Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa run into each other at the host hotel in FIGHT ISLAND,Colby,UFC 253

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Michael Chandler on being the backup for Khabib vs Gaethje,
Khamzat Chimaev names possible opponents for his next bout,
Team Khabib undergoing stringent testing,
Diego Sanchez releases Emilo Meek grappling footage,
Dana White and crew leaves for Abu Dhabi,
Colby Covington on Nick Diaz,
Israel Adesanya runs into Paulo Costa at Host Hotel,
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Nicholas James
Nicholas James Пре 21 дан
Latex gloves, masks, face shields, & a million other things- stop & just think about how *a small group of PPL are making BILLIONS off this int’l money-grab* & they’re pulling it off before our very eyes!
Jay Bourne
Jay Bourne Пре 26 дана
This clip was nice to see. Costa seems like a cool guy.
F Seymour
F Seymour Пре 26 дана
Costa seems like a real nice guy. Him and izzy look like freinds. Strictly business 🇳🇬
Kola Kola
Kola Kola Пре 27 дана
Israel is Best
bring back judo leg grabs
bring back judo leg grabs Пре 28 дана
So is isreal friends with costa or not???
Niko Diallo
Niko Diallo Пре 28 дана
Costa is actually respectable behind the doors. It’s only MMA.
Nay Harries
Nay Harries Пре 28 дана
I swear Izzy tried to sell me a bracelet on a beach in Ibiza once " Helllllllo chicken nugget!"
slicvm Пре 28 дана
6:29 Is that Thicc Karen in yellow?
Christopher lizi
Christopher lizi Пре 28 дана
There not enemies there just selling tickets guyz.
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸 Пре 29 дана
I keep the same energy even when there are no cameras. As he says on the video footage of him. Are you dumb or just stupid?
D Izzy
D Izzy Пре 29 дана
Buffer has those moves , who knew 😂🤣
David rg
David rg Пре 29 дана
So cool of costa to say he is already living the dream.he seems so well deserving of the belt.
Grant Edmondson
Grant Edmondson Пре 29 дана
For the ending you coulda added Yoel doing the small clap and saying “I go like this” Lol
camelio10 Пре 29 дана
Comment section idiots. There is a massive difference between hating someone and competitive shit talking. Hate kills your focus. Neither of them have time for that
Ipsizm Пре 29 дана
I liked Chandler's personality. Informative, straightforward, confident but not vain.
David Francis
David Francis Пре 29 дана
What does Sanchez have to prove now?
I Broke Your Face
I Broke Your Face Пре месец
If Izzy and Paulo hated each other they wouldnt have said a word to each other. Most of the UFC is fake drama. Obviously they aint friends, but it aint as personal as people think.
elias srouji
elias srouji Пре месец
Where is Jessica Eyes update.... been a long time
DinoCalanDra Пре месец
I like em both, thinking Izzy though.
Junior Bailey
Junior Bailey Пре месец
F the nba & nfl
egshane Пре месец
wait what...chandler is the backup...let's say he gets in, and beats khabib. so then he's the champion already...his first fight. haha
Work Email
Work Email Пре месец
Tyron “George Floyd” Woodley
MatterUnderMind Пре месец
...not fair, Meek didn't have a knife...
Joseph Пре месец
how do those airpods fit in his cauliflower ear?
Joe Fanchun
Joe Fanchun Пре месец
Wtf, Bruce buffer dance like that is the most amazing thing that happened in this World
Lady M
Lady M Пре месец
Adesanya is a cute pink haired soy boy 🦄🌈♀️💖
Tyler Bouck
Tyler Bouck Пре месец
Is it just me or is costa high of his ass?
Ernesto Zamora
Ernesto Zamora Пре месец
costa did checked in he said you good?? And izzy kept walking.. idk why izzy makes up and story on how Costa was all scared and shit when they were face to face.
angyman Пре месец
Costa should get a Golden Globe for how many fans he fooled with his act. On that note, Izzy's personality and ego were entirely different before he had the belt, both of these fighters know how to perform in and out of the ring.
kris loist
kris loist Пре месец
Michael Chandler’s earbuds hanging on for dear life.
hayden butler
hayden butler Пре месец
Bro khabib looked big big
Al Yours
Al Yours Пре месец
Chandler vs Mc into that...Connor wants to prove he s still relevant? This is it! But he!
Northern Corruption Monitor 907
Northern Corruption Monitor 907 Пре месец
covington gets lucky with tyrone and now he is gonna retire nick lmao boy nick would wear you out !!!!!!!
Skyler Slack
Skyler Slack Пре месец
All isreal do is smile 😂😂
Wallo Maie
Wallo Maie Пре месец
They were cordial. Don't know why people feel the nonsense they speak in promoting fights has to be maintained 'outside the ring'.
santclause1 Пре месец
Dana starting to resemble a Foreskin.
Din ful of sin
Din ful of sin Пре месец
paulo looks like a different fighter. i cant believe how much weight he lost from videos like 2 weeks ago. crazy!!
Stuart Young
Stuart Young Пре месец
Thirsty for Conner already ... tut tut Mr C.
roadstar499 Пре месец
i think if a guy has been training well on his own and learning a 12 week camp is over doing it... you can end up getting injuries and being burned the fuck out... 6 -8 weeks seems much better imo...
Zoubeir's World
Zoubeir's World Пре месец
Khabib looks FAT.
Pablo Rivera
Pablo Rivera Пре месец
A civil act like humans and then Izzy goes in the interview saying he felt his vibe and his pressure, that he was stiff and all this. Costa will humble him.
drew jenn
drew jenn Пре месец
Elevator meeting @7:55
wrinkly star
wrinkly star Пре месец
what happened to keeping that same energy huh izzy?
Nicanor Dotto
Nicanor Dotto Пре месец
Empiecen a subtitutalar asi lo puede ver mas gente
Nicanor Dotto
Nicanor Dotto Пре месец
No entendi un chingo nose ingles
Ceez 9800
Ceez 9800 Пре месец
Who the fookzzz.....
Bill Novitsky
Bill Novitsky Пре месец
I cant believe people still buy these stunts. I hope everyone knows this shit is all staged.
Chris Bacque
Chris Bacque Пре месец
Love Mike Perry lol. Costa lookin like the weight cut work is getting put in.
just jack
just jack Пре месец
Love the respect between Paulo and israel
Justin Ejimah
Justin Ejimah Пре месец
costa does look kinda skinny actually. prob put on to much weight and cut alot of muscle in the process.
Nicklas Bille
Nicklas Bille Пре месец
nice to see them behave professional and respectful.
Alex C
Alex C Пре месец
Abu Dhabi is the land of the warriors? lol since when?
Alex C
Alex C Пре месец
lol of course Diaz is a nunchuck guy
Awrrta Awrrta
Awrrta Awrrta Пре месец
Is it me or does Kah look fat
Bokkepruiker Records
Bokkepruiker Records Пре месец
Costa is out of breath already just by responding to Adesanya.
Xtianisms Пре месец
Note to UFC fighters: You want a big pay day? Learn to promote your own fights
Worldwide gamer 720 Worldwide gamer 720
Worldwide gamer 720 Worldwide gamer 720 Пре месец
Anyone else?... the guy with the air pods he had cauliflower ears and his pods barely fit in his ear and it’s driving me nuts
A Wise Idiot
A Wise Idiot Пре месец
Dude isreal got a point lol they don’t even look in the same weight class.
Rasqache Media
Rasqache Media Пре месец
WTF is happening to Diego Sanchez?! Please MMA Gods, come down and make a devine intervention and save the mighty warrior from this false profit. So say it the old ways, ashem
Torrence Grady
Torrence Grady Пре месец
Relax guys. The fight is booked and happening. No need for costa and Israel to come to blows in a hotel lobby
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
Keep that same energy Costa 🙄😒😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Marktom Liz89
Marktom Liz89 Пре месец
Last part 🤣😅😆
Israel Hernandez
Israel Hernandez Пре месец
The reaction between Israel and Paulo just shows that they don’t reaaally hate each other. It’s all for promotion.
Q M Пре месец
id like to see Yan vs. Chandler
rubchaky Пре месец
I still don't get it how Costa makes it to 185 lbs 🤨
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Пре месец
Max Пре месец
Maybe chandler should be Nick Diaz's return fight
krispykreme Пре месец
Costa looking skinny bro
Jakeb1111 Пре месец
Idk why everyone brags about having a more dominant wrestling game, sure you beat him at wrestling only but what happens when he starts smashing your face
DBZD Пре месец
Honestly I think Tony would be a better replacement for Khabib or Justin. Also I wouldn’t say Conor is number 3 in the world 😂
Media Tarung Indonesia
Media Tarung Indonesia Пре месец
Fight Week : Israel Adesanya Vs Paulo Costa
Jacob Freeman
Jacob Freeman Пре месец
All respect to Khabib but he looks a little chubby no lie. When’s the fight, again?
Duke Standard
Duke Standard Пре месец
Why do I get the feeling, these two are about to have a boring fight?
Jackson Briggs
Jackson Briggs Пре месец
khabib looking a lil thick
starkley spaniard
starkley spaniard Пре месец
Izzy sizing up Paulo is hilarious
Think unthoughtful thoughts
Think unthoughtful thoughts Пре месец
Costas not making 185
Taylor Lucero
Taylor Lucero Пре месец
Honestly I hope khabib gets his ass smacked
A Guy
A Guy Пре месец
Bruh... Chandlers ear buds
darquethius Пре месец
Chandler: "what better guy than me?" Tony Dustin Shit even the Hangman fuck it
matthew almond
matthew almond Пре месец
Training to fight Khabib sounds like hell. Training to fight Gaethje sounds like hell. Training for both at the same time simultaneously sounds just impossible and a recipe for disaster
Tipene Corry
Tipene Corry Пре месец
am i the only one that thinks M. chandler look like porier
Z Wins
Z Wins Пре месец
I needed to see how Izzy sized up to Costa before I made my pick. I got Izzy on this one.
kmusic Пре месец
Love the marketing beef.. they seem to be actually okay with each other...All business. Haha.
Jay Reagz
Jay Reagz Пре месец
Lol these homies are lowkey friends haha wtf!
DJ MH2 Пре месец
Ok so all the hype and hate got debunked in this video, they are best friends Costa and Izzy... gtfo UFC...
the one above all
the one above all Пре месец
What is Izzy and costa doing they supposed to hate each other at least be like jorge masvidal and usman when they ran into each other 🤔🤔
Richard O'neil
Richard O'neil Пре месец
Costas going to ko skinny fkr big time, and Newwwww we will here 👌
Larenz Te Paora-Taumata
Larenz Te Paora-Taumata Пре месец
Are they friends😂😂
That Guy Mo
That Guy Mo Пре месец
Just because these dudes respect each other it doesn’t mean they won’t take each other’s heads off this weekend. Mad respect for these gladiators
illuzeweb Пре месец
can't front Costa does look deflated
Bozzy Badazz
Bozzy Badazz Пре месец
Tyron Woodleys Rib to Sean O'Malleys ankle "Let's keep that same Energy"
illuzeweb Пре месец
what happens on the mat stays on the mat why is he showing training footage? Diego is a dck hole.
Racked Up Bubba
Racked Up Bubba Пре месец
They faced off and they are nice to each other. Respect, that's the business.
Racked Up Bubba
Racked Up Bubba Пре месец
Michael Chandler is the fire shit bro. Thank God he's in the UFC , for those who havent seen him fight just wait and watch, there will be blood. Hahaaaaa
El Diabolico
El Diabolico Пре месец
Costa looks stoned... wtf?
Torque Пре месец
masvidal v chimaev make it happen dana just kidding masvidal would duck with the money excuse
bobo2i Пре месец
whoever uploaded the footage of isral and paulo shoudl withdraw all their money from the bank and flush it down the shitter
D-9341 Пре месец
That Bruce is so buffed! Dat dance can put you to full hp in a less than a minute.
Ira Gaar
Ira Gaar Пре месец
07:58 Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa run into each other at the host hotel in FIGHT ISLAND
DrNoth Пре месец
I'm a Diaz fan but why is he even in the conversation anymore. He's done. That ship sailed.
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