Tyron Woodley says he won't be retiring from MMA following his loss to Colby Covington,Dana White

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Michael Chandler on a bout with Gaethje,
Emil Meek releases more footage of Joshua Fabia's training methods,
Kamaru Usman on a rematch with Colby Covington,
Dana White says Tyron Woodley should consider retiring from MMA,
Tyron Woodley won't retiring anytime soon,
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Windsor Todwong
Windsor Todwong Пре 11 дана
Dude needs to retire he’s already top 3 welterweights of all time so far his fall from grace is similar to Hughes and Penn but worst
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре 27 дана
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре 27 дана
I'm training with fabio lol
giftofnothing Пре 28 дана
Tyron “I’m not retiring” T’s Left arm “retired” T’s feet “retired” T’s right arm “retired” T’s Back “on the fence”
Dipendra Chettry
Dipendra Chettry Пре 28 дана
Thank You Champ @Usman84kg for reminding our Hospitality..as an Indian we are proud of you for what you have achieved 💯🔥❤.Next time when you come to India Just Visit MMACamps Me and my team are training daily and watching Every PPV fights..One Day we're gonna have A Indian UFC Champion by God's grace 🇮🇳
Dipendra Chettry
Dipendra Chettry Пре 28 дана
Michael Chandler is trying to prove himself in the UFC being the best lightweight in the world and Tony Ferguson is out there looking forward to A Fight...Dana Book it as the Co-Main Event 💯
Lalo •___•
Lalo •___• Пре 29 дана
He needs to loose the muscle and try to make 155, thats his only chance at success. "Thats racist"- Tyron Woodley
nottawigga33 Пре 29 дана
Woodley never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
DaLeadBull Пре 29 дана
Woodley is used to losing at this point I think. He lost in pretty much the same way 3 times in a row, he was gun shy and got outclassed.
Kc Coffman
Kc Coffman Пре 29 дана
Wtf? That's training? I can do that all day 😂
kaban wood
kaban wood Пре 29 дана
Woodley s getting more annoying
Aisha Пре 29 дана
God Woodley looked so pathetic and he usually looks and sounds pathetic in all his car videos. That was a new low.
Jordan_30 Пре 29 дана
Put chimaev with Woodley he will retire after him for sure!!!
AhYeahFotherMucker Пре 29 дана
Colby is damn good. But for real, Tyrone needless to retire. He sucks now and can't keep up.
Rohit Пре 29 дана
Man Tyron is so irritating to watch and listen ... MMA WORLD please stope uploading his IG's
Richkad N
Richkad N Пре 29 дана
Can that guy with the stick fight?
Moritz McIntyre
Moritz McIntyre Пре 29 дана
Never forget! Everything is a knife!
Ballsdeep Singh
Ballsdeep Singh Пре 29 дана
Black Ribs Shatter
Q M Пре 29 дана
Woodley already got beaten by an African, Brazilian, and an American, he deserves to finish his legacy.
DW Cromartie
DW Cromartie Пре 29 дана
It's hard to tell a man to give up his career, but where you gonna go from here bra??? Win a damn round or sumthin.
Ace Пре месец
I’m just glad the trump supporter kicked his ass
B MO Пре месец
Please MMa World! Are we ever gonna get a video just of tyquil, evil eye, and snoozeman?
T-Rex_tion 96
T-Rex_tion 96 Пре месец
God I love twood when hes himself 😂
King Jide
King Jide Пре месец
Good for you! But we ain’t paying to watch you squeal my ribzzzzzz!!! Lol
Theshadow XJ
Theshadow XJ Пре месец
Sir I was rooting for you, but just fighting for a pay check? Nobody wants to see that.
Federico Gordon
Federico Gordon Пре месец
Tyron should just retired seriously. He was an Ok champ but he let Whatever he was fighting for down and he's also full of excuses! Like just stfu!
Jay White
Jay White Пре месец
You have to fight to win a fight. I’m a big Woodley fan and his last 3 bouts he didn’t fight. Another non-performance like that and he may get seriously injured, I don’t think he showed any will to actually fight once the cage closes.
Chris poole
Chris poole Пре месец
BLM got their asses whooped by MAGA. Yup.
Ghostdance Rider
Ghostdance Rider Пре месец
Tyrone" Bellatar Lives Matter" Woodley..... Cringe
Max Moore
Max Moore Пре месец
Diego Sanchez after training at Jackson Wink doesn't feel stupid doing the things he is doing and following the person he is following. This is EXACTLY why people think he has lost his damn mind. Hard to watch
Jamel Dean
Jamel Dean Пре месец
I see Michael Chandler, I down vote. Talks too much, nothing to say.
Niki Guymer
Niki Guymer Пре месец
Get me some of that shit Tyrones on,damn!
Cody Hall
Cody Hall Пре месец
Crazy Woodley thinks he's the GOAT of welterweight division. Literally, not even in the top 5 of all time. Agree or no?
Cody Hall
Cody Hall Пре месец
Tyron Woodley is fucking embarrassing..... Just retire and focus on your "rap" career so people have another reason to make fun of you. Kind of sad watching you try to survive in MMA anymore.
Ezra Daiquiri
Ezra Daiquiri Пре месец
I honestly dont think t wood could even beat perry, but that's the fight to make next if we dont get perry vs one of the Diaz brothers. Maybe do t wood vs Pettis or t wood vs chiesa or t wood vs sanchez.
Jonathan Velder
Jonathan Velder Пре месец
that training video is ridiculous, I feel so bad for those guys that are paying this dude. He's definitely a con man
bill bass
bill bass Пре месец
Tyrone woodley seems like nice guy
peter bullimore
peter bullimore Пре месец
Dude anyone else just bored fuckless when woodley talks
G-force Пре месец
Im already tired of hearing Chandler ramble.
Cronopoly Пре месец
Tyron has an out now. Please take it and don a suit and sit next to Karen and articulate MMA tactics. You'll go further.
Monsterredbullies Пре месец
Tyron woodley will never win a match anymore lmao...
Wil Mcneil
Wil Mcneil Пре месец
Tyrone the frozen one.. LMAO.
Wil Mcneil
Wil Mcneil Пре месец
Give up .plz.
Queen Mary I
Queen Mary I Пре месец
Whoever fights Woodley next should walk out to “Never gonna give you up, never gonna make you cry. Never gonna tell a lie and *Hurt you* “ 😂
G criz Quinn
G criz Quinn Пре месец
Noone wats to see you fight tyron woodley. U looked scared against colby all talk. Career is over
karl jermunson
karl jermunson Пре месец
I'm so glad Tyrone isnt retiring......I love watching him get his ass beat!
King 615
King 615 Пре месец
Woodley needs to get off social media and worry about winning fights instead. Ever since he got the belt he been trying to do to much and especially since he lost. Like man give it a break and either be a pro fighter or retire.
Ubong Udoh
Ubong Udoh Пре месец
UFC has become Conor’s McWeinstein’s Rape asylum...whenever there’s a new rape allegation he unretires & runs back to the ufc to distract the gullible brainwashed fan bots. Retire ->Rape ->Run->Return->Retire->Repeat....
Mory Пре месец
Woodley unwilling to change anything after getting destroyed is exactly why he will never be a champ in the UFC again.
Dung Tran
Dung Tran Пре месец
Woodley still not realize why he should retire ??? Is he that stupid or really just need money to stay alive....
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland Пре месец
Narcissists don't have to be winners in life. They just have to believe they are. The ENDING was incredible - thank you - so true.
MMARZ 7 Пре месец
Chandler trying so hard to sound like a nice gentle man, but you can see the roid rage burning inside him.
cubby7872 Пре месец
Tyron is one of the baddest people on the planet a champion hall of famer nothing to prove to anyone what a great career it’s enough
Darius Grant
Darius Grant Пре месец
yeah yeah we've had undefeated or super athletes entering UFC for some time now. And most of them didn't back their big talk. Chandler should fight first then talk.
TaylorMade Пре месец
Damn MMA world stop posting up Twood that dudes finished
Joseph Mensche
Joseph Mensche Пре месец
Am I the only one that sees and knows the UFC is false marketing Paulo Costa?! Hes not an undefeated fighter. He lossed in TUF when he was called borrachino. And didn't make the cut. So how is he undefeated?🤔
Ronnie Blalock
Ronnie Blalock Пре месец
Clout chasing woodley.how do it feels to be irrelevant?
tallguy48 Пре месец
Tyron is hilarious on drugs lmao
POGO3D Пре месец
Woodley needs to just go away, all sorts of excuses like Hillary Clinton. He is taking a page straight out of her book lol
Camp Matthew
Camp Matthew Пре месец
Damn, Tyron really can’t handle pain 😂
PAlive La
PAlive La Пре месец
Tyron is not retiring because all he knows is black lives matter
CoStCo StOrE
CoStCo StOrE Пре месец
4:03 while Diego Sanchez at home cooking dinner 🥰 and raising their secret child 😂 🤣
BetterYouBetterWorld V
BetterYouBetterWorld V Пре месец
that fucking ending i havnt even seen whatever that movie is but god dam that shit was funny
El Queso Grande
El Queso Grande Пре месец
Why did Emil go to that gym more than once? Why would anyone? haha It's like Jim Jones, R.Kelly, Charlie Manson.. it's some weird cult shit.
BetterYouBetterWorld V
BetterYouBetterWorld V Пре месец
nah i actually think thats decent training from diegos coach, i like it, teaching awareness and to always be alert and ready
L'z187 Пре месец
This chandler guy talks like hes some amazing force to be reckoned with he should calm down a lil and fight your first fight in the ufc 1st getting a lil annoying still
Red Pill
Red Pill Пре месец
Diego’s training looks so pathetic. I’m sorry but his trainer is on some good crack
wotevazyo11 Пре месец
At least tyrons beard is winning.
Francisco Mejias
Francisco Mejias Пре месец
To his defense he's probably heavy medicated. Maybe sober he'll change his mind :)
just jack
just jack Пре месец
Diego’s aggressive zumba fighting style
Mr. Wednesday
Mr. Wednesday Пре месец
Video ends at 7:02
b0zay Пре месец
woodley is such a unlikable clown
TheEnderBand Пре месец
Tyron would have had home field advantage if they fought in his SUV
sukisuzuki10 Пре месец
Chandler is fuckin delusional, he’s not in Justin’s league
nt30001 Пре месец
Tyron can somehow find a way to alienate his own fans. I imagine most fans who have been down the MMA rabbit hole since UFC 1 was doing the rounds on VHS 📼 are of the mindset of love or hate the fighter on a personal level, they will ultimately be judged on merit alone. I think he is a bell end, but anyone who steps in the cage deserve respect. We even saw a glimpse of a past beast against Till but that lightning stopped striking. Most fans of the sport have probably suggested he quit for his own benefit/Legacy but he sees it as hate, hate would be wanting him to carry on, be a gatekeeper and get smeshed. He is his own worse enemy. His enemy is the man in the mirror. Must be hard to be a hardcore Wood fan. No wonder people are falling in and out.
Judson Industries
Judson Industries Пре месец
He sounds like Jessica eye. About to start skipping those now too.
Ett R
Ett R Пре месец
WTF Woodley....He might as well join diego at the looney gym
KoKo FitFaded
KoKo FitFaded Пре месец
End scene 👏 😭 😂 😭
Hay 123
Hay 123 Пре месец
Same old story, "I don't know what happened, I did everything to make it happen."
Greg Brimstone
Greg Brimstone Пре месец
Alright, I've seen enough. 99% of these comments are just nerds on a keyboard bashing fighters. And then if you met them in person: "Oh, hello sir! I'm a huge fan and it's such an honor!" 😂
Pro Cams
Pro Cams Пре месец
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to have a kinda weird looking receding hairline.
TYSON LAMB Пре месец
i hated chandler before just cause he's the title replacement and hes from bellator but hes kinda cool
Justin Polk
Justin Polk Пре месец
Don’t give up Woodley. You’ll win a round eventually
Joao Brinca
Joao Brinca Пре месец
man .. tyrone as become such a joke... go 2 bellator tyrone
Marcus K
Marcus K Пре месец
The UFC will release Woodley after his last fight of his contract. He's no fan magnet so no loss ...
Saif Adil
Saif Adil Пре месец
Michael Chandler sounding like Luke Rockhold, conceive believe achieve.
Ayo Big
Ayo Big Пре месец
Hey champ Next time u come to India hit me up , I'm fan , brother and I live in new Delhi india.
mohammed soufi
mohammed soufi Пре месец
TW jokin around after gettin his ass kicked... Thé joke on you Man.... Go to Wwe thats suit you.
Jason Wood
Jason Wood Пре месец
On one hand, a rib injury does kinda look like that. On the other, since when does Tyron Woodley constantly laugh in a video? hm
Jason Wood
Jason Wood Пре месец
Damn. Haven't seen Chandler in the cage, but I'm already a fan of the way he talks about fighting.
Tammy Apetricci
Tammy Apetricci Пре месец
I no longer need my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Ted Bunder
Ted Bunder Пре месец
Chandler vs Gaethje...holy shitt that would be a fight
SuperJohn313 Пре месец
Tyron : I'm not retiring Dana: You don't have to go home but you got to get out of here 😂😂😂
William Dirickson
William Dirickson Пре месец
Tyron is fast becoming the biggest joke in MMA
Jarno Saarinen
Jarno Saarinen Пре месец
Broken ribs don't heal for many years up to 10! I know I have broken ribs and you might think there healed and the wrong move and snap you in agony for a week again!!
scorcher165 Пре месец
Meek releasing 'bullshit' training videos yet he's enjoying himself in them
David Samuel D
David Samuel D Пре месец
Woodley needs to be let go. He is not only a very very boring fighter, he is only losing now days. MAGA beat BLM. It's over.
Ice Cold Lemonade
Ice Cold Lemonade Пре месец
Make Conor fight woodley. That would be hilarious at this point. Retire Tyron with some money and promote poster boy Conor.
Ice Cold Lemonade
Ice Cold Lemonade Пре месец
Snoozman was about to fall asleep while he was talking. So boring.
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