Matt Serra Reacts to Sean O'Malley saying he lost to a guy whom he doesn't consider that good,Diego

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Chad Mulligan
Chad Mulligan Пре 21 дан
Matt just noe realizing that omally is a petulant child
Omar Mesa
Omar Mesa Пре 23 дана
O’Malley isn’t good... he fought a lot of bad fighters.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Пре 24 дана
He’s trying to be like mcgregor, but at least Connor was humble in his losses and admitted to the other fighter to being the better man at the time. Malley is just a chode
Cobba hall
Cobba hall Пре 24 дана
Not gonna lie that Diego segment made total sense and that blows my mind, he was fluent and coherent and insightful about himself and I was happy to see he’s got himself sorted
jjtharp Пре 25 дана
All O'Malley is doing when he complains about losing to someone who he doesn't think is "good enough to lose against to- is making piss poor sore loser excuses for himself!! Because if memory serves me correct he did do some trash talking leading up to that fight?? So now he's complaining in hopes of covering his own ass a little bit. Because by losing this last fight- [after the fact]- makes O'Malley look like a bit of a fake. I.e. he is a pretty good fighter- and maybe Dana will grant him a rematch if he's lucky. But next time stop with the invisibility BullSH%T trash talk. You're made of flesh and bone buddy- and if you get hit in the right way- some of those bones can break- and you will bleed. So don't be a sorry poor supporters men- confess that you were out classed. Apologize to your opponent for trash talking- and hope Dana Grant's you a rematch.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре 27 дана
Sean only 25, but face looks like 45 due to the lack of sleep and the drug lifestyle....see kids, this is what legal pothead look like.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре 27 дана
Matt Serra is a juicehead.
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto Пре 28 дана
Did Bisbing get surgery in Mexico? Lmao couldn’t afford it in the UK?
virg man994
virg man994 Пре 29 дана
MMA has been poor to your body Michael Bisping. How many rematches do fighters get with the injury bug?
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Пре 29 дана
Sean "Delusional" O'Malley
Rick Long
Rick Long Пре месец
Maybe he should kick your ass again.
Jim Bonifede
Jim Bonifede Пре месец
O Malley ur a looser
Alex Karalexis
Alex Karalexis Пре месец
Diego always seemed a bit slow
Watcherman217 Пре месец
@ 5:31 some of these coaches are soooooo overated. wtf is that??????? really?
asdf Пре месец
Sean "I smoke too much pot and I think I'm a legend" O'Malley
Wendell Jourdan
Wendell Jourdan Пре месец
O'Malley just but hurt!!!!!!
vinc robinso
vinc robinso Пре месец
lol the suga show ...crashed n burn SO BAD lol
al barky UFC win
al barky UFC win Пре месец
Omally is a 2 yr old cry baby. Give this moronic idiot his bottle
Chicken legs 'flash in the pan" O'Malley😂
Ken Menzies
Ken Menzies Пре месец
Omally and timbo are more than friends, cant believe I am the only one aware, heard they do jujitsu naked, the girlfriend is a plant, terrible beard
Doopster 77
Doopster 77 Пре месец
Hmm.. Matt Sera confused on why Suga thinks he was beaten by the less skilled fighter.. weird. Reminds me of how he beat GSP. His opinion is a joke, anything can happen in a fight. Just like a bum like him could get lucky and ko a legend like GSP.
mtorngren15 Пре месец
...I was willing to give him a chance, but now hearing the excuses and whatnot... No, just no My Little Ponies Ronald McDonald
JoelAmbrose Пре месец
“He’s hitting Asian massage parlor” lol
Rabid Racoon
Rabid Racoon Пре месец
sean o' noodle legs
EyeXombie Пре месец
Diego Sanchez starting to look like Corey Feldman
Shahify Azni
Shahify Azni Пре месец
Swick's face screams 'dang this chicano is crazy'
Jay Bee Dreams
Jay Bee Dreams Пре месец
I met michael bisping at knott's berry farm in cali but they have this thing called knott's scary farm during October and met him at Johnny rockets such a humble guy.
C R Пре месец
I love when the UFC trys to build up fighters who have the "entertainment" personality.. give them some easy fights, match them up where their weakness do not get tested then when it comes to their true test they get dealt with. There is levels to this shit ladies and gentlemen.
Buttermy Eggrolllington
Buttermy Eggrolllington Пре месец
Looking forward to the rematch
Jose O_0
Jose O_0 Пре месец
I remember when diego used to get mad during his fights telling them to keep hitting.
dc shouldnt comment on any jon jones fight in the future, dude made you cry 2 times, jones vs ngannou would be good, without dc opinions
Luis Mendez
Luis Mendez Пре месец
Who thinks those Mexican nurses knew who Bisping was? If they have kids that are mma fans may never know lol
godbyone andy godby
godbyone andy godby Пре месец
Crybaby omalley win that fight ,well if he didn't get punched, kicked a lot, he won
lukkbox77 Пре месец
In B4 Suga completely wrecks his career like a little bitch
Temasek SDQ
Temasek SDQ Пре месец
Frankie can turn up his volume when everybody expects him to die down! Don’t underestimate his resilience!
Monoï Пре месец
how the hell are you alowed to carry a cell phone into an hospital ? Those shit are completly full of bacterias.
Roman Пре месец
How does O’Malley get so much noise, I thought we were done with the sages
Rob kankerboef
Rob kankerboef Пре месец
That photo of O'malley with some chicks is just a picture of his sister and tim welch with a wig
Ryan John
Ryan John Пре месец
Sean and Torey Lanz competing for who can turn their fans on them faster
Ricardo Delgado
Ricardo Delgado Пре месец
Michael Bisping was irrelevant as a fighter and is even more irrelevant now. Why put him in these videos?
souuf48 Пре месец
2 knees replacements, an eye gone and still keeping his smile and his head up. Maaan do they build them tough in england!
poem Пре месец
When did Sean become so unlikable? Was it after joe rogan made him famous? Or was he always this little shitbag?
october basa
october basa Пре месец
Well that’s sad, Omali. You didnt consider Chito good but he beat your ass easy. It was an easy money and easy fight for chito.
Octav Rusu
Octav Rusu Пре месец
O malley do a favor for all of us who really believed in you , and go at mcdonalds
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg Пре месец
Sean's going to turn up for his next fight with Monica from Friends' Bo Derek haircut just so he can blame it for getting in his eyes when Munhoz or whoever kicks his legs apart.
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg Пре месец
O'Malley sounds like he's about to cry every time he talks now. Way to go from potentially cool to absolutely not at the quickest speed possible.
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift Пре месец
they dont want to give pedro a rematch vs edgar why? cause they know edgar wld lose...period
jaime delgado
jaime delgado Пре месец
never noticed how much Bisping looks like Cub Swanson 2:19
Sicarius Angelus
Sicarius Angelus Пре месец
Jeez, Bisping really gave a lot of himself to the sport, he's basically a bionic man at this point. Warrior.
Sir Nugget
Sir Nugget Пре месец
Good thing for Diego, his mental health was never there to begin with
Showtime Hussle
Showtime Hussle Пре месец
Sean “69” omalley has always been lame af
sujit maharjan
sujit maharjan Пре месец
I really miss Bisping's fight and his cocky press conferences. A true legend and a badass fighter. Far better than ariel, Schaub and that stupid journalist of espn( something oscomoto)
Explicit Reverberation
Explicit Reverberation Пре месец
Cheeto won but neither did anything crazy..i don't understand. Was just a regular fight.
Sysom Young
Sysom Young Пре месец
You’ve lost!
Ginga-dna Пре месец
Frankie winning lost me £3k lol mad that a bad decision may of lost me money 😂😂but tbh was a close fight so good on him
Darock Iscooking
Darock Iscooking Пре месец
I believe Sean was unlucky, I believe he would of smashed Chito easy, he looked the strongest and was ready to pounce on Chito like a lion when he had that chance. Rematch Chito is getting knocked out in 1, money's on Sean.
josiff explosiff
josiff explosiff Пре месец
Press the button Michael Bisping
Eden Aguirre
Eden Aguirre Пре месец
Oh Mikey... Such a hairy fkn bastard eh!? Sharpening the knives??! 🤣You silly damn dinosaur! Love you man!
kc Bryan
kc Bryan Пре месец
Man it’s all good if you keep winning, the worlds great and all that. It’s how you deal with the loss or losses, they are the situations that make or break a fighter plain and simple that is
Ben Polston
Ben Polston Пре месец
Suga is a clown.
Grouchy Dude
Grouchy Dude Пре месец
Damn...Michael Bispbing hair still looks better than mine, even during surgery!
Greg Brimstone
Greg Brimstone Пре месец
Couldn’t stand you when you were competing but I guess that was kinda your thing. Get well Mr Bisping! 🍻
Conor M
Conor M Пре месец
If Sean thinks he's better he's got to prove it to the people. Take a few months then rematch him. People have to invest in your story sean
Conor M
Conor M Пре месец
Man to discredit a fair win like chito Vera's is not the sign of a true champion. A serious mindset change is needed for Sean to be truly great. When Conor lost to Diaz he didn't bitch and complain he took it on the chin and was screaming for the rematch in the locker room. 4 months later he remacthed and won. Sean needs time to reset and face him again.
Enoeth Ylnodna
Enoeth Ylnodna Пре месец
Sean O Miley is entitled to his OWN opinion but sadly....he was better and won. OWN it and respect
Agent Double0Hogg
Agent Double0Hogg Пре месец
IM GONNA SHOCK THE WORLD blah blah blah everyone is gonna shock the world in the ufc
shazzam uk
shazzam uk Пре месец
Sean "james Franko (spring breakers) wannabe" O'malley.
shazzam uk
shazzam uk Пре месец
If you lost to someone that isn't really good then that just proves how shit you are.....O'malley.
Enoeth Ylnodna
Enoeth Ylnodna Пре месец
Amen! Be GRATEFUL! Beautiful!🤗😘💖
Enoeth Ylnodna
Enoeth Ylnodna Пре месец
I always say u should have a bag with socks and a warm blanky for hospital STAYS
Joseph Cozzolino
Joseph Cozzolino Пре месец
Why is he Wearing Green trucks ? Shouldn’t he be Wearing Blue or Something ? Lol
Spookrockcity Пре месец
Matt Sera gained legendary status for taking out GSP in striking. That shit was so crazy.
Jim Mace
Jim Mace Пре месец
I thought Edgar won and I'm not a fan.
Rambo Rampage
Rambo Rampage Пре месец
Michael Bisping is turning into the million dollar man... poor bloke. 🤕🤙bruhdda
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis Пре месец
Sean omalley likes boys. He's a fruit loop
Brian King
Brian King Пре месец
O’Malley is so beta
Sinister 392
Sinister 392 Пре месец
The way he acted after that loss and the things he said , how can you respect a guy like that . The way he took that loss in my opinion “ is career suicide” everyone will be gunning for him .
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Пре месец
Didn’t know Bisping wore glasses, dude should def get a monocle instead
A.G maathey
A.G maathey Пре месец
Frankie lost that fight !
Jonathan Пре месец
Sean Malley is physically brittle, but more importantly mentally brittle. He is such a punk that he refuses to even change his bio on all social media platforms from 12-0 to 12-1. Chito won that fight fair and square and there is nothing Malley can do about it. I can't see Malley beating anyone in the top 15. All those mf'r are tough as shit.
Ricky Vo
Ricky Vo Пре месец
Bisping is a g💪💪
yOGI jONEZ Пре месец
Pedro is a crybaby..I liked him before all this.Frankie won.If he was DomReyes he would have something to talk about.Dom got robbed.Pedro did NOT!!
fvgc454ss Пре месец
The fact Omalley had to get carted off then posts videos dancing 5 days later is pathetic and sad.
King Sidd
King Sidd Пре месец
The guy is full of himself. No excuses with how he handled the loss. Sore arrogant loser.
Jose Madriz
Jose Madriz Пре месец
Good shit for Diego Sanchez too!!!
Jose Madriz
Jose Madriz Пре месец
How is surgery? How is the process? God bless that Hispanic lady pushing his bed.
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Пре месец
Well Sean, he might not be that good, but he was good enough to beat you, now wasn't he?
Devon Carroll
Devon Carroll Пре месец
Sean would’ve beaten him if he didn’t get an injury tbf
William cordeiro
William cordeiro Пре месец
The worst about o malley is not saying that is the fact he faked the injury ...
Irish Пре месец
Lol all of you hating on Sean even though he’s joking. Just a bunch of haters lol. Watch the podcast and see the context of what he was saying. They both laughed after he said he wasn’t humble.
Opium Eater
Opium Eater Пре месец
Malley got it twisted Chito Vera is on the 👆
Rujewitblood Пре месец
I wish people would stop calling this kind of bravado and arrogance 'confidence'
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast Пре месец
3:39 do you guys think he should hang it up or keep going? Thanks for the feature, MMA World!
Kevin Seyforth
Kevin Seyforth Пре месец
Let's not forget those elbows were saaAvage. He woulda been out cold if herb didn't save him
gregory ariel
gregory ariel Пре месец
Lost all respect from O’’Malley after how he acted after this loss
matthew hall
matthew hall Пре месец
Bruh imagine Aldo leg kicking Sean. He’s gunny need to adapt real quick
Mario Paul
Mario Paul Пре месец
Omalley is having a Connor-style breakdown except he hasn't beat a single ranked fighter yet.
paramedickev1 Пре месец
I am an OR RN, they don't sharpen knives in the OR. Love Bisbing though.
King of Sparta
King of Sparta Пре месец
If ya think about it, saying Cheetos not very good, your basically admitting you suck , right?
LokiChuurro Пре месец
Idky but watching Bisping struggling to reach his blanket was priceless 🤣🤣🤣
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