Khamzat Chimaev is a very special fighter I have never seen anything like him,Dana White,Covington

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Beau Benal
Beau Benal Пре 22 дана
Khamzat chimaev looks like nobody won't to fight him and Dana White giving him all the week fighter because he knows what is going to happen to them he will destroy Adesanya and i'm sure 100% Adesanya will ovoid him Adesanya sad in one video he didn't see Khamzat fight and he don't know him now he call him Rat Lip how does he know about his lips ? Khamzat will destroy all of them he scare them all
Heli Chishi
Heli Chishi Пре 23 дана
Who is khamzat next opponent, will it be kamaru or Adesanya?
TheVillest Пре 24 дана
dudes at 170 better hope he stays at 185
Alexy Ignashov
Alexy Ignashov Пре 26 дана
We dont want to see any others Fighters but Khamzat VS Adesanya !
Betmenss Betmeniits
Betmenss Betmeniits Пре 27 дана
Give him Costu:D
Sama Amin
Sama Amin Пре 29 дана
Rat lip hasn't been against anyone in the top 15 yet wut??
Moeshaak Shakur
Moeshaak Shakur Пре 24 дана
Dark again
Dark again Пре месец
Ryan Halvorsen
Ryan Halvorsen Пре месец
I almost want to see Khamzat fight more than anyone else 🤯🤯
Tee El
Tee El Пре месец
Man I'm not the biggest Trump fan but Colby HAS to feel like he's on top of the world right now. To get a phone call from the president while you're being interviewed after a UFC win, unless there was a supermodel under the table giving him a bj at the same time,,, how can you top that? Lol
I_Choose_Us Пре месец
I guarantee Dana loves Chimaev, because he is a fighter who is bringing a lot views into the UFC while greatly underpaying him.
R C Пре месец
Jonnie walker got no chin .his time is fleeting .2bad .sum hav sum just dont .jabs rocked him
Kymberly Payne
Kymberly Payne Пре месец
Colby just a big ole kid
Aaron Ingram
Aaron Ingram Пре месец
The UFC doesn't need Connor anymore for his a blast from the past. His been over taken
cnn Пре месец
Your biggest fan may end up in jail
nt30001 Пре месец
Really impressed with Derns improved Brazilian ju...... Sorry I meant Brazilian accent.
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza Пре месец
4 RealZ
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Пре месец
colby is the greatest
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler Пре месец
mackenzie dern is the fakest talking idiot ive ever seen. impossible to root for someone who fakes an accent.
Steven Short
Steven Short Пре месец
Not sure the joke at end. Mma world poking at Covington. Not even funny.bias maybe
Tanya Marr
Tanya Marr Пре месец
colby doesn't want to fight nate
Machismo1983 Пре месец
Thewatcheronthewall Пре месец
Everyone in America crying about a hard life, they don't know what hard is, people from Chechnya and Dagestan are on another level, life is really hard there and makes beastly young men, not these rainbow princesses crying about equality and rights.
Gotty Beats
Gotty Beats Пре месец
You can't hate Khamzat lol
The1DUIGuy Пре месец
Chimaev vs. Covington, please. I want to see him smesh Colby in the mouth. Repeatedly.
Celery Пре месец
Johnny Walker has too many holes in his game and makes too many mistakes. Not sure he has much of a chin either, he will get sparked in HW and by most of the top 5 LHW.
Gambino Sorintino
Gambino Sorintino Пре месец
Masvidal ducks everyone
BIG O.G.M2L Пре месец
Johnny walker doesn’t have the chin to fight at heavy weight..
Effortless Пре месец
OMG NOWAY he knocked out gerald mearschart or how tf you spell his name the dude fought bumss and some people are acting like he just knocked out former title contenders
Vince Пре месец
Tbh I think masvidal should fight someone else rn like Stephen thompson. Colby fights Leon Edwards. If usman loses to burns then it’s Colby vs burns I think and then masvidal vs usman. If usman wins and burns loses then we do Colby vs usman and then masvidal vs burns. This is all hypothetically speaking Colby and masvidal were to beat Thompson and Colby beats Edwards
Al Пре месец
McKenzie Dern 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
marcus Пре месец
HW for Walker doesn’t sound good. Respect for the way he fights though, as other people said, either expect him to KO or get KO’d.
James Hassett
James Hassett Пре месец
Dana white khamzat chimaev was never my friend “
RudeBOY Пре месец
Dana “I’ve never seen anything like it” White
Phil Sobkow
Phil Sobkow Пре месец
k, Colby's line at the 6:00 minute mark about being the second guy to give a belt to a standing president was awesome with that little asshole smirk at the end. lol, he's gotten a lot better at this gimmick for sure.
BboyZoinks Пре месец
Colby trash talk= anime, cringy but entertaining Usman trash talk = no you
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones Пре месец
I actually agree with Colby on this Masvidal needs to step up n fight Colby n I honestly don't think he wants the fight hopefully I'm wrong
Rodolfo Palacios
Rodolfo Palacios Пре месец
That ending is priceless..
Rabin Rai
Rabin Rai Пре месец
I no longer need my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Hill Grant
Hill Grant Пре месец
Khamzat Wow
jrduke45 Пре месец
I can just look at Khamzat and tell he's a fighter. I wonder if his lip cut you can see was done by fighting?
Nadeem Hanif
Nadeem Hanif Пре месец
Dagestani power 👊🏽👊🏽🔥💯
Alina Bravo
Alina Bravo Пре месец
I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
J Ray
J Ray Пре месец
Diaz vs Colby?!?!?
Mark C.
Mark C. Пре месец
Colby has skills that speak for themselves, I find it a shame he has to use such a shit act to try and be relevant 😕
CZA etc.
CZA etc. Пре месец
Chimaev vs. Masvidal? who wins?
Hondude Пре месец
Heavyweights flatline Walker.
Salafi Пре месец
Khamzat "feed me more" Chimaev
Shaun Murray
Shaun Murray Пре месец
Colby exaggerating about his conversation with the president like we didn’t all hear it 🙄
Mohamed Rabeek
Mohamed Rabeek Пре месец
5:17 😂😂😂
Abu Jee
Abu Jee Пре месец
Connor should start 2021 with Khamzat fight 😁
g j
g j Пре месец
Niko brings that crazy ADHD energy! Can't wait for his next fight!
Aztek1994 Пре месец
It's one of the very first time that Kumaru is that hilarious his face is gold ^^ it's meme mines !
UFC 1994
UFC 1994 Пре месец
Mackenzie "Voice Changes Every Fight" Dern
UFC 1994
UFC 1994 Пре месец
colby vs khamzat
Lecram Пре месец
Dana's gonna be very sad when his boy gets his first L
DaLeadBull Пре месец
8:49 - Hazmat??? lmao you mean like the suit?
Chris Пре месец
Queefintgon vs Khamzat needs to happen !
TheJonas973 Пре месец
Bro Walker's IG pitch has me rolling, seems like a fun guy
Edgar Doria
Edgar Doria Пре месец
Masvidal vs Colby!!!
Red Ness
Red Ness Пре месец
I'm reach enough,I'm tall enough,I'm strong enough,and dog gone it people like me
Alex B
Alex B Пре месец
Johnny walkers english has gotten pretty good
Ghost Andretti
Ghost Andretti Пре месец
I don't care much for Colby , but it's pretty amazing to get a call from the president of the united states after your fight. The other fighters aren't getting personal calls from the president, even if it's Trump. It's still the president and that says a lot for how far Colby has come. He went from sleeping on Masvidal's couch to getting calls from the president. Respect.
Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan Пре месец
Trump: Hello Colby: *hard on intensifies*
TheAntManChannel Пре месец
Am I the only one pumped for Masvidal vs. Diaz II? We all know Nate was about to turn up last time.
Richard Kovacs
Richard Kovacs Пре месец
Khamzat is NOT Kabib. Khamzat is a HULK version of kabib. He is Stronger, faster, bigger and more high tech. I cant wait to see him choke out Maia and then break both Uzman and Israel.
D K Пре месец
Why does that woman have an Adam's apple? Is "she" actually "he"?
Nick Durham
Nick Durham Пре месец
Tyron Colby should've happened 3 years ago really, maybe a much different fight.
Arne Timmer
Arne Timmer Пре месец
You should have made the ending the part where Colby says he has the President of the United States, and Usman just starts laughing...
Eric Bussman
Eric Bussman Пре месец
Daaaaamn that's dudes lip is fuuuucked up. Good fighter though
Eric Bussman
Eric Bussman Пре месец
Colby, he didn't watch your fight. It was obvious by the way he said it
Martin Morgan
Martin Morgan Пре месец
Covington is extremely overrated
Ricky Oum
Ricky Oum Пре месец
Damn Khamzat could be champ champ and defending both belt in a week😂😂😂
Benji Bowser 100
Benji Bowser 100 Пре месец
He’s wasn’t even looking when that right straight landed , matey was beaten before the fight! fear is a bitch😲 hype?
Benji Bowser 100
Benji Bowser 100 Пре месец
I think she hit her head when she landed from the kick 🥴
Matic Retar
Matic Retar Пре месец
Dana stop, you gonna make Conor jealous...
tonty rutinel
tonty rutinel Пре месец
"Imagine what he could accomplish in 9 months! right?" -Dana ... Is Chimaev pregnant?
kaylan martin
kaylan martin Пре месец
Politics aside, I actually would be excited to get a phone call from any president about my fight. Also, did you know you can save fifteen minutes when you switch to Geico?
Lj Cooks
Lj Cooks Пре месец
Tyron Woodley should quit. (Not retire but quit). Cowboy Cerrone please retire you have nothing to prove unless it's proving you're done. Colby and Leon should fight
Vasilije Đurović
Vasilije Đurović Пре месец
Imagine Johny Walker vs Ngannou... Reem would laugh on that KO imo guys.
Traveller Milenial
Traveller Milenial Пре месец
Masvidal vs Colby
R C Пре месец
Walker got no chin .he will b just journeyman ..
CreativeProcess Пре месец
Trump said 35 thousand people and Colby said 36 thousand people..Colby cant help but stretch the truth hahaha
Andres G
Andres G Пре месец
Colby is right about Masvidal and Nate
schwadaddy81 Пре месец
Colby did so well at the press conference I think he broke Usman's jaw not the other way around lol...
Ironbudha 721
Ironbudha 721 Пре месец
Colby swallows Covington 🤣
redskngod EL
redskngod EL Пре месец
Dana: I never seen anyone like Chimaev, he's something special. Translation: I'm desperate for a Russian to replace Khabib.
RudeBOY Пре месец
Do you know Khabib is Russian? And trust, Dana definitely like Khabib. Do you even know anything?
Randy Orton
Randy Orton Пре месец
Masvidal would never take a colby fight his career would be ruined #facts
Lloydchristmas810 Пре месец
Conor is a self sustaining millionaire already, he doesn't need uncle Dana anymore. Why would he care about not being Dana's toy? If anything Dana is finally getting over conor with his rebound.
Randy Orton
Randy Orton Пре месец
Colby will beat usman, and than khamzat will beat colby #ListenUp
Reudig123 lol
Reudig123 lol Пре месец
Wow mckenzie dern fixed her accent and is fluent in english now again crazy how things change haha
Jon Phelps
Jon Phelps Пре месец
Donald Trump and Colby On that phone call is the definition of Soy Boys. I'm surprised they didn't end the call "Love you boo"
Angelccyn King
Angelccyn King Пре месец
Dana has never seen a one punch ko, 😂 ffs Dana, thought you was the best promoter around,
Sons of Dragons
Sons of Dragons Пре месец
I bet that trump didn't even watch covidton's fight but had one of his aides tell him what happened in his ear while using covidton for air time lol. This is trump after all. But I guessed that it had made colby's day. Khamzat is terrifyingly awesome!
33greenleaf Пре месец
@Sons of Dragons your friends, horse, and beach house are just as real as anthropomorphic climate change.
Sons of Dragons
Sons of Dragons Пре месец
@33greenleaf Nah! My friends hate the internet even more! They think it is a scourge of society! You're danmed right about enjoying the beaches and the beautiful seas while we still can! The consumption rate of natural resources that america and the whole is going at there won't be a mother earth left for future gens to enjoy! Everything will be artificial in the future including a VR sea. So I will take full advantage of the beach across from my house for as long as I can! All the best! Good talk!
33greenleaf Пре месец
@Sons of Dragons hey get your “friends” to give you some 👍s on your comments. I’d love to see it. Smart to go to the beach while you can, bc the oceans should be rising any day now...
Sons of Dragons
Sons of Dragons Пре месец
@33greenleaf funny you mentioned msm cos i've stopped watching mainstream news outlets many years ago! I try to do research from as many sources as possible on a subject matter before I will come to a conclusion. People say a coin has 2 sides but on rare occasions it lands standing up right! The only thing that matters is what you believe in so do you back trump or biden cos you seem to be sitting on the fence and will jump onto the floating ship when the time comes and pretend that you were always on that team! Yeah! That's one way to live life by choosing the path with the least resistance! It's easy and cheap(personal costs) right? Meh! You do you friend! I'm off to be miserable on my daily horse rides by the ocean with my friends! Stay safe
33greenleaf Пре месец
@Sons of Dragons boy that MSM propaganda really is ruining your life huh? Oh, and that quote wasn’t mine, that was Biden trying to recite the Pledge of Allegiance today.
Jamie Killen
Jamie Killen Пре месец
Anyone else thing usman v burns will be most boring title fight?
Bong Bong
Bong Bong Пре месец
Khamzat vs Yoel
chris beans
chris beans Пре месец
Colby "I walk the talk" Covington
Leo Пре месец
Colby a simp for Donald Trump gah damn
James Curtis
James Curtis Пре месец
I do not owe anyone anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
M K Пре месец
its crazy how kamaru is still less likeable than colby
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