Dana White is ready to book Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson for the 6th time,Khamzat Chimaev

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Пре 15 дана

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Michael Bisping feels Aljamain Sterling will get stepped over by Cejudo for the next title shot,
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Paulo Costa keeping the winners mindset,

Jan Blachowicz getting some Polish love,

Khabib trains for UFC 254,

Tony Ferguson says he was offered Michael Chandler,
Source ESPN MMA-rspost.info/post/O4AcsPKEkIqDmbeiZLfd1A.html

Michael Chandler cutting weight for UFC 254,

Dana White wants to book Khabib vs Tony Ferguson for the 6th time,

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Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Пре 14 дана
I'm ready and willing to wait for Khabib vs Tony to happen even if it happened in Bellator.
Martin Robinson
Martin Robinson Пре 9 дана
Tony Ferguson type of guy to Stockton slap the Diaz brothers
rory clynes
rory clynes Пре 11 дана
U must be the most dedicated brown nose In the world. Khabibs ass is clean as a whistle thanks to you.
omnivore gains
omnivore gains Пре 12 дана
NBA 2GAY 21 Пре 12 дана
@Wan Shi Tong lol tony isnt going to bellator either
Wan Shi Tong
Wan Shi Tong Пре 12 дана
Lmfao maybe tony but I don’t see khabib going to bellator
828 Bullys
828 Bullys Пре 5 дана
Chandler is the truth and he actually isn't a douche or whatever Lamborghini persona you thinking he is. Follow his Instagram to get more knowledge nit worth judging so early guys.
Carman Carr
Carman Carr Пре 9 дана
Can't even begin to describe how stoked I am for Chandler, finally getting his shot in Ufc
DuckLover30000 Пре 9 дана
to be fair, who else could you put in a title fight with khabib?
Alex Harlander
Alex Harlander Пре 10 дана
If Chandler is cutting weight for 254, why not fight Islam? If Gaetjhe and Khabib make weight, he may as well fight Islam, right?!!!
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish Пре 10 дана
Alright! Khabib vs Tony! Make it happen!
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish Пре 10 дана
Alright! Khabib vs Tony! Make it happen!
Dawn - Warzone
Dawn - Warzone Пре 10 дана
We dont want Tony vs Khabib, we want GSP!!!!
brandon glover
brandon glover Пре 10 дана
Tony vs khabib=2 wave of covid putting countries back in lockdown
John Smith
John Smith Пре 10 дана
Alright guys takes your bets. Right now things look pretty even, we got the fight cancelled via Tony blindfolded unicyclying accident, and on the side, we got Khabib due to unforeseen weight accumulation.
Jordan Drumb
Jordan Drumb Пре 10 дана
The dude hanging out with Khabib treats him like a 5 year, it sounds extremely condescending.
Jordan Drumb
Jordan Drumb Пре 10 дана
Someone tell Costa he needs to stop doing videos in English, he sounds like an 8 year old with a speech impediment.
Jordan Drumb
Jordan Drumb Пре 10 дана
Is tha Joker dude r worded?
Scott Carey
Scott Carey Пре 10 дана
Love Tony's game...but watching him verses Justin, he looked slower and unable to match strike for strike. He's taken so much damage over the years.
Jeffrey Woodward
Jeffrey Woodward Пре 9 дана
He’s in great shape but his nervous system is starting not to react as it used to.
Tad Tandleton
Tad Tandleton Пре 10 дана
What if gaethe wins?
Muskeln-kaufen.de Пре 10 дана
Stfu Tony
Ronsonn Swandom
Ronsonn Swandom Пре 10 дана
dont do it dana im too young to die
SoYou Know
SoYou Know Пре 10 дана
Respect for Dana is he still makes this fight happen. I thought the UFC was turning into boxing. Never making the fights that should happen
musicman787 Пре 11 дана
fuck that fight even if they do fight im not watching ,after the 3rd time it got canned i was done with it
Jake Hawes
Jake Hawes Пре 11 дана
Tony vs winner of Conor/Dustin
Jake Hawes
Jake Hawes Пре 11 дана
Love Tony
James D. Blanchard
James D. Blanchard Пре 11 дана
💥 I know things change Fight to Fight, Styles make Fights, & after 5 attempts many people still wanna see Khabib vs Ferguson HOWEVER After the Clinic (aka flat out beat down) of Ferguson by Geathje, a Fight that wasn't even close let alone competitive, I have no interest in that matchup nor would I waste my money to Purchase the PPV in order to watch it... My opinion (though it means nothing) is that Geathje helped prevent an even worse beat down of Ferguson. had he fought Khabib at any period of his career... Absolutely ZERO interest in that Fight..
So So
So So Пре 11 дана
6th Time Inshallah Khabib vs Tony
Mike Matice
Mike Matice Пре 11 дана
He doesn't deserve khabib..Tony is all about disrespect and it's gotten old..
Jeffrey Woodward
Jeffrey Woodward Пре 9 дана
He didn’t earn it, but tony trained for over a year for just khabib. Let him have his chance. But if he loses he will know there’s nothing he could have done to best khabib besides pure luck.
richard tuan
richard tuan Пре 11 дана
Tony is busy working so he won’t pick up Dana’s phone call -_- yeahhhh... Gathje must of beat the sense out this man.
richard tuan
richard tuan Пре 11 дана
Dana is really trying to end the world with this khabib and tony fight for the 6th time.
Jerry Bender
Jerry Bender Пре 11 дана
tonys the type of guy who...
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis Пре 11 дана
Kaleb Harmon
Kaleb Harmon Пре 11 дана
So much cringe on the joker makeup
Dark Machine
Dark Machine Пре 11 дана
Tony got smoked by Justin. I would have been slightly more interested if that didn’t happen. But, maybe Tony end up being Khabib’s crptonite
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon Пре 11 дана
Please dont make thay fight again and it will start rainging frogs
Left Leg Cemetery
Left Leg Cemetery Пре 11 дана
"Yeah I want you kill me" Okay bet Joker. You got knocked the fuck out!
Jamie Bryant
Jamie Bryant Пре 11 дана
_Don’t do that....Dont give me hope..._
Riley Charterhouse
Riley Charterhouse Пре 11 дана
chandlers juicing
Ricardo Lucas
Ricardo Lucas Пре 11 дана
Everybody looking past JG khabib got a real fight in geathje
Hasty David
Hasty David Пре 11 дана
Edzon is rich he's always interesting fighter to watch good for business.
kris kris
kris kris Пре 11 дана
Costa is the new woodley of this channel
FreeYourMind Пре 11 дана
How awfull and annoying is that guy with joker make up
Ben Layers
Ben Layers Пре 11 дана
IM not as interested as I was before tony just got beat up.
Randalmcdaniel Пре 11 дана
God has made it pretty clear that khabib and ferguson fight can not happen. Because he is both of them and cant be in two places at once
e poe
e poe Пре 11 дана
Tony had turned in to a cry baby 🤣🤣 he might have brain damage
WahWahWehWah Пре 11 дана
I thought this might happen, no way was Khabib going to fight that muppet Mcgregor again.
Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson Пре 11 дана
But Ferguson lost badly last time..
Jason Schleman
Jason Schleman Пре 11 дана
Why? Khabib will just dominate him.
Watchdog Пре 11 дана
Oct. 30, 2015: A rib injury suffered in training forces Nurmagomedov out of the bout. April 5, 2016: Ferguson is the one dropping out on Nurmagomedov this time, citing an issue with his lung. March 3, 2017: Nurmagomedov is hospitalized prior to weigh-ins with what's described as "weight management issues." April 1, 2018: Ferguson requires surgery on his lateral collateral ligament. March 30, 2020: Nurmagomedov, on an Instagram live chat, confirmed he is back home in Dagestan, Russia, but is now unable to leave to compete on April 18 against Ferguson at UFC 249 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel bans that have closed borders across the world. 2021: Asteroid? War with China? Stronger Covid wave? Alien attack?
stop the fight
stop the fight Пре 11 дана
Tonny has to win something
J T Пре 11 дана
i think the hype train for tony vs khabib got derailed by justin and the 6 times the fight didnt happen soooooooo who gives a shit at this point?
WWE Bengali রেসলিং বাংলা
WWE Bengali রেসলিং বাংলা Пре 11 дана
It's happening.. Couldn't find any opponent for The Wolf Khamzat Chimaev..... Anyone didn't want to fight with him... khamzat is MMA
EmperorSpook Пре 11 дана
Corona happened to stop them from fighting
Dbadaing Пре 11 дана
It's 2020. Lets leave the joker cosplays in the last decade.
Alan Lerka
Alan Lerka Пре 11 дана
DONT !! too much has already happened this year
Paul Weston
Paul Weston Пре 11 дана
Khabib is coming to an end & nobody cares about Tony, shit match up that will never happen
gaarimaa1 Пре 11 дана
That's the only fight I am into UFC and mma for. Tony vs Khabib.
Travis Rake
Travis Rake Пре 11 дана
Didnt Ferguson almost like, die, in his last fight against justin?
Albert Olivas
Albert Olivas Пре 12 дана
The winner will get the rematch with soon to be Champ Gaethje!!! And new!!!
Chuba Ozzy
Chuba Ozzy Пре 12 дана
That UFC joker has to be killed by batman
Mickey Rush
Mickey Rush Пре 12 дана
Fuck no! Khabib v Connor no matter what next. Dana told him to wait a hundred times
Belle is #1 Scrub
Belle is #1 Scrub Пре 12 дана
apparently dana is a filthy casual we all know how that fight ends, cmon stop taking this from justin he fucking earned his fight with khabib
Skank Hunt42
Skank Hunt42 Пре 12 дана
No point in making khabib vs tony not after he got destroyed by justin
shmached Пре 12 дана
Bro Mike perry tryna get khamzat to beat up Darren till for him 😂
DETROIT SHRo0MZ Пре 12 дана
Tony does NOT deserve that fight he goes down in rank needs 2 solid victories with top lvl before it should even be concidered
Zarathustra _
Zarathustra _ Пре 12 дана
The joker makeup guy is cringe
robert solimanm
robert solimanm Пре 12 дана
If DFW signs khabib and tony I’m watching bellator ... cause he needs to resign .. his match making is getting so bad
robert solimanm
robert solimanm Пре 12 дана
Tony vs deago Sanchez ... that’s an even matchup ... break dancing pretend fighter vs 40 year old guy with a wired corner ... the winner gets Chris angel who I heard know king fu
robert solimanm
robert solimanm Пре 12 дана
Tony go break dance your on top you fell down fight Diego Sanchez he’s your level
robert solimanm
robert solimanm Пре 12 дана
Anyone who’d think he won the real light heavyweight belt ... Poland loses their minds over an interim belt that he won by beating a guy who wasn’t the champ ... they realise he didn’t win the belt by beating the champ and the belt he has is not the actually title right ? Go Poland 🇵🇱 I guess - it’s fun to watch you go nuts over a fake champ
robert solimanm
robert solimanm Пре 12 дана
Pass ... we saw that tony who break dances instead of training is not capable of handling these level fighters... that fight lost all appeal after he got beat up by Justin ... I don’t wanna see him fight khabib... after the Justin fight we all know what khabib will do to him and the fight will not make the $ it would have prior ... have him compete in a break dancing match against Chris angel that’s more his level
khim magar
khim magar Пре 12 дана
it may not happen again my heart says anything can happen khabib- jastin match
Joey Wraith
Joey Wraith Пре 12 дана
Chandler hasn't even earned a Bruce Buffer introduction. Let alone a Tony bout
Occifer FigPucker
Occifer FigPucker Пре 12 дана
Why would Khabib, on a 28 fight win streak.. Fight Tony, a guy that just got his ass handed to him in his most recent fight?
جمعة b
جمعة b Пре 12 дана
next time, a civil war will stop the 6th attempt
darren modric greene
darren modric greene Пре 12 дана
Even Tony knows he's the type of guy
Mera Entertainment Tv
Mera Entertainment Tv Пре 12 дана
Hey, you wanna talk about el puccy who puccied out by justin hey, bring anybody, bring king kong ~ Khabib all your chickens fight for money let them come out for khabib time to get roasted cuz that's what chickens are for ~ Mirza
michael gagliano
michael gagliano Пре 12 дана
odd but I don't even care about Khabib vs Ferguson
Edfreded2 !
Edfreded2 ! Пре 12 дана
Do you how fast tony will loose
Jordan G
Jordan G Пре 12 дана
At the this just tell the day before to fight
Garg710 Пре 12 дана
I wanna see Macgregor vs Adesanya
Garg710 Пре 12 дана
I smells bull
Austin Dial
Austin Dial Пре 12 дана
Tony still ducking fights and yal dont believe it. Probably the most padded record up until he fought justin gaethje, he thought dustin and Eddie did it so he could to. Them handpicked fights finally caught upto him. He dont wanna fight chandler, he dont wanna fight porier, he dont wanna fight anybody good. Well prolly see him paired eith hooker or Oliveira before long.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla Пре 12 дана
Khabib Vs Tony scary
Angelccyn King
Angelccyn King Пре 12 дана
Paulo costa keeps saying the same crap a lot, yawn, lol.
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Пре 12 дана
The joker was cringe bro
BoldAlphawolf Пре 12 дана
I still wanna see khabib vs ferguson, but it just doesnt have that same aura of two undefeated champions facing off, you could tell that for a very long time tony was preparing for khabib. In the justin fight he was doing no striking, he just came in ready for the ground game he literally changed his style for khabib an couldn't get it out of his system. I feel like the ufc fucked tonys legacy up letting that fight happen, ufc needs to do better when it comes to the match making alternates should be a thing of the past, its like studying years for a science test then the day of you found out its a civic's test. If a fight falls out pay both fighters 50% of their purse an reschedule. Not to mention the weight cuts tony had to endure.
Vonzarooz Пре 12 дана
I don’t want this fight, tony lost to Justin and it’s not a good fight to have, khan in deserves better If he wins a rematch with Justin then yes because the rematch would make more money as well
Eivind Dale
Eivind Dale Пре 12 дана
Team Tony till I die
kcs 01
kcs 01 Пре 12 дана
"The weiner mandset" -Paulo Costa 2020
Alun Morgan
Alun Morgan Пре 12 дана
Yes Tony not answering your boses phone calls will make your life better
Alun Morgan
Alun Morgan Пре 12 дана
So Jan is the reason Poland is on the UKs quarantine list. Only kidding chuffed for a person like him
Kwame Baroown
Kwame Baroown Пре 12 дана
The clown in the joker makeup proceeded to get knocked out round 1. Thats what happens when your talk doesn't match your skills...
Adam Gordon
Adam Gordon Пре 12 дана
I actually don’t like Tony... “I don’t do Joe Rogan podcasts and I don’t pick up Dana’s phone calls”...just being a 12 year old girl. Then complains he isn’t being offered fights. No one is “too busy” to answer a 2 minute phone call.
Satan_Neil Пре 12 дана
Yan would definitely beat Henry Cejudo.. Henry's too smart to fight Yan, hence the reason he got out when he did.. and yes, I truly believe Cejudo retired because he knew his next fight was going to be against Yan . Can't blame the guy because Yan does look pretty Unstoppable right now..
okay stuff
okay stuff Пре 12 дана
Costa is a real hocket
Satan_Neil Пре 12 дана
If Dana makes the Ferguson Vs. Khabib fight happen I will never criticize him again even if I don't agree! You need to make that fight happen whether Khabib wins or loses to Justin Gaethje, I know if Justin wins they will be an immediate rematch but after the rematch the Khabib vs. Ferguson needs to happen..
Justen Galacia
Justen Galacia Пре 12 дана
No one wants to see Ferguson get another beat down. Khabib would slaughter him.
Trump Is God
Trump Is God Пре 12 дана
No pay GSP 80 million for the Khabib vs GSP super fight for lightweight title
IPokeEyesOut Пре 12 дана
Khabib will never be the real champion unless he fights Tony
lizard king777
lizard king777 Пре 12 дана
Costa has the worst metaphors. Dude is lame
ecc entricity
ecc entricity Пре 12 дана
God sent a global pandemic to stop the 5th attempt, the 6th He will send aliens
AJ T Пре 12 дана
No one cares about that fight nown
A Ali
A Ali Пре 12 дана
Tony literally makes no sense! The guy is really crazy AF!!
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