Jon Jones looks HUGE ahead of his UFC return as a Heavyweight,Khamzat Chimaev on Gerald's black belt

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DC on Khamazat Chiamev vs Gerald Meerschaert
Checkout DC and
Khamzat Chimaev not impressed with Gerald's BJJ Black Belt,
Source- UFCNews
Tyron Woodley on UFC holding press conference with no main event,
Cody Garbrandt on Woodley vs Chimaev,
Donald Cerrone feels he will get it done in second round against Price,
Source- UFCNews
Michael Bisping gives the benefit of the doubt to Conor McGregor,
Checkout Bisping's Podcast-Believe You
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Jon Jones is getting BIG,
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*Outro music beatsbyNeVs - Rebel

SWS-Vlogs Пре 11 дана
Jon Jones. You have always had 1 foot reach advantage, 5 inches taller than your opponents and on steroid. You are No special fighter / talent. And you know it.
gxn Пре 22 дана
Jones is gonna be a menace
back to Nature
back to Nature Пре 22 дана
If Jon take the heavyweight belt then?
MBK JAY Пре 24 дана
Jon Jones or Israel Adesanya who winning?
shaun yam
shaun yam Пре 24 дана
9:05 whats wrong with Jon Jones's left titty? =0
cypresspuz Пре 25 дана
Nice roids, Jones.
Latto Boy
Latto Boy Пре 26 дана
Jones vs Izzy Adesanya anyone?
James Hammond
James Hammond Пре 26 дана
John now has a peanut head hahahah
MrRod Пре 26 дана
He is back on roids.. oh wait he never left them...
Jimmy Kpa
Jimmy Kpa Пре 27 дана
Jon jones looking pretty *THICC*
Aaron Hildebrand
Aaron Hildebrand Пре 27 дана
Cody seems more down to 🌎 now. I like him at lower intensity...or maybe its just the fly watch :P
Gabriel Ruiz
Gabriel Ruiz Пре 28 дана
Haha the best ending to a video🤣
Prince_Pess Пре 29 дана
Where did that Jones pic come from? Man looks humungous
john doe
john doe Пре 29 дана
Jones back on the picogram again
Marshall Maia
Marshall Maia Пре 29 дана
Jon "beetlejuice" Jones
Pirate Roberts
Pirate Roberts Пре 29 дана
More steroids Jon?... “all natural?”
Kevin Seyforth
Kevin Seyforth Пре 29 дана
Bisping is hilarious
J L Пре месец
He is on those “picos” again
A U Пре месец
How can someone with such a big head still have it be too small for his body
The end of your videos are always fucking hilarious
C Dreezi
C Dreezi Пре месец
That boy jones eating good lmao
gd131 Пре месец
Tyrone's BLM means Bellator's Latest Member
HoZ Пре месец
Didn't know JBJ hung out with Machida and BJ Penn
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez Пре месец
John Parker
John Parker Пре месец
Jones got the DC hw bod
Human Bean
Human Bean Пре месец
Yea, Jon body doesnt match his head.
G W Пре месец
Okay, that ending was in my top 3 favorites so far. Fantastic MMA WORLD
Truth Told
Truth Told Пре месец
Amanda Ribas is like Witch Hazel except Amanda has a sexier body.
R Paz
R Paz Пре месец
I’ve been waiting for Witch Hazel to appear since her first interview!! Bravo MMA World LMFAo
Dub Uzell
Dub Uzell Пре месец
Gerald was a afraid for his life that's why he lasted 17sec absolutely disgraceful!!☘
Dub Uzell
Dub Uzell Пре месец
I want too see bones legs too see are THEY still two sticks!!☘
Benjamin Valdez
Benjamin Valdez Пре месец
Jon Jones Jaws getting big from talking all that SHIT !!!!
Eric Young
Eric Young Пре месец
Jon you the same build and height as me. During this pandemic I went from 225lbs to 254lbs. That weight is no joke fam. My opinion, build those legs bro. We both have chicken legs and this weight is no fun with chicken legs. Then get that knock out power for respect.
nt30001 Пре месец
The outro was too much 😂
Steven West
Steven West Пре месец
Of course Jones will get huge. I predict he will be nearly 250lbs come weigh in day.
Stuart Dalrymple
Stuart Dalrymple Пре месец
When you scroll to the end of the video for a single photo
sseaga Пре месец
Had what an annoying sounding human....holy shit
Bob L
Bob L Пре месец
Jones has a skull like a Neanderthal Evolution on pause?
قوڵپەی ئـاگرین
قوڵپەی ئـاگرین Пре месец
2:28 Conor McGregor 😒
Miketdu 123
Miketdu 123 Пре месец
Showing us photos of Gerald in his black belt... 2 days later his unconscious in 17 seconds
Tampa Deal
Tampa Deal Пре месец
Jonny Juicer
Nate one
Nate one Пре месец
Jon Jones that Men in Black guy with tiny head
Msizi Nkosi
Msizi Nkosi Пре месец
I kinda like Cody, will be interesting to see how he performs against Figuerido, it would suck for Figuerido to lose his belt on his 1st defence, these guys both have knockout power, both fast both dangerous, cant wait.
C B Пре месец
Jon Jones should have a youtube channel where he reviews PEDs
Adam Aspinall
Adam Aspinall Пре месец
Jon “beetle juice” Jones
Jhon Famo
Jhon Famo Пре месец
Kids today...if you dont have a tatoo..your the standout
David Lee
David Lee Пре месец
Jon (Juice )Jones , STILL GOT STEROIDS ! That`s for the racist comment about Covington.
Jhon Famo
Jhon Famo Пре месец
He was always the bigger man a 205. He will do well at heavy
Nate Пре месец
Jon " just a couple picograms" jones
Patriot78 Пре месец
L LL Пре месец
I see JJ found a better PED cocktail.. LOL
nowayjose Пре месец
Jones got some beetlejuice action going on ....
YouTube User
YouTube User Пре месец
Holly looks like shes been BLACKED by Jones' bone
badboy badboy
badboy badboy Пре месец
Jon "buff" jones
Mark Ayers
Mark Ayers Пре месец
Well played Colby
PSP Пре месец
OK I watched it up to BLM t-shirt and now bye bye MMA...didn't think you would puss out too.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре месец
Chimaev beat a loser, so what? Put him in against Paulo Costa or Colby Covington.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре месец
So what? Meerschaert is a loser with a crappy record and only won 2 of his last 7 fights against tomato cans. HE is the biggest tomato can. Dana should 'have a conversation' with him about leaving the sport or going to Bellator.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре месец
Apparently, Cerrone is playing 'Let's get punched for dollars' instead of being a competitive fighter looking for a belt.
skunk12 Пре месец
Jon Jones admitted that he still has herpes over twitter.
Francisco Diaz
Francisco Diaz Пре месец
Jon Jones looks like the shrunken head guy from Beetlejuice
Abraham Moreno
Abraham Moreno Пре месец
I want Amanda Ribas to be my Girlfriend!!! That will be freaking awesome! ❤❤❤😘🥰
Din Bach
Din Bach Пре месец
Great outro man. Haha
Crazycraigy Пре месец
Dana must hate Woodley..
Nate Gomes
Nate Gomes Пре месец
Jones with out the yayo getting big. jones with the Yayo light heavyweight.
Crazycraigy Пре месец
Bones moves up to HW when DC on his way out..
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре месец
Jones will get fat and slow in the heavy bad.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре месец
Were those 2 HUGE plates of food for Jon himself.....dang he got appetite.
Jasper Holdem
Jasper Holdem Пре месец
Jones looking too FAT! I still bet he has the best eye pokes, groin shots and 12-6 elbows in the biz tho.
2010narutovssasuke Пре месец
Jones looking like Kaioken x3 Goku
Holly Holms looked like Nick Nolte's mugshot.. aka like hammered shit lol
RebiLak Пре месец
Amanda ribas is just the worst.. buuuut she could still get it
jedi1706 fan
jedi1706 fan Пре месец
Jon getting big. Gonna be knocking people out with slaps soon enough.
Dane-Jah Пре месец
Hopefully the Pico Monster stays at Bay.
Henk Henkos
Henk Henkos Пре месец
Bobby Maldonado
Bobby Maldonado Пре месец
Damn what happened gerald!? 💀
Luis Salazar
Luis Salazar Пре месец
Damn Gerald shouldn't have been talking so much shit
vishal singh
vishal singh Пре месец
What da fuk was that lunch ? ,😂😂😂😂...
lol lol
lol lol Пре месец
Damn jones body got so much bigger that his head looks small
xIVen0m Пре месец
What about his left arm tho
Leroy B
Leroy B Пре месец
No Bisping, that's Louis Armstrong.
Steve Zissou
Steve Zissou Пре месец
He don't look huge but holly looks hung over!
theartplaza Пре месец
It's embarrassing listening to you guys be apologists for a serial violent rapist. You say, "you have to be pretty fuckin stupid to keep raping women". Why? If the UFC and the media and all good millions are going to cover it up for him. Funny how tight sheet he rapes someone he comes back to fight. You guys enable a a serial violent rapist. Instead of giving your friend the repeat sexual offender, assulter of old men... the benefit of the don't interview the women who have accused him. Are you afraid to do that? They won't even let you; will they? And you are going to talk about smoke and fire and all your dumb analogies. You guys are pretty cowardly for being fighters. You are all too scared let the women speak on your MMA "news" shows. You guys have a UFC Weinstein situation and you are all complicit. You are cowards that won't even report the charges and interview the women. How many women have you guys helped him get away with already?
LD Hans
LD Hans Пре месец
Jon “still smokes crack” Jones talking crap about Colby.
Rapa Ahrataza
Rapa Ahrataza Пре месец
Esteban B
Esteban B Пре месец
When did he smoke crack?
Baraka UglyyAhh
Baraka UglyyAhh Пре месец
Jones went from bones to big-boned
iRAWT Designs
iRAWT Designs Пре месец
Damn.. he's as big as Holly!
Tee Shark
Tee Shark Пре месец
Jones is shrinking his head so Ngannou has smaller target to tee off on... Hahah
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Пре месец
Jones head looked too big at LHW and now it looks too small. Like freakishly small. Those friggin arms man. His reach is longer than he is tall if I’m not Mistaken.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Пре месец
No, Jones is finally fighting at his natural weight class instead of sandbagging. Reyes scared him right out of the LHW division and like Mcgregor he chose to vacate instead of losing. I guess it’s a smart career move..but seriously FUCK JON JONES!
Tee Shark
Tee Shark Пре месец
Woohoo... Hell yeah Colby. Dana give this man his rematch. Mark Godard screwed him out of the belt letting Usman rest for so long after Colby took his head off when Usman pulled that pussy ass move faking he got hit in the groan.
Dan Lindboomer
Dan Lindboomer Пре месец
styledsloth 789
styledsloth 789 Пре месец
Whozaper Пре месец
Albert Albert
Albert Albert Пре месец
jon jones pic looks like a bad photoshop as if editor forgot to increase the head size.
Isabelle Turtle
Isabelle Turtle Пре месец
Some of these guys look so big on tv but in person they are just tiny little guys, it’s like Floyd mayweather and Connor mggregor they look so much bigger on tv but in person little dudes
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Пре месец
How good is/was Jones without steroids? We will never know. Jones isn’t a must watch to me.
Mark James Del Rosario
Mark James Del Rosario Пре месец
Donald cerone is just fighting for check . Retire
Ruffz41 Пре месец
I'm happy Woodley wasn't in the press stuff. We don't need that buffoonery fake message political BS in the UFC. By the way....Trump 2020 babeee!!!
Bryan Randall
Bryan Randall Пре месец
Holly Holm looks a little scared there at 9:00
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