Tony Ferguson vs Dustin Poirier won't be happening as UFC and Poirier failed to come to terms,Jones

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Dustin Poirier says bout with Ferguson won't happen,
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Bobby Green could have done way better with his 3 picks 😁
Tug Boat
Tug Boat Пре месец
If i gotta hear jessica eye talk about her gallbladder one more time im gonna lose it
StephenFawking Пре месец
Justnmake Tony vs Conor god dammit. They will both show up and Bang.
MB Пре месец
I love the Jessica Eye hate and the Bobby Green respect lol mma is so awesome
828 Bullys
828 Bullys Пре месец
I'm getting annoyed with the gallbladder girl
Mayes Video
Mayes Video Пре месец
For some reason I think Dustin is scared
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick Пре месец
The more I think about it the less sense it makes for Dustin to Fight Tony. If he wins he gains nothing, if he loses he loses a lot. For a relatively short notice fight you’d have to pay me a good bit more than my normal rate especially against a dangerous guy.
NO BS guys im sorry I know the gallbladder and all that but..... Jessica looked FINE AS FUCK today and YES JESSICA, PAPI WOULD SMASH.... holla =)
AndrewLifts Пре месец
Spirit Wiles
Spirit Wiles Пре месец
Is it me or does Jessica "Ey"Annoy ya?
buntingism Пре месец
Tony and Dustin would be a great fight. But if they won't pay them what there worth im glad there standing up for themselves. If the UFC Cared about the fans they would have made this fight happen!
Unfiltered Conspiracist
Unfiltered Conspiracist Пре месец
Poirier doesn't have that clout
King T’Challa
King T’Challa Пре месец
I love me some Bobby Green. A real dude.
Joshua Cortes
Joshua Cortes Пре месец
@1:48 Jon: haven't got COVID yet Dr: everybody eventually gets it
Chris Пре месец
Tony's been fighting to make a fight harder than most fight in the cage! My dude can't catch a break!🙁
الأسود العنسي
الأسود العنسي Пре месец
At this point, I am positive that they are just trolling us about Jessica Eye's gallbladder
Chris Пре месец
I'd like to meet you Mr.Green
Ottie Otto
Ottie Otto Пре месец
pourier chicken is afraid of tony
Gary Host
Gary Host Пре месец
Khamzat gunna smesh this guy
Jimmy JONES Пре месец
good ....maybe some later date ...its not a smart fight for either of them ....unless ufc wanmts to up the money by 50 x .... they will both take a lot of punishment ...even 3 rounds. high volume fighters both of them. poirer hold records along with max holloway. tony and khabib when they are both ready ....thats the fight !
Looks Carpy
Looks Carpy Пре месец
I had to eat only fruit n veg to get rid of IBS 🤪
Ice Cold Lemonade
Ice Cold Lemonade Пре месец
Ali in his natural habitat, on a dudes crotch
K Dante
K Dante Пре месец
You can’t lose your last fight and then try and renegotiate for more money your next flight
Ken Shaw
Ken Shaw Пре месец
Dana you could have paid Dustin more money. Dustin is a big pay per view draw. No matter if he’s under contract pay or not. He deserves to be paid. He’s a top quality fighter. And fans love him. He’s also a good man and gives back to his community. I just honestly think he deserves more money.
Heath Rossi
Heath Rossi Пре месец
Why do you keep showing Jessica Eye so much....No one Cares!
Haych Kay
Haych Kay Пре месец
Would have loved to see Jon Jones slap Ali Abdelaziz up
Ringo Пре месец
I think MMA World is just trolling us now with the Jessica Eye segments . 🤔
Bray Allen
Bray Allen Пре месец
Jon Jones the type of guy to test positive for a pico gram of Covid-19
Doubleoh Spartan
Doubleoh Spartan Пре месец
You damn right poier is going to run you don't want to mess up that pretty face of his
E T Пре месец
Damn jones is smart
Patrick Пре месец
pay these guys, this is bullshit
Matt Пре месец
Dustin didn't want the L
Ruby Carbuncle
Ruby Carbuncle Пре месец
Dustin fought for the title, he’s taken out multiple former champions, just came off a win and potential fight of the year contender, why the hell is the UFC offering him BUM MONEY???
Najib Rahman
Najib Rahman Пре месец
Why Dana, why?
BIGGYLUV Пре месец
Dustin asking main event money for 3rnd fight
Hue Jazz
Hue Jazz Пре месец
Remember when Dustin cried his way to a title shot? Then got DESTROYED lol looks like he’s trying to cry his way to a Conor paycheck now with his mediocre record
Mora UTD
Mora UTD Пре месец
Fighting Tony win or lose youre in a war and coming off a war with hooker like fuck low pay for those 2 fights alone cte like i get it man i get it dustin
Happy Monday
Happy Monday Пре месец
Dana pay the man
Tolbster Пре месец
Who tf is Meerkat?
Kevin Kydd
Kevin Kydd Пре месец
The Diamond is trying to get those bags.
Geo Leo
Geo Leo Пре месец
Bruh costa hair lol he got all the best masking agents
O Finny
O Finny Пре месец
Jessica Eye has amazing Eyes 😲 👀
O Finny
O Finny Пре месец
Lol I was a bit confused thinking what happened to Jessica's Eye not knowing The Eye is her surname.....
Jordan_30 Пре месец
Please no more Jessica Eye, not important in the Mma Community !!!
Chance Nordio
Chance Nordio Пре месец
one of you must be married to jessica eye or something....she isnt even that good or interesting to boot but she blabs on for 5 mins every video you post....plz stop boring us with her 5 mins nap time monologues
Manuel Estrada
Manuel Estrada Пре месец
What dustin scared of tony
Silenced Rage
Silenced Rage Пре месец
Why do all of Poiriers fights fall thru?
Silenced Rage
Silenced Rage Пре месец
Jessica Eye seems so phony!
William Beltran
William Beltran Пре месец
Jones rolling with midgets he is a heavyweight
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре месец
I wanna have a three some with Jessica EYE AND PAIGE VANZANT
Chris Devarro
Chris Devarro Пре месец
But still testing positive for pictograms
Zemar Rednaksi
Zemar Rednaksi Пре месец
Me: Why you keep showing stupid ass Jessica Eye gallbladder segments? MMA World: Bidness
Kaiko Пре месец
Love Alistair Overeem always wanna fight the bests. That fight would be awesome, Jones is great but Reem is dangerous. We saw how it went for The Mauler in his debut. Not saying Mauler is as good as Jones but his first match against JOnes he did great against him. But yea anyway i hope Jones goes that match against Reem. Would like to see francis take the belt and then go aginst jones in the titlefight in th efuture
Zach Пре месец
Jon's first negative test...
Rafal Wolosik
Rafal Wolosik Пре месец
Big mistake on Dustin for not agreeing to the fight... He is not a big draw. He better not turn down too many
zbomb23 Пре месец
DP aint wanna take that L
nate pencils
nate pencils Пре месец
jessica eye's colon? mmaworld is losing it.
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper Пре месец
Just being honest the updates with Jessica I I just fast forward through I literally cannot stand her For some weird reason God bless her though
yeahSOwhat Пре месец
Hi, Eye ? Oh my. Just why ? (sigh) Bye
Julito Maraña
Julito Maraña Пре месец
Poirier trying to be masvidal now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Apaz Пре месец
Can't wait for "Jessica Eye's Gallbladder gives a health update following Jessica Eye removal surgery"
Frosty Phenos only
Frosty Phenos only Пре месец
dustin acts like he is some huge draw lmao. scared
Bboy JMillz - G2G
Bboy JMillz - G2G Пре месец
Respect to Jessica eye. But I really don't care about your pov. Talking all that mess to others as you did the same shameful weight cuts. Bring Johanna back instead.
B F Пре месец
Dana spoiled Masvidal now won't pay a WAY BETTER FIGHTER in Poirier ??? Pay the guy ! Nice guys finish last ??? Pay Him !!!
mike lombardo
mike lombardo Пре месец
I hate to say it but I gotta get it off my chest... I dont like Jessica Eye
Osama Al Harbi
Osama Al Harbi Пре месец
since DC retired im i the only one that dont want jones to lose
wes bunce
wes bunce Пре месец
Dear Thanos, please snap your fingers and make Jessica Eye disintegrate into ashes.
Chris Пре месец
I was more excited to see Tony vs Dustin than Khabib vs Justin so idk if I'll still order ufc 254 🤷‍♂️
Snp solo
Snp solo Пре месец
John has LEGIT coaching skills ☝️💯
A A Пре месец
Really looking forward to GM vs Chimaev.
Vincero Viktor
Vincero Viktor Пре месец
@ufc pay the diamond what he’s worth you cheap bastards !!!! Stop messing up our fights
AnDSTiLL Пре месец
Haha Dustin aint falling for that bullshit of being a backup only if khabib is out and if Justin is out we give Tony a free title shot. Dustin aint stupid!
Nathan Dust
Nathan Dust Пре месец
McGregor vs Poirier 2 needs to happen
Armand Grenon
Armand Grenon Пре месец
Dustin scared to lose
Leafs Fan
Leafs Fan Пре месец
In coming Dustin vs Conor rumors .!!
David Пре месец
I got like 120 updates on Jessica Eye and I still do not know what a gallbladder is. Draw your own conclusions.
Silencio Thequiet
Silencio Thequiet Пре месец
You can say what you want about Jones but this short clinic showed that his first asset is his brain.. when it comes out to pro fighting. He is a master.
samuel amare
samuel amare Пре месец
"I am enjoying my retirement!" ~Jessica Eye's Gallbladder
Big White Duck
Big White Duck Пре месец
I hope this mean Tony won't fight until Khabib fight
Big White Duck
Big White Duck Пре месец
I kind of like Jessica's 90sw windbreaker
ThatYoutubeTypeOfGuy Пре месец
Jessica eye paying you boys for airtime 🤣🤣🤣
Immortal Gosuto
Immortal Gosuto Пре месец
Lol after talking all that shit, Khabob, McNugget & Perrier can't even show up!?! People keep saying Gaethje is an average fighter, but at least he showed up.
barry jonguh
barry jonguh Пре месец
Jessica eye = down vote :(
Mauricio Jr
Mauricio Jr Пре месец
Man let’s stop playing games and get this tony vs porier going! Dana make it fucking happen. I’m trying to see tony crack some more skulls open with those barrel rolls
Eleasar Garcia
Eleasar Garcia Пре месец
Tony vs conner make it happen
Bentley Nguyen
Bentley Nguyen Пре месец
Sad sad day in the world of MMA. They call they fight off cause UFC not paying their fight what they earn.
Unscripted Virtuoso
Unscripted Virtuoso Пре месец
Dustin Poirier: "UFC didn't come to agreement terms with me so I won't be fighting." Translation: " I really don't want to get in there and get humiliated and beat up by Ferguson, and I'm certainly not doing it without being overcompensated."
Michael Goldberg
Michael Goldberg Пре месец
Can we vote banning to see any posts from Jessica Eye?
Andrew Edington
Andrew Edington Пре месец
It's good to see they reattached Jessica Eye's head after she was decapitated by Shevchenko.
david beardy-kam
david beardy-kam Пре месец
As you can see many of us mma fans are thankful for the Evil eye updates. God bless you MMA WORLD.
GDJ CDB Пре месец
Adbellaziz is so gay
Schuy Bond
Schuy Bond Пре месец
Chris mattingly
Chris mattingly Пре месец
What dose being muslim and not drinking have to do with making Khabib a harder fight lol wtf
Shaun Hanson
Shaun Hanson Пре месец
Ppl ducking Tony Ferguson like he's the new vitor, lmmfao
Haych Kay
Haych Kay Пре месец
Dustin aint duckin no one.
Brandon DeBella
Brandon DeBella Пре месец
I feel like Tony Ferguson is the most unlucky fighter, its about time he finds some exciting exhibition match to entertain his friends UFC has dropped the ball to many times
Cornlips 4
Cornlips 4 Пре месец
Jones vs Stipe? Yea I would buy that PPV.
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale Пре месец
All the dudes talkin issh on Jessica would definitely smash so yall shut yo mouth
David Al
David Al Пре месец
“Jones jones tested..” that shit gave me a flashback lol
Jumping Jackjeebs
Jumping Jackjeebs Пре месец
What's up with jessica's brown eye👁
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