only need money(Nate Silva cerrone etc)??
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Пре месец
Whenever I see Conor ground game during practice I laugh 😂
B Aramis
B Aramis Пре месец
Dude... stop padding your videos with Jessica Eye content.. we don’t care.. look at your comment section and listen to the fans.. try to stop caring about the money so much
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles Пре месец
“One’s called mub-mub-mub-mub-mub... Roy Jones Jooonyer!” -Bisping
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles Пре месец
Cyndi Lauper had her gallbladder removed?
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles Пре месец
Jon Jones is moving up to heavyweight to fight that pregnant lady he almost killed. In the accident from which he RAN AWAY.
Golden Gilmaky
Golden Gilmaky Пре месец
Jessica Eye, An update no one asked for.
Bobby Digi
Bobby Digi Пре месец
Poverty is poverty regardless of race
marlo manyeza
marlo manyeza Пре месец
The only reason I’d stop watching mma world is if Jessica Eye is involved
k d
k d Пре месец
”So why don’t they have CONTINUED TRAINING??” Will you fund the training ass wipe? Maybe money grows on trees nowadays...
Kageryu Пре месец
You know Colby's gonna be sucking up to the police especially since he likes to call on them when someone steps to him outside the octagon the way Werdum did when he whacked him with that toy boomerang and Colby ran away like the twat that he is.
fuzzlestick Пре месец
At this point in time big mistake to count Conor McGregor out in any fight. Don't remember any fighter that promotes and draws MMA and himself as well as McGregor he is a badass, no one fighter will be remembered like McGregor, great fighter and best promoter of MMA ever to date.
Randalmcdaniel Пре месец
colby covington is so underrated, he almost beat kumaru usman. Nobody can beat kumaru usman
Just Saying
Just Saying Пре месец
Conor vs Anderson 🤣 🤣 🤣 come on man!!! Stop trying to sell us those weak fights
Emile Neslo
Emile Neslo Пре месец
I never would se me agree with something coming out from Cejudo's mouth but I have to side with that midget. Sean o fakey keeps copying others looks and gimmicks.
J.L. Torres
J.L. Torres Пре месец
It is alittle forced... Covingtons entire personality
Parker Tufts
Parker Tufts Пре месец
Michael Bisping MUSTA FORGOT!
Horst Hacker
Horst Hacker Пре месец
"Lived in the Shoes of POC"? You mean those multi millionares colby just pointed out? Stop moving the goal post Sterling. Floyd was a criminal and Blake also. They chose suicide by cop, it was their desicion. What about the Shoes of those who died since the Death of Floyd? Naaaaah man....keep it to yourself if you don´t see what is really happening.
BongieGER Пре месец
jon jones vacated his title cause he realised that he cant rely a third time on the judges being blind. dude lost his last two..
Edgar Ramos
Edgar Ramos Пре месец
Who’s Jessica and why do we care
Austin M
Austin M Пре месец
Someone tell Jessica removing her organs won't help her make weight
Frankie TEE
Frankie TEE Пре месец
Anderson is so desperate for a big payday with Conor it’s pathetic. He should Stay retired because he is completely old and washed up and that’s not even a fight the fans want to see
Apong Yana
Apong Yana Пре месец
I wish Conor n Anderson were both 25 years and they go at each other
lets talk America
lets talk America Пре месец
Silva just stop bro your time was up 10 years ago good run but just stop
Statue Collecting
Statue Collecting Пре месец
How many Jessica Eye recovering updates does the MMA community want? NONE!
Ricky Webb
Ricky Webb Пре месец
Colby's racism is showing 😬 Not a good look.
JohnnyBlaze6954 Пре месец
I love Woodley but he’s not gonna bear Colby. Especially they way both of them have looked in the past year
Christian Warren
Christian Warren Пре месец
Aljo doesn't need to say shit to Colby that guy is just trying to start shit, he doesn't care about actually good change.
Ricky Webb
Ricky Webb Пре месец
Does anyone really care to see Conor dismantle Anderson?
Christian Warren
Christian Warren Пре месец
Bruh they need to make Cejudo vs O'Malley just for fun😂😂😂 let's go UFC
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo Пре месец
Woodley will beat Colby I have a feeling
Don Yang
Don Yang Пре месец
Jones: Woo eyepokes are tolerated in HW, let’s go!
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo Пре месец
I have to agree with Colby in this one
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Пре месец
Bones is scared of fighting izzy thats why he moved up and ran away to HW
Kyle Woodward
Kyle Woodward Пре месец
i like alja, classy guy... good response, he's got a champion heart
ali Gator
ali Gator Пре месец
I agree with this to😅
ZeeS x
ZeeS x Пре месец
Anderson Silva is desperate for a money fight
schwadaddy81 Пре месец
There is a reason there are no cops playing in the NBA, MLB, or any professional sports organization, because they are not good enough. You do not see athletes dying to be nor become cops .... just saying.
schwadaddy81 Пре месец
Lol... dominic cruz lol
Scott La Rock
Scott La Rock Пре месец
Hahaha...Bisping getting too old to critique or understand urban dictionary.
Hoodstar Пре месец
God listening to Anderson Silva squeaky annoying slow voice get away from my ears.
Nobody.... Anderson Silva-Conor 😂😂😂
Alexander W. Jacobs
Alexander W. Jacobs Пре месец
The ad was even more interesting than Jessica eyes update
Ivan Piazza
Ivan Piazza Пре месец
Anderson only wants super fights with smaler guys, when was offered jon Jones to him he said no Anderson is a fucking idiot theses da
twonetflix flix
twonetflix flix Пре месец
bisping did not get the joke is too painful to hear, is it the eye or him being a boomer brit? lmao
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