I can't lose to someone like Colby Covington I hate what he stands for,Tyron Woodley,Israel Adesanya

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Sick Game Squad
Sick Game Squad Пре месец
@BlackWolf Rage Fake news? You idiot. Research Obama's war mongering tactics. You've lost this argument, fool.
saltjunkie77 Пре месец
@BlackWolf Rage You moron, you forgot about Libya, and Syria, for starters. Obama started wars, perpetuated those already in play, and spied on countless Americans. Just stop being dull, and ignorant.
Sick Game Squad
Sick Game Squad Пре месец
@BlackWolf Rage Obama said he was going to withdraw but he never did. And Obama/Biden invaded Libya and assassinated Gaddafi under Hillary's guidance. Then Obama ordered drone strikes on a record number of targets and killed many innocent people in foreign lands. At least Trump is actually doing something productive.
Sick Game Squad
Sick Game Squad Пре месец
@BlackWolf Rage Trump is withdrawing troops from the unnecessary wars that Obama started. Trump legalized hemp and CBD on the federal level. He's done more in 4 years than Biden has accomplished in almost 50 years in politics. But sure, *Orange Man Bad.* Lmao. Just make sure to send in your mail in ballot. Don't go to the polls because big bad Covid might get ya'!
saltjunkie77 Пре месец
@BlackWolf Rage They didn't get close to impeachment. You're such a low information person that while you comment on impeachment, you have little nearness of the actual events, or proceedings of the court.
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell Пре 11 дана
Everyone likes sports but the racists loser boys just are haters. BOYS ARE ZERO CRYING BABIES aka trash to be forgotten, even if they are on their knees.
Nima Hanna
Nima Hanna Пре 24 дана
Gerald talked all that xD
comedychannels Пре 26 дана
Woodley is a pathetic human being
J.L. Пре месец
Tyrone got beat by white privilege. I bet he goes to bed screaming “racist”
Smith Ruby
Smith Ruby Пре месец
JCG JCG Пре месец
Colby won this fight in his press conference! COLBY :Yeah I seen Woodley with his stupid hat what it say make Racist catch a fade Again the only race in this fight is the race to retire him! Colby Chaos Covington:
Lteo Hrnt
Lteo Hrnt Пре месец
😂😂😂😂👍 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith Пре месец
For some reason RSpost decided to notify me of this posted video just now, it certainly didn't age well
Zeeshan Ashraf
Zeeshan Ashraf Пре месец
Gerald Gerald Gerald.. You can just be comic book writer now.
Neil Kirker
Neil Kirker Пре месец
H. Jules
H. Jules Пре месец
This title didn't age well did it?
jake david
jake david Пре месец
hey kenflo. how did your prediction go? 100 strikes to 2...lol hater just like that fool matt serra. picking on feelings not facts. the fact is colby is more of a fighter than tyron but im sure crow is something those cocky morons have ever had to eat..
Sleepy always
Sleepy always Пре месец
Woodley: Colby failed as a heel Also Woodley: I fucking hate that guy Logic 100🤦
MrMbrownjr Пре месец
Tyron's "I can't lose to Colby" didn't age well
Joe Slacker
Joe Slacker Пре месец
Niko Price has the pointiest shoulders I've ever seen.
twonetflix flix
twonetflix flix Пре месец
calls himself new dog in the yard = Company is PUMA, with a CAT LOGO FFS HOW COULD YOU BE SO DUMB? LMAO
twonetflix flix
twonetflix flix Пре месец
REDDtheDread Redden
REDDtheDread Redden Пре месец
Never knew Matt Serra was such a dweeb weak punk who hates Alpha men
Pax Americana
Pax Americana Пре месец
Tyron Floyd couldn't breathe
Mr. Mustard
Mr. Mustard Пре месец
create a character? I don't see him wearing a black lives matters or KKK banada or anything like the black guy
Mr. Mustard
Mr. Mustard Пре месец
we all know they just wanted to be able to say the took down the white man if colby lost that's all this was about
jonathan wellman
jonathan wellman Пре месец
2.0 baby yea
Vince Пре месец
Woodley : no way I'm losing to someone like him Covington : someone hold my beer Me: lol
Simon Tide
Simon Tide Пре месец
Colby is like Trump came out of nowhere and beat the shit out of Hilary in election & make libtards mad since Republicans freed the slaves.
John Price
John Price Пре месец
Well then tyron...
Woodley looks like he came off the sauce.. look athe fight pics of the past compared to now... jus sayin
Big Vinny
Big Vinny Пре месец
I thought they would give him easier fight than me.. Gerald after getting finished in 17 second with the first punch thrown.. it be hard for UFC to find anyone else easier than that for Khamzat
KSig Gaming
KSig Gaming Пре месец
Well....I guess you can lose to him!
proveit007 Пре месец
That aged well!
Duncle Пре месец
Man khamzats opponent talking mad shit for a guy who got knocked out in one punch
Apollo Kai
Apollo Kai Пре месец
Didnt age well.
ChiliContestWinner Пре месец
Kenny Florian's prediction sealed the deal for T-Woodley!
Eddie L
Eddie L Пре месец
The fact that Kenny Florian is considered an expert, is hillarious.
davidenko2468 Пре месец
What a shame for you Tyrone having a racist "beat yo ass" and taking home the bacon
Charles White
Charles White Пре месец
Can’t lose to someone like Coby? Not only did you lose and lose bad brother, you got pinned and knocked out! Pretty sorry performance actually, you were completely dominated.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne Пре месец
lol that ending was hilarious...best one ive seen
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne Пре месец
Wow Serra sounds like such a kiss ass
The Moeller
The Moeller Пре месец
bringing politics into this and gets his ass whooped.
Eagle Twenty1
Eagle Twenty1 Пре месец
Poor Tyrone, his little speech didnt age that well. Got his ass broken.
Free TTV
Free TTV Пре месец
GT Godbear
GT Godbear Пре месец
He shook hands with the White Horseman. His name was Apollyon and he came to destroy.
swamp thing
swamp thing Пре месец
Boy this headline aged perfect......
tomusa1 Пре месец
woodley deserves what he got,blum shit
Good Krypollo
Good Krypollo Пре месец
Listening to that New York accent mouth piece pandering to Tyron Woodley was cringe. Go make a pizza or something Vito.
POGO3D Пре месец
Got to change the caption "I just lost to Colby Covington" lol
John Doe
John Doe Пре месец
This didn't age well
RonKris Пре месец
Israel Adesanya signed with Puma...who is Puma? Nevermind. I see they make jogging suits.
JC Torres
JC Torres Пре месец
Lmao gerald meerkat thought the ufc would've given khamzat an easier matchup with that performance.
Axel HK
Axel HK Пре месец
Cuppy Cake
Cuppy Cake Пре месец
Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂
Timo Piip
Timo Piip Пре месец
Fun to watch how white guy running black man with cartage and shouting blm. MAGA
Shawn McCormick
Shawn McCormick Пре месец
I hate what you stand for woodley
Ted Petrimoulx
Ted Petrimoulx Пре месец
Bye,bye Woodley...
Gary Woodgate
Gary Woodgate Пре месец
I picked all fights 100% $$$$
COVID KID Пре месец
Coby. Boom bitches. Called tko!!
AsianAssassin 50
AsianAssassin 50 Пре месец
Haha like Matt Serra can talk he was a douche in his heyday
Wayne Woolsey
Wayne Woolsey Пре месец
You were saying blm guy? Trump won last night against sleepy joe
David Matthew
David Matthew Пре месец
Great to watch these after the fight. Foot in mouth, all over the place! Tyron got whooped and Chimaev finished the veteran in 17 seconds lol
IGSTER Пре месец
Woodley was curled up in a ball screaming in pain with broken ribs as Colbys arm was being raised for the TKO.
vacanator stallone
vacanator stallone Пре месец
Colby hit him with the MA and the GA
Luke Holland
Luke Holland Пре месец
Yea well the majority hates what you stand for you pathetic tool woodley. Colby smashed you.
SvenSianez714 Пре месец
Saw this video after Cheamiv knocked at muskrat aha
Jon Haberski
Jon Haberski Пре месец
Colby retired Tyron! Destroyed and finished. Hey Tyron go join BLM or some other stupid shit you got time now. lol
jamie bushman
jamie bushman Пре месец
Well, that comment didn’t age well
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews
Se7eN Cureton Thin Beard Reviews Пре месец
That Fight Was Trash
Phobetor Пре месец
What was that T Woodley? Lol
chris vvicked22
chris vvicked22 Пре месец
how can he hate for what colby stands for? he is not racist. he stands for america and for the police.
yung_-kimbo Пре месец
As a leftist, Colby ain’t the problem. I respect him. It’s the ones Who kill innocent protestors who fuck everything up.
BreachSheff Пре месец
Oh god I feel bad for Meerschaert with everything he's said and how it went down
DoseTwo Пре месец
TyQuill ''The Frozen One'' Ribley
Ellis Beattie
Ellis Beattie Пре месец
You lost tyquil 😩
James Sabo
James Sabo Пре месец
ROFLMFDO... How did that work out for you Tyrone?
Nikola Kosanović
Nikola Kosanović Пре месец
Yea you do
Son Goku
Son Goku Пре месец
Where did all the racist come from? Almost like a large group of people got an erection from seeing Tyron lose.
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous Пре месец
Martin Edasi
Martin Edasi Пре месец
Has Matt Serra ever had anything interesting to say about anything at all?
Issa Dioume
Issa Dioume Пре месец
Tyron did lose to someone like colby Covington though.
Scott Reardon
Scott Reardon Пре месец
That's the problem with hubris...it often encounters nemesis.
LetsGoChamp Пре месец
vacanator stallone
vacanator stallone Пре месец
That didn’t age well he got whooped
Salafi Пре месец
Mma world can u use dat T Wood's scream in ur next video ending
Chris Prol
Chris Prol Пре месец
Well oops....
Salafi Пре месец
Masvidal z now one scared BMF
Julian Garber
Julian Garber Пре месец
This video did not age well for the commentators or the fighters making predictions.
MRHappyHappyjoyjoy90 Пре месец
Jesus. Does kenny ever pick winner’s ?
Anthony Scud
Anthony Scud Пре месец
U were the easy test gerald lol.
Bobby Maldonado
Bobby Maldonado Пре месец
Laugh emojis only
KingTairun Пре месец
delusional "experts" who with his right mind thought Woodley and Meerschaert can win is beyond me. Woodley should not be in the sport Dana will not tolerate his BS anymore maybe will throw him the the wolf after Maia.
15% Battery
15% Battery Пре месец
Woodley did more than Lose.. He got pummeled from the start of the fight till it ended early in the 5th round HE TOOK A SAVAGE BEATING...👊👀
legend b
legend b Пре месец
Who was Tyron speaking to?
wrinkly star
wrinkly star Пре месец
matt sera
lamontshandy Пре месец
1 punch...
Mel Cualpas
Mel Cualpas Пре месец
Matt serra losing his mind now that his boy woodley just got tko by chaos covington😂😂😂😂
Абдулла Б.
Абдулла Б. Пре месец
Damn, Puma gonna feel ripped out if Adesanya loses his belt to Costa.
nzstriker l
nzstriker l Пре месец
carlton colvin
carlton colvin Пре месец
Lol not going to lose to him because you hate what he stands for as you're wearing a terrorist organization on your face. BLM is a domestic terrorist organization. Oh spoiler alert he lost TKO. MAGA>BLM
JuiceboxWillie F.M.
JuiceboxWillie F.M. Пре месец
Woodley gonna get fired from TMZ next after he goes to bellator...love it
JuiceboxWillie F.M.
JuiceboxWillie F.M. Пре месец
Woodley been playing the victim since day one
JuiceboxWillie F.M.
JuiceboxWillie F.M. Пре месец
elmerson santos
elmerson santos Пре месец
Kenflo doesn't get it right all the time he just a mouth
Jesus Geronimo
Jesus Geronimo Пре месец
Well this is akward
Luigi Duarte
Luigi Duarte Пре месец
Woodley’s race card expired...
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