MMA Community Reacts to the Nasty Ground & Pound Finish in Alistair Overeem vs Augusto Sakai,Cormier

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UFC ON ESPN+ 34 results,
Source-Source- UFCNews
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King T’Challa
King T’Challa Пре месец
Marvin might be my new favorite fighter 😂
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey Пре месец
Is it just me or is trash talk turning into those generic things the fighter says on Social Media in UFC 4
Joshua Cortes
Joshua Cortes Пре месец
Herb "if he dies he dies" Yamasaki
Ray Gentile
Ray Gentile Пре месец
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Пре месец
Overeem didn't have to beat that man like that..
Joshua Cortes
Joshua Cortes Пре месец
He's celebrating top 5 with a cake😂
tbear Пре месец
Pereira couldn’t be a bigger dbag. Damn that was hard to watch. Sucks so many of the talented guys have to be creeps.
Josh Cook
Josh Cook Пре месец
We just gonna ignore the pube shaver advertisement then?
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier Пре месец
Vettori is so thirsty it’s starting to become pathetic lol. He only wants Weidman because he looked terrible in his last fight and that’s an easy route into the top 11. He even typed the lyrics to Stan for God sakes🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Old Uncle Bob
Old Uncle Bob Пре месец
Tell these guys to stop “cupping”, the total scam that leaves skin bruises.
Dennis Alvarado
Dennis Alvarado Пре месец
I like what you did there Marvin.
Alexandros Geromarkakis
Alexandros Geromarkakis Пре месец
Someone tell imadaev how fucking facemasks work
Fibonacci Пре месец
Juiced up Overeem vs juiced up Jones, make it happen 😁.
marcus knox
marcus knox Пре месец
Rumour has it Vick got KO'ed from just watching Overeem's ground and pound.
3Xcollasso Пре месец
Michel Pereira your not that good, you just look good cause your competition is shit. Wait till you face stiffer completion, someone sure needs to slap his ego off his face
Zakrius Пре месец
Agh the background music
Isac McCormack
Isac McCormack Пре месец
too many ads. I know damn well you make plenty of money to support this channel. Cmon now
Jeremy Myers
Jeremy Myers Пре месец
Overeem should welcome Jon the heavyweight division.
TatsumakiSenpuu Kyaku
TatsumakiSenpuu Kyaku Пре месец
Imadaev and Diego Sanchez have proven that Michel Pereira is ahead of UFC times.Come on,Dana,start modernizing those shitty UFC gloves,then giving Pereira appropiate matches.Don't let good talent get older,for God's sake.XD XD.
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley Пре месец
Daniel “I’m gonna wrestle his ass sorry” cornbreadier tryna say what’s what about Francis fight with Stipe lmfao what happened to wrestling his ass down and that’s that Danny boy? Can’t take anything he says serious after he got beat up in a smaller cage. Retired dad
Chicken Leg 2
Chicken Leg 2 Пре месец
Hahahaha Bobby tryin to brag about not having friends
steven s
steven s Пре месец
Who else remembers the master of disguise "you slap me, i slap you"... Legendary
Rocky Mountain Ras
Rocky Mountain Ras Пре месец
That last slap tho! lol.
VS9050909 Пре месец
Pereira fight was an absolute dominant and highly technical performance from him. But with that being said, Zelim Imadaev should take the rest of this year to train and prepare him self for a revenge fight. I haven’t seen such a disappointing and broken look in a fighter eyes, well sense DC last fight with JBJ 😬🥺🤦🏽‍♀️.
Dashan Bell
Dashan Bell Пре месец
The Dana White head shake is amazing foreshadowing you guys have to keep that bit
Jake Пре месец
Kaitlyn Chookagian is a little rat
A H Пре месец
OSP could be fighting for the belt if he keeps it up.
Randall Flagg
Randall Flagg Пре месец
Marvin Vettori - best call out ever?
Saint JokER
Saint JokER Пре месец
Michel "Showtime" Pereira
Head Gein
Head Gein Пре месец
That russian got handled and bitch slapped
Kris Evjen
Kris Evjen Пре месец
Just putting it out there, I wouldn't mind Overeem being the one to Welcome John to heavyweight it's by no means a tune up fight for John and its a big name for Overeem and would probably give the winner a title shot. To keep it going with heavyweights I'd love to see Lewis and Blades go at it.
Daniel Bunk
Daniel Bunk Пре месец
Overeem looks like a caricature drawing.. and to add probably the most catastrophic haircut I’ve ever seen in my life!! Rather die in a housefire then see this guy even consider himself a contender for the strap. LOSEREEM= super weird
Mixed YT
Mixed YT Пре месец
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness Пре месец
Karma HAHA soo funny
phalanger1 Пре месец
Imadaev should just be cut from UFC at this point, after first being disrespectful at the weigh ins and then look like an amateur the whole fight. 3rd loss in a row too. Shitty personality, poor fighter.
ghost Lord
ghost Lord Пре месец
Angela over hills brother owns this channel
NIKA - I very love s*x
NIKA - I very love s*x Пре месец
not very funny 🐼 🎂
Fritz Пре месец
I wish when Reem is under fire he doesnt just cover up and get nailed... he needs to swing out to a side (preferably the left) and get off the fence... like mayweather does to get off the ropes... how are his coaches not tellin him this ???
Jason May
Jason May Пре месец
DC hoping Stipe loses 😆
Jason May
Jason May Пре месец
Still got
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff Пре месец
Who does that Vettori dude think he is? Levels? How would he know? Dudes beat no one, he himself is on the bottom level. Cormier super mad Stipe ruined his retirement lol Stipe made sure cormier goes out knowing he ain't a good as he thinks he is. HOF career no doubt, but 2 best in both his weight classes. Cormier hella mad he don't get to walk of in the sunset with a belt. Go ahead cormier, root against him. Doesn't change he put you in ur place. Francis is not good, he's extremely one dimensional and all hype. Francis will never be good enough to hold on to a belt. Hey s only way to win is punches, which is good enough to win sometime. But theirs levels, and Stipe on the next one up. It's called having more than one way to win. He will derail the hype train again, n Francis will again be mentally broken. Since it'll be the 2nd time he might need more than two fights this time to come back mentally from the domination Stipe has over him. Also Francis would kill Cormier.
ROACH Пре месец
Overeem was such a dick in his early career but he's evolved to a humble guy. Must've bin that juice
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸
Snatch’n Necks “N” Cash’n Checks 💸 Пре месец
WTF MMA WORLD!! How are your videos getting shorter but theres double the ads as before? Your even putting ads directly into your video intros... Weak sauce!!
Anna Пре месец
Real fighter
Juddson Ries
Juddson Ries Пре месец
Lol DC sounding a bit salty 🤣
ChiefCuning Coyote
ChiefCuning Coyote Пре месец
DC still bitter about his loss 😂 nah but fr he has a point
Remy Stones
Remy Stones Пре месец
Dana *SMH Now you are gonna make him destroy your new career, why did you slap him*
RudeBOY Пре месец
Marvin “cringe” Vettori ... he needs someone to handle his main twitter account if he’s going to keep this up.
Hurlant Пре месец
I have never seen such a humiliation in the history of MMA as Michel Pereira did to Zelim Imadaev, well done!
Tim Semenov
Tim Semenov Пре месец
Yoel - salvages
Paulo Hernandez
Paulo Hernandez Пре месец
I like how Pereira looked at him after he slapped him. like I told you I'd get you back... lmao!
EzyPzy LmnSqzy
EzyPzy LmnSqzy Пре месец
5:21 love it 😂😂👍
Jacob Rogers
Jacob Rogers Пре месец
“Savages” “Savigis”
slasaus1 Пре месец
Reems record... over 20 yr. The way he reacts to his losses, thats what makes him such a legend. Proud to support Reem fighting out of Amsterdam.
Sail Hatan
Sail Hatan Пре месец
Overeem vs Rozenstruik 2 next. Maybe a title shot for Overeem if he wins. But yea, Stipe should wait at least till March for that Ngannou rematch.
nate pencils
nate pencils Пре месец
i didn't see their face off before the fight...i was smh at Pereira show boating. Now that i've seen that bitch move at face off....shiiiiiiiiit, let him have all the showboating!
Gregory Nickelsen
Gregory Nickelsen Пре месец
Imagine how close Overeem has been to the title, rocking Stipe, and getting kod by Rozenstruick. Would be interesting to see if and how he would fight Ngganou again
Elon H
Elon H Пре месец
Periera got a lot of more new fans last night.
GrapjesmetTomenTim Пре месец
8:07 thank me later
oscar quintanilla
oscar quintanilla Пре месец
wow Marvin Vettori still uses a pager...
Sharrieff Vincent
Sharrieff Vincent Пре месец
The REEM Lol
Francesco Giacovelli
Francesco Giacovelli Пре месец
Yoel "Savaghesh" Romero
ImPacosTacos Пре месец
DC holding on to false hope because he was to much of a PUhCCCC to fight Ngannou and was to crap himself to beat Miocic after landing that Lucky Tyron Woodley one time only knock out. DC Said he would win the last 2, got smoked both fights.
dalyn sanders
dalyn sanders Пре месец
Pereira needs to make weight or move up
NextGenX Пре месец
Thats a solid ending lol. He got what he deserved.
raahkaa Пре месец
Good job Michel Pereira! Slapping people at the weigh in just how what an insecure bully Zelim is.
דור עבודה
דור עבודה Пре месец
Reem u should retire .. man i really love u .. but your good days are long gone ..
Mixed YT
Mixed YT Пре месец
He fought perfect
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina Пре месец
compton slap never gets old
Griffin Dunkle
Griffin Dunkle Пре месец
Loved seeing Parrera toy with that russian dude after getting slapped at weigh ins. Have some class.
Mal Theri
Mal Theri Пре месец
Ubereem returns
Gladys Williams
Gladys Williams Пре месец
Marvin "Stan" Vettori
jorgen mcgee
jorgen mcgee Пре месец
I was just thinking about that slap, during the saredown & the respond slap(s) during the fight, didn't watched the saredown before the fight so it was kind of "Tenet", now, when it all came together lol
Fight Game Analysis
Fight Game Analysis Пре месец
People first wrote Overeem off a long time ago. He's still out here proving the haters wrong. I loved watching him adapt his style over the years as he got older. He's not the "Demolition Man" any more, but he still finds ways to get it done.
Manu Jardines
Manu Jardines Пре месец
the lawnmower voice sounds soo stupid.
KLX Пре месец
I had a dream to bet on reem r5 finish. I put all my lifesavings in that bet. Thank you reem!!
Polo Shawty
Polo Shawty Пре месец
2:28 "ima see you boy"
kiezer sosay
kiezer sosay Пре месец
I was really happy to see the Reem get a win. Ever since my dad introduced to me to randy cotour in that old mark kerr documentary back in the day iv always wanted the older guys to win in mma!
djessex Пре месец
LOL Marvin Vettori's call out to Weidman as Stan...
Dave C
Dave C Пре месец
That ending when Yoel says savages😂👌
kris kris
kris kris Пре месец
That ending🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
K-Man Sports
K-Man Sports Пре месец
6:12 Wenn Alexandar Rakic plötzlich deutsch spricht WAAAAAS IS DA LOS?!
YED Пре месец
Nice knock out but OSP is ass to me.
YED Пре месец
M 1 there isn’t a single comment on RSpost anyone asked for besides one that may be asked by the OP. In that same concept, no one asked you for your response.
EE GW Пре месец
Im not usually a big fan of over the top showmanship, but Pereira makes it work. Perfect combination of comedy and violence. He clowned Imadaev all 3 rounds. Like a kid vs his dad.
Ryan Пре месец
7:47 thanks for the context....those slaps in the fight make so much more sense now lmao
Ryan Halvorsen
Ryan Halvorsen Пре месец
Overeem has always been one of my fav fighters even when I hated him for being soo cocky and loosing fights just cause of that I still was on his he is humble and loves fighting more than anyone almost... But imo he can't beat top tier opponents because how he covers up. he seems fast and powerful still ....but the covering up and allowing hw to hit you don't work against stipe and ngannou.
Gar Hay Li
Gar Hay Li Пре месец
End bit was hilarious
Beastmode BigSwoLL
Beastmode BigSwoLL Пре месец
Marvin "Stan" Vettori lmao 🤣 😆 😂
Edwin Xavier Hernandez
Edwin Xavier Hernandez Пре месец
Dana looking at Imadaev with the "you better win or your career is over" look 😂🤣 Pereira vs Masvidal, Diaz, Pettis or Perry. Make it happen Dana.
John Smith
John Smith Пре месец
"How can she slap!?" - Michel Pereira
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Пре месец
Michael put a beating on that Russian guy 👋🏼 lmao
Nick Pan
Nick Pan Пре месец
People questioning Overeems chin all the time, he took hella shots
Bryan McDade
Bryan McDade Пре месец
Marvin "let me bang bro" Vetorri
wallacesteelersws Пре месец
People talk crazy because has some ugly knockouts, but if you're man enough to fight a 265 lbs fighter you will get knocked out. Overeem can fight for real.
Ram 43x
Ram 43x Пре месец
Shit up DC wow..u r out!
Hezekyah Пре месец
best fuc... i mean slapping ending ever. you cant make this shit up...
Richard Lei Man
Richard Lei Man Пре месец
8:04 Stockton; damage 50% humiliation 💯
MouMouhd Пре месец
Kahmzat vs Pereira Thats the fight to make !
The Ancient One
The Ancient One Пре месец
this whole channel just shows screenshots from fights (no footage) and shit that other fighters have said on twitter or posted on instagram, this page is getting real boring real fast
Roland Reed II
Roland Reed II Пре месец
Quarantine = Brian Time.
Luke Pukenstein
Luke Pukenstein Пре месец
I call for an immediate "rhoid-off" between bones and overrhoid or hemorrhoid or reem-a-rhoid or whatever we're calling him now. Just kidding, props to the timeless wonder, overreem-have always enjoyed this warrior's fights, as well as bones's
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