Dana White reacts to Conor McGregor latest arrest in France for alleged 'indecent exposure',Waterson

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Dana White on Waterson vs Hill,
Waterson feels she did enough to win versus Hill,
Hill feels she did enough to win versus Waterson,
Bobby Green celebrates his 3rd successive win,
Artem Lobov is back,
Michael Bisping on UFC double booking Chimaev,
Team McGregor denies latest allegations,
Dana White on Conor McGregor's latest controversy,
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H. Jules
H. Jules Пре 8 дана
That was one hell of a fight. Waterson did just enough in my opinion in 3. The last minute for Hill though made me wonder
Beau Benal
Beau Benal Пре 24 дана
Yeahh is looking on comfort zone since the last fight with Khabib and now there is khamzat on the corner waiting for him Mcgregor he turned to boxing it doesn't hurt and he can make the same amount or maybe more money than UFC that smart move
Jonathan Bonaventure
Jonathan Bonaventure Пре месец
Conner can punch old people and sexually assault people when he feels like it but BJ Penn gets into a fight and Dana says he will never fight in the ufc again
Matt Lyle
Matt Lyle Пре месец
Dana don't mind money making cheaters,rapists,racists,drug addicts,thieves.
Chuck Edgerton
Chuck Edgerton Пре месец
Michelle Waterson is very impressive in many ways. Staying humble, being a good sport She has class. She loves her family.
mohunter68 Пре месец
So Who's next? Dana White controls a cage for people to fight each other? MMA world who's next? Is this like the Gladiators of ancient Greece? I cannot help to see this ancient ritual play into today's politics. It disgusts me to no end.
mohunter68 Пре месец
Dana White is the New White Supremesist in America. Instead of fighting dogs, he's arranging fights of people.
mohunter68 Пре месец
Dana White if the new White supremesist of the Fight Club of America. Talk about Fight Club?
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Пре месец
Im convinced Dana goes down on McGregor whenever he is "struggling" outside the cage just to cheer him up.
phil mill
phil mill Пре месец
Heard it was rape not indecent exposure.
Mike Sharp
Mike Sharp Пре месец
What an ‘proper’ embarrassment mcgregor is . Why do these sexual abuse allegations continually follow him around? Where’s all the Connor fanboys now? He’s never been the same since Khabib kicked his ass
William Fan
William Fan Пре месец
Connor drank too much of his stupid whiskey! He is now an embarrassment to all Irish
Hardcore Herbivore
Hardcore Herbivore Пре месец
Show me another sport, that provides a more equal opportunity for women.
wipemysmile Пре месец
Yeah call Dana Conor. He's a degenerate just like you and will help cover up your heinous crimes again so he can keep cashing in on your fake WWE fights.
Bennybass Пре месец
Why do the biggest rich scumbags get so much help, while tons of good people get screwed over...Conor is a pos plain and simple, people wonder why things are so screwed up and it’s cause people look up to scumbags, it’s a joke people can even be a fan of him
Major Deadline
Major Deadline Пре месец
Connor is rich . Let him help him self.
Scemo Пре месец
Is it just me or does anybody else hate everything about Angela Hill?
Brandon Walling
Brandon Walling Пре месец
I don't get it with this Conor McGregor he's got millions of dollars God has blessed him with prosperity and yet he's just blowing and doing stupid stuff and yet here comes Dana White well if he needs legal help I'll help him why would you do that Dana White this man has made millions dollars that he's fought for with Mayweather and the rest of it right why don't you spend your money on somebody innocent that's in prison to get them out instead of somebody who doesn't know how to behave himself and thinks he's a damn actual King and is nothing but a pompous ass it needs to be banned. From the UFC if it was anybody else shoot a damn band in them and yet you want to help someone that doesn't need the help because he end up in the end getting of with no consequences and then he feels empowered to do more stupid shit. If they make you money Dana you don't give a damn about there habits I've seen you let people go for far less shit you are a hypocrite spend your money helping the poor because we never hear that Dana white does anything for charity
May Tronix
May Tronix Пре месец
Dana: how much is he worth to me? Yea...i'll support him
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia Пре месец
Why doesn't Connor just rent some hookers girls don't like short guys rich or not
Travis Edwards
Travis Edwards Пре месец
“Conor is not a target..” Ok so that means that is not what is behind the accusation, that it may have been genuine and he may have committed the crime? His manager might want to clarify what he was trying to say and be alittle bit more careful with his words.
Steve F
Steve F Пре месец
Hey Miss Angela Hill, they didn't just give Michelle Waterson rounds 3 & 4. That's very disrespectful and arrogant of you to say that, Especially when Michelle won those rounds. As having judged many state athletic commission sanctioned MMA fights, one thing that is just important is the damage done by the strikes and Judynot the number of strikes landed. Another point, Each round is considered it's own individual fight and it's to be judged as such and these things are taught by the foremost authorities on MMA including Big John Mccarthy himself. Get over yourself Miss.
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Пре месец
Dana White supports that filth in the White House which makes him trumpscum....he should be the last one to make any comment about Conor's life...
Artem " The Bagel Boss" Lobov
VisInvis Пре месец
Lobov the goat still making headlines, love it
Nagrenol Пре месец
@3:26 if you are going to mention the goat in your video's then please use his proper titles, The Goat - Lord Artem Lobov
Masta Hentai
Masta Hentai Пре месец
"guys it's normal, is normal" haha 😂
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Пре месец
Dana whites net worth in 2013 was 40-50 million. In 2018 after 5 years of Mcgregor it was 250milliom and is currently purported to be as high as 300-400 million...yeah I bet Mcgregor can call you for anything buddy
Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh Пре месец
Conor Anthony Mac Gregor 🤯 I thought I knew his name
Desmond Schinkel
Desmond Schinkel Пре месец
Is there anyone here that even believes these claims against Conor? It makes no sense at all.
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Пре месец
“None of you/us can do what they did. Fighters are special athletes that are different than anyone who plays with balls or sticks.” Ok Dana then why don’t you pay them a higher percentage of the revenue? You know they deserve it. That’s the type of shit that makes no sense to me
Boxing Khan
Boxing Khan Пре месец
Old people were freaking out in case they get punched in the face !
Scott H
Scott H Пре месец
Good stuff, Dana. very relevant and true.
Letholdus Aurelius
Letholdus Aurelius Пре месец
Don't care whether I like or hate the person accused. Women have taken advantage of the #metoo movement to get money and fame. They know they can accuse and be instantly believed by an angry mob. Same for BLM. This is not justice.
PVTA NEGRA Пре месец
I would expose myself indecently all the time if I had 100 millie next to my name
lyco46 Пре месец
Nurmal nurmal
Randall Trantham
Randall Trantham Пре месец
opener, I don't need you to tell me this, fighters are special, but don't disrespect other sports. It makes you look small.
Snarfsnarfff Пре месец
I bet that woman saw a payday in Conor. He flashed his junk? Really? You sure you're not just looking for a payday? I'd counter sue her if I were Conor for character defamation. Fuck it why not he can afford the best lawyers. Just sucks he has to pay lawyers because some woman lied.
natural 9
natural 9 Пре месец
If Conor needs help from me it will cost him later- Dana White.
M. Hyder
M. Hyder Пре месец
Conor talk? 6:00 Got you.
Mr Vgoat
Mr Vgoat Пре месец
They kinda did the double booking thing with Valentina after she beat chahoogian.
JoeShmoe Пре месец
Dana stfuuuu "no one can do what they do". B, thousands of ppl do it everyday. Not everyone can be bald tho, that only some can do
Salxr Fernandez
Salxr Fernandez Пре месец
The notorious
millhouse313 Пре месец
Man Michelle waterson has got some LEGS on her holy shit she’s bad
Eddie Lamarca
Eddie Lamarca Пре месец
Fight nights are better
Hill Grant
Hill Grant Пре месец
Mctapper getting old and annoying. Bad roll model
Gabor Persotzi
Gabor Persotzi Пре месец
Dana “Conor was never my friend “ White
What about the Server?
What about the Server? Пре месец
McBaby is crying for help on twitter. He 'cant go on like this anymore' LOL. I'm sure he's got the razor blades ready.
CeoNiTe Пре месец
"Old people jump up when they see conor" jump up and duck the fuck down...
Snowman374th Пре месец
Angoam Singha
Angoam Singha Пре месец
m.rspost.info/first/1ovbn2HTg3e8m9E/video.html UFC song
EzyPzy LmnSqzy
EzyPzy LmnSqzy Пре месец
Gonna have a good laugh when Chimaev gets dropped hard on his head this Saturday
zputz Пре месец
“iF cONoR nEEdS hELp..” please. Another fragile white man neeeds help from himself? What’s new.
Chang Chang
Chang Chang Пре месец
Dana? Roids?
Barton B
Barton B Пре месец
Danas a clown. You put down every other sport to make fighters look superhuman. Ok uncle fester.
Matthew DeGenaro
Matthew DeGenaro Пре месец
A real man dose not need security! Weather he is "NOTORIOUS" or NOT! .. Just saying, look through out history. Athletes, Celebrity, Even Gotti Like John gotti or not. He gave the homeless 100 dollar bills. And he was THE BIGGEST P.O.S. !!!
Chris Пре месец
Waterson is so sexy
I M Пре месец
Hope Meerschaert derails another train.
Swayezir XL
Swayezir XL Пре месец
They are special athletes and that’s why I respect mma fighters over most athletes but if they’re that special then why not pay them more Dana ? 👀
Dynamite Black
Dynamite Black Пре месец
McTapper after hearing Tony vs Dustin won't happen... Immediately found a way to ditch Tony, again. Called it haha
M P Пре месец
Waterson just got herself a makeup sponsor no doubt!...If she doesn't have one already
John Doe
John Doe Пре месец
lol heading into "main event " Angela Hill was 10-8 lol
Kageryu Пре месец
Dana White to Conor singing in Whitney Houston's voice: 🎵"And IIIIIIIIIIIIIII....EIIIIIIIIIIII...WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUU"🎵
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Пре месец
Lobov is back!...
Princewhite Пре месец
2:07 she’s pretty cute
Martin Edasi
Martin Edasi Пре месец
Angela "the queen of edging" Hill
Kay Vee
Kay Vee Пре месец
Someone needs to tell France cuties was indecent exposer
chris cullen
chris cullen Пре месец
michelle you lost and you know it
KZ1994able Пре месец
Nobody: Literally nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not uh single soul: Dane White: "I do know that ive gone out with em publicly before"
Your master
Your master Пре месец
Hill's words remind me why the statement Gas Station Ready should be the most important factor of a aging fighters arsenal. I get so tired of hearing which round you brought it. You should be grinding and pressure fighting for all five. No rounds off no taking it easy. The last thing that should enter your mind is the cards. Just fight your fight
Colin 's Phone
Colin 's Phone Пре месец
you seen those tiny shorts he wears, maybe he went into a less open minded area of Europe :)
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Пре месец
Nobody: Ariel: the goat Artem Lobov is returning to MMA
Charlie ZzZ
Charlie ZzZ Пре месец
Conor: Who you fighting? Artem: Ylies Djiroun Conor: Who da fook is dat guy?
MY NAME JEFF Пре месец
Let’s be real, I would be more excited to see dana white then Conor LMAOOO
MY NAME JEFF Пре месец
Didn’t artem get slapped by the goat ? 😂
TONIC Пре месец
Ain Dana Fighting comes a Natural thing every body can do it. Getting to a Gym skills can be learnt but glad you Realise how Special these Athletes come... ... so Future Fights these Special Humans will Earn a Decent Purse, Wage
M M Пре месец
Chael Sonnen had two fights booked before. The greatest of all time. Never had a round go against him.
Benjamin Pickett
Benjamin Pickett Пре месец
Conor is either a pervert or being set up sex charges should never keep popping up if it barks it a dog but then again my parrot barks I'm off for a lie down
Chuck U. Farley
Chuck U. Farley Пре месец
Imagine running after sb or crowd him as an adult human being. Pathetic. "But u just commented on the video, that's just as pathetic. Conor lives rentfree in ur head"... Gtfo
MaNxei Plays
MaNxei Plays Пре месец
Now I knew Conor was in France😂
F Fu
F Fu Пре месец
If Floyd had even 1 allegation of sexual assault, everyone would assume his guilt and call him rapist....white privilege
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Пре месец
@F Fu lol no, he's given the benefit of the doubt by Conor dickriders. Has nothing to do with race. Quit being that guy.
F Fu
F Fu Пре месец
@Ryan Brown I'm talking about the comments section and media in general...White privilege conor given benefit of doubt...alleged assaults by mayweather and he labelled a woman beater...guilty as charged...and he only ever convicted for holding his ex down
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Пре месец
Yeah white privilege...Dana White privilege. Not skin color.
James Пре месец
To Khamzat, be careful what you wish for.
phreddy87 Пре месец
so hes a nudist. Big deal. Arent we supposed to be progressive and accepting of these "strange" behaviours these days? Shouldnt we celebrate him for bringing up the topic of nudism, just like Caitlyn Jenner did for boys who grew tired of their toys?
theartplaza Пре месец
MMA World covering for Conor again. First they covered up his sexual assaults in LA, then his rapes in Ireland and now they call an assault and attempted rape, indecent exposure/exposing himself. That's like saying Louis C.K was scratching himself, or that Bill Cosby was snuggling with those women.
Matt 88
Matt 88 Пре месец
Well said McGregor done some mad shit but he isn't some mass sexual predator
Rusty Legs
Rusty Legs Пре месец
Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do uncle Dana. 😤
SS Пре месец
Michelle "Even though my face is all busted up and Hill's isn't, I won" Waterson...
hawkatro Пре месец
We need Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit 2 - Just so one losing streak disappears :(
SS Пре месец
It's crazy how fighting isn't about damage... Hill did more damage than Waterson (just compare their faces) yet lost. Amazing...
I can do what they did. Easy. Put me in there with one of em.
40Dogg reid
40Dogg reid Пре месец
It's kind of funny, cause I just watched Conor Mcgregor video recording himself in another country just chilling, hanging out at a local pub listening to Live music. It was quiet and peaceful, like no body knew the he was Conor Mcgregor, also saw him on his Yacht just chilling. Then the next day, he's being arrested for Indecent Exposure? He must of been bored and Acted up....lol Who knows :-/
ABQ SKY Пре месец
A mentor once told me "Money only magnifies your problems". Case and point.
D W Пре месец
Dana taking advantage of cheap labour with Kamzutnurmagasharipovovitch
TheDxbrown Пре месец
That end clip was predictable.
LiveInternal Пре месец
Karate hottie!!!!
PL Lyons
PL Lyons Пре месец
Angela hill is blm
Jacob Andrews
Jacob Andrews Пре месец
Conner haters lol, keep it coming
AndrewLifts Пре месец
trolololmfao Пре месец
is normal
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