Dustin Poirier Reacts to Dana White saying he doesn't want to fight Tony Ferguson,Khamzat helps,Cody

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Gerald Meerschaert on Khmazat Chimaev,
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Khamzat Chimaev helps a homeless man,
Source ESPN MMA- espnmma
Cody Garbrandt on getting the RONA,
Thiago Santos out of bout with Teixeira,
Michael Bisping on Herman vs Rodriguez,
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Matt Serra wants Edwards vs Masvidal,
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Tony Ferguson is in training camp,
Dustin Poirier on Dana White saying he doesn't want to face Ferguson,
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Michelle DeMarco
Michelle DeMarco Пре 25 дана
K, first question.. why cant you pronounce "pacific" ocean? This guy sucks at not only trash talking, he sucks at interviews, he clearly has no clue that its the pacific rather than specific ocean. Speaking of specifics.. somwone should specifically slap this regards wife for allowing her man to suck so badly at communication as a whole! Freaking forget the mit work go read a book!
Fain Collins
Fain Collins Пре месец
That ending was the best 🤣🤣 love your work MMA WORLD 👌❤
The Fishin' Doc
The Fishin' Doc Пре месец
So to break down what Dana means by "you can negotiate yourself out of a fight" basically if dustin usually gets paid like 300k per fight then the ufc is looking to pay him in that ballpark to fight tony as well. Now there is always some wiggle room to get more depending on the matchup. But if dustin goes in and say hey i want 750k or i don't fight. Well then you just negotiated out of that fight because thats not a fair negotiation. This is what i think dustin did. So if he really wants the fight he will do it and get paid within reason "relative" to what hes been paid in the past. Now i do agree fighters should make a lot more in general but yea.
Adam Shockley
Adam Shockley Пре месец
Its funny they call Khamzat the " evil khabib" thats funny because khabib made a homeless man dance for money on the streets and made fun of him..and Khamzat feeds them from the kindness of his heart..I think he's the "good" khabib
Naz Zan
Naz Zan Пре месец
Did Gerald means his gonna make it the easiest knockout for Khamzat?!?! 😂 😂 😂 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 Who’s here after Gerald GOT KNOCKED THE F OUT BY KHAMZAT 😂 😂
MrDnbfreak Пре месец
Recovering from a fake illness hahaha fck
Great Channel... Im So Excited to See Khamzat Chimaev Borz I Hope he has Victory
excel2020 Пре месец
maia is not easy money at all
I Make Movies-Mobile Film School
I Make Movies-Mobile Film School Пре месец
So Becuz you want the best negotiated contract for a fight Dustin DONT want to fight? All these other tough UFC fighters who have gone threw “WARS” DONT want to fight? DW just STFU. if you didn’t have PR ppl and lawyers keeping you on a gag and leash you wouldn’t be still president of the company. The F Brothers aren’t around to let you slide. You gonna slip up. Someone gonna catch you slipping homie
DoYouEven NatureBro
DoYouEven NatureBro Пре месец
Why should Rodriguez fight Hermann again? He clearly won. The commission needs to change the ruling to a tko for Rodriguez and a loss for Hermann. Dominant win by Rodriguez.
OmarTube97 Пре месец
Khamzat dont feed just 1 person for publicity. Im sure you are earning a lot to feed some families.
joe fuller
joe fuller Пре месец
9:46 lol
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Пре месец
Fuck the UFC man, these fighters are taking unknown risks to fight. We don’t know what the long term impacts of the sport are I’m not buying this card now that Diamond vs el Cucuy is off. Pay them guys.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Пре месец
Dana is worth 300-500 million and won’t pay Dustin an extra 100k to show for taking a fight that gains him nothing for winning and loses him a lot for losing. Fuck the UFC man, these fighters are taking unknown risks to fight. We don’t know what the long term impacts of the sport are and guys who go out there and throw down every single time deserve real money. Period
Don Chappell
Don Chappell Пре месец
poirier makes 6 figures a year. so why do peeps say he 'needs to get paid'??? hilarious.
Kageryu Пре месец
Dana White: "He didn't want to fight" Dustin Poirier: "He didn't wanna pay me"
Andrew Edington
Andrew Edington Пре месец
Did Khamzat just walk up in line at the drive-thru at McDonalds? Lmao
Inti Gowtham
Inti Gowtham Пре месец
Tony u work like a beast. Looses the match like a school boy. Think about it
༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ Пре месец
6:23 if Justin Gaethje was a light heavyweight Irelandin
DaLeadBull Пре месец
Dana as usual throws figters under the bus if they try to negotiate with him, this is no surprise. Just the same old bully tactics he's been using for years!
Frank Acosta
Frank Acosta Пре месец
Dont even care for cejudo. But that was funny. Great trolling, lmao
Alfie Valentine
Alfie Valentine Пре месец
This card mannnnn
Judy Rosario
Judy Rosario Пре месец
I cnt wait for woodley to smash up coby the guy is a belllllllll end and aslo cant wait for the costa fight
OUR WAY TV Пре месец
Dana White is on his BS again. He doesn’t want to pay Dustin his worth, so now he claims Dustin doesn’t want to fight.
Jan Te Bont
Jan Te Bont Пре месец
C R Пре месец
Fame is going to get to Chimaev.
Mitur Benesderty
Mitur Benesderty Пре месец
Khamzat really stood waiting behind a car at the drive thru
brandon glover
brandon glover Пре месец
Well khamzat got a new fan by showing his heart good man
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Пре месец
Colby is about to DESTROY Woodley, damn this is gonna be embarrassing
Dominick Ruiz
Dominick Ruiz Пре месец
Colby is gonna snag woodly. Woodley needs to stop talking trash and be a man.
esherwood Пре месец
Wonder how much piorer wanted
IPokeEyesOut Пре месец
Borat is just talking out of his ass. Trying the Connor thing. Talking about clearing the division, fighting everyone. Nothing but hype.
WD 40
WD 40 Пре месец
If fighters like the pay then quit signing contracts and go somewhere else
🌿Sophia🌸Azhiev🍃 Пре месец
Andrew B.
Andrew B. Пре месец
Sean O’Malley, BOOM ROASTED!!
pat smith
pat smith Пре месец
Dana is such a tool
Nathan Presberry
Nathan Presberry Пре месец
Who else kept rewinding part when Jorge pieces up Leon CTFU 🤣
Mario Bisanti
Mario Bisanti Пре месец
tony mentioning his most difficut fights.... FORGETTING HE GOT BATTERED BY JUSTIN G.
Timmy McClelland
Timmy McClelland Пре месец
oOOo oOOo
oOOo oOOo Пре месец
Dana White always come up with the same explanation.......
A A Пре месец
Tony Ferguson the type of guy whos hardest fights were also his favourites
Black Galifianakis
Black Galifianakis Пре месец
Wow...Cejudo with the top tier burn
Josh Edwards
Josh Edwards Пре месец
louis Gomez with the best take. They are 1 and 1. Do a rematch!
Richard Noggin
Richard Noggin Пре месец
Henry Cejudo needs another belt for that shit. That was a championship level burn. Absolute genius.
harry hogan
harry hogan Пре месец
dashocker760 Пре месец
Ending segment was prime stuff 👌 I really hope people stop calling him O’ Malley and just leave it at Malley. Gotta earn that O’ back
Brian's Thought
Brian's Thought Пре месец
I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
4ofse7en Пре месец
When it comes down to it Dana is a slimey business man and will lie to anyone if it benefits him. To say Dustin doesnt want to fight bcuz he wouldnt accept Danas chump change is just embarrassing, its obvious he's lying
Cratos Assasin
Cratos Assasin Пре месец
When Dana White speaks for journalists, there must be fighters too, like now, Dana talking about Dustin and what Dustin wants,...if there was Dustin, things would be different. 😁😁 And why Dana plan Conor as backup for Khabib, when he has open Tony? Tony vs Conor. Dana, Dana,...👎👎
TTime685 Пре месец
1:53 Khamzat reminds me of Jack from A Nightmare Before Christmas 😂
Realmfing Beta
Realmfing Beta Пре месец
Connor McGregor is a clown and not a real man
R Paz
R Paz Пре месец
Lmfao...Finally CCC saying something relevant!
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Пре месец
How Norton got into MMA podcasting I don’t know, but there is something unspeakably cringe about it that goes beyond my ability to articulate
Stan Po
Stan Po Пре месец
Khamzat seems like a creepy ass hack.
Alex B.
Alex B. Пре месец
Cejudo just shat all over sweet n low' malley two girls one cup style.. damn
Joshua Solorzano
Joshua Solorzano Пре месец
That Khamzat was a publicity stunt to make him look good and gain followers, people fake it for the cameras all the time.
Kaizen Mckenzie
Kaizen Mckenzie Пре месец
Khamzsat feeding a homeless person makes me want him to win so bad cause he'd use that money to rather help peoples less fortunate then himself.
James V.
James V. Пре месец
O'malley the type of kid to take home the basketball when losing.
Mike Tan
Mike Tan Пре месец
Ufc!🤣🤣 hope ufc fighter resolve them self that they don't need dana white. Like mayweather did. You fight? But more money comes to dana. Money man. Fight money is money? Hope the fighter gets it. You fight what?? 50gss baby????? Why!!!!!! You fight more than a million. That's my opinion
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Henry bending KNEES🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Matt what is your take on Chandler?
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Matt is right. But Jorge fighting anybody is a big fight now for anybody.
T Пре месец
In allah honor, why you feed homeless man garbage McDonald’s. You don’t bear fruits and health? Spreading devil energy with that McDonald’s brother.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Ed Herman antique revival.
Harry Kronik jr.
Harry Kronik jr. Пре месец
Dana is a trash human being. Allow me to translate. Anytime Dana says someone didn’t want to take a fight what that really means is Dana offered the fighter peanuts and they didn’t want to fight for chump change. And everytime they refuse Dana calls out their man hood and claims they are scared to fight. When in reality they are just don’t want to fight for free while making uncle fester a billionaire.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
These Izslam brothers are disciplined in their religious beliefs. They are not easily distracted fighters. Dagestani Mauler alert.
Jake Diddy
Jake Diddy Пре месец
Hazmat feeding the homeless. PEACE to all in this world.
christopher brown
christopher brown Пре месец
Stacked higher than conors charge sheets
SuperUltraSugarShit Пре месец
You know the ufc's bullshit when Dana makes 4 times what his top fighters make a year, and he's never been in a scrap
SuperUltraSugarShit Пре месец
Scratch that, I just checked and his yearly wage is 20 million, which is 10 times more then the top people in the ufc make a year
Bes_ Bas_
Bes_ Bas_ Пре месец
Khamzat, God sees that you give a homeless man a burger when you can afford to take him of the streets and give him a new start in life.There's levels to everything. God is watching you Khamzat, he's gonna ask you if you think you did enough?
Andrew Hook
Andrew Hook Пре месец
It's the specific ocean???🤦‍♂️
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers Пре месец
Can’t wait what a card 🙏🏽🤘🏻
Gr33nMind Пре месец
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who uses Nokia 7650 for his daily vlog
abcdefghijklmnop Пре месец
Hmmm, you would think Tony's hardest fight was when he got it handed to him by Gaethje.
twonetflix flix
twonetflix flix Пре месец
sabiges lmao
Cejudo is actually becoming legit funny lol
J L Пре месец
glover vs santos should both fight if they both have covid at the same time. problem solved.
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Пре месец
Dustin beats Tony 10/10
Precious Syiem
Precious Syiem Пре месец
Yes it's true , because he want to fight Conor
Randy Bradley
Randy Bradley Пре месец
Look at Ed Herman's face. Does it look like he was taking enough damage to stop the fight. People need to realize that Ed never gave up, defended accordingly and was coherent the entire time.
Dilly Dilly
Dilly Dilly Пре месец
All of these healthy people get COVID and nothing happens 🤣🤣 Over this shit lol
J L Пре месец
You can't order in the drive-thru without a vehicle, just fyi.
Saddam Jan
Saddam Jan Пре месец
Who wants to see rematch between Justin and Dustin !?
Jake Harmon
Jake Harmon Пре месец
How about you feed a homeless guy Wacdonalds without it being recorded on stupid social media. Just a thought
Mr and Mrs Barahona
Mr and Mrs Barahona Пре месец
Dustin needs to fight Ferguson if not he back down to the bottom of the pole. Winner gets a title shot loser out of ufc....
Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon Пре месец
Dana knows exactly what buttons to press.He,s effectively saying Dustin has bottled the Tony fight making him respond.I bet the fight will be back on tomorrow.
ChiefTv Пре месец
The people's champ Khamzat Chimaev
llulian vargas
llulian vargas Пре месец
Cejudo lmao 🤣🤣
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson Пре месец
Just to confirm, if I miss the fights Saturday night, can't I rewatch them on my ESPN+ account Sunday?
Darius Sim
Darius Sim Пре месец
lol Dana keeps maintaining this posture... it’s becoming a broken record
AFGUN_ DIEGO Пре месец
I hope Chimaev fight with Jorge madvidal, want Chimaev beats the living outs masvidal
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Пре месец
i saw "tested positive" and was so glad it was corona
Kyle Hollars
Kyle Hollars Пре месец
There was some reason why Dustin didn't want to fight Tony. Don't sit there and tweet out BS cuz Dana called u out. If u really wanted to fight Tony then u would have taken the fight.
mbuso mbrmanyoni
mbuso mbrmanyoni Пре месец
Guys Edwards vs Masvidal or (a one sided fight we’ve seen before ) Nate Diaz vs Masvidal
Bennybass Пре месец
Why does Dana have to lie about shit all the time jeez literally no one has integrity anymore it’s annoying af
Bo Jive
Bo Jive Пре месец
Hazmat is the Jon Jones of Russia. Giving to poor people to try and make up for being a douche!
Jake Пре месец
Bispings argument that Ed Herman "won on his own accord" is the stupidest argument I've heard in a long time. If the referee performed his job appropriately, Herman wouldn't have ever made it to a position where he could win. That's like saying if some guy steals your cash, if he put it in his bank account, it then become his cash. No way, if the proper rule enforcement was in place, he never would've been able to steal your cash. Herman landing a kimura after he should've lost by TKO is like if he landed a kimura in the parking lot after the show. It doesn't count. Bisping's CTE is flaring hard in this one.
Sabeto Пре месец
I feel bad for Furgeson. After all his wins and hard work the guy can't even get a top contender fight, let alone a title fight.
JJ Пре месец
Tony the type of guy to go out training with his toaster then film himself using it.
You Know Saitama?
You Know Saitama? Пре месец
Wtf was that, You can fight back to back same night with the Diaz brothers and Maia. Kidding me?
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