Marlon Vera reacts to Sean O'Malley saying he still considers himself undefeated at 12-0,Mike Perry

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Spike Carlyle believes Judges robbed him off a win in his last bout,

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Jeremy Del León
Jeremy Del León Пре дан
Chito is real! 💯
J.A.M Пре 26 дана
WoW!... Carlyle making some HEAVY accusations! !
J.A.M Пре 26 дана
The same thing happened to M. Chandler and when they rematched, Chandler won. I think without the injury O’Malley wins 8/10 times, but it’s an injury caused by Vera, that Sean didn’t walk into the cage with, so it’s still a fair win... it’s just that it’s a freak injury, so it’s very baffling and most don’t understand it.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Пре 27 дана
C’mon dude, who’da hell runs with a phone in your face? Stop it dude. Just go fight!
08 Kobe
08 Kobe Пре 28 дана
Lets be real the only reason sugar lost was because of the injury. As much as I want to give Marlon credit I can't. I actually watched the fight and he wasn't dominating at all. To act like he just beat him square is super fake.
Carlos Quiroz
Carlos Quiroz Пре месец
Too much hype on O'malley there are levels to mma and he's at the starting line he might be made of glass and his career will be very short.
Sarwono email
Sarwono email Пре месец
Sean got exposed
Guillermo Saavedra
Guillermo Saavedra Пре месец
I can smash Reyes don’t @me
Joshua Parsons
Joshua Parsons Пре месец
sean o malley was the next massive star until he twisted his ankle and Khazmat arrived.
Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson Пре месец
Damn a video where mat perry isn’t knocking out someone that’s crazy
Matt Doucette
Matt Doucette Пре месец
Praising God wearing a PORN shirt 🙏😂
Max Martinez
Max Martinez Пре месец
Chetto give the rematch to the man he told him self you big headed dope
Duumek kk
Duumek kk Пре месец
If Jan Błachowicz became a champion that would be one of greatest comeback stories ever. From an brink of loosing the contract with ufc to top contender.
LunaJuno Пре месец
O'malley is a bit delusional, there should allready have been a loss on his record anyway, when he fought Andre Soukhamthath. Only thing Andre had to do was tell the ref to stand O'malley up and he would win the fight. that shit was mindblowing to watch.
Dan Sbrega
Dan Sbrega Пре месец
Omally your 11 and 1.You fought 11 tomatoes can before you got beat .
Nick Пре месец
Ya Carlyle, the judges didn't give you the nod because of all the bets on your 3 round non-title fight against another completely unknown fighter. Seems extremely likely
EpicBladeTime Пре месец
Khabib is also "a believer"
Andrew Sidor
Andrew Sidor Пре месец
Helwani is tough to look at, so annoying. Reminds me of jiminey cricket
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis Пре месец
Dude didn’t even fight Sugar he hit him in a lucky spot and disabled his leg. Clearly won but to consider that a dominant win your a sad pussy I hope it gets scheduled for a rematch and we can see the real winer
J Dizzle
J Dizzle Пре месец
Minus my losses, I'm undefeated. -pothead
Wandering Mind
Wandering Mind Пре месец
O'Malley out here going from "My foot was a baloon." to "My head was a balloon." He's like a can, noisy when empty.
Wandering Mind
Wandering Mind Пре месец
O'Malley out here going from "My foot was a baloon." to "My head was a balloon." He's like a can, noisy when empty.
Pol Escalante
Pol Escalante Пре месец
"Life is like a box of chocolates..." Mike Perry
Atom Пре месец
You can’t give Diaz Leon. Nick won’t take that fight he’s only going for big fights. Would it be a great fight yes of course. But there’s no money with Edwards.
Tad Tandleton
Tad Tandleton Пре месец
The jesus ginger wearing a porn shirt....
Aquatic Pro0302
Aquatic Pro0302 Пре месец
187 on the 666 lol stfu up. Go home 🏡
Joshua Larson
Joshua Larson Пре месец
It feels like chito does not want rematch vs sugar does not deserve rematch. Thinking he does not want that rematch but he is stupid, that would be a big money possibly main event fight
Grow through the fire
Grow through the fire Пре месец
The very end of this video is hilarious man.
FrenchyFilms Пре месец
Sean came into this earth 12-0. Beat all the sperm on the way up river.
Dodgy XD
Dodgy XD Пре месец
bro marlon is scaredddddddddd lmaaaooooooooo
Jr Пре месец
7:44 Khabib is extremely religious, and definitely worships in a very disciplined way compared to how the average christian worships. (mandatory prayer multiple times a day) As well as numerous religious laws and teachings he adheres to. I'm an atheist, but I'm pretty weirded out by saying you want gaethje to win because he is a fellow believer, as though khabib doesn't believe in God, and doesn't literally believe Jesus was a prophet of his religion. I'm sure he just means a fellow christian, but when a muslim says believer, that very often refers to "people of the book" as in Jews as well as Christians, seeing as they all worship an Abrahamic God.
Visual DesignSis
Visual DesignSis Пре месец
phil shirazi
phil shirazi Пре месец
" I didn't lose I just didn't win " - O'Malley
Chakri King
Chakri King Пре месец
LOL google Chito excuse after fight he did the same so shaaatap🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zee Z Music
Zee Z Music Пре месец
Vera should give a rematch to Sean, he had problem with his leg for a while now, and a surgery on that leg. I get why Sean is saying these things. He had only one leg after that kick.
King Yudah
King Yudah Пре месец
you win by ko or tko in injury vera salty
David Blaze
David Blaze Пре месец
O'Malley is still good it back
Wendell Jourdan
Wendell Jourdan Пре месец
Perry's running away from his stupid self,get another stupid tattoo over your other eye
gandishshiznil Пре месец
Vera don’t want no rematch because Sean would beat him and he knows it either way even if Sean won’t become a champ neither with Vera 😂lets be real about it
Chris S
Chris S Пре месец
I lost so much respect for O’Malley. Can’t believe he is acting like a child. He lost but so what be a man about it and take it with pride
JJ Mac
JJ Mac Пре месец
"Im def sold out, 187 on the 666, F satan.....I love God, he saved my life, he changed me and turned this wretched heart of mine into something positive." wearing a "Porn"
yassine yassou
yassine yassou Пре месец
i see the word porn on your shirt and you talk about jesus??
Gllad95 Пре месец
I mean I agree O’Malley lost fair and square but let’s face it Chito got hella lucky he was getting picked apart and O’Malley rolled his own ankle I’ve rolled my ankle the same way before I couldn’t even put weight on it bothered me for like 2 months
زاغ Пре месец
Sean "Salt" O'leggy vs Artem Lobov for the undefeated GOAT status Make it happen Dana!
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Пре месец
BOTH of them suck.
AnDSTiLL Пре месец
Im confused why the fuk would u even admit that its the 1st time bathing and u almost 40. Wtf?
Charlie Ruisseau
Charlie Ruisseau Пре месец
He has pink and green hair, he identifies as undefeated : Sean "Salty" O'Malley is a SJW.
alex cordova
alex cordova Пре месец
Who is leon edwards? Lmfao
alex cordova
alex cordova Пре месец
I know who he is btw
SoYou Know
SoYou Know Пре месец
I would not mind a rematch. And if Vera was so sure about his dominance he would not mind to give Sean a rematch as well. If he wins again, O malley does not have a leg to stand on. If Vera loses they could have a trilogy. I like it when fighters want to avenge their loss. A whole lot better then fighters/champions who quit after one loss imo. *I have to add tho, I do not think a rematch is needed at this point. I favor immediate rematches when there is controversy or when a long reigning champ loses in a close decision/fight.
Shifu Matt
Shifu Matt Пре месец
Chito is the man. Didn't even know about this dude till he whomped o malley 😂
HighCurrent11 Пре месец
O'malley showing some character flaws...
Connor Hepburn
Connor Hepburn Пре месец
take it like a man or a bitch forever lol
Max Moore
Max Moore Пре месец
So Perry you get that help required by the UFC before you get another fight. Doesn't seem like it bro.
Cody Hackney
Cody Hackney Пре месец
when people going to learn, sometimes you just get caught, can be more skilled and experienced then someone and still get caught, the way it is, get over it bruh lol, greatest fighters ever have lost, move on
MrKushpop Пре месец
I don't know who to thank more, Chito for actually having a ballsack or muppet O malley for being so arrogant. Easiest $ I've ever made, and probably the most satisfying.
Ricky Tomlin
Ricky Tomlin Пре месец
O malley will never be great. He cannot except reality.
Sam Electron
Sam Electron Пре месец
How Sean gonna react if he lose again
jeff Dailey
jeff Dailey Пре месец
chito stole the o mally fanyboys i love it😂
M CJ Пре месец
GSP looks like Darren Till with hair
Texan Teammate
Texan Teammate Пре месец
Seans good af. Dude can say whatever he wants
J Walt
J Walt Пре месец
Perry said he was running. Looked like he was power walking to me. Ha
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Пре месец
As long as O’Malley has height and reach advantage he’s gonna be a problem .. I don’t see him getting past a good wrestler though
T S Пре месец
Does anybody not really like O’Malley anymore after the Vera fight?
Hicham Ziane
Hicham Ziane Пре месец
mike perry looks like a character from gta 3 lol
H B Пре месец
Sean 1’malley
rooka tha general
rooka tha general Пре месец
Undefeated, Undisputed
Jeff Huntsinger
Jeff Huntsinger Пре месец
Perry should stick to getting drunk and beating up old FAT guys
Ozzy 'LFO' Osborne
Ozzy 'LFO' Osborne Пре месец
Poor o'malley still hasn't recovered from the fight, dosent remember he got knocked the fuck out🤣🤣
dragon conquisa
dragon conquisa Пре месец
saludos gracias por cederme un poco de tu tiempo comparte
Paul Osicne
Paul Osicne Пре месец
Was GSP naturally bald before and just went to a hair club or did he just never wanted to grow it out before?
Joel Sines
Joel Sines Пре месец
it doesn´t matter who nick diaz fights...he´s going to be defeated by anyone in the top 10 welterweight or middleweight im not sure what weight he´s carrying it doesn´t matter. he´s getting beaten.
Leonard Bangay
Leonard Bangay Пре месец
O'Malley is a child.
ryan fafaa
ryan fafaa Пре месец
omalley should be calling vera papa
ryan fafaa
ryan fafaa Пре месец
the one thing i hate about the current ufc is how theres very few humble fighters kids like this omalley guy are brutal to watch they think they are invincible then when they get wrecked they say its luck or have an excuse when gsp lost he didnt come out saying he considers himself stilla champion he came in and proved it
Nicholas Flores
Nicholas Flores Пре месец
Bro Sean is so annoying. Like quit talking about it. You sound like such a chump.
Roger Ranger
Roger Ranger Пре месец
Sugar Britches Sean is a Joke !!!
Josh Bollon
Josh Bollon Пре месец
i mean he got injured not from his opponent and he got beat basically with one leg i wouldnt be proud beating a man that was fighting with one leg
Dee Bee
Dee Bee Пре месец
O malley is acting like six nine and he looks like him
Frisco Strangler
Frisco Strangler Пре месец
O’Malley showing those signs of CTE 🤦‍♂️
Kid Special
Kid Special Пре месец
Mike Perry got that White Power haircut
Jordan Harkness
Jordan Harkness Пре месец
Perry out here looking like Vaas from Far Cry 3
Tud Bendy
Tud Bendy Пре месец
Sugar ankle O'Shitty, just stop.
Dirty Do Little
Dirty Do Little Пре месец
Nate "kabob" diaz
007GWR Пре месец
The suga show melted as soon as Marlon hit him. Great job Marlon. Dont let the lil whiner bother you, he needs some soothing from his mommy
Lee kowalski Walker
Lee kowalski Walker Пре месец
No need for a rematch. We have already seen that Sean is the better fighter.
codee comah
codee comah Пре месец
Nate Diaz has as many WINS as Leon Edward's has in total fights!!! Nate 21-12 / Leon 18-3 Diaz Bros Over Everyone!
codee comah
codee comah Пре месец
Nick Diaz is the MONEY FIGHT! Every Fighter is clawing for that main event! Haha!
Tj Campion
Tj Campion Пре месец
Spike is the man, glory to Jesus.
Marshall Painting & Services
Marshall Painting & Services Пре месец
Marlon took his Sugar Now he’s just “ Sweet and LoMalley”
Kazanova Capone
Kazanova Capone Пре месец
O’Malley is not a true fighter and that’s big facts
Gawani Whitecrow
Gawani Whitecrow Пре месец
I don't think undefeated means what you think it does Suga.. 🤔
beedeeuniko Пре месец
Porn God
Dainer Duff-Dings
Dainer Duff-Dings Пре месец
Syke Carlyle rocking the porn kills love shirt thats hella rad
Alonso Medina
Alonso Medina Пре месец
I know he won but wtf was he saying lmao
Alonso Medina
Alonso Medina Пре месец
Those fake ass airpods thooo lmao
Lagoso Пре месец
Perry should fight that drunk washed retire fighter nick diaz
J H Пре месец
Sean “Negative One” Malley
Man Ransom
Man Ransom Пре месец
The fight is Nick vs Jorge, but since Jorge already said yes to Nate Nick wouldn't do that. i say Nick Vs George
M F Пре месец
O'malley is still undefeated in a parallel universe, Where spaghetti legs prevail
KingSamoan OG
KingSamoan OG Пре месец
The LHW division is fuckin lame now no real superstars!!! Maybe Rumble can come in and get that belt!!!
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