FIGHT with Colby Covington is a DO or DIE situation for me,Tyron Woodley,Darren Till on Sean O'Mally

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Darren Till on Sean O'Malley,
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Paulo Costa training hard for Adesanya,
Jon Jones doesn't get the LOBOV jokes,
Jessica Eye gives a health update,
Javier Mendez on Khabib vs GSP,
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Pedroz Munhoz demands an immediate rematch with Edgar,
Tyron Woodley on Colby Covington,
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JCG JCG Пре месец
It's Good Tyrone doesn't call them a loss anymore Because Colby straight gave him a Beat Down! 🤣😂🤣😂
neil k.
neil k. Пре месец
If anyone knows what a journeyman is its Darren till. Hopefully it’s a die situation for you Woodley.
TheBlackDevil7 Пре месец
tyron DO OR DIE woodley
Orion Pavlos
Orion Pavlos Пре месец
Jon Jones forgot GSP
Orion Pavlos
Orion Pavlos Пре месец
If T-Wood loses, he needs to reitre.
Keith Riter
Keith Riter Пре месец
Tyron is sooooo whacked. Hit one to many times.
Keith Riter
Keith Riter Пре месец
Man Jessica eye is gonna be ok. 🤔 Nope she will never be right. Goofy bitc
tom nickerson
tom nickerson Пре месец
I think this is going to be the retirement fight for Woodley, so he can spend more time on his rap career and movie career. The first person to expose that Woodley can’t take body shorts and will gas out was Rory MacDonald. Covington has great cardio and will pull Woodley into deep waters.
Muiz Bhittani
Muiz Bhittani Пре месец
Yeah right
eric M smith
eric M smith Пре месец
Like I said before ,,, Woodley should of retired after the Usman fight ,, he is going to get beat up by Covington,,,
grannypants Пре месец
So guess its Cryrons last fight then...
GSXR LIFE Пре месец
RIP Woodley!!!!
Bryan Ganz
Bryan Ganz Пре месец
Its too bad Woodley didn't get this fight 3 years ago
Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate!
Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate! Пре месец
Artem Lobov is mad at Jonny because his goat 🐐 record is like 13-13 lol
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins Пре месец
Im with ya Bones, I know Artem has called himself the GOAT, & some love to joke about it here in the comments section, but it's just not funny at all any more. Imo of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions on comedy
Eric Doris
Eric Doris Пре месец
Man Tyrone loves to talk about himself that’s his problem he can’t have no secrets he lets the whole world know what’s on his mind. About to get that third lesson
Reeyin Wind
Reeyin Wind Пре месец
that guy must love rock music.
cihan kasacı
cihan kasacı Пре месец
smash ultimate
Kwaku Anansi
Kwaku Anansi Пре месец
@4:42 Wrong Javier, Gleison Tibau won a round against Khabib.
Swagger Cre8ion's
Swagger Cre8ion's Пре месец
No Jon, his McGregors only friend....
SeL MuRdA Пре месец
Woodley coppin out already 😂😂😂
Callum Coyne
Callum Coyne Пре месец
Gsp has been retired for years man he's not in his prime 1 bit why not fight him when he was so if he even beats him witch he will a won't consider him the p4p fighter ever no way
Lee Shaw
Lee Shaw Пре месец
Jon will never be a GOAT he's a drug addict and a cheater on multiple occasions
Symplifize Пре месец
Bisping saying that O’Malley got his ass kicked that night... dude is actually blind in both eyes
JSeaton Пре месец
Woodley looks like a dear in headlights in the Octagon. Over rated af
Abdi Hogsade
Abdi Hogsade Пре месец
Jones hears what he wants to hear
Jim Georgiev
Jim Georgiev Пре месец
Tyrone is going to have to wrestle colby. I don't see Tyrone beating colby in a stand up fight.
Odon Пре месец
Tyron gonna die -- he's gonna lose so bad. He's past his prime....
Opium Eater
Opium Eater Пре месец
Jon Jones never fails to put his foot in it outside the Ox Artem Lobov smashed him
Alex De Leon
Alex De Leon Пре месец
Woodley breaking the law with that seatbelt
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast
Real Quick With Mike Swick Podcast Пре месец
3:33 who do you got: Khabib or GSP? MMA World, we're feeling the love. Keep up the good work!
Steven Stevens
Steven Stevens Пре месец
Jessica Eye Opens: @3:02 Jessica Eye Closes: @3:32
Raden Sulaksana
Raden Sulaksana Пре месец
Cmon woodley, beat that white supremacist for the BLM🙏👍✊💪🔥⚡🌊
Raden Sulaksana
Raden Sulaksana Пре месец
But nah, sakuraba, fedor, gsp, and khabib should be the rushmore guys not a 💉💊abuser
Raden Sulaksana
Raden Sulaksana Пре месец
Jon's reply to artem the 🐐 is hilarious🤣
Vyse500 Пре месец
Why the flip are we heading about jessica bad eye, please stop mma world, you're wasting 10 secs of parody
Thomas Dailey
Thomas Dailey Пре месец
Colby , rooting for you to win. If you weren't fighting , no one would even watch Tyrell Woodford or whatever his name is.
GRAD 79 GRAD 79 Пре месец
COLBY I TOLD YOU Shut your mouth and go get your Daddy a beer!
Gary Baker
Gary Baker Пре месец
Has Woodley Covington even been confirmed?
Yo Mayn
Yo Mayn Пре месец
Mitchell Armyguy
Mitchell Armyguy Пре месец
The real title fight bones vs goat lobov. Super international world heavy championship of the universe
Steven Fields
Steven Fields Пре месец
I wonder how many Woodley segments I have skipped through in the last two years.
TC Пре месец
“You know how i get down when it’s personal.” Haha
Nicholas J Heinz
Nicholas J Heinz Пре месец
Tyron should give up on his music career; the dude is tone deaf!
Jarel17- Пре месец
Hopefully Tyron will actually fight like he used 🙏🏽 O'malley seems so butt hurt 🤣🤣
gr rioS
gr rioS Пре месец
Tony will not only take all of Kabibs hits but he is better on the ground then Kabib that why Kabib shows up to fight anyone EXCEPT TONY
Frank Halawani
Frank Halawani Пре месец
Pedro is so cringe with the way he can't accept his loss, Frankie literally pieced him up.
gr rioS
gr rioS Пре месец
And even lost some of those rounds how pathetic Tony will smash Kabib
Tyler Joyner
Tyler Joyner Пре месец
Woolley dosent fight anymore he is so passive it’s tough to watch
Othon Pedro
Othon Pedro Пре месец
Millionaren00b Пре месец
Skipped over Jessica faster than Schevchenko’s shin went into her temple
Duncle Пре месец
Man i really wanna see tyron get his arse handed to him again
canefrogfury Пре месец
Jon:WTF? Artist: Sorry Jon I thought you wanted Mounting goats ...
comedychannels Пре месец
Woodley hasn't been the same fighter since the wing mirror trauma
Zachary Botelho
Zachary Botelho Пре месец
Sounds like Tyron gna use PED's to getthis win...despsrate times come to desperate measures!!
Paul Baker
Paul Baker Пре месец
Woodley says his two losses were two lessons? Well, he'll will be getting lesson #3 when he fights Colby.
larzgod Пре месец
Colby will kick the shit out of woodley.
Senor Grav
Senor Grav Пре месец
Woodley could say he’s blatantly gonna shot Colby and I still think he’ll find a way to lose
Achievement Junkies
Achievement Junkies Пре месец
O'Mally sucks cause he is a white boy, how many white champions right now? Stipe?? lol you think he can beat Jones? lol hell no he is already done
Nolan Jonke
Nolan Jonke Пре месец
Pedro being a little bitch, you loss. you left it up to the judges..soooo its not like you destroyed him or anything it was even the whole fight
Michael Sly
Michael Sly Пре месец
4 commercials? Makes it tough to keep watching
Lord Burlap
Lord Burlap Пре месец
Now I hear Woodley does not think trump is a racist....well, I hope Woodley kicks the crap out of the trumpscum Colby, and after that, Woodley takes a good look at his good sense.
Randy Bradley
Randy Bradley Пре месец
What Tyron doesn't understand if Colby didn't flick the switch over to the dark side he would have been cut from the UFC.
Sean Mullins
Sean Mullins Пре месец
Tyron, put your damn shirt on and shut up already
Ryan Shabib
Ryan Shabib Пре месец
tyron woodley... "this is the the most important fart of my life"
JBOM9000 Пре месец
Tyron is right.. he can’t even win a game show these days. If Colby wins.. that’s a wrap for the race baiter.
Tuan Doan
Tuan Doan Пре месец
O Sugar Clown is what he looks like
Michael Spoto
Michael Spoto Пре месец
Breaking News: Jessica Eye is recovering from gull bladder surgery Me: fast forward 1 minute.
Noheavyn GoVegan
Noheavyn GoVegan Пре месец
Darren Till is crazy badass for being able to pop up from takedowns with a torn MCL. When I tore mine I couldn't walk for months.
timothy Fearnow
timothy Fearnow Пре месец
Woodley "ready for the most exciting fart in my life" 🤣🤣🤣
I think Pedro M. has a fair argument for a rematch he did get short changed by those judges...
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin Пре месец
Artem Lobov making corny jokes about USADA? Don’t do it Artem you’re a disappointing failed MMA fighter with no talent. Be humble rather than push the rhetoric of envious casuals. You sound stupid as hell.
Pretty Pitty
Pretty Pitty Пре месец
Suga needs to grow up
Bones Jones
Bones Jones Пре месец
Savage shit T wood!
ReikoX7 Пре месец
Lol after those comments of Lobov. Imagine him trying to fight JBJ :D
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Пре месец
I fell asleep during Woodley’s ....🥱😴
Chris Connors
Chris Connors Пре месец
Stipe, Anderson, & Jon Jones... something just doesnt match with that trio.
ThAdonis Пре месец
Darren Till calling his next diss track 'Bach To Bach'
I am Eizod
I am Eizod Пре месец
Colby will just do what Usman and Burns did to Woodley.
Mod Service
Mod Service Пре месец
Woodly is only good when he pshing the pace moving forward like how he beat Lawler & Till
Anwar Abdullah
Anwar Abdullah Пре месец
All loose except if ur Khabib
Praharsh Kashyap
Praharsh Kashyap Пре месец
8:11 lol😂😂
Hendro Sudarpo
Hendro Sudarpo Пре месец
Sean Overrated'Malley......
TNB MARC Пре месец
We don’t care about Jessica bro
TNB MARC Пре месец
Woodley is gonna get his ass kicked again hard to believe he wont
v s
v s Пре месец
jessica recovering from toxic shock?
William Beltran
William Beltran Пре месец
5:39 the most important fart of my life
andre1442 Пре месец
If Kumaru Usman's shitty striking broke his jaw, Woodley is gonna put him to sleep, that boy is going ZzzZz
Cubic Man
Cubic Man Пре месец
5:29 Tyron was driving shirtless here because he was doing laundry in the backseat
Spartacus Silva
Spartacus Silva Пре месец
Loool... Way underrated comment
xXMaukiorXx Пре месец
Supa hot Lobov !
Mofo Пре месец
Colby is going to retire Woodly.
Mizo Zial
Mizo Zial Пре месец
_sick of this this pre-fight/fight camp Woodley motivational speech_
Will Pulera
Will Pulera Пре месец
I knew that meme was coming at the end, I know this channels content too well to think that he would let that goat meme slide by at the end.
Too Much Sauce
Too Much Sauce Пре месец
Darren "Ehhhhh" Till
Kenyon nguyen
Kenyon nguyen Пре месец
I will pay for Costa's PPV fight with my hard earned money...he deserves it and more....hope that he makes weigh so he can become a champion if he is a must see fight on the paper...hope that it plays out that way....
828 Bullys
828 Bullys Пре месец
The end was the Artem the true 🐐
Kenyon nguyen
Kenyon nguyen Пре месец
FYI Tyron.....You lost the last 2 fights...Should send thank you note to Colby for sending you to retirement for good...When a fighter needs a psychiatrist to help him fight he should not fight any more....
W. H.
W. H. Пре месец
Woodley is right. If he loses to Colby, his career will be dead...
Woodley will ko Colby in round 2.
Jason Schall
Jason Schall Пре месец
Lobov, LOL I love that guy 👏👏👏
Moctezuma Monteon
Moctezuma Monteon Пре месец
Darren till “ just hongback hongback”
trizzleb Пре месец
Tyrone’s “most important fart of his life” 😂
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