Derrick Lewis and his Son narrowly avoided serious injuries after Quad Bike mishap,Paulo Costa,Silva

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Anderson Silva on his final bout against Hall,
Source ESPN
Sean O'Mally wants to compete once more in 2020,
Paulo Costa trains for UFC 252,
Fabricio Werdum interedted in Fedor rematch,
Source ESPN
Anthony Smith on Jones vs Ngannou,
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Diego Sanchez recalls an old incident with Nick Diaz,
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Neil Magny wants to bring his A Game,
Source- UFCNews
Derrick Leiws and his son are OK!,
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Monque Пре 25 дана
Good thing it was an atv lol
Brutal Simplicity
Brutal Simplicity Пре месец
Thank God they weren't hurt. Accidents happen. Looks like a good dad that was just having fun with this kids when something went wrong. Always be vigilant.
YouKube Пре месец
Anthony scott
Anthony scott Пре месец
Good job that bush was there to slow them down 😵☘️
drew donham
drew donham Пре месец
that bike incident was nothing haha tell ur kid not to pull the gas hha
C NearWheel
C NearWheel Пре месец
So Silva could speak good English all along lol
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation Пре месец
D. LEWIS... Shit man, my lawwwn.
Old Uncle Bob
Old Uncle Bob Пре месец
Derrick, this is a good time to reconsider helmets for you and the kids.
Bronze Tiger
Bronze Tiger Пре месец
MAN, If you don't look at Costa "training" at the right angle...WTF am I looking at🙄😭😖???
Scott Pike
Scott Pike Пре месец
Pretty crappy brick work on the beasts house looked like paper.
Jorge molina
Jorge molina Пре месец
Fighters should have a chance to wherever they wants. Should be able to do a one fight contract.
Ragrle Graggle
Ragrle Graggle Пре месец
Okay, now let him drive the truck.
mickywulla Пре месец
Derricks boy went H town on that bush 🤘🏼🤘🏼
StrangerOfficial Пре месец
Costa clip was trash 🗑 😂
Lazy LeftHand
Lazy LeftHand Пре месец
I did something like that with my dad when I was young. It was on a three wheeler though.
teamtaka7 Пре месец
Was Ngannou that fat when he fought stipe? Lol look at his belly
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman Пре месец
For all adults; If a child is anywhere near a dirt bike or atv, if the bike is running it is in neutral at all times. This is why city people shouldn't have these things lol. Leave it to us in the hills
richard trail
richard trail Пре месец
Woooow, just got control before it rolled. Nice reflexes.
Thomas Trumbo
Thomas Trumbo Пре месец
He’s OK
Dino Seidievski
Dino Seidievski Пре месец
Good tip i believe, Put the name of the person speaking at the time, ON the screen.
Melo Silva
Melo Silva Пре месец
Fabricio Werdum is young in his mind 😁
James Duncan
James Duncan Пре месец
Bet he had to do a number two after that. The beast.😂😂😂glad he didn't get hurt though.
John Blunt
John Blunt Пре месец
Time stamps?
kevin shelton
kevin shelton Пре месец
jones has actually been hit quite a lot in his last fights, im not convinced he can take shots like that from ngannou, but im also not convinced he couldnt take him down and possibly hold him there.. it would be interesting to see ngannou's wrestling ability.
nathan christman
nathan christman Пре месец
This retirement has been long overdue. I hope he can go out on a win.
Yee Yee
Yee Yee Пре месец
we all know Lewis was holding back that saying that every father has used at least once, “WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!?!”, on a real note though, that little quad incident wouldn’t have hurt anybody too bad even if it went bad, funny to me that the whole MMA community is like “OMG i’m SO GLAD that you’re okay😱😱😱”
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре месец
Wtf is Paulo doing lol
Jared Ferguson
Jared Ferguson Пре месец
Fabricio “no chest” Verdum
Jared Ferguson
Jared Ferguson Пре месец
Who cares about Hype Train OMalley?????
yunus ertuğ
yunus ertuğ Пре месец
he's ok
Jm Elizares
Jm Elizares Пре месец
Why am i getting notifications 3 days later?
matusko07 Пре месец
Helwani gave him an email fo sho :D
Guy Man
Guy Man Пре месец
I can see the CTE setting in to sanchez
Cody Last Name
Cody Last Name Пре месец
Silva's last fight should have been against Adesanya, or even earlier. It's so sad to see him take loss after loss. A lot of modern MMA fans don't even remember prime Silva, they just know him as the old guy that loses decisions or breaks his leg.
Brandon Poindexter
Brandon Poindexter Пре месец
Props to The Black Beast. He got that big ass bike under control quick AF. Good thing he is strong as an ox too bc most people woulda been thrown off, especially if they was as heavy as him!
Zach Ballzach
Zach Ballzach Пре месец
His son got on and immediately stabbed the the thumb throttle! Looked like fun!😂
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland Пре месец
Return of the Shake Weight.
Jonny Mac
Jonny Mac Пре месец
Helmets on a bike? That's stupid, jump on son!
Neil Studsor
Neil Studsor Пре месец
Lol three weeks ago didn't Derrick Lewis spit in Olenicks food
Francesco Thompson
Francesco Thompson Пре месец
Lesson to myself: make extra sure its in neutral before my kid gets on
H. Jules
H. Jules Пре месец
Holy hell. Scary. Glad they are okay
Evo Harley304
Evo Harley304 Пре месец
floor food
floor food Пре месец
DominicanPapi Пре месец
Werdum: you know Brandon Vera is my first son, he is my son Jon Bones Jones: We need a DNA test **just look up what Jon Jones did to Vera**
Miklo Пре месец
Silva tarnished his legacy, he's gonna get slept in his final fight
BuDz Manson
BuDz Manson Пре месец
silva your a cheater you lost me as a fan thr 3rd time you got caught lol
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos Пре месец
They're ok
Golf Caddy
Golf Caddy Пре месец
His son just wanted to go fast.
Xousouris Пре месец
Somebody finally test Costa. He is juiced beyond logic.
Michael Toledo
Michael Toledo Пре месец
8:11 his wife is gonna kill him lol
Crazy Steve
Crazy Steve Пре месец
Out Ole
Out Ole Пре месец
I love Derrick Lewis glad yous r ok
ShadeRunner Пре месец
O'Malley hoping to get another cycle in before his next fight.
BuDz Manson
BuDz Manson Пре месец
i lost respect for silva after hes tested positive multiple times. lets face yea he was great but he was cheater nick diaz shouod of beat him
blayne carver
blayne carver Пре месец
Black people and four wheelers don't mix.
Litty Fritty
Litty Fritty Пре месец
Lmao Derrick was like "Ma Balls is hot....O gotta take a dump!" *slams foot on the gas*
RudeBOY Пре месец
I would love for Anderson Silva to come through with a devastating W for his last fight, get one more glimpse of the younger Silva
XymXir Пре месец
His son was like “I’m about to end this man’s whole father-son atv riding career” 😩
Ryan Пре месец
No helmets. What a great role model
Terry Tubbs
Terry Tubbs Пре месец
Good trimmings
J J Пре месец
Dereks wife- when are you going to get rid of that Bush?!!! Derek- Right after I take little man--.........,,!!! Derek - It’s done!!!!!!
J J Пре месец
😂😂😂😂😂that anchorman clip at the end fucking gold
Stryker Jones
Stryker Jones Пре месец
Really glad to see no one got hurt. But damn, super impressed with older brothers survival instincts. He was moving like Scooby-Doo, nothing but a cloud left behind when things got crazy!
Charles Bracewell
Charles Bracewell Пре месец
That’s the fastest right hand I’ve ever seen Lewis throw for the brake
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles Пре месец
“I know what you’re going through. Glad you’re OK!” - Koolaid Man
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles Пре месец
“What super fights are out there for YOU?” - Reporter “Uh, like, maybe Mortal Kombat Aftermath? Diabetes? My mother-in-law is a bitch.” - Fabricio Verdun
Tuggy Waffles
Tuggy Waffles Пре месец
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” - Lao Tzu “My career is over.” - Sean Omalley
Guthix Lives
Guthix Lives Пре месец
Anyone who thinks Costa isnt on the juice needs to research
lawnmoose Пре месец
The thumb throttle is easy to accidentally press if you don't know.
Jason Kuang
Jason Kuang Пре месец
a wrong angle off the spin and that bike wouldve crushed em both...shyytttttt
Vyse500 Пре месец
Clever ending
Lucky Dragon
Lucky Dragon Пре месец
Derrick “we gotta clean dis up befo ya momma see” Lewis
Wingman Пре месец
Kids a little young to be having whiskey throttle 😆
Elijah Deleon
Elijah Deleon Пре месец
“He’s okay”
Travis Pertson
Travis Pertson Пре месец
Derricks son: Sorry Dad... looks like we need some new landscaping. Derrick: Guess what YOUR doing tomorrow... 😂
Michael Arriola
Michael Arriola Пре месец
I'm glad Derrick and his boys are ok. Lol was funny watching afterwards tho...
10 pea em
10 pea em Пре месец
Letting his 6 year old ride a quad without protection...
Blunt Bandit 509
Blunt Bandit 509 Пре месец
Anderson silva retiring? : (
Otto Bobis
Otto Bobis Пре месец
seriously... turn the dam thing off if you haven’t taken a safety course!
KinoTroikGames Пре месец
Quad bike!?! Its called a quad or fourwheeler not quad bike 😂
john doe
john doe Пре месец
Black people can ride 4wheelers too ...smh
Brad Paulburn
Brad Paulburn Пре месец
Escalated ? it accelerated quickly , lucky shit .
Crimson Hitman
Crimson Hitman Пре месец
Holy crap!!! Hey this is between you and me ight? Go get me a broom and help me clean this shit up. You wanna new playstation? DO NOT TELL MOM!!!!!
S B Пре месец
Cain lost because his knee went out. It was obvious.
jimmyjackass Пре месец
Whisky throttle engaged. Pure luck they didn't crash.
Barr3LtoURdome Пре месец
Did the same as his kid at his age except launched up a 2 ft rock slant nearly flipped the quad on myself...
Cade Clark
Cade Clark Пре месец
if anyone calls a four wheeler a quad bike i am highly disappointed lol
OF brotherhood
OF brotherhood Пре месец
I do that with my ....😂😂😂🍻🍻🍻
Chance Пре месец
Paula should move up to light heavyweight; his opponents at the current weight class all look one size smaller than him
Todd Bertram
Todd Bertram Пре месец
Werdum looks terrible.
you know
you know Пре месец
🙏 Because I like to pretend I'm godly on social media to maintain a fake image But in reality I like hookers, coke and violence
Meta Legion
Meta Legion Пре месец
Lewis good thing u a big fucking dude.. I remember my cousin doing this on my dirt bike lol VROOOOOOMPATATATATATA
Daniil Nguen
Daniil Nguen Пре месец
He is Ok
FFF Traders
FFF Traders Пре месец
Who’s only here for the quad clip 🤣
isaiah garcia
isaiah garcia Пре месец
How can anyone legit think France’s beat Cain? If it was the punches, why was he still conscious? Why did it look like he was wincing in pain when his knee blows? Why did he retire with a serious knee injury after? A healthy Cain wins that 10/10
Mousie 508
Mousie 508 Пре месец
He would’ve never gotten on again he caused that whole thing
Daniel Varga
Daniel Varga Пре месец
If he spent less time spitting in other fighters food he might had time to read the manual idk just saying
Mike Holland
Mike Holland Пре месец
god i hope anderson wins in spectacular fashion. gl to both men but anderson silva deserves a strong sending
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