Paulo Costa Reacts to Israel Adesanya questioning if he's getting tested by USADA in Brazil,Lawler

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Paulo ’Face down Ass up’ Costo
Wimo Tapia
Wimo Tapia Пре месец
2:16 it’s actually a fact if you really think about it.
alphatrion100 Пре месец
Buff Ricky martin vs Jon Jones little brother!
Andreas H
Andreas H Пре месец
10:04 hahahaha
Tony Wolf
Tony Wolf Пре месец
Cruz vs Edgar? HELL YEA👍
M S Пре месец
Izzy will floor that juicebox, flat.
Randy Whitehead
Randy Whitehead Пре месец
Israel fells to realize, the crying all about Costa makes him look like a -itch!Hes scared and he will run like he did with Romero,but Costa is coming to you to destroy!
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Пре месец
Costa is soo gay ffs
truth quest
truth quest Пре месец
Stipe sounds like the hillbilly trainer from the water boy.. 😂Anyone get me.???
Nicholas Tomasevic
Nicholas Tomasevic Пре месец
Lasagne is trying to get out of fighting Coster
BamBam Machida
BamBam Machida Пре месец
Weird flex, not getting tested.
Brett Smith
Brett Smith Пре месец
Don should retire
Hype Hillbilly
Hype Hillbilly Пре месец
Wow I'm huge Stipe fan But stop him from Fighting anyone Else notice he is Punch drunk?
Luciano Oliveira
Luciano Oliveira Пре месец
The USADA tests every fighter bro ! Everyone knows it. So dumb to accuse someone of cheating and imply that a stupid T shirt proves anything 🤪
The Master Chad
The Master Chad Пре месец
Israel Adesanya part is at 8:57
Kam Пре месец
Edgar vs Cruz would be such a great fight
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip Пре месец
Volkanaski a chump
Varrin Victrix
Varrin Victrix Пре месец
I want to know how the hell Mike Swick keeps a straight face while listening to Diego talk about what he's learning under Fabia. Absolutely godlike composure.
Anas Muti
Anas Muti Пре месец
Paulo Costa: Omai wa mou Shinderu. Israel Adesanya: Nani?!!
J w
J w Пре месец
izzy hoping usada save his life
K D Пре месец
When Izzy wins all you guys being passive aggressive will eat those BS ass comments. Paulo costa actually is winning with the memes , who would’ve thought.. shuuutuuuup 🤦🏽‍♂️
bak 138
bak 138 Пре месец
Costa with the best meme ever lol that shit is hilarious.
Is there a chance that you’re new knee will not accept your body ? I hope not Get well pal
Caleb Custer
Caleb Custer Пре месец
Why does Costa look like a jacked Jimmy Fallon when he cheeses?
Dominique Conard
Dominique Conard Пре месец
Paulo Costa is a cheater who abuses steroids and whatever he's juiced up with.
Eritrean Raiders
Eritrean Raiders Пре месец
African worrier all day everyday.
Ezaser Thirteen
Ezaser Thirteen Пре месец
Runnersanya LMFAO...
Manatee 7
Manatee 7 Пре месец
Costa is on rhoids PERIOD!!!
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
Michael MWM
Michael MWM Пре месец
What's the name of the sublime song playing over Ortega's training video??
Aaron Пре месец
Anyone else notice that Brian Ortega coach likes to call him champion all the time that's really cruel giving the boy false hope 😂😂😂he will never be a UFC champion lol he doesn't have the ability or the mentality he's really a 155 lb he walks around at 180 he has to starvr himself to get down to 145 so he can never be at his full strength I don't know why he just doesn't fight in his own weight class but nevertheless he will never be a UFC champion and that's probably why he fights at 145 the weakest division
Jäger Volant
Jäger Volant Пре месец
Zombie wins by vicious KO first round. Calling it. Bet the house baby boy.
Dom Marcq
Dom Marcq Пре месец
Paulo saying he hasn’t been tested is cringeworthy. Even if he is fucking with stylebender. Being clean ain’t nothing to play with.
jiveturkeylee Пре месец
I know we are all supposed to love Stipe but I can't understand most of what he has said his whole career
PharmDwithLocs Пре месец
Dominic Cruz wants to sit around and wait for a title shot. He doesn’t want to earn it anymore.
CMDR Viriatus
CMDR Viriatus Пре месец
Conan costa, what is best in life? crush the enemy, hear the lamentation of the fans, roast him all the way to the octagon. Lol that pic
DontDoItSean DontDoIt
DontDoItSean DontDoIt Пре месец
Does the kids book mention how he won a lost match ? If so, I still wouldnt buy it.
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin Пре месец
That’s a new one! Paulo Costa tainting his opponents that in Brazil steroid testing is much more laid back. He is taunting people that he could be on it. What a stupid punk!
Mottahead Пре месец
When it comes to Costa's hulking physique, I have this to say : - yes, he looks like a beast and doping can get one there and he has a history of tendon tears (steroids tend to make tendons "tender" or more prone to injuries - in his training videos in Brazil we can see that he has issues with his weight, the guy gets really fat really easy. From what I know about steroids, those drugs just sucks off most fat from the user's body. What I see is Costa really struggling while dieting and going through crazy work outs. So..... hard to say.
Sam Black
Sam Black Пре месец
Mottahead An anabolic steroid merely gives the body an excess of test, essentially building blocks for the male form, however, no, fat is not burnt by steroids, it’s a byproduct of the ability to train much harder for longer, recover faster and train again sooner. People who use will often combine the anabolic with a fat stripper such as clen. However, it’s been 5 or so years since I was around that life, which is why I asked if you knew of some new product I hadn’t heard of. I’ll check out that article, thanks for the post.
Mottahead Пре месец
@Sam Black Well, this is my source :
Mottahead Пре месец
@Sam Black Why are anabolic steroids used? Isn't it to increase muscle mass while decreasing the percentage of fat in the body? Is that what you are questioning?
Sam Black
Sam Black Пре месец
Mottahead My questions are basic how? You made some statements, I believe them to be false. So I’m asking you to elaborate / provide proof of your statements. So as I said, what is this wonder steroid you are referring to that ‘sucks fat from the body’? I’ve never heard of it. And where are the studies to back up this claim of a correlation between ‘steroid’ (which one) use, and tendon frailty? I’ve heard of isolated cases, but nothing to suggest them be anything other than that.
Mottahead Пре месец
@Sam Black Do you even know what the word anabolic means? Your questions are pretty basic, dude.
NO ONE ABOVE Пре месец
They should behave better. If you are a great FIGHTER you can be also great caracter An behave properly and be role model👋💚💪
nofd1977 Пре месец Israel is getting worried
Thony jr. Van De Geuchte
Thony jr. Van De Geuchte Пре месец
Brain ortega isnt the champ, its cringe calling him champion
Karl Strausside
Karl Strausside Пре месец
Stipe is such a dislikable cringey bastard. Thick as fuck
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast Пре месец
👊 Good job as always. Thanks for the feature!
DJ RHINO Пре месец
Paulo "Juiced" Costa. I hear he has plastic fake muscles 💪
zoy joy
zoy joy Пре месец
Alexander fake chump
SammySam7x Пре месец
Volkanovski looking like a cringe fuckboy. That belt is getting to his head.
Veris Пре месец
Paulo has the HGH gut.
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman Пре месец
Costa, Queen of Fist(ing)
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman Пре месец
Costa, Queen of Fist(ing)
Bruce Gelman
Bruce Gelman Пре месец
All hail The Queen Of Brazil.Costa Ya Basta
Robbie Bartlett
Robbie Bartlett Пре месец
Izzy already trying to setup an excuse for losing 😂
David Olson
David Olson Пре месец
Please Paulo punish this fucking clown for all of us. Please change that mans face for good. #erased
Freddy Furious Brown Jr
Freddy Furious Brown Jr Пре месец
Costa will not win. Adesanya will finish him, has beat Costa in kickboxing twice already, thats why adesanya ain't worried.
tom nickerson
tom nickerson Пре месец
Adesanya is out of line asserting that Paulo Costa is using PED’s, he isn’t a real champion because an actual champion wants to finish their opponent not run away like he did against Romero, not throwing a single punch in more than four rounds in fear of being countered. If Costa wants to shut Adesanya up all he needs to do is demand that they fight in the smaller cage, then watch the excuses from the pink hair p***y.
Cesar Ordaz
Cesar Ordaz Пре месец
Costa definitely on PEDs.
Josh Galli
Josh Galli Пре месец
Izzy should fight t wood to decide the most boring champ of all-time
Tee.M 2019
Tee.M 2019 Пре месец
Costa is ricky martins boyfriend
Rus Saranchuk
Rus Saranchuk Пре месец
Did anyone else understand a single word stipe said?
brian green
brian green Пре месец
Izzy sounds scared....looks like he's gonna run again
Chris S
Chris S Пре месец
Diego been hit in the head too many times. If you are training you are learning and getting timing and technique down.
Chance Nordio
Chance Nordio Пре месец
i said this last time he brought up this usda shit.....illl be 10k they arent testing many of the fighters out of china russia and of course brazil....i could name 4 brazilians takin roids AT THIS MOMENT....being a person that has done a cycle its very easy to tell who has taken them
Unfiltered Conspiracist
Unfiltered Conspiracist Пре месец
I'm not sure if Costa wants to knock Adesanya out or fk him lol
Unfiltered Conspiracist
Unfiltered Conspiracist Пре месец
@Doris Chen hahahaha not
Unfiltered Conspiracist
Unfiltered Conspiracist Пре месец
Volkanovski is trying to get em whilst theyre young indoctrinating children to think he's great he couldn't even take out cupcake lol
Unfiltered Conspiracist
Unfiltered Conspiracist Пре месец
The real Omally shows hes not hurt
Real deal J Steele
Real deal J Steele Пре месец
Yo how do u have like 20 ads in a 10 minute video
Mr. Rager
Mr. Rager Пре месец
3:05 I wonder if it mentions Holloway getting robbed in the second fight
David Burgess
David Burgess Пре месец
CCC has something to do with costas pic of Izzy lol
Ameerul Aqmal Malek
Ameerul Aqmal Malek Пре месец
Yeah.. Paulo does dodge the question..
Pheonix Flamond
Pheonix Flamond Пре месец
Man i hate volkanovski fuck that guy. He really isent the champ but whatever stupid ass judges.
HRT 666
HRT 666 Пре месец
Izzy no one want to test the Iron man out in Brazil. Haven't you seen Fast and Furious? Go a pack on some muscle skinny boy. You're a roast chicken come fight night mate. 😂😂😂
Filthy Mcnasty
Filthy Mcnasty Пре месец
Lmao that pic Paulo posted is gold! Israel actually does look like that chick from the movie!! 😂😂😂
CG Kavosseaye Dinero
CG Kavosseaye Dinero Пре месец
I think if Dom and Edger Fight He will put the hands on him and Edgar Would have to rely on his wrestling
Danix9 Пре месец
Everybody is on steroids. Nice acting.
Please costa, erase izzys mouth and make him into a humble champion like zhang
lawrence mahon
lawrence mahon Пре месец
Costa is goin ta break izzys ribs and we gonna hear that shit because no crowd.... its gonna sound beautiful👊 love izzy but lost alota respect for running from romero.... you cant run from cost my freind 🇮🇪
Almighty Sen
Almighty Sen Пре месец
Why would a technical striker stand and bang with a beast like Romero? Romero is a clown. He stood and waited for adesyana almost the whole fight like he was the one defending the belt. Adesyana simply did what he had to given the circumstances. Romero's just an old fool.
Tyler W
Tyler W Пре месец
LOL, Izzy actually believe people think he's on the juice?!? Sorry to tell you big fella, but you dont really have the "juiced up" look
Arek Borowski
Arek Borowski Пре месец
Alexander "Not real champion" Volkanovski's book XD this guys was given the belt by corrupted judges and hes acting like he fuking desrved it XD
Dizzy Fahy
Dizzy Fahy Пре месец
Costa deserves the belt just for that picture
Sean TheMoneyMagnet
Sean TheMoneyMagnet Пре месец
Ortega is a piece of shit.
Brando Пре месец
Wait did Costa just admit that he takes something? 😅
Max Zigliara
Max Zigliara Пре месец
"Good, Champion, let's go!"... Oh my god, the cringe...
Brando Пре месец
“Blessed” Robbie Lawler
TheSilenc3 Пре месец
Idiots, Yan vs Edgar it must be
sam pearce
sam pearce Пре месец
5 seconds, never going to be a champion
Karl_Drogo55 Пре месец
Ok that photo shop Costa did was hilarious tho
Tyler W
Tyler W Пре месец
Fuck Izzy came out all "I'm a nerd and I'll kick your ass." But has turned in to the biggest bitch boi in the UFC. Always bitching about USADA, or the cage size, or saying hes going to knock guys out and then leg kicking them for 25 minutes. Not excited for this guys fights any more.
A H Пре месец
Adesanya hype train is getting slower and slower everyday... 🤷‍♂️
Frankie Joseph
Frankie Joseph Пре месец
7:46 Stipe said it best
Nicholas Butler
Nicholas Butler Пре месец
Franky edgar dominick cruz
Werewolf O. London, Esq.
Werewolf O. London, Esq. Пре месец
Dude, Lawler better show up, not fight like he did against Covington.
Lee Shaw
Lee Shaw Пре месец
Cruz isn't even top omg take what u can get at this point cause u suck at being a play by play guy dom
Hugo Castana
Hugo Castana Пре месец
I hope Israel loses because he is trying to be cocky like Conor but doesn’t have the charisma that Conor does. Israel just comes off as a douche bag that’s not even entertaining.
neil k.
neil k. Пре месец
Isreal already preparing the excuses
All Dogs Lover
All Dogs Lover Пре месец
Lmao Paulo clowning izzy is funny as hell
R E Пре месец
6:03 nice movement training wow!
U.S.- SheepDog47
U.S.- SheepDog47 Пре месец
Costa's sexuality is like the close Franky Edgar fight, it can go either way..💪👄💅
adam co
adam co Пре месец
when costa basically admits he doesnt get tested 110% using some sort of ped if hes not then vitor was clean lmao
Lyann Dragon Heart
Lyann Dragon Heart Пре месец
Costa is a smart thrash talker, even with his broken English. Love that guy hahahah
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine Пре месец
0:25 Where's the Welterweight and Featherweight Champs?
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