Jon Jones deserves an immediate title shot when he returns as a Heavyweight,Conor McGregor on MayMac

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flubba wubbadubba
flubba wubbadubba Пре месец
A black guy putting stuff in a bag instead of taking it out wtf
BIGRICHG71 Пре месец
Nick Diaz vs Diego Sanchez rematch.
Dale Newbold
Dale Newbold Пре месец
Cocaine is a helluva drug.
Andrew Elliott
Andrew Elliott Пре месец
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Пре месец
Nice jon ur volunteering, note when u do that its without a camera 😊
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Пре месец
How ? Plz how Jon should beat at least someone like Lewis or blaydes to earn a title shot
Darrin Gardner
Darrin Gardner Пре месец
Hey MMA World, how many fucking ads to you need in your videos?
Kaynm Пре месец
Ngannou should go beat Derrick Lewis
Dark Star King
Dark Star King Пре месец
Reyes deserved an immediate title shot after smoking Jones. Jones decided to run away to another division. Heavyweights hit harder but the talent in the division is lacking. Jones wants to fight slower opponents because Reyes was to Slick for him.
Kimberley Asselin
Kimberley Asselin Пре месец
good to see Jones getting his community service hours in
Chris L
Chris L Пре месец
Why do I have a feeling Joshua Labia controls all of Diego’s life (including his finances)? Didn’t Diego come to him (or, I’d be willing to bet, HE came to Diego) in a really bad point in his life, where he was having a bunch of personal and team-related issues? If so, I could definitely see Joshua having manipulated Diego into thinking he needs him and that he’s the only one looking out for him. I forget what that type of relationship is called (Co-dependency?).
Antjuan McGhee
Antjuan McGhee Пре месец
Do your thing Boney!
Antjuan McGhee
Antjuan McGhee Пре месец
GOD Bless Diego;Do your thing!
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Пре месец
9:15 Dana protecting Jones. His last 2 performances were a joke. Did not look like Championship material.
Elvira Hancock
Elvira Hancock Пре месец
Jones is fake af its hilariously obvious
John Truffles
John Truffles Пре месец
Francis is a wrecking machine. If an opponent stands in front of him and trades bombs they lose every time. Problem is, stipe didn't stand and trade bombs and as a result he both out struck, and out grappled nganno leading to a dominant win for stipe. If francis hasn't made the right adjustments, learned to fight from angles, learned to grapple and stop takedowns, he will lose again. Sorry but its true.
Steven Lowe
Steven Lowe Пре месец
Volcanovski vs Nunes let's do this ufc
Jones gets recked by the first HW he faces
Rockford Solids
Rockford Solids Пре месец
JJ absolutely does NOT deserve a f'ing shot! guy is a punk dishonorable piece of crap. He basically sh*t all over the honor of mixed martial arts. People are ok with that??? WTF!
Robert Baptie
Robert Baptie Пре месец
Jon jones the fucking bum, when i done my CS they just called me a criminal, not giving back to the community
Joe Skill
Joe Skill Пре месец
What’s really in those balls that Jon is sending out....oh USADA!!! 😲
S B Пре месец
Sanchez: I got 4 fights left in me Also Sanchez: This might be my last fight 🙈
habibbi alikafe
habibbi alikafe Пре месец
why is it that every time jon jones volunteers, theres alwasy a guy just standing there recording the whole thing and doing nothing else??
Marc P. Perez
Marc P. Perez Пре месец
Diego Sanchez is a legend, and I’m happy to hear that he is planning to make this his last fight. He has nothing else to prove, he needs to preserve what’s left of his health and I wish him success
THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P
THe "OFFiCial" K.A.M... =P Пре месец
Yea and if he loses his title goes to reyes....
blood_upon_the_rose Пре месец
Diego sanchez really is a complete muppet lol
The Payne Legacy
The Payne Legacy Пре месец
Megan Anderson is one of my favorite women’s MMA fighter. If she shocks the world, she will saved the 145 division
Spookrockcity Пре месец
He deserves to be banned from the Sport
DBZD Пре месец
Dana you got enough money, quit trying to squeeze it out of this scumbag jones. Dudes bad for the sport just as much as he is to pregnant women. He’s trash. And he’s not undefeated, he’s a cheater, and a criminal. Facts. USADA has been whoopin jones steroided ass for a long time
DBZD Пре месец
Jones: I've even started, um, volunteering. Giving back to the community. Fans: That's great. You're talking about your court-ordered community service? Jones: I don't need a judge to tell me to keep my community clean. Fans: but he did right?
pitbull bulldog
pitbull bulldog Пре месец
Jone Jones vs Francis the predator🤪
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Пре месец
No he doesn't
ben0jamin Пре месец
I'd be so mad at Dana if he looks over Francis just to get Jones in 1st.
Jessie Alvarez
Jessie Alvarez Пре месец
Jon Jones needs to defeat people in his way to get a title shot, NOT just go directly at the Heavyweight title.
lopezryan11 Пре месец
Is john just volunteering because it was court ordered? And not because he wants to?
Superfluous Aseity
Superfluous Aseity Пре месец
takes a real pathological narcissist to call probation philanthropy work.
ike awgu
ike awgu Пре месец
UFC, please stop giving Diego Sanchez fights.
michael j
michael j Пре месец
Diego is a weird cat.
78 Sound
78 Sound Пре месец
Stipe clinches and Frances gases.... Same result guys
Ishmael C
Ishmael C Пре месец
Jon “Court Ordered Community Service” Jones.
Justin Mayberry
Justin Mayberry Пре месец
Respect to diego n swick for saying hell no to vaccines.
slayerBO2EPC Пре месец
No Jon Jones doesn't not he had hard time putting away Santos and Dominick Reyes dogged him. But champs challenge champs there is no other fight but Francis and he's not champion yet. JJ will lose to Francis.
Miguel Caca
Miguel Caca Пре месец
Fakes person ever jon jones . O thought he was holding out for his fellow fighter to get paid want they deserve he was holding out for him self . 🐀
Miguel Caca
Miguel Caca Пре месец
Jones is the fakes human being ever .
Richard Ortiz
Richard Ortiz Пре месец
Jones vs Nemkov
John Vigil
John Vigil Пре месец
Diego Sanchez is the poster child for CTE. Should've hung it up a long time ago.
Adrian Rubio
Adrian Rubio Пре месец
Stipe won't last 3 rounds vs Jones
Jäger Volant
Jäger Volant Пре месец
How about Ngannou vs Bones to SEE who gets Stipe. Sounds fair.
Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan Пре месец
Brad Beren
Brad Beren Пре месец
I also agree he deserves a title shot. After he wins some heavyweight matches of course. Ex lhw champ or no the line is the line son, nobody is too special for the rules that apply to all.
Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams Пре месец
If Francis wins that means stipe would have to do another trilogy.
Tess Ticulls
Tess Ticulls Пре месец
Can jones just do the world a favor and OD already...
Colin Chaponis
Colin Chaponis Пре месец
Trying to make sure Jones slips Francis.
Farmer with shotgun
Farmer with shotgun Пре месец
He needs a tune up first but I agree
Elliot Van Sertima
Elliot Van Sertima Пре месец
This is a dangerous man, Smith is in big trouble
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast Пре месец
5:00 🔥 Thanks for the feature!
Arkhzeus Пре месец
It's painful to listen to Diego talk. The guy is another beating away from actual retardation, just hang it up already
Nimrod's Son
Nimrod's Son Пре месец
He’s a cheater and should go to Bellator, where he belongs
Emilda Linda
Emilda Linda Пре месец
I did hours and hours of hard work like Jon Jones too to never be recognized. That is hard work. My hard work will never be recognized but Jon's is a different story. Respect to Jones.
King Gambino
King Gambino Пре месец
lol. hope Ngannou faces stipe again. stipe will run wild on him again.
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸 Пре месец
Jon Jones thinks a soccer ball is a volleyball??? Plus nobody in there was wearing a mask??? Nobody ever said he was the smartest guy in the world.
Paul Пре месец
Ngannou vs Jones for no. 1 contender.
Vi M
Vi M Пре месец
Wow, Dana really hate Stipe as a champion
War Wolf
War Wolf Пре месец
8:09 pause. Reflect. This guy can stomp you. Carry on.
Ramon Martinez
Ramon Martinez Пре месец
Wow!! Give the loser a title shot after all he has done and no punishment at all. Instead he been caught doing drugs, duis and peds! And instead of discipline he gets title shots. Jones is a loser and an absolute joke to the sport!!
brian green
brian green Пре месец
Jon is the goat ... Trump supporters are pissed
Pumpinstein Пре месец
Jon Jones doesn’t deserve anything but an L on his record after that Win by the Judges against Reyes
IRISHPRIDE 211 Пре месец
Did Diego just come out if the closet?
Unfiltered Conspiracist
Unfiltered Conspiracist Пре месец
Smith said to the UFC may aswel make it 3 rounds because I'm getting finished quicker lol
Unfiltered Conspiracist
Unfiltered Conspiracist Пре месец
When your as dominant as jon jones haters will use any little fault against him that's what you call salty! No-one is perfect.
I identify as Flat Earth
I identify as Flat Earth Пре месец
Why's Sanchez look like he's morphing into the third Diaz brother?
Charles LOS
Charles LOS Пре месец
Another food thrown to the lioness
VGK #1
VGK #1 Пре месец
I mean if youre making around 300k a fight for your career and you cant retire off that, youre not all there
Leo Пре месец
Francis talking about the Stipe fight: ‘that wasn’t me in the fight’ ‘the way I rush in my other fights is how I fight’ Well that’s cause it’s Stipe, he knows how to stay composed and can counter if you do rush in
Emily 420
Emily 420 Пре месец
I dont mind Diego but damn he sounding kinda broke back these days lol... do you agree?
Haz Wan313
Haz Wan313 Пре месец
Jon only do good when the camera is on and a DUI when the camera is off
Jonathan Velder
Jonathan Velder Пре месец
So every time Jon does something nice he's got to have a camera follow him around so we all know that Jon did something nice
Damon Saunders
Damon Saunders Пре месец
Diego seems in a really great place. As a fan ... his wars esp against Melendez were spectacular. I think recent critcism of his choices are unwarranted and unfair to this man. In saying that Diego seems more in tune with himself and its an absolute credit to his growth and character. Is his next fight against Jake Matthews from Melb, Australia? Also, in respect to Jon Jones ... like him or not ... spin or real ... he has been out there is the community DOING STUFF ! Get out from behind ur keyboards folks and contribute just even a small amount. If you say it MEAN IT and if you mean it DO IT !
Mr. Molokhia
Mr. Molokhia Пре месец
Diego just rambling on and on, barely listening to the questions and the other participant of a conversation, and of course spitting a whole bunch of crazy nothing. Kind of feel for him, he seems to have severe mental issues. He seems more off than Tony, and that says a lot.
Tim Etter
Tim Etter Пре месец
I thought it said D.A.R.E. on Jones shirt lol
Whiskiz Yo
Whiskiz Yo Пре месец
Connor who?
felipe contreras
felipe contreras Пре месец
Francis .. you need to watch it ... how you gonna improve?
NexisFilms Пре месец
600 times ... 600 times.. we have not given a single Fvck bout what you do Jon .
NexisFilms Пре месец
Seeing Jones virtue signaling with his whole 'giving back to the community shtick' makes me cringe so bad every time
spacemanjupiter Пре месец
'Giving back to the community'..... Um, isn't that place where people serve community service?? Plus why would you film yourself doing this? That is not selfless, that is selfish and self serving.
Carlos Molina
Carlos Molina Пре месец
I don’t know what’s worse. Jones’ fans believing he was a clean fighter his whole career or that he’s a genuinely good person.
Akicita Пре месец
karim murthy
karim murthy Пре месец
who else here would love to see Ngannou vs jon jones for the number 1 contender fight against miocic?
Adrian Henderson
Adrian Henderson Пре месец
Bro can someone please explain to me how Francis deserves a title shot before Jon? That shit makes nooooooo sense to me. Francis lost to Stipe?!!! So how does he deserve a title shot before the defending light heavy weight champion. Someone explain to me please
D C Пре месец
Jon Jones with more Bs publicity stunts. Fk off man.
Luke 1234
Luke 1234 Пре месец
Say what you want about Bones, but atleast he fights! He's not my favourite, but atleast he fights.
Andrew Paulson
Andrew Paulson Пре месец
God I hate Ray Longo
MAD DOG Пре месец
The fake patronavirus
Derek V
Derek V Пре месец
7:50 I thought he said you could fit alot of 8balls in these bags 🤪
Dale Cumberbatch
Dale Cumberbatch Пре месец
Blessings c.a.r.e respect Jones
mike swallow
mike swallow Пре месец
hate jon jones. i hope his care group is real, and he is being a better person. i can be a future fan.
Couch Kicker
Couch Kicker Пре месец
Tyler Пре месец
frankie at 38 looks like he is 30.
Brian Crampton
Brian Crampton Пре месец
He should have to fight a contender or 2 first. I've never liked big names jumping rank. If he's that good it should be easy enough for him to earn it. Same for GSP, Lesnar, etc
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