Nick Diaz set for a UFC return will 100% fight again in early 2021-Manager,Bisping on Ubereem

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Charly Mercurio
Charly Mercurio Пре 11 дана
faded ghost
faded ghost Пре 17 дана
Nick Diaz cuts weight just to Shadow box
Beholder505 Пре 24 дана
Dude I would come in my own butthole if Nick comes back
mega 95
mega 95 Пре 27 дана
Nick diaz 's return would be a wrong décision. I love Nick but what I don't understand . Money perhaps ? If je took money, congratulation ! Excuse my english, i am french
Kola Kola
Kola Kola Пре 28 дана
Diaz is Best
Fellow Human
Fellow Human Пре 28 дана
Costa's coach video was embarrassing can't believe those guys stood there tops off flexing too 🤦🏻‍♂️
Kevin Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong Пре месец
I always liked Nick , but he better be training like a m****r f****r .
YPeezy Пре месец
Nick is gonna fight Conor, guaranteed
Insidious Vidz
Insidious Vidz Пре месец
Nick Diaz will face Conor McGregor sometime in January. Facts.
Santiago Ramos
Santiago Ramos Пре месец
Paige wouldn't have gotten that 'rona if she married northcutt like she was supposed to
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Пре месец
Nick Diaz looks like he has CTE
Christopher Correa
Christopher Correa Пре месец
Yo Vanzants bf looked like Cheetos Vera for a sec lol
Colby Moorman
Colby Moorman Пре месец
Nick Diaz weighs somewhere between 175-125
Mike Vick
Mike Vick Пре месец
Can't wait to see Nick Diaz fìght again!!!! Ì
Mk Пре месец
Paige is so damn cute!!
ryan Talley98
ryan Talley98 Пре месец
This dude would be good for ufc
Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt Пре месец
We welcome Nick back with open arms hell yeah
Matthew Пре месец
Nick Diaz should fight for the BMF belt against Jorge if Nate loses again
Chip Sammich
Chip Sammich Пре месец
I'll give PVZ some eyedrops that will heal that right up
DBZD Пре месец
I’m excited to watch a Diaz lose again, always fun
Angel Calderon
Angel Calderon Пре месец
Nick Diaz is who got me to start watching MMA about 15 years ago. I'm so damn excited for his return👊
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре месец
Stockton baby
BeetWarrior Пре месец
Time to divorce him
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре месец
I feel like we live in a world where he was lol
Luke S
Luke S Пре месец
Rockhold CTE
wingchunbox Пре месец
Is it me or is Gilbert Burns Starting to be a bit fake or annoying... I’m not sure which one it is.
Plank Askren
Plank Askren Пре месец
Rockhold fighting Diaz 2021 for that comeback!
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes Пре месец
Hell yea He done roids his head is huge his head even grew bigger so he doing the good stuff to!
Apologia5 Пре месец
DIAZ hasn't fought in 5 years and lost his last two fights. If he gets any top 7 opponent that would be lame. Just skipping ahead of everyone?
Homer Jones
Homer Jones Пре месец
Page got COVID19 from jizz in the eye
Zay501870 Пре месец
Intricate and awesome energy thank you keep on keeepin on . be ok in 👌lahoma.
manbearpigdanny Пре месец
Bruh Nick Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal would be better than Nate 🔥
King Пре месец
He can fight Conor 🥴
JayRico Пре месец
george send me location
Joseph Albarran
Joseph Albarran Пре месец
as long as nick diaz takes fights seriously, he may have a chance.
DaLeadBull Пре месец
Damn Burns has been killing everyone on social media. lol
j c
j c Пре месец
Nick diaz army💪💪
Daniel Ppa
Daniel Ppa Пре месец
beginning video, he did get caught for roids
Nicholas Varley
Nicholas Varley Пре месец
Nick Diaz has 1 win in his entire UFC career that lasted 4 fights hahahahahaha. got beat up by Condit and GSP and then had his third test violation fighting Silva for a NC. Bet most of you didnt know Nick was a repeat offender bahahahahahaha... His 1 and only win was against a 155er @ UFC 137 in 2011!
Robin THIEBAULT Пре месец
Some casuals and ignorants talking like Nick Diaz is nobody, smh.. Go back watch him against Lawler, Gomi, Zaromskis, Cyborg, Shamrock, Penn, Daley, Smith, even Condit and Silva, like seriously. Even after the years of course he's relevant
Andrew Sidor
Andrew Sidor Пре месец
Corona virus doesn’t look so bad
mm Пре месец
I crave derailment
Rodrigo Mascaró
Rodrigo Mascaró Пре месец
i back
Lojiq wit Truth
Lojiq wit Truth Пре месец
Ain't gone lie Nate looks great
you're not wrong
you're not wrong Пре месец
Would be cool to see nick and conor go at it
Cyber Psycho
Cyber Psycho Пре месец
Luck needs to retire he answered that question without looking at the camera he doesn’t want to fight again
Darock Iscooking
Darock Iscooking Пре месец
Who's Nick Diaz ? Never heard of him. Stay retired boy.
Boy Delivery Chi-town Noypi
Boy Delivery Chi-town Noypi Пре месец
Two weight class love Nick Diaz.. Dana 1Mill Baby!
QuaussieMoto Пре месец
Nick Diaz does practise weight cut with crack and Vodka!
aspen 85
aspen 85 Пре месец
Man I been hearing nick coming back for years I'll believe it when I see it then even if he does "come back" the first thing he gonna say is the money ain't right
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz Пре месец
Nick diaz combos is all I want to see .
007GWR Пре месец
Neither diaz will ever be champ. Too many guys have long surpassed the diaz bro skillset. A fight with a top 170 will send nick packing once again. I only see a couple of bum fights for them, take their money and yap off. Hahaha I wish Gsp would come back at 170 and crush either diaz. They are not and were never in the same league as GSP
Andrew Edington
Andrew Edington Пре месец
Screw it have Nick fight Khamzat.
Agoo Knight
Agoo Knight Пре месец
I cant wait for the gang vs gang backstage rumble ala WWE
zenbear Пре месец
Darren Till would murder Nick Diaz. 😯
Surak Пре месец
Hmmm not fought for years, 36-37, taken more punches than a speedball....why would the UFC want him when both divisions are stacked with talent?
Bjjizzle Пре месец
I'm down with the Diaz bros but Nick better pull the trigger. Dana called him out. We'll see......
sixfittyonembitties Пре месец
Paige got that pink eye... wonder how that happened...
Dawud Пре месец
Khazmat hit the big time flying economy
Ladie’sMan 1990
Ladie’sMan 1990 Пре месец
Nate vs masvidal 2 Nick vs Conner mctapper
Paul Flores IV
Paul Flores IV Пре месец
I'm just here for the end scene and the Diaz Brothers! Let's go Nick!
Qali sunshine
Qali sunshine Пре месец
What other worlds have you been where he wasn’t. LoL
Robert C. Christian
Robert C. Christian Пре месец
Give Nick Diaz to Khamzat Chimaev. He is ready to SMASH people.
Walter White
Walter White Пре месец
Look at Every single welterweight, star-struck, tryin to get the attention of the “hot girl” at the party, and a bigger paycheck than the fake champ Usman!!!
Hector Wellington
Hector Wellington Пре месец
I think because her nose is sorta upturned and flared out a little bit its so far off from a typical white girl and her lips are thicker and not that ugly light pink with purplish veiny look too. Just blows my mind because I'm so used to being repulsed by the typical white features 99.99% of the time but I find her attractive. Sometimes I find Spanish/Portuguese women hot but I don't consider them white even though some people argue with me that they are
Walter White
Walter White Пре месец
DAMN!! Gilbert Burns making Leon Scott look really stupid!!!🤣
Hector Wellington
Hector Wellington Пре месец
Dang, no bullshit PVZ looks really good for a white girl. Usually white girls and people or European descent have these flat like faces, pointy features, protruding brow ridge and sunken in eyes and just look generally fugly. She has those same features but they look softer and not as offputting. Its just strange for me to find her attractive when her race isn't my type at all
Josh Cappello
Josh Cappello Пре месец
Pause at 5:22. Love the shirt...
jaycee monares
jaycee monares Пре месец
thought paige was gonna pull her top all the way up. got me...... geez
Bricktop001 Пре месец
Nick Diaz on his come back: Were you @ Jorge? Dont be scared homie
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Пре месец
Sorry to say people but I'm gonna say it Diaz brothers are way overated
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Пре месец
Rockhold is an idiot And is PVZ
Gettum Muddy
Gettum Muddy Пре месец
Would love to see Nick back. Its been a loooong time but would still rather watch him fight than most of the other guys.
Joelus Maximus
Joelus Maximus Пре месец
overeem is looking terrible... was a specimen before USADA XD
edward richard
edward richard Пре месец
Diaz bros need to give it up before they get anymore damage to the brain. Its definitely taken a toll.
kalahauoli355 Пре месец
4:46 criiiiiinge
multitablez Пре месец
Anthony Weise
Anthony Weise Пре месец
Betcha his return sets a record in ppv buys. Or pirate views. Lol
my-tbeats Пре месец
till is delusional
Phil Moran
Phil Moran Пре месец
Nick Diaz will make splashes in welterweight division
Jonathan Johnston
Jonathan Johnston Пре месец
Luke rockhold is a idiot for thinking fighting is fun I don't care how well trained anybody is in the ufc you can lose your life in there
betterdays Пре месец
Noone cares about Paige for faaake sakes
USADA Пре месец
One more KO to the head at Rockhold and he'll be in need of a speaking coach.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Пре месец
Da- Kang
Da- Kang Пре месец
Paige van zandt Is too damn fine my lord even when shes sick shes a cutie
Haon Mahnrub
Haon Mahnrub Пре месец
But mr.dana said there is still conversations to be had before nick fights again. So saying its 100% is a wrong as of now.
Juan Jimenez
Juan Jimenez Пре месец
I think Gilbert burns wants attention talking smack to everybody.
Hugh Jess Weiner
Hugh Jess Weiner Пре месец
Nick Diaz VS Nate Diaz for the bmf belt.
P C Пре месец
The Real Diaz vs Masvidal
JC Fitz
JC Fitz Пре месец
God I wanna see NIck Fight again
Butterscotch Raptor
Butterscotch Raptor Пре месец
3:05 no lie thought 100% he was gonna say “im a samurai” 🤓😄
Kageryu Пре месец
"I can see Nick will fight before Leon Edwards" ~Gilbert Burns Me: "I'm laughing my ass off"....😁
Recyclage Ordinateur
Recyclage Ordinateur Пре месец
Not sure if Nick learned to read during the last 4 years...
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Пре месец
Christopher Aguilar
Christopher Aguilar Пре месец
why did Paulo's cornermen have to embarrass themselves like that lmao
J S Пре месец
Gilbert has a great point. Even Nate has fought twice since Leon's last fight. He TURNED DOWN a title shot. Colby and Leon turn down title fights that's about it
Allan Пре месец
Nick Diaz WILL fight again. In the hallway of a Las Vegas hotel.
Alfonso Mendoza
Alfonso Mendoza Пре месец
And GSP was considering a fight with Khabib
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Пре месец
It’s kind of pathetic that everybody at 170 is calling Nick out for a fight. It makes them look like thirsty hyaenas lol. They’re all thirsty for that red panty night, it seems. Me, I’m mostly just glad to see he’s in good health and put the alcohol and weed down for the time being (maybe he did, but probably not) moreso than anything. Because he was looking lowkey fat and unhealthy. I’m interested to see if he actually does make a comeback and I’m curious as to who he’ll fight.
Ish Пре месец
Nick Diaz is gonna fight with a blunt in his mouth this time.
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