Tony Ferguson wants the UFC to pay Dustin Poirier and make the fight happen,Cejudo on Woodley-Colby

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Dana White on Michael Chandler,
Israel Adesanya leaves for FIGHT ISLAND,
Kelleher gunning for 6 fights in 2020,
Herb Dean on why shots to the back of the head are illegal in MMA,
Cejudo breaks down Woodley vs Covington,
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Tony Ferguson wants the UFC to save his fight versus Poirier,
Dana White won't salvage Ferguson vs Poirier,
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DaveO Пре 3 дана
Herb Dean: Sal D'mato one of the top judges. yeeaaahhh... sure. dude is fucking horrible.
Hans Janssen
Hans Janssen Пре месец
woodly lost the heart to fight he those not come forward with pressure anymore like he used to,he lost the fire inside hes done.
Robert Bordevik
Robert Bordevik Пре месец
Djisas Christ. It just goes to show how ego driven the human race are. Look, the rules are ridiculous. 2:00 You are going in there to kill another human being. Don’t fuckin try to science the fuck out of that fact as you always do. The reason we watch, and what’s always exiting, is to watch another human being trying to take a life, which sort of justify our own behavior in life. And we all do it, we justify our behavior although we know deep inside it’s wrong. Pathetic when you realize it.
Muslim Brother Malayan Fighter
Muslim Brother Malayan Fighter Пре месец
Dustin afraid to lost her title when he fight and loose with tony...
Don Demon
Don Demon Пре месец
Izzys gang`s old enuff to travel without parents?
kenny omega
kenny omega Пре месец
kenny omega
kenny omega Пре месец
Larry Tate
Larry Tate Пре месец
Isy being a good role model talking about gang shit again. As troubled as a Jones was At least Jones didn’t promote that bull shit. Thug life is a life of misery.
joe deez
joe deez Пре месец
Rather see Tony Vs chandler, or definitely McGregor but, that won't happen, Olivera deserves a shot at the top ten, until khabib wins/loses/retires or whatever without Connor around they're all kinda boring Tony vs Dustin has no interest to me as a fan.
Little lizard
Little lizard Пре месец
What does “here’s lookin at you kid” mean?
darrel nutz
darrel nutz Пре месец
Dana White needs to start getting loans or something
So Woke !!
So Woke !! Пре месец
So sad Woodly is being hit up so hard From Black lives matter asking him to knock Colby out or Win the fight for the Blm. All I know is Trump 2020 or America will be destroyed
Joe Vandeventer
Joe Vandeventer Пре месец
Tony’s that guy!
Ruslan B
Ruslan B Пре месец
Gonna quit my fight pass membership lol. Just for Dana's response "we re not even trying, not happening" . Come on this is bullshit. The only interesting fights would be khabib or poirier.
Jeremy Craft
Jeremy Craft Пре месец
Did Cejudo go to Burger King or what!?
TheDuda Пре месец
I skipped 8 minutes of the vid to get to what I came here for
Pamela Morris
Pamela Morris Пре месец
I think someone one doesn’t want to fight they both got demolished in their last fights so both of them got alot ridding on this match So who ever would have lost would not get a fight again only a match up when someone one pulls out good luck tony whoever you fight
Ashish Bhagat
Ashish Bhagat Пре месец
Tony is desperate. Never looked so much pathetic; he must have realized that he has screwed himself by doing weight cut twice in 20 days and overconfidently and fooloshly accepting gaethje fight.
Herb Dean dresses like a Referee even in his off time ... dude it’s the cinema why you look like your gonna point deduct me at the candy stand section 🤣😭
No Name
No Name Пре месец
The ending was spot on. What, a, card
DaLeadBull Пре месец
Its the same bully negotiating tactics from Dana, if a fighter demands more money he will go to the media and say that the fighter doesn't really want to fight. What this does is puts pressure on the fighter to just agree to the UFC's terms and fight or risk looking like a pussy in front of the fans/media. Its the same old game he always plays, smart fans know about it but some casual fans still believe what Dana says.
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw Пре месец
Dana White gots to go! He never gives fighters the fights that they dustin and tony! Thats just retarded....just like he won't let Edward's get his hands on Masvidal
kees kontvlees
kees kontvlees Пре месец
Tony vs conor is better
dirtcom7 Пре месец
Tony Ferguson is just the guy
Eliza Beth
Eliza Beth Пре месец
I love tony sport but dustin is little bit good hand .
Kindo Beats
Kindo Beats Пре месец
4:13 somebody got a contract🤣😂🤣
Frankie Velasco
Frankie Velasco Пре месец
Fast Forward to 8:48 for Tony Ferguson.
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes Пре месец
Tony is In a rough spot he needs to either run it back and win or move on and win over someone else! Just not Khabib don’t make that right again no one wants that! Now Nick and Khabib would be good!
Truth Reigns Forever
Truth Reigns Forever Пре месец
Poirer, they better start checking the fluids these fighters are drinking during these fights. I’d bet money Poirer has his drink laced with something? I don’t know of anyone taking those shots as Dustin did and shook it off like it never happened. You hear of people high on PCP etc that don’t feel pain. And this is an extreme example that exists.
The Don
The Don Пре месец
Just look at how fans are pleading for the UFC to pay Dustin. How many of you were there when Jon Jones or Jorge Masvidal were complaining about money issues? Last I checked, y'all were making fun of them. Y'all are a bunch of hypocrites
Michael Hulsey
Michael Hulsey Пре месец
Damn Henry sound more delusional than ever
Tyson Friesz
Tyson Friesz Пре месец
Dana is as greedy as it gets. Fighters are paid peanuts if you're not the very top guys, and Dana collects and keeps the money they're out there fighting and bringing in. Such a pile of shit.
Marcos Herrera
Marcos Herrera Пре месец
Seems like every time valasquez lost was cause a hit to the back of the head and nobody ever pointed that out
Florin Turner
Florin Turner Пре месец
I love that fighters are fighting more now! Get that money man!
stevefbzzie Пре месец
Why does my man Tony always gets 2nd option opponents?!?
Sun God Pharaoh
Sun God Pharaoh Пре месец
Roy Jones messed up going up and up in weights classes gaining muscle then cutting all that weight after the Ruiz fight at heavyweight to fight. This is not the case with Woodley. He can’t pull the trigger and is looking bad right now. Definitely agree with Henry about that mental part
Mr. Mike
Mr. Mike Пре месец
Dana is lowkey blackballing Tony. This ain't the first time, but it's getting more and more obvious as time goes on. Maybe he just doesn't want to set a trend in paying everyone more because once you succumb to ones wishes, the rest will come running at the gates...but I will have to counter that and also say that I believe these athletes, and the revenue they pull in for the franchise as a whole, are underpaid by scalability.
Tim Etter
Tim Etter Пре месец
get faber on real quick so we can see two chins
Derek Soto
Derek Soto Пре месец
stephen thompson vs.robbie lawler would be a fight i like to see
normalOhio Пре месец
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to negotiate for his opponent.
Milton Villalba
Milton Villalba Пре месец
Dana is not about to pay Dustin more money😂😂😂, he doesn’t pay anyone more money
Bobby Kirl
Bobby Kirl Пре месец
Dana is such a wonderful guy. You all owe him a nut for all the great paying jobs he has created in America. If it wasn’t for guys like Dana White this country would be full of riots, hate and poor people. 😂🤣. 🤟🏼
Syakirin57 Пре месец
Lol Poirier used Tony's meme 😂
Off Grid Oasis
Off Grid Oasis Пре месец
The back of the head stuff doesn't matter when it never gets called.
nate pencils
nate pencils Пре месец
does cejudos dub ass realize that colby LOST HIS LAST FIGHT TOO.?
berto nice
berto nice Пре месец
Is there a place to discuss the fights live? Reddit maybe?
Clay Potts
Clay Potts Пре месец
you have to go back
santiago godoy
santiago godoy Пре месец
Finally I get to see who the fuck Sal D'amato is...
darrylk27 Пре месец
Do more of these for all the rules a regs. This was a really interesting topic. I like it alot.
swaggolass Пре месец
I mean I can see why dana doesn't want to pay more than what is on the contract. If he let's dustin get paid more, more fighters are gonna hold out for more money than stated in their contracts
One Пре месец
Dean: “It’s dangerous to hit this part of the head, that’s why we don’t allow it. “ *Conor hitting Khabib on that part of the head multiple times* Dean: aait
Captain Values
Captain Values Пре месец
Mad respect for Tony hes a legend lets be honest one of the hardest working fighters out there
TheVillest Пре месец
you gotta love tony for advocating for his fellow ufc member and competitor. like he said, give the fans what they want and give these fighters the money they deserve. if they can pay buffer a couple hundred grand to emphatically scream these guys names before they fight, they can pay their fighters a proper wage. and that goes for the #1 fighter all the way down to the 600th fighter on the roster! love Twood, hate colby, but i think hes going to dust him
Borli Morales
Borli Morales Пре месец
Justin gonna pull and Tony jump and baet khabib that's why Dana is smiling
Michael Porter
Michael Porter Пре месец
Nick Tank
Nick Tank Пре месец
Dana doesn’t want to salvage it because Tony put him on blast lol PAY THE FIGHTERS!!!!!
Lee Clarkson
Lee Clarkson Пре месец
These vids are cool but the endings always the topper lyk. Lol.
Tony "company man" Ferguson
Junior 13
Junior 13 Пре месец
Dana white the type of guy not to give the fans the fight they want to see. Smh
AnDSTiLL Пре месец
Man we need more videos from herb bc i love learning shit like this and also instead of some people jumpin on his ass when they might not kno the real rules.
Junior 13
Junior 13 Пре месец
Izzy about to test positive for covid just to hold on to the title a little longer you heard it here first
Never trust Nothing
Never trust Nothing Пре месец
doctor wears the mask for breathing but not for talking.
Christinanadia Пре месец
Dana so cheap😒😒. Poor Dustin.😩 if it was Conor he would move mountains😒
Juan Garza
Juan Garza Пре месец
Tony is the type of guy to pay Dustin the difference In pay $$$ 🏆champ 🏆 shit
Anam Shah
Anam Shah Пре месец
Now if I get into a street fight, i know which part i should actually hit. Thanks Herb
juncear Пре месец
id love to see chandler in the ufc
tony the type of guy to, keep trying to get that belt whoever is in front of him, GOAT, khabib vs ferguson match of the century.
24gamogun Пре месец
Kelleher vs. Omalley
raul salcedo
raul salcedo Пре месец
Tony is the type of guy that would step in for Dustin Poirier ... against himself.
Magic S.
Magic S. Пре месец
So who looks like the king of the Oompa-Loompas what a clown
Roshi Kushi
Roshi Kushi Пре месец
Who is tony fighting?
VANPEZEE Пре месец
Card is stacked!!!
Racked Up Bubba
Racked Up Bubba Пре месец
Michael effin Chandler baby YESSSSSS
Tchong Lee
Tchong Lee Пре месец
But thats not fair for khabib to fight chandler because the dude is a steroid tank ..
syed sheraz ali shah
syed sheraz ali shah Пре месец
Triple c is idiot
Starfish Пре месец
Maybe Dustin messed up when he said he's a prize fighter..great fighter hell yea always brings it hell yea cool ass nice guy hell yea....ima a fan of Dustin in an out the cage but I don't think he's on that prize fighter level yet
sfer1 Пре месец
Tony knows Dana is a cheap bastard. They were probably offering Dustin peanuts with the excuse that the winner would get the next shot at the title and could eventually make real money in the future.
Tan Пре месец
Tony el capitan
Daniel R
Daniel R Пре месец
Damn Herb talking about back of the head but Hendo hit Fedor like 3 times hard to the back of the head and Herb didnt give a fuck. FAKE
DabCity DWC
DabCity DWC Пре месец
There are no gangs in New Zealand and Israel didn’t start one either😂
Bryan Haun
Bryan Haun Пре месец
I can’t believe Cejudo won fights with his plugged nose. Fool never sounds like he can breathe thru it! 🤯😤😂
giannetto1000 Пре месец
Quite embarrassing for the Bald Bob Dummy...
Jamilu Magaji
Jamilu Magaji Пре месец
found the perfect head lols
Alex Morales
Alex Morales Пре месец
Ads every two minutes? This Chanel it's the worst
MrDayman420 Пре месец
Anyone hear the scream at 4:13???
Garrett Glasgow
Garrett Glasgow Пре месец
Herb Dean is the man. I always was confused about the Head Blow rule and that video completely cleared it up for me. Thank Herb. RHOF for sure
Marc Lou
Marc Lou Пре месец
Herb is losing it, man. "Let me explain the rules. Btw, someone else told me this so Idk for sure so DONT QUOTE ME. Also, let's let this other guy explain why that is."
I Just Wanna Maul People
I Just Wanna Maul People Пре месец
Sal D'Amato vs Dana White for shiniest head, make it happen UFC
akmd114379 Пре месец
MMA world, love your product but please stop interviewing retired or inactive fighters.
Abe Пре месец
Izzy is lame cornball weenie.
ASM 96
ASM 96 Пре месец
Finally get to put a face (not really Bc of the mask) behind the name Sal D’amato.
Arkangel 1047
Arkangel 1047 Пре месец
One day, we may just get to see that Tony vs khabib fight if they ever attempt to make it happen again. That’s the fight we all want to see. I think Ferguson causes khabib all sorts of problems.we can only hope that fight happens someday.
metrA voboL
metrA voboL Пре месец
Took me longer than it should of to figure out that was ufc championship belt pillow
Gabriel Fuller
Gabriel Fuller Пре месец
Hows mma world leaving out kevin holland
Ubong Udoh
Ubong Udoh Пре месец
Herb Dean :punches to the back of the head is illegal,except Conor McWeinstein does it😂
el_troutjefe Пре месец
4:13 Someone is getting hacked too death
Inti Gowtham
Inti Gowtham Пре месец
Tony is man but only against children
MR ME Пре месец
Triple C. vs Alexander the Great !!! Make it happen !!!!
G Family
G Family Пре месец
Hiroshi Poole
Hiroshi Poole Пре месец
I've been screaming foul at legal blows...
Salafi Пре месец
Those dancers ain't gang
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