Khabib gives his honest opinion on possibly the next BIG UFC Super Star Khamzat Chimaev,Adesanya,Jon

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Пре 23 дана

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Tyron Woodley on losing to Covington,

Paulo Costa more committed than ever,

Werdum teases a move to Bellator MMA,

Alistair Overeem calls for a rematch with Rozenstruik,

Justin Gaethje slams Colby Covington,
Source-Aaron Bronsteter- aaronbronsteter

Jon Jones calls out Israel Adesanya,

Johnny Walker trains with Pereira,

Khabib gets annoyed by repeated questions on his late father,
Source-Aaron Bronsteter- aaronbronsteter

UFC working hard to book Khamzat Chimaev,

Khabib Nurmagomedov gives his honest opinion on Khamzat Chimaev,
Source-Aaron Bronsteter- aaronbronsteter
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Cody Goins
Cody Goins Пре 4 дана
Lol Costa doesn’t even know muscle can’t build skill. Lmao
Richard Sarco-Thomas
Richard Sarco-Thomas Пре 6 дана
Twood deluded
John Gomez
John Gomez Пре 13 дана
Basically Martial arts ballet @ 04:38
Max Moore
Max Moore Пре 13 дана
Costa lifting weights isn't you getting better. It's adding muscle that slows you the fuck down. Work on skill. That makes sense here otherwise shut up foreva
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan Пре 13 дана
Tyron: “something stopped me from letting go and unlocking”. Me: Yeah it’s called your brain🤣
Brad M
Brad M Пре 15 дана
Ladies & Gentlemen, our next guest... more excuses than hair on your balls.... Give it up for, Mr. Tyron “something stopped me” Woodley...🤕 👏 👏
David Apodaca
David Apodaca Пре 15 дана
The fact Woodley hasen't dropped it, is funny enough
Rasqache Media
Rasqache Media Пре 16 дана
Tyron hasn't let his hands go since he faught Till
AzzBlasterLIVE Пре 17 дана
Its such a damn shame that Tyron can't let those hands loose no more. He's a very likeable person.
Steve Zenowitz
Steve Zenowitz Пре 17 дана
Bucket list moment added: gotta see Mike Perry get corned by both Tyron Woodley and Matt Serra just for the "Falling in and out of love" acapella version 🙄🙄🙄🤣🤣🤣
nofd1977 Пре 17 дана
Of course he is gonna back up another of the same
Unscripted Virtuoso
Unscripted Virtuoso Пре 17 дана
Temasek SDQ
Temasek SDQ Пре 17 дана
Woodley should come up with a new song, “ keep getting beat up, being beat up again”!
sidgeaberration Пре 17 дана
Khabib with that baby boomer phone angle.
Bad Rabbit
Bad Rabbit Пре 18 дана
Costa needs more muscle. Was just not strong enough. Lol
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Пре 18 дана
*Jon Jones is going to hurt him.*
Brian Cole
Brian Cole Пре 18 дана
Something happened. Ya. You talked all that shit. And got beat up. Stop your excuses
Red X
Red X Пре 18 дана
Tyrone woodley is washed
Lj Cooks
Lj Cooks Пре 18 дана
TWood should drop the singing and all the other stuff and focus on fighting. Colby beat his arse and broke his ribs and now he's back to giving car interviews 😂😅 🤣 to stay relevant.
Geoffrey Darcy
Geoffrey Darcy Пре 18 дана
Falling in, and out of love witchou ? Amy , whatchoo gonna do ? It's already been dropped. 50 years ago.
Geoffrey Darcy
Geoffrey Darcy Пре 18 дана
Izzys comment on Jon's mom. Following "The Covington book of etiquette." Do better , as a human being. Or be marked , as a Cretin.
Geoffrey Darcy
Geoffrey Darcy Пре 18 дана
Costa , working his speed building techniques... with dumbbells. "Genius."
Syrales Пре 18 дана
d mega movo ! run !!!
Marco Austin
Marco Austin Пре 18 дана
Very difficult
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Пре 18 дана
Lmao, nobody besides Neil Magny ouchea calling out Khamzat.. dude is a straight up killer..
Benjamin Szymanski
Benjamin Szymanski Пре 19 дана
stop rapping and singing.
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips Пре 19 дана
Woodley, youre a great fighter, but at 38yo i dont know how youre getting better, aside from if you were taking epo or something. Dail it back with a tune up fight, or consider you aren't 25yo anymore. Theres no shame in stepping down after everything youve done, your prime has passed thats all.
Security Phone
Security Phone Пре 19 дана
Woodley is turning himself into a meme😂
Connor Mitchell
Connor Mitchell Пре 19 дана
Werdum getting back on the peds
JTSX1 Пре 19 дана
Terrible song, Terrible music. Dude should move on to charity work.
J Cocksmith
J Cocksmith Пре 19 дана
So this other dude says he got hurt before the fight but a week later he’s back training
J Cocksmith
J Cocksmith Пре 19 дана
So this dude is gonna just keep getting beat up.
RhennielGL Пре 19 дана
Israel is a good fighter but he's scared to face 🐐 ops
51Percent Productions
51Percent Productions Пре 19 дана
He might have the edge in training but actions speak louder than words in the Octagon. Give up T wood.
Kyza Yorke
Kyza Yorke Пре 19 дана
My reaction to twood 🙄
Geoff George
Geoff George Пре 19 дана
Woodley's fight game = about as good as his rap game
And Cch
And Cch Пре 19 дана
why is a fighter doing side raises?
Don Kiko
Don Kiko Пре 19 дана
I’m calling it khamzat will sweep the division and adesanya will move up in weight to avoid khamzat
Robert Guillemette
Robert Guillemette Пре 19 дана
t wood rap to scratch the back of colby covid covington
GAMBITGOD Eighty-Six Пре 19 дана
Glad to see Johnny Walker is back to being serious...his training looks intense..
Robert Guillemette
Robert Guillemette Пре 19 дана
tyron rap are the best when you made a number 2 in the morning .
RudeBOY Пре 19 дана
How can I start a career as a reporter/journalist without schooling ? I 100% feel like I would be above in rank than most of them now. I just don’t understand why some of these questions are asked or who green lights them.
RudeBOY Пре 19 дана
I guess the chance to win the belt wasn’t commitment enough for Paulo Costa
RudeBOY Пре 19 дана
You’re not getting better than others in the league of UFC if you keep losing .. but I wish him the best
Rocky Eich
Rocky Eich Пре 20 дана
Jones is scared 😂
DaLeadBull Пре 20 дана
I've never seen someone as delusional as Woodley!
jcarby86 Пре 20 дана
woodley needs to retire from the internet , too
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Пре 20 дана
Now Izzy just pissed Jon off.... The last thing you want to do is piss Jon off lol. RIP Izzy
Striking Tiger- Filipino Martial Arts
Striking Tiger- Filipino Martial Arts Пре 20 дана
Fallen in-and-out of love in-and-out of love with you!
Roc ROCA Пре 20 дана
Paulo Costa is looking more and more like a fool. Growing big muscled through power lifting and steroids will not defeat Israel Adesanya. Izzy already defeated you and your steroids. Try a new tactic moron.
The Razzah
The Razzah Пре 20 дана
Woodley sucks
JOE ancheta
JOE ancheta Пре 20 дана
woodley should stop singing and stop fighting too 🤪🤪🤪
Anthony silva power squad
Anthony silva power squad Пре 20 дана
Matt serra
Cory Samoila.crypto
Cory Samoila.crypto Пре 20 дана
A Saudi plant?
1K Subs Before November Challenge
1K Subs Before November Challenge Пре 20 дана
Please help me with my challenge
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett Пре 20 дана
Id love to see Covington vs Gathje tho I think colby would dominate
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett Пре 20 дана
Twood get your head right that's your only problem your mental toughness isn't what it use to be get that back and you will be better then ever
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett Пре 20 дана
I'm Amy McGrath and I approve this message
The Night King
The Night King Пре 20 дана
I don’t think there was any need for Izzy to bring up Jon’s mum tbh
jeffrey thomas
jeffrey thomas Пре 20 дана
As much as i like Izzy, i'm taking Jones in that fight. I think Jones gets him down and keeps him there.
Powerhouse/Beast Cz
Powerhouse/Beast Cz Пре 20 дана
I don’t see what’s funny he is getting better...AT LOSING😂😂
Tommy Brashares
Tommy Brashares Пре 20 дана
Whats a "Heecup"??
b metrix
b metrix Пре 20 дана
I lost a ton of respect for Gaythe. He’s actually a bag of dirt. Worse than Cunnntington.
b metrix
b metrix Пре 20 дана
Paula Roida Costa
Jerrod Jones
Jerrod Jones Пре 20 дана
Sorry Woodley. I'm a fan but regardless of your rib, you wouldn't of gotten the W. Covington's a beast.
Rangi Phillips
Rangi Phillips Пре 20 дана
Faling in love
NajashiTV Пре 20 дана
woodley probably needs a sports psychologist.
Bruce Lick
Bruce Lick Пре 20 дана
I feel bad for woodley now ... it used to be funny but Jesus
bigp3027rg Пре 20 дана
Dana White is a hater hé realy want woodly gone but there is going to get a time hé have to Kiss woodly ass
Keyvan Goodarzi
Keyvan Goodarzi Пре 20 дана
Israel, you are the best at your weight class, but to be honest, no matter how mich you wieght, you will never be able to beat jones 🖐🏻
Loool All of those guys that stood next to the President need to take COVID TESTS
Ppl are stupid enough to ask how someone is coping after a loss of a loved one
Thats the real brother talk
Know3ody Пре 20 дана
Ohhh this is the yt that puts thier title at the end of the video.
rachid arifi
rachid arifi Пре 20 дана
Tyron is talking too mush please make it less
Fess Parker
Fess Parker Пре 20 дана
I tried running at the wall & doing a back flip, I’m still trying to recover! Better stick to watching the action on TV. PS - I’m a retired veteran & 69 (lol)
Jerry Bender
Jerry Bender Пре 20 дана
Dear woody maybe ur BLM buddies were busy that day rioting and burning stuff to the ground so they coodnt send u all that good Wakanda energy-- But Prez Trump was there so he was able to Give Cody that sweet Dragon energy but Oozie will still beat cody down in a rematch
F. Exprt
F. Exprt Пре 20 дана
HAHAHH the end was absolutely hilarious..Woodley was always one of my favorite fighters. I am sure the public doesn't love him (they like him in general but was never a loved superstar) because he used to bitch too much and a lot of it was about discrimination and very oriented towards negativity and what he is not getting that he should and in general people do not like complainers in fighters, even if they are right about most of what they say, people like for fighters to be this unreadable dangerous persona, not someone who talks way too much at times and too much negativity . IN the end he was just being himself and I never cared but I do feel for him never getting the super star type of love and with that comes money and a lot of other things, and I think he did deserve them back then when he was looked as the #1 with nobody to stop him..
Jesse bremner
Jesse bremner Пре 20 дана
Khabib such a real dude....i love how annoyed he gets with questions where ppl treat him like he's not a normal guy like anyone else. Start showing the man respect and talk to him like you would anyone else
Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce Пре 20 дана
Woodley needs plastic surgery on that brow
cc sports fan
cc sports fan Пре 20 дана
A heecup I hate those
Marcus J
Marcus J Пре 20 дана
3:39 Gaethje should get off his high horse. And Colby would break him.
Save Eye
Save Eye Пре 20 дана
Real deal yes..... 👍
paiku fishing
paiku fishing Пре 20 дана
Woodley is already working parttime for Soros, so he might aswell just go full retard with that instead of losing another fight in the ufc
zambot264 Пре 20 дана
Ali a beast. All these stars and upcoming fighters under him
paiku fishing
paiku fishing Пре 20 дана
Costa gets dominated and now he thinks more muscles will solve that?
Ragini Tiwari
Ragini Tiwari Пре 20 дана
Khamzat should fight Marvin Vettori or neil magny, Jeff o Neal may be. I believe Jeff can beat him.
Bud Borne
Bud Borne Пре 20 дана
I hope khamzats next fight is L.Heavyweight
Bud Borne
Bud Borne Пре 20 дана
Costa didn't get "outclassed" it was a bad matchup. Costa either defends or attacks no grey area, israels feints kept him defending when he was coming forward, Costa can't beat israel. Theres no good wrestlers or bjj guys in the division except souza or weidman so israels set.
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey Пре 20 дана
As if Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya are not truly brothers at heart. They respect each other so greatly. And they gonna help each other make mad $$$$ in 2021 you watch. It's a beautiful collusion.
Bob Cat
Bob Cat Пре 20 дана
Good stuff Tyrone!
Ismael Ortiz
Ismael Ortiz Пре 20 дана
Woodleys a clown lmao
Wesley Sniper
Wesley Sniper Пре 21 дан
chimaev is a one-hit wonder. his fights are too short to call him a big ufc star. adesanya is where its at
Zain kahn
Zain kahn Пре 21 дан
Woodley bout to be in an out of Ufc real soon. Jk aparts i really he hope he hangs it up now. He was a beast but now he just doesnt have it anymore. Sad to see actually
Vyse500 Пре 21 дан
Kind of glad to see twood again but i know where this will lead to....🙄
raeyym2020 ymsi
raeyym2020 ymsi Пре 21 дан
when did you get "better"? Where is the "edge"? What "thing" are you doing?
Broc Hurst
Broc Hurst Пре 21 дан
The way Woodley pronounces “heeeccups” @ 1:43 😂😂😂💀
Deandre French
Deandre French Пре 21 дан
A hee-cup huh bruh?? Lol
Anthony Lapuma
Anthony Lapuma Пре 21 дан
You got beat pretty bad, I’d think about retirement
John szandala
John szandala Пре 21 дан
What a fucking question to ask Kahbib, it would be hard reguardless.
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