Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz have been offered a REMATCH possibly for the 1st PPV event of 2021,RDA

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Dustin Poirier waiting for his contract,
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Khabib training for Gaethje,
Ali Abdelaziz on Khabib vs Gaethje,
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Gilbert Burns hints at Chandler's possible move to UFC,
Robbie Lawler already back in training,
Jan Blachowicz has started his CARDO CAMP,
Makhachev vs RDS official,
Aljo on Dillashaw wants to relaim the 135lb belt,
Usman vs Burns in the works,
Michael Bisping recovering,
Ben Askren recovering and takes a swipe at Sean O'Malley,
Masvidal vs Diaz 2 in the works,
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Lazim Tha Bard
Lazim Tha Bard Пре месец
Gilbert Burns didn't write that savage PUN thrown at Ben Askren. Y'all know he didn't. Ask his sneaky manager.
Sohrab Пре месец
No one literally no on is interested in a fight between masvidal vs Diaz! And it's also funny that mctapper also commented about his comeback just when the Diaz Brothers came back!
Zozo Xo
Zozo Xo Пре месец
Hy ali abdelaziz what happen to your head ???
Meza Rod
Meza Rod Пре месец
So Michael Bisping did get his own reality show. Looks boring
Stuart Пре месец
bisping now walks like robocop
Iceman1 Bentley
Iceman1 Bentley Пре месец
Leon” Rocky Dennis” pump you’re brakes bro Jorge doesn’t want to fight you because he’ll make 3x as much fighting Diaz!!!!!!!
Jorge Meza
Jorge Meza Пре месец
Tony needs to summon el cucuy out of him. And put Dustin on life support in order for us to have Tony vs Khabib the most cursed fight ever in mma history.
Edgard Parra
Edgard Parra Пре месец
BMF > Welterweight Champion
Brendon Crosbie
Brendon Crosbie Пре месец
Ben Askren the want a be fighter find a rock and get Under it Egg an stay there👎👎👎
Scissor Hanz
Scissor Hanz Пре месец
Chandler pass USADA test??????
joe fuller
joe fuller Пре месец
Who is leon edwards? is he a fighter?
Johnny Fussell
Johnny Fussell Пре месец
Walter White
Walter White Пре месец
I’ve always had animosity towards Ben Askren, but after putting O’Malley on blast like that, then changing his Twitter handle to “BionicBen”, then proposing a battle for the “bionic belt” with Bisping, I’m officially a fan....he got me damn it!!!🤣😂
Truong Thuy Mai
Truong Thuy Mai Пре месец
Who is nate Diaz?
Pensky Material
Pensky Material Пре месец
This fight sucks! Nate is not the man he once was!
DaProdigy Пре месец
Ali Abdelaziz has the most muscular head I've seen on a person since Wayne Brady took off his hat.
ColdSnyper Пре месец
It really seems like Lawler is processing too much. If he could just unlock that fury he had before, Ruthless could have yet another resurgence. Why is Masvidal fighting down? Feed O'Malley to a couple more beasts & watch him fade away.
Josey F Jaimes
Josey F Jaimes Пре месец
I wonder how many people have been blocked by mma world, and write comments not knowing that they are blocked and that they are the only person that can view that comment. Am I blocked ? Lol by the way, Diaz vs Jorge? I think Jorge wins it 8 times out of 10
Bart BC
Bart BC Пре месец
BMF belt by two guys who neither can beat a top 5 guy in their division. What a joke 👎🏼👎🏼
Joe Angel
Joe Angel Пре месец
I feel like its an easy money fight for Jorge ... Nate had nothing for him in the first time out
Chuck Norris' Fist
Chuck Norris' Fist Пре месец
I think ancient aliens can make a comeback if they study ali abdelaziz's skull, no god damn way that thing is human.
chris Пре месец
Nate gets smoked again!tired of people and nate with those bs excuses.he cracked em and the fight had to be stopped. wasn't like nate was even in that fight.
Erik Danner
Erik Danner Пре месец
Get this fucking fight
Cyxh Пре месец
Edwards must be too much for Jorge. Dana is working hard to keep that from happening.
Joseph Diaz
Joseph Diaz Пре месец
Leon the joke Edwards sounds like one of them BLM ANTIFA jokers
oih oih
oih oih Пре месец
Jorge destroyed Diaz from A to Z, a rematch is not necessary
oih oih
oih oih Пре месец
Come on Usman needs to fight Edwards
Max Moore
Max Moore Пре месец
Legit no one cares about Leon Edwards
Jay Satori
Jay Satori Пре месец
I can’t wait for the announcers excitement to be like here we go for a five round match for the BMF belt
Wilbert Wilbert
Wilbert Wilbert Пре месец
That ending was so hard to watch
DjAlanBarratt Пре месец
Bisping's geordie accent like he's the voice over guy on big brother 🤣🤣
mm Пре месец
leon edwards is so fucking mad lmao
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
STILL waiting for Jorge to reply to Leon💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
Kenny Angelo
Kenny Angelo Пре месец
khabib is gonna choke like always
j buta
j buta Пре месец
Robbie is done. He should retire.
G. S.
G. S. Пре месец
all those fighters with knee replacement, hip replacement, WTF... healthy sport, right
Colby Covington ROY Stipe Miocic JONES & Nate DIAZ
Colby Covington ROY Stipe Miocic JONES & Nate DIAZ Пре месец
Woodley can get GSP as a training partner, won't make a difference when facing THE GOD OF MMA COLBY CHAOS COVINGTON 👑 😭
Francis Пре месец
Nate Masvidal seems pointless
Taylor Mcneil
Taylor Mcneil Пре месец
Eagle ready to defend strap
bakedbean 75
bakedbean 75 Пре месец
He should be fighting Leon Edwards . He shouldn't even have the bullshit belt. Should be usman s
Stanley Okoli
Stanley Okoli Пре месец
I would be scared too as a UFC fighter and with Chandler making a move over,.
Shane Bowie
Shane Bowie Пре месец
dana scott no mates white why would he Dana's meats(the ufc ) is his bread and butter no room for friendships when your sending peeps to the slaughter roflmfao
Elite Exposure
Elite Exposure Пре месец
Man, Usada destroyed Robbie Lawlers career lol
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Пре месец
Edwards oucheaa looking for smoke.. don't no one wanna give him none.. lol
4stronaut Пре месец
I bet Khabib pulls out. He's going to overtrain or be over-motivated/under-motivated due to the loss of his father (understandably) and Tony or Conor steps in. Gathje might even pull out if Conor is selected and it ends up being Conor vs Tony.
JJ 702
JJ 702 Пре месец
Dam that was a Boom Burns Roasted
Wally Green
Wally Green Пре месец
I’m almost sure Ben Askren and I had the same surgeon do our hip surgery! From looking at that ex ray!
multitablez Пре месец
3:50 why is a professional athlete mouth breathing? everyone knows you get more stamina by breaking through your nose.. unless his nose has a deviated spectrum.
JustAnotherAsianGuy 2
JustAnotherAsianGuy 2 Пре месец
oh hi .... good morning .... how are you .... there's nobody there .... i'm like WTF ..... lol
andy thoms
andy thoms Пре месец
The first fight was really one sided, why bother doing it again.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Пре месец
Jorge proven BMF. No need for rematch.
Daniel Ppa
Daniel Ppa Пре месец
Man Jorge must have been kicked in the head recently, he took fight in short notice and now rematch so dumb
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Пре месец
That dude really needs to grow his hair out
Greg Ory
Greg Ory Пре месец
Burns with the best BURN ive seen in a while, that was KNEE'ded
Michael Porter
Michael Porter Пре месец
Who cares who wins
Big Bad John 365
Big Bad John 365 Пре месец
slick word play from Gilbert
Pretty Pitty
Pretty Pitty Пре месец
Is Helwani that badly blacklisted by the UFC he has to get his info from TMZ?
Assassin Aquilus
Assassin Aquilus Пре месец
Sean O'Malley vs Ben Askren...let them fight.
alisleeze w the gucci onlya filthyair rab would wear
boxing4 life
boxing4 life Пре месец
Plz don’t put Dustin against khabib he was crying in there basically
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera Пре месец
Masvidal vs Diaz 2 is #supernecessary after how the 1st fight ended. I want to see these warriors go until someone get ko'd or taps 💪🏼👊🏼
Ronel jeremiah
Ronel jeremiah Пре месец
yan for champ
Mark Brady
Mark Brady Пре месец
Diaz is finished ffs. I'm sure masdival wants another easy pay day.
arkir Пре месец
Gilbert is savages
Saad Alghanmi
Saad Alghanmi Пре месец
Askren got kneed again 😂 omg
dubson965 Пре месец
Masvidal is Weak AF for not fighting Edwards.
Muhammad .Ali
Muhammad .Ali Пре месец
I say give both Masvidal and Diaz together to Khabib on the same night after he finishes with Gaethje. I mean, give the man some real challenge...
Actrocituss Gaming
Actrocituss Gaming Пре месец
Ali abdelaziz look like the black looper off the Mario Bros movie 🦎
TheyCallMeCoolRon Пре месец
That ending!
Criss Burns
Criss Burns Пре месец
Nate wins by tko this time💯💯
sneakernomics Пре месец
I like masvidal but if the chosen one and street jesus are now butt buddies, i am no longer a fan
Tejash Patel
Tejash Patel Пре месец
Edwards is going to be okay before he transcends to a journey man as well. Hopefully he’ll just face Neil Magny claiming he’ll wait till 2021 for possible title shot.
G oO
G oO Пре месец
Holy shit what’s wrong with Ali’s head 🙍🏻‍♂️
G M Пре месец
Nice to see that masvidal was nice enough to bring ben back from the dead, guys tough as nails.
Ali Abdelaziz looking like a Xenomorph is going to pop out of his skull.
Likewise4Gaming Пре месец
You don’t KNEE’d to watch it! That was pretty good! Now we all KNOW someone typed that for Gilbert because there’s no fkn way he’s even REMOTELY close to being that witty 💯
Likewise4Gaming Пре месец
M 1 Good one Gordon Ramsay
Al Rodriguez
Al Rodriguez Пре месец
Over hype vs over high let's do it
OnkelClutch Nicolay Jonas
OnkelClutch Nicolay Jonas Пре месец
Bisping wearing glasses should buy himself a monocle
Carmen Amang
Carmen Amang Пре месец
Why would we want to pay to see Masvidal v Diaz again? Masvidal looked terrible against Usman and Masvidal battered Diaz in their first fight
JMS2 Пре месец
Abdelaziss is a being of superior intelligence just look at the shape of his head.
OneManSmoke Пре месец
why ? Nate got his ass beat.
Taylor Gaston
Taylor Gaston Пре месец
Edwards has a point. Buuut.. he needs to take any fight he can get and just put on a show. He’s a great fighter but not a draw to casual fans. Get back to work and continue proving yourself until that can’t deny you.
laxlegend93 Пре месец
I guess Jorge doesn't want fights that help him get closer to the title. Oh well.
soldier of tough love
soldier of tough love Пре месец
6:00 Antioxidants prevent and reverse cancer.
Rhaun Shoden
Rhaun Shoden Пре месец
Weird how it looks like green screen shit when jorge and tyron are in the same shot. Look around the headphones. Don't get me wrong, I think it was real, its just a funny feeling to not truly know if what your viewing is real anymore.
BreachSheff Пре месец
Would much rather see Edwards v Masvidal than the BMF rematch
Dillon Smith
Dillon Smith Пре месец
Starting to like Gilbert Burns he’s a bad ass and he’s pretty funny
Vcolema81 Пре месец
I would love to see Ali abdelaziz skull x-ray. There are so many peaks and valleys and unexplainable bulges.
Alex SAUZEAU Пре месец
Lmao Aljo already salty bcs he knows the day TJ comes back he'll cut in front of everyone
Ofon Пре месец
Lol just watch Michael Chandler lose a bunch of definition as he enters USADA
Nataraj Monk
Nataraj Monk Пре месец
Ive followed the BMFs of the division for a very long time and asked for a rematch immediately after the doctor stoppage on Diaz. I still wanna see this fight. I think Nate should’ve just beat someone from the top 10 before this rematch. I feel indifferent towards Edwards , but he does need a fight. It should have been Edwards.
Kevin Rowland
Kevin Rowland Пре месец
That Ali guy has an alien shaped head i would have some hair on my head if the shit looked like that
TrlyBastrds Пре месец
Lmao even burns roasting askren poor guy
TrlyBastrds Пре месец
Tbh after seeing khabib training this long without a fight he might come in smack gaethje or lose weirdly idek
DFORREAL Log up Пре месец
If funny how dull Ben always have something weird to say but he haven’t proved one thing about his fight game since he arrived and the UFC. Shut your mouth funky smelling Ben.
Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen Пре месец
What a selfless, inspiring person Dustin Poirier is.
FoamActionNetwork Пре месец
Jorge is a 5 second guy? Oh shit, I thought I was the only one!
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