Sean O'Malley fires back at Ben Askren for criticism on using the stretcher at UFC 252,Paulo Costa

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Johnny-B Racer
Johnny-B Racer Пре 26 дана
Tyrone Woodie-Wood is now, and will always be remembered as the "chosen loser", LMAO!!!!!
ROB K Пре месец
Bobby green needs to be careful what he's asking for
Stefan Popescu
Stefan Popescu Пре месец
Jason Varghese
Jason Varghese Пре месец
tryna disrespect jon jones like he wasnt the best fighter while partying doing drugs and drinking imagine if he didnt do that
Alun Morgan
Alun Morgan Пре месец
O'mally has handled this badly. Laugh off the loss and say shit happens don't make excuses. I will however stick of for him with the stretcher. If these warriors are out injured then no pay. If they suffer a life long injury it's game over. If he was unsure about his leg then he should go out on a stretcher
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Пре месец
Adesanya is gay
Laura Walker
Laura Walker Пре месец
Woodley gave up in his last fights, it was like he just didn't want to be there. He had no fire in his belly for the win. Maybe it's gone.
Richie Пре месец
What's with the pink Antifa hair 😂😂😂
Alexsandar Alexsandar
Alexsandar Alexsandar Пре месец
Israel looking like Fantasia.
Jose Dia
Jose Dia Пре месец
Stop trying to get a fight with John. John is very technical and very methodical. John makes opponents back down at some point in every fight. By the way... he has a way of cutting a man up with words. That's a good one. I can hear Busta Rhymes raping "twerk twerk twerk tttttttt twerk twerk". Love you Israel, but it's a different weight class.
Paul Osicne
Paul Osicne Пре месец
Askren will forever be known as the victim of a 5 second KO. I don't think many will remember him as the former undefeated champ of several organizations. He really tarnished his legacy with that quick KO loss. Then lost again and retired. On that note, he shouldn't have retired yet. Train and then....oh wait, the old hip injury...nevermind. The 5 second KO is his legacy for life.
Ry Hol
Ry Hol Пре месец
And yes bellator and pride gloves are better. Use those or go no gloves ufc 1 style
Ry Hol
Ry Hol Пре месец
Jones has a chance of getting launched to space by Francis. Francis has long arms too
jeffery wade
jeffery wade Пре месец
I believe a few of these guys have mental issues. What do you think?
jeff raborg
jeff raborg Пре месец
Tyron is done
A.d.g Gon.
A.d.g Gon. Пре месец
Amanda nunes vs Megan olivi make it happen 💪
Tyrone Brown
Tyrone Brown Пре месец
Sean omalley got exposed.
pankkiller Пре месец
Damn looks like masvidal left some brain damage to that poor askren
Gerald Gamble
Gerald Gamble Пре месец
Blades ufc picture kills me everytime, no confidence
Geoffrey MoneyBags Beat the House
Geoffrey MoneyBags Beat the House Пре месец
Sean O'Malley keeps dancing like that he will have a guy like Paulo Costa tapping that ass
Detroit What
Detroit What Пре месец
The whole ufc blows dix 24/7 now
S Z Пре месец
Who is Ben Askren? Ooooohhhh that guy Masvidal retired...right, now i remember.
Farmer Dang
Farmer Dang Пре месец
The glove thing is stupid. Thats going to get in the way of grappling
_ goodwin10k
_ goodwin10k Пре месец
Jan is the nexy lightheavyweight champ, im 100% on do I know? Im a time traveler.
Draziw Пре месец
It’s not a “Make or Break” just cause you say Bispin!
Assassin Aquilus
Assassin Aquilus Пре месец
Sean O'Malley vs Ben Askren for UFC 300. LET'S GO!
rick columbo
rick columbo Пре месец
Didn't Trevor Whitman invent a glove to avoid eye pokes and the UFC said yes as long as they could own the design outright
John Surf
John Surf Пре месец
Adasayna is like a sharp knife!Ben got starched he should be quiet!!
John Surf
John Surf Пре месец
I really hope Woodly gets the win, plus he has all the fans not Covington.Nunes gonna starch Anderson!
Drew Ayache
Drew Ayache Пре месец
He would take the cart.
M L Пре месец
Askren got KO'd in 2 secs but tells someone they got embarassed
Pete Herrera
Pete Herrera Пре месец
Sean o'Malley is really becoming the 69 of ufc.
Bronze Tiger
Bronze Tiger Пре месец
Maybe if you "paint the picture of a training Mitt on his opponent, Woodley can do his thing.....cause he beats the shit out of those MITTS "good footwork, constant pressure "😂
CathodeRay Пре месец
Not only has Woodley lost 2 fights in a row, he's lost 10 rounds in a row lol.
Rusty D
Rusty D Пре месец
Woodly a lame champion. There’s better guys in his division
Ben Hollanders
Ben Hollanders Пре месец
Ohh boy reyes is gona stand in the shadow of john jones for a long long time
Ben Askren got laid out like an area rug bye Jorge so he's the last person that should be criticizing anyone. Zip it Ben ASSkren
rj jr
rj jr Пре месец
Sean O'Malley got exposed for the p**** he is.. to make things worse he's delusional and a he gets wrecked a lot from here on out .. Sean O'Malley fans are just McGregor fans rebranded
Dave Reynolds
Dave Reynolds Пре месец
a Ben vs. Jorge rematch'd also go through the roof.
Dave Reynolds
Dave Reynolds Пре месец
I don't believe Demian Maia can beat Ben when Ben's right. I don't think Ben was right. Still feeling the effects/embarrassment of Mr. Masvidal. -notice how I call Jorge "Mr." I'm no dummy.
Dave Reynolds
Dave Reynolds Пре месец
I'm also not sure JORGE could beat Ben twice but keep that on the Q.T. - I don't want George come lookin' for me. Like I said I have a high fight IQ.
Dave Reynolds
Dave Reynolds Пре месец
Good to see Ben back and jawing - I feared we'd lost that/him. It's good-natured but following a loss NOTHING'S funny. -Sean'll be back in a big way - he isn't going anywhere - dude's a killer.
notImpressed Пре месец
They're gonna be paying attention when you get your ass whooped
周大維 Пре месец
Suga needs to redeem his character maybe a 5 round blood bath with Chito to show true heart and grit none of this shameless soccer tackle pretending an injury shit
T'Angelo Roberts
T'Angelo Roberts Пре месец
Bobby green said he was done fighting??? Must need the money
Benny Mitchell
Benny Mitchell Пре месец
Shouldn’t the title be the first clip lmao
Benny Mitchell
Benny Mitchell Пре месец
Kellerher a white DJ LOL
Brady Harris
Brady Harris Пре месец
Love how Ben said he got embarrassed I’d just tweet back Jorge Masvidal if I was O’Malley
Marc Rover
Marc Rover Пре месец
I watched the fight live, and I have to say, seeing him get carried-off in the stretcher DID "hit the eye" wrong. To ME, and this is JUST MY OPINION based on NOTHING but gut-feeling and observation, (so I COULD BE WRONG) it looked like he wanted to VALIDATE his loss via his injury or something.
lodeiro55 Пре месец
Nah Jones just let Reyes grab that belt and now Reyes says Jan is the only one in his way😂😂😂😂 he has to thank Jon on his knees
True Reflections
True Reflections Пре месец
Askren so ashamed he got destroyed he there waiting like a Twitter thug for others to be destroyed so he can relish in thier downfall. Punk behavior right there.
Bartek Kay
Bartek Kay Пре месец
Sean O'Lamey forever posterized leaving the octagon on a stretcher with a dead foot and rainbow hair, lmao.
Michael Hulsey
Michael Hulsey Пре месец
Gilbert want them shock absorbers lmao
Steam Boat
Steam Boat Пре месец
I lost an unreal amount of respect for Sean After watching the way he handled his first loss inside the octagon...I don’t think you can learn from your shortcomings/losses if you flat out refuse to accept them & I very easily could have been a fan of this clown but now I can truly say I look forward to him losing again.
Jeremy G.
Jeremy G. Пре месец
Anyone know why Paulo brought his grandma to the interview?
Don Williamson
Don Williamson Пре месец
MixedMalleyAdesanya World... I’m out too. UFC sucks ATM.
Joe Rico
Joe Rico Пре месец
Dude I don’t even know why the are booking anyone other than Schevchenko against Nunes.. yeah they fought twice but we know who won the fights.. no one else is a good matchup for her.. they’re bullshit matchups.. and the UFC should be ashamed for even entertaining the idea
Pearlholics Anonymous
Pearlholics Anonymous Пре месец
Sean omallys balloon is popping, so cheesy how they first tried to push him as "irish" sean omally, the kids already got a reputation in Vegas for beogm aggressive with the women like hes gods gift to humanity.
Pearlholics Anonymous
Pearlholics Anonymous Пре месец
Costa looked tired of hearing Henry talking
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Пре месец
Sean "Not built for war" O'Malley
Erik Пре месец
O’Malley is not going to make in the UFC
Chaud Poivron
Chaud Poivron Пре месец
You're fixing to lose those belts. Running won't help Izzy the Clown this time.
IRON1 Пре месец
Does Sean O’Malley have any fans??
ColdSnyper Пре месец
And the NEW Journeyman of the bantamweight division... Salteen Sean O'Malley. Either you're that weak that you can't walk out of the ring with your head up or you're just plain fake. How do you wince & wine after the fight & get carted then hours later dance around with no issue.
matthew hall
matthew hall Пре месец
So there’s no structural damage or anything right? So Vera actually deadlegged the man into submission? Yeah, Issa bad look.
Derek Garcia
Derek Garcia Пре месец
Ben Askren the type of guy to take a knee to the face to go to sleep rather than some sleeping pills. Of course he wouldn’t take the gurney.
sjcthrn5 Пре месец
Not sure why they even had the stretcher there. There aren't any fans or anyone to be in the way they just have to walk to the back or look at his foot on the side of the cage. It was kind of strange.
sjcthrn5 Пре месец
The two one sided losses in Woodley's career are from two high pressure fighters that pressured him the entire time, Ussman and Rory. Both dominated from start to finish. This Covington fight is going to be tough.
Joe Hubbard
Joe Hubbard Пре месец
If you walk on a leg injury you can injure it way more.... yall are not athletes if you think you should walk on a hurt ankle because you wanna look tough...
MetalHead 4x4
MetalHead 4x4 Пре месец
Tyron has been gun shy since his loss to Usman, he doesn't engage.
Blunt Trauma24
Blunt Trauma24 Пре месец
Im like 90% sure he never had an actual injury right? Like the leg kick hit a nerve and made his leg give out... where are the MRI or X-Ray results showing a "smashed foot" dude is a straight pussy still hiding behind a fake injury
karlos Lowry
karlos Lowry Пре месец
Reyes is a moron
Blue Steel
Blue Steel Пре месец
Izzy, less words please, silent and swift, calm and watchful, quiet confidence. Save the best words for the best time for the best effect. You're insecurity is all over the place.
Matthew Cannell
Matthew Cannell Пре месец
How is Jan is tougher fight when he lost to Jones and thinks he’s gonna win against Jan. Makes no sense. This man is a fucking idiot
jadonplox Пре месец
its so hard to be a fan of reyes... feel like people like him because they want to pretend he beat jones ahhh yess reyes for sure jan is better than jon
Dan Seeley
Dan Seeley Пре месец
Henry Cejudo a clown, Dana has already made it clear his ass is never coming back to the ufc lol
Sinatra Brown
Sinatra Brown Пре месец
Just lost all respect for Reyes. Jan is a more dangerous fight? Jon is going to heavy weight, man. Let it go.
al barky UFC win
al barky UFC win Пре месец
Shawn omally cockiness when DC & the female commentator (can't think of her name) was of someone that had 10 wins in the bag. DC was talking to him & hes not even making eye contact & barely uttering 2 words like hes annoyed by DCs questions Based on his embarrassing performance, he deserves ridicule from a 4 yr old. If he doesn't come back & win the next 2 fights, his talk is meaningless
Bleeding Pen
Bleeding Pen Пре месец
Omaley is done
M.M Andersson
M.M Andersson Пре месец
UFC should definitely change to those curved gloves
Leo S
Leo S Пре месец
bobby green calling out james vick is just him saying he wants to get a bonus check for a 1st round ko
DDog52 Пре месец
This Israel Adesanya is getting super annoying. Remember when Anime nerds were called fags and not taken seriously? I miss those days.
Gym Lord
Gym Lord Пре месец
Costa is about to mop the floor with him
Mark Lauzon
Mark Lauzon Пре месец
Ben WHO????
Kevin Deleon
Kevin Deleon Пре месец
Adesanya and costa never really had bad blood. Its all hype. Costa looked dumb the whole time tho
James White
James White Пре месец
Dominick reyes looks like a muscly road runner
Marcos Pereira
Marcos Pereira Пре месец
F*** hell. Cerudo speaks Portuguese!!! What a legend.
jcsmooth70 Пре месец
I vote Reyes for the dumbest statement of the year lol.
Stephens lost two In a row faked an eye injury and then lost again. The former champion will be just fine
RJ Bustos
RJ Bustos Пре месец
Cejudo speaks Portugese?
Silent Fox
Silent Fox Пре месец
Askrens irrelevant, and should be the last person to talk on any loses period 🤦🏽‍♂️
Silent Fox
Silent Fox Пре месец
Who the Fook isdat guy? 🤷🏽‍♂️
Crooked Chi
Crooked Chi Пре месец
Fighter or not, Sean’s a puss
Saxa Пре месец
I never knew Izzy was gay. Good for him. #LGBTQRSTUVWXY&Z
Anonymous Hippopotamus
Anonymous Hippopotamus Пре месец
Welcome to the Sean O Malley Sucka show!
PL Lyons
PL Lyons Пре месец
Adesanya is lile tekashi 69....thks of himself as a lil kid...niika 30+ yrs old😭
Jason Barrett
Jason Barrett Пре месец
Asskerns u bum
Jason Sterner
Jason Sterner Пре месец
Ben, you are irrelevant, stop.
Jason Sterner
Jason Sterner Пре месец
Cejudo.Douchein" out.
viewlesscheese5 Пре месец
I think Woodley is going to pull out injured. I think he knows himself that he hasn't got it anymore which there isn't any shame in but he would hate to lose against Colby.
Kevin Moody
Kevin Moody Пре месец
Reyes getting knocked out.
Henry Warren
Henry Warren Пре месец
Gotta side with Ben on this one and it’s not just because he’s a wrestler
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