Dana White explains why he is double booking Khamzat Chimaev with Back-to-Back fights,Vera-O'Malley

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Jan Blachowicz on Jones vacatin 205lb belt,
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Dana White on Khamzat Chimaev's double booking,

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Beau Benal
Beau Benal Пре 20 дана
Khamzat he is going to smash adesanya 1000000% just look at the fight Kamaru Usman vs Demian Maia he was like amateur Dana White should give Adesanya instead Damian. Khamzat is like a crocodile in the water territory no one can escape
Raging Warrior
Raging Warrior Пре месец
Resistance showed only for 17sec
Onslaught on sight
Onslaught on sight Пре месец
Lmao he felt disrespected 🤣🤣🤣🤣
bret adams
bret adams Пре месец
bro ubereem is the champ more champs than just ufc lol but if he gets it its like boxing all the belts i like it
Danny Harp
Danny Harp Пре месец
Overeem definitely was on steroids back in the day... 100%
Naz Shey
Naz Shey Пре месец
Khamzat has never met resistance in all his 8-0 win, he runs through people, coz he's a fk Monster, he looks even better than Khabib, that guy's ferocious! Dana didn't even mention Gerald, coz he knows this guy going to be mauled!
Quasar Пре 20 дана
Dana was right
Zafar Warrior
Zafar Warrior Пре месец
Its business
Robert Walko
Robert Walko Пре месец
Ta satyra na końcu ,piękna:))
Khamzat is a hungry Wolf and I cant wait to see how hes gna smash his opponents in the cage
Naz Zan
Naz Zan Пре месец
Say what you wanna say but no one puts fight like Dana
Antonio Sabattini
Antonio Sabattini Пре месец
Dana's talking nonsense like he was sniffing glue.
Mr. Mouse
Mr. Mouse Пре месец
MMA world you run channel like it's make out hour at the blow up doll location...you fook faces can still get paid with 8 foooking minutes..your 10 minutes of B's is getting played out...I will never click on to anything you post that is 10 minutes.too many other great MMA channels..plus u maggots just borrow footage from each other..
Blob Blab
Blob Blab Пре месец
Jacob Walls
Jacob Walls Пре месец
Herb was walking by, he didn't say shit to Dan till Dan started talking shit...which is why Dana said if Dan ever does that again, he's gone
Luis Gandara
Luis Gandara Пре месец
Lmfaoo that clip at the end..
TrikShotsGaming Пре месец
Vera is trash. Only won cuz Sean injured his leg. Sean probably could have still won if he didn’t fall over and ref stopped early cuz he knew Sean was injured
JerJerBynx Пре месец
Wants to see Khamzat lose!!
ramsy420 Пре месец
TheMrEpicsounds Пре месец
Itll be great to see a fighter fight twice in one night. I think Khabib should so that 👌
Benny Mitchell
Benny Mitchell Пре месец
Marlon vera lol
[CHOMP] Пре месец
I've been subscribed to this channel for 7 years now, since I was 13 keep up the great content
April Mendez
April Mendez Пре месец
Double book that ratlip asap
AbsurdPigeon Пре месец
Sean O'Malley is the Charlie Zelenoff of the UFC
Bob XJ6
Bob XJ6 Пре месец
6:25 Dana & Khamzat
80salmaan Пре месец
Listening to meerschaert lmao
305Jarhead Пре месец
The Ending was on Point 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I did Business !!!! That's Dana He Don't give a F#@K about your feelings or if you feel Disrespected.
BenRangel Пре месец
Reem is a legend, but not sure I’d call that performance ”outstanding”, the way he just covered up and backed up to the cage - a littlr bit lucky a punch didn’t slip through, expected a Bigfoot style KO loss
Ronald Thompson
Ronald Thompson Пре месец
Dan Hardy had no business injecting himself into making decisions for the fight. He was supposed to be there for commentary. Show up, comment, keep your mouth shut and your nose clean, collect your check, shake hands and say "thank you" and leave. Don't attract drama & controversy to yourself when there are alot of former fighters happy to take your job / replace you! Don't ruin a good thing for yourself
Ronald Thompson
Ronald Thompson Пре месец
Overeem is a perfect example of picking yourself up and fighting on when you fall short or get knocked down in life. Thanks for the good example Alistair Overeem!
Gawani Whitecrow
Gawani Whitecrow Пре месец
Is the ginger Jesus not in this one with his bible quotes?
A KAY Пре месец
Lol. Khamzat will break the RECORD....
Michael McGregor
Michael McGregor Пре месец
Bisping, “people talk about me being a legend.” Lol, do they???
Jusuf Nisic
Jusuf Nisic Пре месец
marlon vera talking like he koed malley in the first 20 seconds of the first round i cant wait if they ever have rematch marlon is going to eat all the shit he is talking now.
Shid Pooster
Shid Pooster Пре месец
I think Jon Jones should have to fight me before he goes to heavyweight. I mean he's earned a lot of xp in light heavy. Could be level 69 by now, I am a level 420 boss though. He ain't getting through me.
Morpher Пре месец
@Shid Pooster your og comment was terrible mate
Shid Pooster
Shid Pooster Пре месец
​@Morpher How old is your dog?
Morpher Пре месец
How old r u?
zmeicorp Пре месец
So lets say that Khamzat gets his ass kicked in the first fight and has serious damage from it, what happens with the second fight if he's not able to show up? Is Maia going to be compensated for his training camp/preparation ?
Austin Vallejos
Austin Vallejos Пре месец
Dana getting kinda jacked lately....
champtunes Пре месец
Lmfaoo that ending had me DEAD 💀
EatBigLiftBigGetHUGE Пре месец
Royce Gracie regularly fought 3-4 times in a single night, He always won all the fights too. Royce is a legend. As far as taking the most UFC fights in the shortest period of time, no one will ever be able to compete with Royce
misosong Пре месец
lol that ending was amazing
P. Dookie Salmon
P. Dookie Salmon Пре месец
Joe Rogan's new studio sucks guys
Filthy Mcnasty
Filthy Mcnasty Пре месец
Quick swick showing you love ! What!! Well deserved! Been watching for years and you guys are by far the best mma news outlet. Not even comparable to any other
Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed Пре месец
It's Sad... Vera Only Been Champion For A Little Bit. Now It's Going To Be Taken By Cody...
[1561] - BoomRaver
[1561] - BoomRaver Пре месец
Daaamn the Swick shoutout!! whoop!
david schneide
david schneide Пре месец
Overeem has a proven track record of using PED's, yet Bisping still says he's awed by his achievements. What does that say about Bisping?(I'm assuming nobody who remains all-natural will ever endorse the success of someone who has taken the easy route)
8r04lif3 Пре месец
Amed ma
Amed ma Пре месец
Vera just won with pure luck he was losing that fight before O'Malley got injured!
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Пре месец
I hope GM3 is able to pull off the upset against Chimaev. The ufc did lowkey disrespect him and I like seeing hype trains get derailed lol. GM3 is no slouch but Chimaev is a bad matchup for pretty much anybody, so if my house was on the line then I’d probably have to go with Chimaev. But since that ain’t the case and I don’t bet, I’m just gonna enjoy the fight.
Naseeb Abdullah
Naseeb Abdullah Пре месец
2020’s the year where all the hype trains are going to lose
Adub26 Пре месец
8:07 is this the next Luke Rockhold?
Dempsey Пре месец
That Hazmat guy is not Khabib. Once he starts to fight the top tier fighters he is going to get his ass kicked.
Real pathfinder Origin
Real pathfinder Origin Пре месец
There is a bunch of good fighters that can step in UFC and kill your middle East promoted Tsetsenians and Daghestanians. But i know the money you get in your pocket is too many. I am sick of that fake tournament, prefer the ONE now. Stay with your puppies Dana.
Jake Hoggan
Jake Hoggan Пре месец
Best meme video ever
Joe Burno1878
Joe Burno1878 Пре месец
Get rid of the music mate 🤮🤮🤮
Damien Soto
Damien Soto Пре месец
Vera really thinks he dominated that fight😭😂 he was fighting someone that was on one foot💀 feel bad for him man.
Ca2NYC Пре месец
Lmao where did you find that last clip?
Dan Malinowski
Dan Malinowski Пре месец
Khamzat is a beast
BUFF GAMER Пре месец
Kevin Seyforth
Kevin Seyforth Пре месец
Damn quick mike swick missed the opportunity to give that shout out real Quick isntead of real fast
HookNmoutH Пре месец
I was genuinely impressed by Overeem in that Sakai fight. I still had The Reem up 2 going into the 5th by a hair.
Mason Walker
Mason Walker Пре месец
Trying to Make Dan Hardy look good and Herb look bad. Dan should just shut the hell up.
Kris Lewis
Kris Lewis Пре месец
Hardy should not be telling the ref to stop the fight unless he was cornering. It is the business of the fighter or his corner to call the fight, period!
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
I never miss your videos 😎
Jtw Fighter
Jtw Fighter Пре месец
What happens if he gets knocked out or injured in the first fight?
Kota Lz
Kota Lz Пре месец
Stop interviewing chitos bum ass trynna take his hype but says he was a clown riding his hype? Celebrating like he KO him when Sean lost to himself and he landed 2 elbows and acts like he won the belt
Kota Lz
Kota Lz Пре месец
Your chin doesn’t go you just get hit perfect by a fucking heavyweight don’t matter the chin that’s a fucking car crash to ur face lol
2x Champ
2x Champ Пре месец
I know I’m watching mma world since in the beginning
Bossie Bos
Bossie Bos Пре месец
That Mile Swick shout-out, though.
Mark Ledesma
Mark Ledesma Пре месец
I thing Khamaev can do two at a time.
Travis Edwards
Travis Edwards Пре месец
David Saint-Germain
David Saint-Germain Пре месец
Mmaworld getting the love!!! You guys deserve it.
I guess if a fighter has not taken any damage in a single fight why not let him fight back-to-back? Overall it is about the safety of the fighters, no damage no worries.
Control Yourself
Control Yourself Пре месец
I think Gerald gets it done. One hype killed after another.
Cody Hall
Cody Hall Пре месец
HUGE MYSTERY: How many subscribers does MMA World have? 🤣
James D. Blanchard
James D. Blanchard Пре месец
If Im not mistaken, I believe Ive heard Khabib say that he could (& was willing to if allowed by Dana) Fight back to back & on the same night..? I think DW kept Khabib on the back burner a little too long, getting all he can out of McGregor while he could, all the while he had this dominant undefeated Fighter receiving no love let alone exposure & he doesn't want to wait on another potential Superstar...but I am sorry DW, this kid is great, but a Khabib he'll never be...
yasee chaudhry
yasee chaudhry Пре месец
That ending though!🤣🤣 I think "MMA WORLD" has a PHD in endings, sorry scratch that, BRUTAL ENDINGS!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏼👏🏻👏🏻✌🏻
kalahauoli355 Пре месец
Yeah Jon is restless for more money. Jan is a girl's name btw.
Kevin Пре месец
Of course herb approached Dan. He wasn’t happy nor should he have been
Keo sae
Keo sae Пре месец
Because Dana knew Khamzat is real💪💪
Tanner Пре месец
Business hahaha
Aetherius Prime
Aetherius Prime Пре месец
Honestly, if it was a dude without an english accent coming to Hardy's defense I might've listened.
Alan Clayton
Alan Clayton Пре месец
Your show Enders crack me up, well done all. 🤙😝
Jason Christodoro
Jason Christodoro Пре месец
The UFC has been real big on Hype trains lately. Till, O’Malley, Masvkdal, I think this guy is legit but I’ll just sit back and watch his next few fights before I jump on.
Morpher Пре месец
It's because a lot of the top guys are leaving
MMAlife7k Пре месец
Lmfao the ending
ne ph z
ne ph z Пре месец
Cowboy also wanted back to backs back then but that was when he won the fight.
Living Artist New York
Living Artist New York Пре месец
business... lol very good job on finding that.
Daemondin Пре месец
That end sequence... :D. Where is it from?
amacm69 Пре месец
Woodley the man who set the record for least punches or action in title fights lol. Hes ppv cancer
MrSmallBalls Пре месец
I have a small Weiner, for that reason I cant be a UFC contender.
Omar Пре месец
So Overeem is pretty much the Vince Carter of the UFC (playing in four different decades).
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan Rose Пре месец
Even with all the hype, Khamzat Chimaev still doesn't have a Wikipedia page yet, LOL.
Joker S
Joker S Пре месец
Damn overream looks exactly the same since 1999 ... small Mario ... Now big Mario after mushroom 🍄 looooooooooool
Dylan Hall
Dylan Hall Пре месец
Ham Andeggs
Ham Andeggs Пре месец
That end scene is absolute gold
Nima Arefi
Nima Arefi Пре месец
Dan should be fired
Marcio Marques
Marcio Marques Пре месец
All old Pride FC events 24 hours a day. www.twitch.tv/mundodaluta
Conor McThanos
Conor McThanos Пре месец
Maybe Herb approached dan to tell him to stop fucking yelling shit he shouldn’t be at the cage
RYAN BLACK Пре месец
Why does Chito not have another fight lined up already? Mick has dropped the ball on that one. Even if it’s just a Song Yadong rematch that would be good.
Ubong Udoh
Ubong Udoh Пре месец
One of the best endings 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎯
Sadia Abdinor said
Sadia Abdinor said Пре месец
OMG! The end had me🤣
Schuy Bond
Schuy Bond Пре месец
the end was perfect lmao
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