I am the BEST Welterweight in the world and I got to show that against Colby Covington,HW Jon Jones!

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Gerald Meerschaert says it will be a long night for Khamzat Chimaev,
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Belal Muhammad predicts Woodley vs Covington,
Thiago Santos gives a health update,
John Dodson released from the UFC,
Tyron Woodley wants to prove he's the best 170lb'er in the world,
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Very rarely does a Fight Night card come up that's built like a PPV card. Tonight's Fight Night is one of those rare cards. If you have already signed up for ESPN+ you are all set, enjoy the fights tonight (Prelims starts at 5 pm ET/2 pm PT, Main Card starts at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT) If you haven't signed up for ESPN+ you can do so here for $5.99/month-go.web.plus.espn.com/c/1347894/566982/9070 What are you predictions for tonight?
Brothers In Arms Sports
Brothers In Arms Sports Пре месец
Meerschaert was STONED 👀👀👀 I’d be ok if they let Chimaev fight someone in the Top 5 if he finishes D Maia give him the title shot
Spike Trademark
Spike Trademark Пре месец
@IbexDNB Cowboy should make sure he is set for life and get out and enjoy his family. He is taking too much damage in these last fights.
cabadman1 Пре месец
T "My ribs broke and I can't breath" bumsley bummy as hell boo'sley
IbexDNB Пре месец
@Spike Trademark i really hope Cowboy wins. He can't lose 5 in a row! 😢
IbexDNB Пре месец
i laugh at funny shit
i laugh at funny shit Пре 10 дана
Woodly is the wokest not the best. Half of his fights he doesnt even show up. Hes just there. All the potential and power wasted by that hesitant heart and mind
Alyassa Mccloy
Alyassa Mccloy Пре 21 дан
The new uuuuu
George Пре 29 дана
Now we know how seriously to take anything Tyron Woodley thinks.
grassabrutta Пре месец
Yes, Tyron, you are the best BLM fighter ever
R Paz
R Paz Пре месец
😂🤣😂😁🤣😂😂...why is Tyron so serious while he’s blowing smoke 💨! He is the best pound per pound hallucinating talker in the UFC but the best in the world when he’s driving!!😂😂
David R
David R Пре месец
Tyrone Woodley is as good at fighting as he is at singing.
Armando 1 Pain Ortiz
Armando 1 Pain Ortiz Пре месец
Yeeeaaah but too bad Colby hit him so hard he had to scream, quit and stop the match. That boy busted you up mang!!
deez nuts
deez nuts Пре месец
woodley actually wore his black lives matter bandana OMG and got the absolute beans from Trump supporter and patriot Colby Covington hahaha Colby M A G A usman next in line for a quick hiding I hope Trump will win the elections as easy as Colby beat woodleys ass
Best Video Game Clips
Best Video Game Clips Пре месец
%95 accuracy rate 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Duncle Пре месец
I wanna see khamzat vs a top 5 asap
Dawid Jasiak
Dawid Jasiak Пре месец
,,I am the best welterweight in the world'' - Tyron ,, top 15 WW, soon to be cut'' Woodley
LibertyCast Пре месец
Woodley: I am the best WW in the world! Everyone else: no, I don’t think that’s a thing
DutchOttoman03 Пре месец
The fighters who are saying that they caught covid are corrupt. And the ufc who are announcing it is corrupt as well
David Padilla
David Padilla Пре месец
jajajajajajajajajaaaa the best ending of all videos you have ever made jajajaja
Mtvfig63 Videos
Mtvfig63 Videos Пре месец
Belal Muhammad. What is your average now? i guess 94%?
Shaddy Schooner
Shaddy Schooner Пре месец
Tyrone knows that his secret weapon is only every other street fighters go to punch
Larry Cera
Larry Cera Пре месец
Guess that 95 percent accuracy took a hit
D Gallagher
D Gallagher Пре месец
I’m catching up on MMA World but after watching UFC fight night. Oh dear Woodley. I was falling in and out of sleep watching the main event.
high5compliments Пре месец
tyrone"george floyd i cant breathe"woodley did nottin!
Evans Dogbe
Evans Dogbe Пре месец
"I am the best welter weight champ in the world" said T wood. Me: No, man just retire, its just shameful and hard to watch you being beat 5 rounds just for a paycheck.
Marchoupi Пре месец
As GSP would say ..''I'm not impressed by your performance Tyron''
jess d
jess d Пре месец
I came to read the comments about Woodley.
vitalis Пре месец
That didn't age well...
John Gross
John Gross Пре месец
Woodley: IM THE BES... awww Colby get off my ribs, I’m tryna finish my retirement speech 😂😂
Broc Hurst
Broc Hurst Пре месец
One of the best endings I’ve seen yet lmfaoooo
Reptilian world
Reptilian world Пре месец
Tyron bye bye son
Reptilian world
Reptilian world Пре месец
NŐ win
Julio César Febles
Julio César Febles Пре месец
T. Woodley looks like a clown in that BLM attire ... desperately trying to be likeable.
James Mccarthy
James Mccarthy Пре месец
Woodly one of the best welterweight cry baby in the sick BLM world.
John Buske
John Buske Пре месец
I don't owe anyone anymore with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
MarinerJames Пре месец
Woodley saying he's the best Welterweight🤦‍♂️...sounds like he's spending too much time with CM Punk.
G MONEY Пре месец
BLM vs ALM guess who won, Ha!!!
legend b
legend b Пре месец
Tyron is scared to get in to a war lol. He will lean back waiting to land that over hand right.
ODK Пре месец
too bad Woodley's ribs dont agree
Trolling The sheep
Trolling The sheep Пре месец
Colby never said anything crazy when it comes to politics, Colby speaks truth while democrats live on lies!
Ron Brick
Ron Brick Пре месец
I do not owe anybody anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
harvey family
harvey family Пре месец
Game over for Woodley that was it for you got box and cridy at the end could not take no more from Coby
jedi1706 fan
jedi1706 fan Пре месец
Woodley the best? Man the UFC must be pretty weak then, eyy Ty?
Brothers In Arms Sports
Brothers In Arms Sports Пре месец
Belal Muhammad is an IDIOT. Wooldley doesn’t have it mentally anymore. He looked exactly the same he has the last 3 fights. IDENTICAL. I guess you have to give credit to C.C. but, he fought a guy that doesn’t have the mindset anymore. I thought from the beginning this was a bad fight for Woodley. Sad man
Austin Burchwell
Austin Burchwell Пре месец
This quote hasn't aged well 🤣😭🤣
Anuran Thi
Anuran Thi Пре месец
Bobby Maldonado
Bobby Maldonado Пре месец
What happened belal!? 😂😂😂
Salafi Пре месец
Black lives screamn da ribs in and out of love
Ross Bb
Ross Bb Пре месец
Tyrone woodley to his local police station- “I want to report a racist attack”
the resistance
the resistance Пре месец
Hahaha Woodley you suck
Hey Ho
Hey Ho Пре месец
Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh MY RIB, MYYYY RIIIB
iMixMasteR Пре месец
Gerald got fucking merked
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness Пре месец
Last year Woodley declined Covington.
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness Пре месец
Man Colby was ready to go in the Face offs
Mario Barać
Mario Barać Пре месец
jaycee monares
jaycee monares Пре месец
i just came here from the future to warn gerald he would be knock the fuck out in 17 seconds... and tell woodley he will get mauled by colby and "break his ribs"
mma gang
mma gang Пре месец
Im the best One day later stop stop
Mr Williams
Mr Williams Пре месец
Tyron was already talkin like a loser...smh...of all the fights to lose..ur gonna lose this one like that is uuuuugly... welp jorge/leon...and colby/burns.....after he loses to usman
Wynand Louw
Wynand Louw Пре месец
I came back to savour Tyrone’s smack talk. Get reckt son
Arne Timmer
Arne Timmer Пре месец
The equivalent of getting Rickrolled: Tyron Woodley "singing" Falling in and out of love with you.
The Era
The Era Пре месец
Aged like milk
salamisahuddin salami
salamisahuddin salami Пре месец
Colby covington looks like he smelled like a spit....idk why...it just cross my mind Congrats on the win colby😆
firdaus125 Пре месец
Watching this after Geraldo got 1 punched by Khamzat ..... that didnt age well
Snp solo
Snp solo Пре месец
Ending hilarious as always😂🤣
JTSX1 Пре месец
wow, great Covington vs Woodley prediction LOL Terrible song, dude needs to stick to being a MMA commentater.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Пре месец
lol nope
apex kech
apex kech Пре месец
tbear Пре месец
Belal should’ve done some more homework. Lol
tbear Пре месец
Ha! Colby, destroyed you!!! Lol
Brent Burrows
Brent Burrows Пре месец
Just watched the fight lol so glad Woodley got his ass beat lol.... Everyone thats unhappy humor me by bitching and whining and making excuses for his dumb ass
Jaison Joseph
Jaison Joseph Пре месец
Belal Muhammed... right now after Colby's win 😄😄😄
endwido Пре месец
Oh yeah you showed us Woodley ya cat
county bullet
county bullet Пре месец
Oh my Lord, the ending !! lol
JayRico Пре месец
Articulated Doom
Articulated Doom Пре месец
I'm sure gm3 is hating having made these comments right now
James ng'ang'a
James ng'ang'a Пре месец
Woodley only shows up to this interviews and social media talking about being the best and shit, He is a one trick pony
Master Den
Master Den Пре месец
hmmmmm........ woodley........ hmmmmmm
DREN Пре месец
Every time a fighter says he can do tons of things against another, loses. Bye Woodley.
DrPhil 420
DrPhil 420 Пре месец
RIP Tyron
parazjt Пре месец
Christaen Strauch
Christaen Strauch Пре месец
Take this L Woodley, talk has always been cheap
matt dalton
matt dalton Пре месец
the end bit got me :')
SliicK RiicK
SliicK RiicK Пре месец
Woodley needs to retire
A B Пре месец
Tyrones finished
Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln Пре месец
Fallling in and outta love in and outta love which you 😂
Dan Sbrega
Dan Sbrega Пре месец
Your not the best welterweight tyron your maybe the best welterweight rapper.no not even.
Joshua Sandoval
Joshua Sandoval Пре месец
Jon “THICC Bones” Jones
sandro birtvelishvili
sandro birtvelishvili Пре месец
Mikee95 Пре месец
Why it’s Tyron so weird sometimes
Kinosis79 Пре месец
Woodley is such a tool.
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn Пре месец
Damn they let the magician go smh
final solution to the leftist question *
final solution to the leftist question * Пре месец
Let's GO Colby!!
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре месец
Had to hit em with that inn and outta love lol
Southern Cross
Southern Cross Пре месец
Bahaha 🤣 Brilliant ending
Joshua Poole
Joshua Poole Пре месец
Quick! Jump on the UFC live and you can see some unabashed cultural appropriation by Dern here in a min. Sad that nobody acknowledges that there is something wrong with a person who adopts a 1000000% fake ass accent. So damn weird.
Ronnie Haley
Ronnie Haley Пре месец
What you doin tiddys! "Rampage
Uncle Fister
Uncle Fister Пре месец
Jon Jones on that coke again
RCB 411
RCB 411 Пре месец
Vote pro Gun trump 2020. The 2nd protects the other amendments first
RCB 411
RCB 411 Пре месец
I like twood and always knew he was skilled but I also love Colby. But twood if your the best in the world why did you get smoked by burns it wasn't even close. Looked like it was your ufc debut against the champ
Ricky Dubs
Ricky Dubs Пре месец
So all you need to watch the fights, including the co/main event, is ESPN+?
Ryan McClintock
Ryan McClintock Пре месец
Jones with the gyno. Be careful Johnny is ada watching
Owen Brash
Owen Brash Пре месец
Heavyweight jones out here jumping around with gyno
OutlawMe Пре месец
That’s what woodley thought everyone was gonna do to his music too
LOL Пре месец
you hear khabib's voice in khamzat...
Wilbert Wilbert
Wilbert Wilbert Пре месец
Best ending ever
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