MMA Community Reacts to Tyron Woodley getting finished by a Super Dominant Colby Covington,Khamzat

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Alex Пре 21 дан
Is it just me that loves this persona Colby puts on
Randy Boisa
Randy Boisa Пре 23 дана
6:39 "Alhamdulilla brodda I cant wait to smesh dis guy! Or somzing like dis!!" Mackenzie Dern after one day at A.K.A.
Jeremy j
Jeremy j Пре 23 дана
Colby you are a fucking legend
swlzz Пре 24 дана
Paul Duffy
Paul Duffy Пре 25 дана
Covington takes the this space
nomoreserfs Пре 26 дана
That victory was racist!😂😂
Brad Brown
Brad Brown Пре 26 дана
😂 he didn’t lose his belt dude fought with a broken jaw he’s a warrior look at all this hatorade keeping colby hydrated 😂😂 he could woop them all 💪🏻💪🏻
Sam Rahmati
Sam Rahmati Пре 26 дана
My rib my rib 😆😆😆😆
Thomas Weber
Thomas Weber Пре 27 дана
Lot of racist people here today :(
Gabriel Alejandro Zzzx
Gabriel Alejandro Zzzx Пре 29 дана
Just mad cuz Colby doesn’t back down, that’s all it is. Respect the man and everything is kosher. 💪🏽🍀🇺🇸
Yes Пре 29 дана
Tyron is a perfect representation of BLM, all talk no action in the end they will lose with the fake victim garbage.
Dannie Curnow
Dannie Curnow Пре 29 дана
Yo Yo! Poop dog and Little pain, ain't happy, Bra!
Dannie Curnow
Dannie Curnow Пре 29 дана
Yo Yo! Poop dog and Little pain, not happy, Bra!
Sheldon Danielak
Sheldon Danielak Пре 29 дана
Damn, woodley is almost as bad as o'malley.
Guy B
Guy B Пре 29 дана
MAGA 2020
Serg Пре месец
Dern gotta give up the fake accent shit
Serg Пре месец
clark looked good against a bum ASS opponent
WTFmangoo Пре месец
Gotta love dc and how he can remain unbias
Mo Carpenter
Mo Carpenter Пре месец
Say what you want about C.C. He can F'en fight !!! He handed Wood his ass every round.
thomas mori
thomas mori Пре месец
A bunch of woke assholes mad because Colby represents the patriots in this country. Pathetic.
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Пре месец
colbyyyyyy 💙❤💙❤💙❤
Suthru Kapfo
Suthru Kapfo Пре месец
Did I hear I hurt my rib or black lives matter ? 😅
Hulknutz 911
Hulknutz 911 Пре месец
I wonder if Colby's ringtone is Woodley screamin now?!
kalahauoli355 Пре месец
He break a you face
BrickTop Пре месец
Lol ufc fighters so salty about Covington. The only thing thats cringe are the desperate comments they make, Colby is a nightmare matchup for anyone, only Usman has chance of beating him
Justin Erickson
Justin Erickson Пре месец
This is what happens when you make your profession activism rather than fighting
stoney renegade
stoney renegade Пре месец
During Woodleys press conference, he basically said "it doesn't matter when I lose. Black lives matter and that's all that matters"
Peter Petterssen
Peter Petterssen Пре месец
Tyron "Porcelain bitch" Woodley
Eric The Barbaric
Eric The Barbaric Пре месец
Masvidal and Colby would kill that chav
lmao, colby could be taking a beating for 5 round, make a great comeback and still be hated by his fellow fighters hahahha
Chad Wismer
Chad Wismer Пре месец
Ironic the black lives matter spokesman was killed by a white guy whilst screaming I can’t breathe, doesn’t get anymore American than that
Mhd max
Mhd max Пре месец
Wht we learned: relentless cardio beats sporadic power.
Joaquine Pena
Joaquine Pena Пре месец
No love for Colby from all these fighters? Just because he supports the President Of The United States Of America.
KWRBT2 Пре месец
Woodley said he was going to prove how much black lives matter. He saved his own life by shrieking about his broken rib.
Christopher Thurman
Christopher Thurman Пре месец
Bucket of chicken? Good job boy get it.
Altay Ant
Altay Ant Пре месец
The thing I love most about Khamzat is that his english gets more and more broken in every interview.
Gluteus Illuminatus
Gluteus Illuminatus Пре месец
The responses from fighters to Colby's win really seperates the men from the bitches.
Merica 1776
Merica 1776 Пре месец
When most of the black athletes and white apologist hate you your doing it right. Colby or stipe should be every patriots favorite fighters at this point.
Michael Frith
Michael Frith Пре месец
I liked woodly till that blm shit
H. Jules
H. Jules Пре месец
Homegirl's nose for the wedding... Yikes. Might have to delay those photos
Kevin Eggebrecht
Kevin Eggebrecht Пре месец
Reporter: You injured your rib!? Tyrone: Yes. We all know that rib is racist.
ger lee
ger lee Пре месец
glad woodley i dont like both of them.
Chief DawnofDay
Chief DawnofDay Пре месец
DC being unbiased and speaking str8 facts like always, True Martial Artist!!!
Chief DawnofDay
Chief DawnofDay Пре месец
Putin at the end with Dana's voice, #Epic! That was right on time guy's! 😂
John Denaci
John Denaci Пре месец
But you still hit and run a pregnant lady and came back for the drugs. But you still got drunk and went around firing your gun!
Steven Short
Steven Short Пре месец
Steven Short
Steven Short Пре месец
Steven Short
Steven Short Пре месец
Coby dam good fighter and talks clean shit to people. Yhall can hate. Many will watch. He is money!.
Steven Short
Steven Short Пре месец
Love Colby
Mat Tobias
Mat Tobias Пре месец
Michael Stuffer sounds clogged up a teeny bit
Marcelle talks MMA
Marcelle talks MMA Пре месец
I also make mma videos.😁
Dima Sorochynski
Dima Sorochynski Пре месец
Who are all these no name scrubs getting mad about the Colby win? lmao
mohunter68 Пре месец
Manscape is the worst thing in history to happen to men's balls.
Thomas Jusinski
Thomas Jusinski Пре месец
Kevin Lee is finally rite about one thing, and that’s Trump. Winning again !!! 🙏🏼🇺🇸
Thomas Jusinski
Thomas Jusinski Пре месец
I don’t think we’re going to see anybody, especially at 170 pounds calling out Kahmzat . Usman don’t want that. Mike Perry likes to talk shit, and I like Perry. But this dude will run Perry through him , like a hot knife through butter. 👊🏻👊🏻
Yacka Пре месец
I love how lower ranked people talk shot about him. Hahaha.
Joseph Phelps
Joseph Phelps Пре месец
Even the audio from that ko sounds nasty, that was dope
Joseph Phelps
Joseph Phelps Пре месец
I was stoked on Kevin Holland from his previous fight when he sent that mouth piece flying
Isaac Willson
Isaac Willson Пре месец
That fight was fixed, tyron had him in 3 submission holds, Covington poked tyron in the eyes twice, fixed fight, it became political, why would Tyrone at the end say, I “ it’s difficult for me to breathe” he got approached by some illumi.a.tii people before the fight and was told to throw the fight. Fake fight, thrown fight, it was all a political theater match, the president even called Covington after the fight, c-mon get real. Fake fight
Cubic Man
Cubic Man Пре месец
Daniel Cormier the only white guy who has Colby's back.
Cubic Man
Cubic Man Пре месец
Oh so you're a doctor now? - Colby
Cubic Man
Cubic Man Пре месец
7:57 Must be Tony Ferguson in disguise
twonetflix flix
twonetflix flix Пре месец
Kyle Litman
Kyle Litman Пре месец
Dern's finally transitioning back to speaking English it's a miracle lol
CobraARMS2 Пре месец
Tyron that fighter you don’t want to leave the sport because the memes
Joey cassidy
Joey cassidy Пре месец
Khamzat Chemaev is for real!!!
Karll Hungus
Karll Hungus Пре месец
I cant stand Tyron but he didn't get finished. The guy injured himself.
JKD World
JKD World Пре месец
Derek Burnson called it right lets run back to back till the end of the year and see where the dust settles... Woodley was retired after Darren Till. His mindset is weak and getting weaker by the minute. Woodley is stuck on to much static noise with the Marxist BLM shit.
KennyRooks Пре месец
My spirit resonated with this 6:10
DaLeadBull Пре месец
After all that shit Gerald Meerkat was talking. hahaha
Mark Perkins
Mark Perkins Пре месец
Colby is one tuff guy... Striking wrestling cardio he’s got it all. Poor Tyron sounds like he really got messed up. I think he should retire but who am I to call the shots for another person. Loved him and will always admire him
jonnytestnj Пре месец
It’s amazing how many journeyman and gatekeepers hate on Colby.
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Пре месец
Woodley destroyed.. again.. think it might be time to hang up those gloves if you ain't got it anymore Tyron, 3 fight losing streak.. to top guys but there's been a recurring theme with these fights, Woodley fails to really let his hands go, continues to back up against the cage, circling round looking for one big shot with the right hand.. when that fails he literally becomes a board and won't do anything for the entire fight.. So definetly not surprised Colby won, Woodley being emotionally invested was his downfall instead of giving him added fire to beat Covington.. It's a tough loss man..
AKA FACE Пре месец
He got finished by Super Trumper USA BLM Vs Trump and BLM got served
Greg Ory
Greg Ory Пре месец
curtis blaydes is kind of annoying lol great fighter though
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Пре месец
Idk why they let her keep fighting after that knee rose Clark beat the brakes off her bad ref
Scorpio1177 Пре месец
It was obvious woodley was a shot fighter after the usman fight. Then when he fought gilbert burns he looked slow and awful. Stick a fork in him he is done as an elite he is also 38 years old so its about time to retire
Tony Garza jr.
Tony Garza jr. Пре месец
Who the hell is Gerald ? And what was he doing in the cage the fear👻 in eyes it was over before the first punch😬Tyron please stand up please stand 🙄up yup a good old school beat down by Trump Train Covington👍🇺🇲😎
DSN 1 Пре месец
If the ufc fighters don't like you, then you're doing something right. Great work Colby
Chris mattingly
Chris mattingly Пре месец
Everyone Hating on Colby bad lol an Dan ur pretty cringe Man U can’t say much
ACornelius820 Пре месец
T-wood proved just how much the BLM movement matters
Chris mattingly
Chris mattingly Пре месец
Calm down Cruz lol that is deep lol These girls are sooo flexible I could almost hear his heart beat! lmao sorry sorry lol had to after I herd is voice an Joey Diaz lol
Kim D
Kim D Пре месец
Wow!Colbys a Beast!
DaLeadBull Пре месец
Tyron was clearly losing even before he broke his rib, he just doesn't seem to have that same pop. In this fight, especially early he really was trying to move forward and be more aggresive but he just didn't land anything significant to gain any respect from Colby. Colby then just walked him down and pressured him the whole fight. Combinations have never been Tyron's thing and his right hand just isn't doing it anymore.
Kai e
Kai e Пре месец
Black Ribs Matter ✊🏿 He should collab with Shaun King in the lucrative business of racebaiting! Good future for Tyron! TMZ, movie extras, racebaiting. Lots of opportunities for Tyron 'blm' Woodley.
Peter K
Peter K Пре месец
Say what you will about Colby, but he fucked Woodley up, that was a total beating.
Michael Baxter
Michael Baxter Пре месец
Woodley is a perfectly balanced athlete although it does help to have a chip on both shoulders
Truth Told
Truth Told Пре месец
I wonder how long will it be before Gerald Meerschaert can hold his head up high for talking so much garbage and then having an embarrassing loss.
Truth Told
Truth Told Пре месец
Kevin didn’t have to go home, he could have gone to the Bunny Ranch after the fight.
yo Nismo
yo Nismo Пре месец
Glad colby got his big mouth broken by usman
Peter MaDash
Peter MaDash Пре месец
I haven't been in MMA long enough but what's wrong with the guys' ears man? I saw the same thing with Khabib, Justin Gaethje and several other fighters.
TheDegenerate7 Пре месец
Woodley retire please!
Joe Angel
Joe Angel Пре месец
Bruce buffer trying to expand his role lol
Martin D
Martin D Пре месец
Well Colby has a point when he’s talking to usman Marty’s faker than silicone and about as legit as BLM
Angelccyn King
Angelccyn King Пре месец
Street judas 😂 Colby is funny man,
Luanmondi Nuhaj
Luanmondi Nuhaj Пре месец
Banana Hammok
Banana Hammok Пре месец
I fell 2 stories onto a hip roof broke 3 ribs and still finished my paint job I lost all respect for Woodley the quiter he was done when he claimed there was an eye poke
Looch 1
Looch 1 Пре месец
marty STOP being so dimensional...
Richi Пре месец
Still can't believe Dern is still marketing her false accent
Sir Knyte Vibes
Sir Knyte Vibes Пре месец
He literally did break his face last time 🤣🤣🤣
Just a Nice Chair
Just a Nice Chair Пре месец
Usman and woodley difference in fighting covington shows the difference in real africans vs african americans 😂😭
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