MMA Community Reacts to the complete DOMINATION of Anthony Smith by Aleksandar Rakic,Tyron on Colby

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alex sebastian
alex sebastian Пре 15 дана
karma come very soon for dom
Petar Ugrina
Petar Ugrina Пре 21 дан
rakic == killing machine
TS 00
TS 00 Пре месец
Why do people give Rakic so much shit?
YouKube Пре месец
Robbie should retire already.
T K Пре месец
You better hope you beat him after all that shit your spraying. Colby just got another supporter for this fight
Matthew Sierra
Matthew Sierra Пре месец
What happened to Anthony smith? Dude fell off hard af.
Anton R
Anton R Пре месец
Reyes is a POS person lol
Average Student
Average Student Пре месец
i don’t think anybody told Woodley they wanted him to win
Gustavo Serrano
Gustavo Serrano Пре месец
Twood would have had a better career if he was white. That black self consciousness really holds him back. If he was white he wouldn’t have to worry about “racism” and just compete
Harley Lowerhutt
Harley Lowerhutt Пре месец
Respect to Anthony smith to last the whole fight those leg kicks were lethal
rasdasa Пре месец
I agree with Colby. It's difficult for me to be lectured by elitist millionaires about how our society should function and about how they are oppressed.
Joey Barz
Joey Barz Пре месец
Woodley is such a weird dude.
Thomas Quinlan
Thomas Quinlan Пре месец
Dom reyes is the champ
Kasper’s Ghost
Kasper’s Ghost Пре месец
Smith should just retire.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Пре месец
God bless those who skipped the Woodley' part )))
tzetzo Пре месец
So sad to see that MMA stars have reached the level of success that puts them in a position to be used by their owners to influence people. Shame on Colby and Tyrone for stirring the already sensitive racial problem in this country.
r3conwoo Пре месец
Rakic needed a finish to be impressive. He will lose against Santos or Reyes.
Jayson Gouws
Jayson Gouws Пре месец
Why are you all still so hard for Woodley? He's trash.
Mark Barbara
Mark Barbara Пре месец
It does hurt watching robbie drop 4. What a gritty legend.
Ragrle Graggle
Ragrle Graggle Пре месец
Amen Colby.
Zoe Van Dyne
Zoe Van Dyne Пре месец
Tyrone Is a bum.
sayvar44 Пре месец
WTF is with the "male grooming" ads? Am I the only dude that doesn't shave his balls? 😂
Ephraim Mwenda
Ephraim Mwenda Пре месец
That ending though LMAO!..
Manginie13 Пре месец
Woodley is going to get beat the fuck up!! He’s to cocky
Scotty Cranwell
Scotty Cranwell Пре месец
"He's 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag" 🔥🔥🔥 1-liner from T Wood!
Pino Amerikano
Pino Amerikano Пре месец
Anybody fast forward Woodley talking
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen Пре месец
It's destined for Reyes to be champ...because Bones retiring has left a huge DOUCHE vacuum that only Reyes can fill. 😐
Randominator Пре месец
Jimi's a pro. All these other guys acting like 12-year-olds.
Dracus Пре месец
Plot twist, colby is actually a liberal.
War Thunder
War Thunder Пре месец
Woodley. U punk. You’re going to get your butt kicked again 🤣
James Ervin
James Ervin Пре месец
Wft was the point of Woodleys rant?
Joel Cruz
Joel Cruz Пре месец
hey mma world, mma fans dont want to see tyron woodley making his video rants.. he’s a loser. no one is interested
Vinny Alberti
Vinny Alberti Пре месец
I hope Colby whoops Woodley’s ass
don't be a prick
don't be a prick Пре месец
Honestly if Woodley wasn't fighting colby I wouldn't even give a shit about Woodley
Tfold hilbert
Tfold hilbert Пре месец
Rakic vs Reyes!
Terry Fyre
Terry Fyre Пре месец
Woodley will lose again... 3 in a row...
Mikey Likesit
Mikey Likesit Пре месец
“I don’t need the extra motivation” the pedestrian woodley just ran over while fucking off with his phone.
Garry Whyte
Garry Whyte Пре месец
Woodley will be champ again very soon guaranteed
Lawrence Morgan
Lawrence Morgan Пре месец
Tyron (backn up ) woodley. Hate to say it....stay home woodley.....Colby gon finish u viciously........specially u go in like u do.....back n up !!!
yaggle fraggle
yaggle fraggle Пре месец
Smith is trash and he didn't deserve the shot against jones. He only got it because he kept talking about it.
yaggle fraggle
yaggle fraggle Пре месец
3:33 for title
Gino Giammarco
Gino Giammarco Пре месец
Please shut up Woodley!
M_J S Пре месец
The amount of grown men in these comments who are triggered by Woodley supporting the NBA players protest is wild. Pull ya wedgies out ya backsides & relax, all that subconscious racism might leak out though so be careful
The Bluebells are Blue
The Bluebells are Blue Пре месец
Woodley actin like he ain't cumin of the back of two L's haha
AJ lawless
AJ lawless Пре месец
would love to see woodley get his head kicked right in and even more satisfaction him get his contract cancelled, he's a washed up dumb ass
Robby T
Robby T Пре месец
After seeing this performance from Magny it's nice to go back and watch him get KO'd by Santiago Ponzinibbio.
Enrique Sanabria
Enrique Sanabria Пре месец
Woodley sounds so dumb.
Robby T
Robby T Пре месец
Is everyone supposed to just forget that Rakic lost his last fight against Volkan Oezdemir? Title shot after a 1 fight win streak? what?
Mr. Birdman
Mr. Birdman Пре месец
Damn Woodley is so annoying!
Daniel Volosin
Daniel Volosin Пре месец
Woodley, you have to actually fight back though...
Chip Sammich
Chip Sammich Пре месец
Pretty bad when the worst part of the video isn't Chiesa
Sail Hatan
Sail Hatan Пре месец
And in that whole fucking rant woodley couldn't even explain what exactly was wrong with what colby said lmao. Love him or hate him, he made a good point. No better solution than to become a cop yourself and be the change u want to see. But I guess lebron would have to ask China for permission first
Reynaldo Vieira
Reynaldo Vieira Пре месец
Try not to find a comment about Woodley
Rj Cook
Rj Cook Пре месец
And still, I fast forward any time Woodley starts to talk. Im not racist.
Ninja fit
Ninja fit Пре месец
Wtf , the woodley clip was awful I couldn't even finish the video because of it.
trollking99 Пре месец
Colby is on point!
Praveen Chandra Joshi
Praveen Chandra Joshi Пре месец
God what is happening to anthony smith.
Othon Pedro
Othon Pedro Пре месец
Kenny Angelo
Kenny Angelo Пре месец
Tyron is like BLM always making excuses for their fails
Gotta Go
Gotta Go Пре месец
Hours per day TWood wastes? Put that into training. Next L will be your last.
Luka Tee
Luka Tee Пре месец
tyron should just focus on his game after his previous performance
Lethwei Mauithai
Lethwei Mauithai Пре месец
Dave Studdaman
Dave Studdaman Пре месец
Retire Tyron for fuks sake, please Colby 🙏
Joseph Peralta
Joseph Peralta Пре месец
Niel Magny with a great performance, which begs the question. Just how good is Santiago Ponzinibbio?
Steve P
Steve P Пре месец
Tyron: Thanks for not singing.
Jared Russell
Jared Russell Пре месец
Woodley can have his opinions, covington his own, buuuut both need to shut up until one wins..... against anyone
get prepared not scared brian frumps
get prepared not scared brian frumps Пре месец
Plus size underwear model debunked covid19
Bman 25
Bman 25 Пре месец
welter weigth division is a snoozefest
Đorđe Žutić
Đorđe Žutić Пре месец
Tyron always yapps about ,,moral" reasons why he gonna whoop his opponents.. not because he'll end up a bum if he loses,no, thats not it
Tomato Can
Tomato Can Пре месец
lmao tyrone loses 10 rounds straight : IMA WHOOP cOLBYs AsS, colby is going to put the pressure on him and twood's going no where like he did in his last two fights
PAUL MILLZ On The BEAT Пре месец
People hate for no reason, I dont care what Woodley does on social media. Woodley defended his title bunch of times dominating like a savage in a cage if u recall... one of the best welterweights 💯
dino vukelic
dino vukelic Пре месец
Reasons aplenty.
Paul Walters
Paul Walters Пре месец
C'mon Colby, show us Woodleys life doesn't matter.
djkennd2 Пре месец
Dominick Reyes is a douche.
Mars Пре месец
Colby is a dummy but he's making a point... Woodley is clearly not listening....
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage Пре месец
Does Tyron live in his car ? I’m genuinely curious
jcsmooth70 Пре месец
Woodley, just win already. Be hungry again, just fckin win. You need this one.
Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage Пре месец
Can I have Kenny Florian’s job ? I swear I’ll be the best analyst y’all have, and I’m a LHW enthusiast ! I don’t need to “want to be excited” about the division I’m excited by each and every division... lmk WMG
HaveAnother 2588
HaveAnother 2588 Пре месец
Dominick's doing waaaaay too much shit talkin' all of a sudden. Just coming off looking like a douche nozzle. The UFC has more than enough douche nozzles already, hopefully Jan busts him up pretty bad. Reyes is out there acting like he's changed the division or something
joe rangel
joe rangel Пре месец
Tyron should’ve went along with it for the hype. Hype fights make fans watch mixed Martial arts, no one watches for the skill (but I do). Reason I say this is because he’s coming off 2 losses and if he would’ve went along with Colbys post, saying something like “I’m gonna beat him because he’s disrespecting the nba and what they’re trying to do” then he would’ve made his name a little bigger. People would tune in to watch the bad blood, that would have been the smart move but I’m also happy his motive to win is “I’m doing this for me”.
BirminghamSavage 91
BirminghamSavage 91 Пре месец
Anthony Smith needs to take some time off, he's been getting smashed
keywitin Burnstick
keywitin Burnstick Пре месец
Sorry boodley the best welterweight in the world is the champion, you lost your last two fights.
M. .G
M. .G Пре месец
Everyone in the mma media sleeping on Alexa Grasso, even "the weasel" picked jin to win, Alexa has some of the most beautiful boxing in woman's MMA
Jim Smith
Jim Smith Пре месец
When Tyron speaks, I fast forward. I'm a simple man.
Corey Miller
Corey Miller Пре месец
Colby delivers Woodley his 3rd loss in a row. Then we watch another loss video from his car.
patagonia Пре месец
Magny seems like a genuine good guy. I'm just not excited.
Javier Пре месец
Oh, Woodley, shut the hell up.
J olynnery
J olynnery Пре месец
Woodly's head doesn't appear to be "In the game" anymore...He's losing in the UFC, he's losing in competition tv shows, and he's losing in the art of debate...
The Fury
The Fury Пре месец
Woodley is done, hard to win a fight when he doesn’t throw anything anymore
Boris Barat
Boris Barat Пре месец
Did Tyron just say he was with the mind set of being ok to loose to Colby, but then got motivated? Dude ... should have quit 2 fights ago... no way he is beating anyone in top 10 of that division.
Nehemiah Mendoza
Nehemiah Mendoza Пре месец
Woody never talked so much before he was champion I have to fast forward it like 3 times and he is still fucking talking he is not champion anymore but still talking for days
Bikaira Nikamaru
Bikaira Nikamaru Пре месец
Grasso is HOT.
The Carpenter
The Carpenter Пре месец
What was wrong with what Colby said? he was bang on the money! Stop supporting the marxists T wood and take pride in being an American! ✌🏻❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎩👌🏻🍻
Ronald Buck
Ronald Buck Пре месец
If anything I thought the Smith rakic fight demystified Rakic. Yes he dominated, but didn’t explode like I was hoping to see. Also, y’all mfs love to hate woodley. He is about to beat Colby up. Never underestimate a fighter who feels disrespected and fights for a cause greater than himself..
elvulch Пре месец
As a UFC fight fan that has watched every UFC fight since UFC I.... no, Rakič... that wasn’t a good fight. You were able to maintain control on the ground, but you did ZERO damage. You should have kept it standing and taken him out with the leg kicks that were working so well for you. That was definitely not a next in line for a title shot performance.
elvulch Пре месец
@M 1 says the guy who has his hero as his profile pic. I don’t see anywhere in there where I said my opinion holds more weight than anyone else’s. It’s just idiots like you have opinions with nothing to back it up. Now shut up and go cook me dinner!
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte Пре месец
Neil magny may be right behind GSP but he's nowhere near GSP stature
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte
Lalramfakzuala Chhangte Пре месец
@M 1 for a fighter, reputation matters bruv, fighting is not a hobby , they fight to earn money and higher stature means higher offers, the fighters who earns more money are the ones who finishes and fights their hearts out, winning the fans is equally important as winning the fight cos the fans are the one generating money for the company as well as the fighters
Julian Ghingree
Julian Ghingree Пре месец
Woodly lives in his car lol bro shut up and move on already you soft bro and looks stank
casual skeptic
casual skeptic Пре месец
Colby Covington was right in fact he nailed it spot-on good Sir is what I would say to him and continue to call out the weak-minded and uneducated ...I say continue to boycott those over privileged ungrateful pansies getting paid to play a game in OUR great Nation
TUBEDUKE87 Пре месец
well lawler got really boring...
Everyday With Anthony J.
Everyday With Anthony J. Пре месец
SOOO Sick of seeing 10:00 of Woodley on almost every video
Fabian Timmins
Fabian Timmins Пре месец
Magny out here looking like a randomized CJ from San Andreas
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