Dana White reveals that former Champion Tony Ferguson has a fight lined up,Edwards on Jorge Masvidal

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Dana White on Corey Anderson's move to Bellator,

Aljamain Sterling on Dana White announcing that he gets the neext title shot,

Leon Edwards slams Journeyman Jorge Masvidal,

Johnny Walker training for his next bout,

Petr Yan rips Marlon Vera,

Anthony Smith on Jon Jones,
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Francis Ngannou 100% sure he gets the next title shot,
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Marlon Moraes signs the bout agreement,

Dana White on Tony Ferguson's return,

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TONIC Пре месец
Leon Edwards not Active because he Leon does Not want Fight.. Its because No Opponent wants to Risk hard Fought ranking vs Leon You know be victim Number 9. Win or Lose be Brave if Burns called out Leon.
SofaKing Пре месец
I bet Corey Anderson supports BLM lol. Loser.
Zach Dancy
Zach Dancy Пре месец
Funny listening to Gilbert talk trash when he KNOWS we can't just fight anywhere in the World because America cannot control the Pandemic. ALL Talk! Leon can't come here as of now.
s reome
s reome Пре месец
I think Dustin gonna piece ferguson up
Jas Aulakh
Jas Aulakh Пре месец
The plan is so obvious. Dana wants ngannou to win the title, cross him over to the ring to fight the winner of Fury vs Joshua
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts Пре месец
If Tony and khabib fight on the same card I'm done
YalaYolo Пре месец
Tony's brain does not need Poirer's fists knocking it around.
Derek McIntyre
Derek McIntyre Пре месец
John start working on your CHICKEN legs!!!!
rlachermeier Пре месец
Time Stamps would be a big plus
Dennis Allen
Dennis Allen Пре месец
Aljamain Sterling: "Im coming for you soon my Russian friend 🍑💧💧💧" Pause...
Samuel Пре месец
Tony Ferguson tested positive for having a fight lined up
Benjamin Major
Benjamin Major Пре месец
Damn, Leon is still salty about the 3 piece and a soda I see
Alfredo Renteria
Alfredo Renteria Пре месец
I saw Masvidal tune u up on live.so shut up.. god you sound so lame. It was like 3 and a soda .....
TheEnderBand Пре месец
Yo Johnny walker what do horses eat? JW: HAAAAY! HAAAAAY! HAAAAAY!!!!
Michael Hulsey
Michael Hulsey Пре месец
Ariel with his dumb ass questions
Harman House
Harman House Пре месец
Lol nobody cares about Leon Edwards.......
Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld
Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld Пре месец
at Corey, all that money and you still can't form a clear sentence, although i get what you're saying, i expect more from you in your free time. (and that goes for the rest of you humans too!! ) enjoy your move to making :D
Brian K
Brian K Пре месец
Jorge says everything is about the $$ now. Complete opposite of what he used to say right before his quick rise to temporary stardom. He hasn't proven that he has the discipline and mental fortitude to live the life of a champion. He's only in it for the $$ at this point.
milk man
milk man Пре месец
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to kick himself in the nuts just to condition his future kids
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Пре месец
Leon shush 🤫
Anthony Long
Anthony Long Пре месец
Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy to lose to Justin Gaethje so he can fight Dustin Porier and later defeat Khabib Nurmagomedov in the last fight of his career.
If jon jones can throw really dangerous punches.. i reckon he will be completely well rounded. I reckon Jon jones cant punch! Like power jabs thats fast and fast hooks and being able to punch with both hands.. sure he can throw punches but im talking abt that boxing style punch that one shot lights out type
Adam Dean
Adam Dean Пре месец
Leon Edwards: Nobody beats me, everybody else are a bunch of pussie! Everybody Else: Who da Fook is dis guy?
S Пре месец
Ariel remains the largest tool in the world
Chris matthews
Chris matthews Пре месец
Nice to see furguson and Dustin getting regular fights
Lee Adams
Lee Adams Пре месец
Dana white can lie his ass off man
Ricardo Orozco
Ricardo Orozco Пре месец
If Tony can take it ti the ground then he wins, but if he stands he’s getting those cheeks clapped
DShowtimeP888 Пре месец
Anybody else notice than Corey Anderson can totally sound like 50 cent!? would love to hear him drop a verse! lol
Gliese 581c
Gliese 581c Пре месец
I'am absolutely with Anthony Smith on this one 100%
THE Kat Haus
THE Kat Haus Пре месец
I did like Corey anderson but his crying is annoying. You lost bro and you still think you deserve a title shot
Gotty Beats
Gotty Beats Пре месец
Corey speaks like Walter White's son.
Pootube Пре месец
5:02 Misses Gump noises. what a fucking stupid looking workout though
Harry Greb
Harry Greb Пре месец
I think to took to much damage he gets in wars not good for brain he’s lost something after that Justin g. Fight .
jim yocum
jim yocum Пре месец
I don't want to see this fight, Tony's going to win but I don't want to see Dustin lose either..
Julian B
Julian B Пре месец
"Fuck it Jorge lets fight, no money" - Pretty sure that already happened, Leon
Ross Kelso
Ross Kelso Пре месец
I imagine Dana treats his fighters about as well as Vince treats his wrestlers. Just a guess tho
Rich Wats
Rich Wats Пре месец
corey anderson's brain is definitely showing major signs of heavy CTE.......
Google Boy
Google Boy Пре месец
I hope Ferguson dusts dustin
YouTube User
YouTube User Пре месец
Tony was a champion???
puertorican850 Пре месец
As far as I'm concerned, Ferguson was the reigning lightweight champ up until he was dethroned. Not taking anything from Khabib of course but the dude deserves it.
Dave Odd
Dave Odd Пре месец
Gilbert Burns is right, Leon Edwards rarely even fights, why does he even want the title? I doubt he’ll do any defending.
ArlindBlaze Пре месец
Remember when i SAW poirier write ‘’#eldiamante’’ i knew he was fighting Tony. I mean you all know that because og His scaryass name, im to scared to Even write it🤣😭😭😭
Roger Priestwell
Roger Priestwell Пре месец
Jon Jones took Smith's soul in their fight. Ever since that day, Smith has been smitten.
tom nickerson
tom nickerson Пре месец
I would have rather seen Covington -vs- Masvidahl and Woodley -vs- Edwards.
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts Пре месец
100% George is a fake clown
Ovais A
Ovais A Пре месец
The next fight for Tony should be with Mental Health
Jonathan Gary
Jonathan Gary Пре месец
Reverse fortune guys: Justin’s going to suffer a minor injury and pull out of the fight, while Dustin tests positive for covid-19 even though he’s asymptomatic. Boom, Khabib vs Ferguson.
Mystery Hombre
Mystery Hombre Пре месец
Imagine !
YED Пре месец
Francis better hope Stipe doesn’t see the money he’d make fighting Jones
YED Пре месец
Marlon Vera needs to calm down.
YED Пре месец
Leon got that 2 piece and his pride still can’t take it
YED Пре месец
Wow, Tony took Khabib’s words seriously. Now he’ll lose to Dustin Porier
matthew hall
matthew hall Пре месец
Petr is the best on twitter lol because I just imagine him saying everything in his voice
Simba2K HD
Simba2K HD Пре месец
Francis Nganjou in the words of Dana white
Shane B.
Shane B. Пре месец
Leon is still salty about that 3 piece with a soda Jorge gave him. He wants the family meal now lol
MEXTEKA Пре месец
I guess they gonna feed Tony some dustin before he gets his hands on khabib 🤛🏼 I have an odd feeling the 2 weight cuts had something to do with Tony loosing some steam beside been in with a beast that weight cut 1 and 2 still doesn't sit well with me, but that's why rematches exist to prove your just better then him or you just a good night and next time is gonna be different
fuzzlestick Пре месец
Attack those chicken legs starting round one, Jones is done.
youronly friend
youronly friend Пре месец
all mma is fake and owned and run by mobsters! lmao
DAZelioni Пре месец
Anybody else hate this music? Especially hearing it looped for 10 minutes straight
David Vega
David Vega Пре месец
I don’t really know what Leon is playing with Jorge sure he lost but he showed he is top 5 he didn’t get ragged like Woodley or others he stopped a lot of takedowns and didn’t get caught even usman had to acknowledge how dangerous he was now Leon might win there fight but it’s not going to be easy
SB 186
SB 186 Пре месец
If the fame wasn’t there neither would masvidal
Håvard Ramberg
Håvard Ramberg Пре месец
I am fucking ready for this fight
Jay MMA Пре месец
Tony ferguson the type of guy to Catch COVID19 and put it in hostpital
Charles Funk
Charles Funk Пре месец
MMA athletes unite. Realize the person ruining the company you work for is the biggest supporter of our POS president. If he supports him how can he care about what going on. MMA stand/kneel and support the cause. Boycott event and hit uncle fester in the pocket. Maybe then he will respect ‘all’ his athletes. Not just Rhonda and her friends.
kratos spartan
kratos spartan Пре месец
I was never a tony fan he is too cocky i hope dustin puts an end to his misery but i don't think dustin can beat tony
dean russell
dean russell Пре месец
@ MMA WORLD that clip at the end ;-> Keep up the great Content.
jeffery wade
jeffery wade Пре месец
Why do these fighters have choices. If you told your boss you dont want to work, He will probably fire you, These guys are spoiled pussies.. Leon is right!
Rance White
Rance White Пре месец
When was Tony a champion?
sasha Sashwat
sasha Sashwat Пре месец
Tony should stop getting hit too much. He should act smart and not play aggressively. Dude has got a chin for sure. But if he doesn't use head movement or evade dustin's boxing he will have enough brain damage again.
Dream Temple
Dream Temple Пре месец
White is the biggest bullshit artist in mma. He's constantly trying to claim ufc fighters are the best, which isn't true at all. Perhaps an inter-promotion fight card would solve this debate, but white will never do it.
Relic O' Justice
Relic O' Justice Пре месец
These fights are always incredible but bittersweet. Both top tier, but don’t want to see either lose
SuperDynamite666 Пре месец
Dustin is probably the best striker in the division, Tony love you but I don't see you winning!
Doubleoh Spartan
Doubleoh Spartan Пре месец
Ladies and gentlemen George St-Pierre now has the coronavirus lol
Moeshaak Shakur
Moeshaak Shakur Пре месец
Tony Ferguson gonna get smashed
The joke was fun
The joke was fun Пре месец
Saiayin Coby
Saiayin Coby Пре месец
For some reason im not interested in watching that edwards guy fight at all lol...
Bronson Pinchot
Bronson Pinchot Пре месец
Masvidal is no 🐱! No ufc athlete is. Give it a rest
Bronson Pinchot
Bronson Pinchot Пре месец
El Cucuie is old and washed up. Retire and save the brain cells
XDoomriderX Пре месец
Tony Ferguson WINS!!!! HELLYEAH!!!
D2DS 17
D2DS 17 Пре месец
Who's the old lady interviewing Dana? Is that Megan Olivi's mom or aunt??? Way to take a step back, UFC.
felipesixshooter Пре месец
Jones would lose to Overeem at heavyweight
Jeremy Craft
Jeremy Craft Пре месец
Tony vs Dustin is going to be sick! Can't wait (but I don't want either to lose!)
Your all on steroids
Your all on steroids Пре месец
Love that "former Champion Tony Ferguson" cuh 🙌🏿yall get a thumbs up for that, Tony a real champ
Chris Dupuis
Chris Dupuis Пре месец
I love Tony as much as the rest of us in the mma community but....🤔 Bet on Poirier guys. I promise. I won money on Justin vs Tony. Styles make fights. Dustin hits harder, has the better chin, and good enough ground game. Tony has the bjj advantage. Just like he did with Justin. Cardio is great on both. This is a similar fight to Tony vs Justin who also lost to Dustin but that's irrelevant. Just another thing to consider. This is for gamblers only. We'll have to see the odds but DP will most likely be the favorite which sucks cause Tony was the favorite in Justin fight. So I might hold back and just enjoy the violent festivities. 💯👊🦵💥🧟‍♂️👊💥👊🧟‍♂️🦵🦵💥🧟‍♂️🚑🚑🤕🤕👍👍👍
The Kross
The Kross Пре месец
6:21 jon skinny legs yanks like 650 off the platform
B Mad
B Mad Пре месец
Hasn’t 254 already happened?
Raihan Пре месец
Maybe it's Connor who he's fighting guys
James Gibson
James Gibson Пре месец
People forget how fickle the crowds can be, Leon Edwards is legit but for some reason doesn't get the love that he perhaps deserves. There are so many fighters that don't get the respect they deserve! Hang tough Rocky, your time is just round the corner! Ps your elbows on the break are the slickest I have seen of any fighter currently on the roster. Fuck the 3 piece, just elbow them all in the face.
Linoge Z
Linoge Z Пре месец
Tony was never a champion though. Intern belt is just made to keep fighters happy, and inside the ufc. However it doesnt mean anything. Its like getting a sticker as a reward. " Goood booyyy"
Kenny Kenny
Kenny Kenny Пре месец
If tony is a former champ then so is dustin🙃stop fanboying in the caption Tony’s getting kod in the 3rd
jaycee monares
jaycee monares Пре месец
be careful what you eat there georges, remember the chinese and the bats. we all know how that worked out
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris Пре месец
The Diamond vs El Cucuy 🔥 🔥 🔥 October is rather soon, after the Gaethje fight TBH. This is another fight where I can’t really root for one guy, but can’t wait to see it.
Sons of Dragons
Sons of Dragons Пре месец
Johnny Walking using the Connor McGregor fast system is great but should probably leave out the Connor McGregor cardio programme and create his own cos McGregor's cardio training programme sucks based on McGregor's past performance. Hahahahaha Who is fighting Stipe next only depends on one single factor! Who can sell more PPVs! Bones or Nganou? I think we all know the answer to this question right?
SkyBlue Пре месец
*Interim Champion
Snarfsnarfff Пре месец
Former Interim champ. Tony deserves his title shot. 12 fights undefeated streak with no title shot....
MinoritiesRlazy Пре месец
Dustin says after his last fight he doesn’t want every fight to be a war and then he gets Ferguson. Poor guy
ThereIsNoTrueLove Пре месец
that's what? 1 year of Monster??
Terbaru Пре месец
Tony loss with boxing,and you know who will win 😎
iDemeeetriiHD Пре месец
Not a former champ
Steven De los santos
Steven De los santos Пре месец
Nick, Nate, Jorge some of the realist Leon sit back. He wish he had clout
Steven De los santos
Steven De los santos Пре месец
Dana looking swoooooooooool
Marshal Murat
Marshal Murat Пре месец
If Eddie bravo is Tony’s conor men. I’m betting 10,000 on Dustin. Wish me luck
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